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Chapter 795

Carla opened the door, and there was a young courier wearing a helmet standing at the door. He was holding a box, “Excuse me, are you Miss Lane?”

She nodded, “I am.”

The courier man handed the box over, “This is your courier, please sign for it.”

Carla stood there and didn’t move. She didn’t buy anything. The express delivery last time was a photo, so what is it this time?

Still such a big box?

“Put it down and open for me to see if the contents are damaged.” Carla did not sign for it immediately, because she was afraid that there was something ‘horrible’ or dangerous.

The courier is very refreshing. Indeed, many customers will ask to see if the delivered items are damaged. He put the box on the ground, and the courier sk!llfully slid off the tape and opened the cardboard box.

There is a layer of white foam box inside. The courier also opened the foam box, with a fresh-keeping ice pack on the top layer, and a layer of fresh green radishes below.

Carla stayed for a while, as if she unexpectedly received a green radish.

“You see it is not damaged.” The courier looked up at Carla.

Regained, Carla hurriedly signed the receipt, “Can you put it in the house for me?”

She can’t move this box in.

The courier said, “Okay.”

She didn’t want to embarrass him just now, but was afraid that what she had received was something dangerous. It was very hot outside. She took a bottle of ice water from the refrigerator and handed it to him, “Thank you, you just worked hard.”

He smiled and took the water from Carla, “No thanks, this is our job.”

After he left, Carla closed the door and walked to the living room. She looked at a box of green radishes on the table. She reached out and took out one. The leaves were still there.

Seeing the freshness, she went to the kitchen and cut them. One, the inside is a red heart, it is very crisp, the skin does not need to be cut, and it can be peeled off with a hand.

She took a bite, there is no spicy, there is a bit of radish smell, because the foam box contains fresh ice pack , The radish is also cool, it tastes just right in this weather.

Beep, the unlocking sound of the door rang, Carla turned to look at it, and soon Alecia walked in and saw Carla sitting at the table eating radishes, frowned, thinking that she was still addicted to eating this?

She changed her shoes and walked over, reached out and pulled the box on the table, which contained a whole row of fresh radishes, and looked at Carla in surprise, “You bought so much? Have you finished eating?”

Carla chewed the radish in her mouth and shook her head, “I didn’t buy it.”

The radish is crisp, and there will be a crisp sound when chewing, Alecia is curious, the raw radish is so delicious?

She picked up the other half and took a bite. There was no spicy radish. Although it was not very delicious, it was not unpalatable. She came out, “You didn’t buy it, who bought it?”

Carla knew it well and looked up at Alecia, “I only told you that I wanted to eat this. Who else did you tell?”

Alecia, “…”

She pulled the chair away and sat down, and smiled, “I didn’t expect your husband to be quite caring.”

She told Ryan that he was the one who could get it.

She must say, this man is cold-hearted outside.

He still cares about his wife.

“Although I’m not by your side, I care a lot about you.” Alecia said with a smile.

Carla was not very happy, not because she was unhappy about getting what she wanted to eat, but because of what happened that day.

“Did you give him anything?” she asked.

Alecia shook her head, “No, he said he will come over, he doesn’t seem to be in city b.”

She just felt that if he was in city b, she would send it directly to him, but he said to keep it first.

Carla frowned, he was not in city b, where did he go with the two children? Will there be any danger?

It stands to reason that Elden’s matter is resolved, and there should be nothing left.

“What’s the matter?” Alecia asked worriedly, “I think your expression has been bad since you saw the express delivery at noon, what’s in it?”

Although Carla gave her the courier, she would not look at it casually without consent.

“You can see it by yourself.” Carla feels dull as long as she thinks of those photos. Although she knows that it may be fake, the photos are too real, as if it had actually happened.

She is also a woman, it is impossible to be without waves.

Unless she has no love for Ryan, but she does, it is impossible for any wife to be indifferent when she sees the explicit b3d photos of her husband and another woman.

After all, she is also a woman, an ordinary woman.

Carla felt tired and exhausted, she got up and stood up, “I’m going outside to get some air.”

Alecia exhorted, “Don’t be too late, just walk around the community.”

With a hum, she walked to the hallway to change shoes. At this time, the mobile phone in her pocket rang, and she took out her mobile phone, which displayed a string of phone numbers without a name.

She changed her new number since she came to the city. Few people knew her new number, and their numbers are on her phone. Occasionally, an unfamiliar number was also an advertisement, so she hung up, and it rang again as soon as she put it back in her pocket. Okay, always come to bother her, pick up the phone with anger.


“It’s me.”

Chapter 796

Because she was in a bad mood, Carla did not hear whose voice it was, and asked emotionally, “Who are you?”

Hubert took the phone and looked at it. At one time, he felt that he had heard it wrong, but he seldom saw Carla angry. Who caused her?

He put the phone in his ear and said, “I am Hubert.”

This time it was Carla’s turn to look at her cell phone, but unexpectedly he called her, “How do you know my cell phone number?”

“I know where you are. Is it difficult to find your mobile phone number?” Hubert smiled bitterly, “Are you unhappy that I contacted you?”

Carla sat on the small stool in the hallway to change shoes and explained, “No, it’s just a bad mood.”

“Why are you in a bad mood, can you tell me?” Hubert asked.

“You called me, what should be the matter?” She wouldn’t tell others why she was in a bad mood.

Is it possible to go everywhere to promote those indecent photos of Ryan?

She would only do that unless she was crazy.

“Is something, I called you for no reason, I’m afraid you will hang up directly?” Hubert said with a smile.

Carla pursed her lips and said nothing.

Hubert’s voice came over again, “You come to Tatevel.”

“I’m afraid I won’t have time.” Carla refused decisively.

She really didn’t have time, on the one hand because of things in the store and factory, and also about Ryan.

Hubert smiled bitterly, still unavoidably lost as expected.

“Aren’t we still friends?” Hubert suppressed and smiled bitterly, “I am getting married, and will you not come?”


Did she hear it wrong?

Hubert is getting married?

“Really?” Carla asked uncertainly.

“Of course, can this be a joke? Why don’t you want me to marry another woman?” He asked with a smile.

“No, I was just surprised.” She didn’t hear any wind before, which said that he was seeing someone.

“So, my wedding, I invite you to attend, are you coming? Are we still friends?”

Without waiting for Carla’s answer, Hubert said again, “It should be inconvenient for you. I have already asked Welsh to pick you up.”

This is not to give her a chance to refuse.

But this is his wedding, he invited her, and it would be inappropriate not to go.

She thought for a while and said yes, it was a relief, and hoped that she would come back from Tatevel, and Ryan could solve the problem of those photos.

“When will Welsh come?” Carla asked.

“It’s here now.”

Carla, “…”

“You have arranged everything.”

“Your business, I must follow the arrangements.” Hubert still smiled.

Because Hubert’s wedding will be held tomorrow, she is leaving today, and now she can just catch up fast.

Alecia said, because it was the summer that she brought two changes of clothes and a little dress. After all, she had to dress more formally for people’s weddings.

Alecia knew that Hubert had sent someone over, so she didn’t worry, but was as surprised as Carla, saying that he is really getting married.

The action is fast.

Don’t know what girl it is.

Welsh came

Carla asked after getting in the car, “Is Mr. Tate really getting married?”

She just felt so fast, like a dream.

“Well, such a joke can’t be played.” Welsh started the car and replied.

“What kind of girl is the other party?” Carla asked, purely curious.

Although Hubert had bad legs, she could see that he was also a very proud man.

Since he is getting married, the other party must be good too.

“You should ask Mr. Tate personally about this.” Welsh didn’t want to be tight-lipped, but felt that Hubert should tell her by himself.

After all, Carla is the person Hubert liked, and he is afraid that he still likes her now, but he just understood and chose to let it go.

“You can lie down and rest, there is some food and water in the small refrigerator below,” Welsh said.

The car is really comfortable. The air conditioner is turned on and the temperature is not very low. The rear seats are all flat, like a big bed, so lying there is no difference from the bed at home.

The main thing is that when she prepared food, Carla looked at Welsh, “No wonder you are valued by President Tate.”

In caring for people, the mind is still very delicate.

Welsh seemed to understand the meaning of Carla’s words and explained, “These are all explained by the boss, and he thought that you will be tired from the long-distance bus.”

Carla was at a loss for words before she said for a long time, “After seeing him, I want to say thank you.”

Welsh glanced back at her and didn’t say a word. Hubert knew her thoughts clearly. He would do it, naturally because he had it in his heart, so he could think of it.

“You have a good rest, we will be there before dawn,” Welsh said.

Carla didn’t say anything, lying in the back to rest, maybe the car would shake slightly, which made it easy for people to fall asleep.

When she woke up, the sky was already bright, and Carla asked, “Are we there?”

“Yes, we have reached the boundary of Tatevel.” Welsh replied.

“You have worked hard this way.” Driving at night is very tired.

“It was driven by another driver when I went, and I drove when I came back,” Welsh said.

Hubert was afraid that he would be too tired. There could be an accident on the road. When he went there, he called for a driver. So when he went, he kept resting in the car and drove when he came back.

“Help me find a hotel, let me wash up.” Carla said.


When they arrived in Tatevel, it was their territory, so it was convenient to do anything.

Welsh quickly arranged a hotel for Carla.

She went to the hotel for a short rest, washed, and dressed neatly, it was already 6:30 in the morning.

Welsh picked her up and said that Hubert wanted to see her.

Carla frowned, “Today, he wants to see her at his wedding.”

There is no need to see her again now.

Welsh laughed and said, “I’m only responsible for communicating, so don’t make me embarrassed. Go and see Mr. Tate from my house.”

Without waiting for Carla’s answer, Welsh said again, “Miss Lane, don’t have any worries. President Tate, have already decided to get married. He won’t do anything that embarrasses you.”

Carla nodded her head and agreed. Welsh talk was all about it, and she refused again, which seemed to be hypocritical.

Driving a car Welsh took her to a relatively secluded rural area. The morning sun had just risen and it was not too hot.

After getting out of the car, Carla saw Hubert’s figure by the river. This kind of place was especially quiet at this time.

She stepped on the banks of the weeds, and walked over the river bank with rocks and roads everywhere. Hubert didn’t look back as if he knew she was coming.

“Are there any surprises?” he asked.

“Fortunately, you have reached the age to get married.” Carla said lightly.

She stood beside him, breathing the morning air, as if people were relaxing.

Hubert turned to look at her, “Not curious, who is my marriage partner?”

Carla looked over and asked, “Who?”

Hubert looked at the river, “Her family is very good, it is helpful to me in my career, you know, because of your small-minded man, Tate was hit hard, so I found a woman with an excellent family. As a marriage partner.”

On the cement road behind them, Welsh had already driven away, but another car drove from not far away.

Nelson knew that the two children had come with Ryan, so he wanted to get close to the two children, thinking that Nelson would not return to city b for the time being.

They left and didn’t know when they would come again, so he promised him to stay more. One day, let the two children accompany him, so the plan to return to the market was delayed for a day.

Was supposed to go back yesterday morning, but didn’t leave until this morning.

Last night slept late. After getting in the car, the two children were also depressed. Ryan was holding his daughter. He happened to look out the window as he passed the road.

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