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Chapter 793

How attractive is a woman who can make Ryan and uncle fall out?

“Boss, what do you want to do?” the fourth old man asked.

The second in command next to Dexter, the fourth oldest, is the manager. Now that the manager has entered, he is the one who benefits from the subordinate.

Dexter realized that he was being used, and was almost involved, so he asked the fourth child to follow up and investigate Ryan secretly.

Although it was not clear what kind of grudges Ryan and Elden had, Carla was found.

“I sincerely wanted to cooperate with him, but he deceived and used me and made me almost get involved, causing me to be scolded by the old man.”

“I am such a slapstick person, Dexter?” Dexter asked. Lips, took off his suit, and glanced at the fourth child, “I want to meet Ryan’s woman, but I want to see what charm this woman has that will make him not even want his uncle.”

The old fourth lowered his eyes, “What do you want to do?”

“Why don’t you come as a hero to save the country?” Dexter smiled full of calculations.

The fourth child immediately understood, how can he be valued by the boss if he doesn’t know how to figure out the boss’s mind?

After thinking for a while, he had a countermeasure in his mind, then pushed the door to get out of the car, walked towards Carla, and stood beside her.

He stood too close, Carla walked a little inside, and the fourth child followed her a few steps in. When she was not paying attention, he grabbed her wrist and squinted, “Little girl, where are you going?” I will take you?”

Carla was so frightened that her face changed for a moment, struggling hard against the wrist held by him, and sternly reprimanded, “Let go of me!”

“Don’t get excited, I see you alone, why don’t you let me accompany you?” The old man showed wretched faces and stretched out his other hand to try to hug her.

Carla withdrew from his body, avoiding these salty pigs, she forced herself to calm down, her body, she did not dare to face him hard, after all, the strength of men and women not same, and the movements are too big, afraid of hurting the child in the stomach.

“You let me go first, otherwise, I’ll call someone!”

“I like you, it’s your honor, come, follow me…” The fourth child deliberately wanted to take her away. At this moment, Dexter suddenly appeared and kicked the fourth child away to make the trick true. Dexter really kicked hard.

The fourth child was kicked back a few steps. Dexter was awe-inspiring and jealous. He grabbed the fourth child and punched him again. “It’s people like you that ruin the society.”

Dexter was really fighting, the fourth child grinned in pain, but still yelled, “Do you know who I am? Just dare to take care of my business?”

“I don’t care who you are, and behave in front of me, and I won’t forgive you.” As he said, he greeted the fourth child with his fists, but his fists were useless.

Dexter winked at the fourth child and told him to get him punch him.

Only when she is injured can Carla feel soft, and make her feel grateful for him, so that she can get close to her smoothly.

Ryan’s woman?

Today, he wants to learn what this woman has to s3duce a man, even the poker face can be won.

It would be even better if Ryan could wear a big green hat.

Besides, he hasn’t played with pregnant women yet.

The fourth child didn’t dare to do it.

Dexter stared at him and asked him to hurry up, wasting time. The fourth child swallowed and closed his eyes and punched Dexter in the face.

Dexter was beaten and took a step back. The fourth child took advantage of the gap to run away. The plan to develop here is enough for Dexter and Carla to get on the line, and then entangled again, making the matter bigger and not ending.

However, what he didn’t expect was that when he turned around, he was kicked in his heart, and his hit the ground first.

Herman took off his sunglasses, angrily, “Boy, you are looking for death.”

The fourth child was a little dazed, his heart was kicked, and he held back for a long time without speaking.

Dexter on the side didn’t expect it. How could someone come to grab the credit with him halfway through?

“Send him to the police station.” Carla said lightly.

While Dexter was entangled with the fourth child, she called Herman and called the police.

The fourth child hurriedly went to see Dexter, but things didn’t seem to go according to their plan. Why did this man come out? Also, why did it make it to the police station?

Herman stepped forward and kicked again, feeling angry. The fourth child was lying on the ground in pain. Herman was more vigorous, much more vigorous than Dexter’s pampered son.

Dexter didn’t intercede with the fourth child. Anyway, it was not a big deal. At most, he was sent in to be educated. He would go on bail later.

Left and right cannot fall short.

He came over and showed his courtesy in front of Carla, “Are you okay?”

Carla leaned towards him slightly, “Thank you very much.”

“This kind of is not worthy to live.” Dexter smiled. When he laughed, he pulled the wound on the corner of his mouth and hissed.

Carla asked concerned, “Are you okay?”

Dexter shook his head and touched the corner of his mouth.

However, at this time, a white police car stopped on the side of the road, and two police officers in uniform came down and asked, “What’s the matter? Who called the police?”

Herman came over, “Me.”

He had to deal with this kind of thing. Carla was not familiar with the situation here, and he had known many people over the years in the city. He pointed at the fourth child who was lying on the ground and did not get up. A robbery hat, “This man, was trying robbery in broad daylight.”

Fourth, “…”

He did not rob.

“You talk nonsense, I didn’t rob, what did I rob you?” The fourth child thought to himself, how could there be someone more shameless than him?

He has kicked him a few times, and it hurts him to death, and now he is wronged?

Herman ignored him, but pulled the two police officers to the side to talk. He didn’t know what was said, only to see the two police officers nodding again and again.

The fourth child got up quietly, trying to run away when they were not paying attention. However, as soon as they got up, the two police officers found out and came over and caught him. “The robbery is in broad daylight, and he wanted to run. Now the evidence For sure, I think you have anything else to say, come, come with us to investigate.”

Fourth, “…”

“I really didn’t rob.”

“Come with us first.”

Two police officers stuffed him into the car, “If you have anything, go to the police station and talk.”

Dexter glanced at Herman. Although he did not hear what he said to the two police officers, it was obvious that he knew someone, otherwise, the two police officers would not be so easy to talk to.

Herman came over and asked Carla if she was hurt. Carla shook her head and said, “No.”

It’s just a lingering fear.

“Now there are really everyone.” Dexter looked like a hero.

Herman glanced at him, seemingly unfavorable, and said to Carla, “Come, I will send you back.”

Carla said yes, she really didn’t dare to leave alone.

Dexter, “…”

He saved her, how can he say thank you and it’s over?

Besides, he is so handsome that he doesn’t even take a look at him?

“That…” He wanted to stop Carla, thinking that she should have something to say to him?

After all, he just saved her.

Herman turned around, “What are you doing?”

Dexter smiled, “It’s nothing, it’s me…”

Before Dexter finished speaking, Herman took out his wallet, took out a few red banknotes, and handed them over, “Thank you for helping. The money is regarded as remuneration.”

Dexter? “…”

Is he short of money?

Does he look like someone lacking money?

Chapter 794

“Help him find out if he has encountered something over there.” Carla said.

Now her heart is getting more and more disturbed.

Especially Herman just said that the person approached her intentionally.

Herman can’t look at him. In fact, he is very reassuring in doing things. He has never let her down after getting along for a short time. When Lolla and Ivan would choose him, they should have been clear about his character.

Now she is really fortunate to call Herman, otherwise, she doesn’t know if she will be in trouble.

She felt confused and painful in her brain, she rubbed her temples.

“Are you worried?” Herman asked.

In fact, he wanted to say that he had seen Ryan downstairs.

He didn’t know that Carla already knew he had been.

“Some worry, the two children are by his side.” Carla propped her forehead with one hand.

“Have you met?” Herman was taken aback, “Did the two children go to city b with him?”

Carla whispered, “He didn’t show up and asked a friend to pick them up.”

“Don’t worry about it, I think your complexion is not good, take a good rest, I will help you investigate,” Herman said.

“Yeah.” She felt tired.

It didn’t take long for the car to stop at the gate of the community. Carla unfastened her seat belt and pushed the door to get out of the car. “You drive slowly.”

Herman said, “Take care of yourself.”

Carla smiled at him, then turned and walked into the community. After returning to the residence, she went into the bedroom and lay on the bed.

She was obviously tired, but she couldn’t sleep while lying on the bed. She grabbed the phone and turned to the numbers of Harrison and Peter. Her own phone was changed, but their numbers were still saved and not deleted.

She wanted to make a phone call to ask about the situation, but she was hesitant.

Finally gave up on the phone call.

When she put down the phone, the news pushed by the system popped out from the top of the screen. She wanted to delete it. She has this kind of text every day. She has been used to it. But when she pressed to delete it, she accidentally clicked it. However, it was the article about Elden.

Her hand suddenly squeezed the phone, and her arm kept shaking.

Obviously, she didn’t want to see anything about him. When she left, she just didn’t want to pay attention to any direction of this matter.

But the hand-turned down involuntarily.

After the text, there is no photo with the text.

Elden was sentenced to two years imprisonment with a suspended sentence. The two-year suspended sentence is not serious.

The full form of a suspended sentence is “suspended sentence of punishment”, which refers to a person who has violated the law and is confirmed by legal procedures to constitute a crime and should be punished.

The conviction is announced first, and the sentence imposed will not be executed for the time being.

For probation, a specific inspection agency will inspect the offender within a certain test period, and according to the offender’s performance during the test period, a system that determines whether to apply specific penalties in accordance with the law.

For criminals who have declared probation, within the probation period, if there is no fault, the correct attitude is correct. After the probation period expires, the original sentence will no longer be executed and the sentence will be announced publicly.

The Durant family has always been very prestigious, although this time Elden’s affairs have not been ruined, they are also discredited and notorious.

This result is probably more shocking to his spirit than Elden’s life.

She put down her mobile phone and looked at the ceiling of the roof. She thought she had no feelings for Durant’s family, but seeing this result, her heart still fluctuated slightly.

Not profound, just melancholy and emotion.

If you say heartache, she heartache Della’s death.

Elden let her beloved man without a mother, and her child without a grandma, so that she will always face her beloved with a guilty heart.

Ding Dong——

The doorbell was rang suddenly, and she turned over and did not get up. Now she and Alecia are the only ones at home. Alecia knows the password to open the door, so she doesn’t need to open the door from inside.

Ding Dong——

The doorbell rang again, and she frowned, got out of bed, and put on her shoes to open the door.

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