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Chapter 803

Carla looked at his dark and deep eyes, and made it clear whether he was testing or waiting for her to take the initiative.

In fact, she especially wanted to hug him and respond hard.

But she didn’t do that, because her current body does not allow her to indulge.

After a long time waiting for her to respond, Ryan was a little discouraged, frowned, and asked in a low voice, “Don’t you want to throw me down?”

“Yes.” Carla said.

Ryan’s originally pressed brows raised, the corners of his eyebrows and eyes were gleaming, and he asked with a smile, “Then why don’t you do that?”

Carla sighed, “I dare not.”

Ryan, “…”

His face leaned over, very close to her, his breath could blow her hair when he spoke, and he said in a low voice, “I’m good at fluttering.”

Carla turned away her face, lowered her eyes and touched her stomach, “Your child! Not allowed.”

Ryan, “…”

He was caught off guard by the cold water splashing, and there were no sparks left. He fell back and lay down on the bed.

Carla glanced at him, “I’m hungry.”

From morning to now, she has not eaten anything, and her stomach has been groaning with hunger.

Ryan sat up, he took the cake bought by Harrison in the house and put it on the table, and he brought it to her, “Try the cake you wanted to eat, if it tastes good.”

Carla reached out and took it and opened the box. The smell of the cream immediately spread to the sense of smell, and the gluttonous saliva flowed out.

She has discovered that her taste has become very strange now. She wants to eat this one while she wants to eat that one again, and she can’t skip meals. Even if she eats late, she will feel very hungry.

There was a spoon in the box. She took a spoonful and put it in her mouth. Her mouth was full of the sweet and greasy taste of cream. The cream used to be very greasy, but now it feels sweet.

Ryan was afraid that she would be thirsty, so he brought her a bottle of milk, plugged in a straw and handed it to her, “Eat slowly, I won’t grab it from you.”

Carla took a sip from his hand before taking it, and rushed down the cream in her mouth, “From morning till now, I haven’t eaten anything, I’m very hungry.”

“Why don’t you eat?” He frowned, how could it not bother her so much?

“Yesterday, I was picked up by Welsh. Hubert wanted to see me in the morning, and later attended his wedding, I didn’t have time.” Carla said, completely forgetting that Ryan and Hubert are ‘incompatible water and fire’ rivals.

After speaking, she remembered how much Ryan hated Hubert, and hurriedly raised his head to look at him, wanting to explain, but opened her mouth to find that she could not explain anything.

Because what she said is the truth.

Sure enough, his face sank because he heard Hubert, Carla took the initiative to show her favor, scooped a piece of cake and handed it to him, “It’s delicious, you have a bite.”

Ryan didn’t give face, so he looked at her silently.

“Next time, I will stay away from him, won’t talk to him, don’t be angry.” She pleased and handed him to his mouth, Ryan still did not open her mouth.

Carla frowned, she was all right, what else would she want?

People invited her to get married, it would be inappropriate for her not to come.

Besides, she also had the idea of coming here to relax.

“You are not sincere.” Ryan muffled his voice as if he was wronged.

Carla, “…”

She is not sincere?!

She took the initiative to admit her mistake, and took the initiative to show that she agrees with him, not sincere yet? !

What does he want her to do, kneel down and beg him? !

Carla patiently asked the last time, “How can I be sincere?”

Ryan leaned over and said ambiguously, “You feed me with your m0uth.”

Carla, “…”

Face is a good thing, why doesn’t he want it? ! !


“How about being blind?” Carla put the piece of cake into his mouth and pushed his face away, “Face is a good thing, you have to ask for it when you give it to you.”

“Face? What’s that? I don’t know, now I just want you.” Before the voice fell, his l!ps pressed up again, l!cking the cream from the corners of h3r lips.

Carla withdrew, trying to get away from him, but with the cake in his hand, Ryan couldn’t make a shot, and Ryan didn’t have an inch, fearing that it would really annoy her, so he swallowed with the sweetness.

He laughed, stretched out his hand to smooth her hair, “Tell me what else you want to eat, I’ll buy it for you.”

After eating a piece of cake, he is no longer hungry, Carla lowered her head, “Did you let someone send me the radish?”

“Yeah.” They saw each other, and there is nothing to hide. He specially asked someone to get it for her from a far away place. The radish is not a rare thing, mainly because it is not fresh in the supermarket, Ryan looked at her and asked, “Was it delicious?”

After eating that piece of cake, Carla took a few sips of milk to wash away the buttery cake flavor in her mouth, and said, “It’s delicious, just forget to bring some.”

Ryan, “…”

He really couldn’t understand, what’s so delicious?

Can’t bear she likes it.

As long as she feels delicious, she is happy to eat.

He lay on the bed, stretched out his arms, motioned her to lie in his arms, “Sl33p with me for a while.”

Carla lay down, resting her arm, thinking that he said that the child should follow her surname, she raised her head and asked, “Do you really want the child to follow my surname?”

Ryan hugged her sideways and said, “Really.”

She moved in his arms to find a comfortable posture, and changed the surnames of the two children. One is because she is not Shawn’s daughter and shouldn’t be Lane, and even the two children should not be Lane. She wants her child to follow Ryan’s surname.

The son should follow his father’s surname as it should be, and that is what she thinks.

But she never thought about changing her surname, subconsciously, she still didn’t know how to accept it.

Her biological parents, she doesn’t even know them, knowing that their affairs are from others’ mouths, hearing only a few words, and nothing good is brought to her.

If she can choose, she would rather be Shawn’s daughter, so that at least she has seen this person and hurt her, she can hate, give her love, and she will love.

But now, what is it?

“I am contradictory, what do you think I should do?”

Chapter 804

Ryan didn’t understand what she meant by this sentence, why did such a sentence suddenly come?

He looked down at her, “Huh?”

Carla looked up at him, his faces were close at hand, and even their breaths were intertwined with each other. He shouldn’t have shaved, and his chin was covered with green stubble. Carla reached out and touched his chin without piercing hands , But not as delicate as the touch on the face.

“You said, should I change my surname?” In fact, she didn’t want to change it.

She listened to Nelson’s words. Whether Elden, Lolla, or Ivan, she didn’t want to think about it.

She just wants to live a quiet life with Ryan.

She drilled into his arms, pressed her face to his heart, listening to his powerful heartbeat.

“You are always you, and it doesn’t matter what the last name is.” Ryan knew that if she wanted to change it, it would be long overdue, and she won’t wait until now.

She is the child of Lolla and Ivan, and is the continuation of their lives. As for the surname, the blood flowing in her body cannot be changed.

He held her delicate body tightly in his arms, and he didn’t want her to entangle the past and let those messy things bother her.

Carla understood what he meant, yes, she was always her, and her surname didn’t matter. Listening to him, she didn’t get entangled anymore, and she suddenly felt like she was stunned.

She wrapped her thin arms around his waistline, “I was sad when I left you. I missed you a lot during this time, and I always feel guilty for you, but I don’t want other factors in my feelings for you, so , I will not feel guilty for you in the future, I just want to simply love you.”

Simply live together without any grudges.

Ryan lowered his head and k!ssed her forehead. He didn’t leave, but he whispered wherever he went.

“Where do you like it?” His voice was too low, and it sounded a little vague.

But Carla still heard clearly, “Why ask?”

“I think, when you have finished giving birth, we will go on our honeymoon.” He looked at her seriously, his eyes gleaming with light, and with a gentle bass said in her ear, “I really want to see you in a wedding dress. It must be beautiful.”

Carla grabbed his collar and said bitterly, “You didn’t accompany me to get the marriage certificate, you didn’t take pictures together, and you didn’t swear an oath.”

They had a marriage certificate, and it was Ryan who took care of the relationship. Ramiro took her out and took it out. There was no photo taken on the marriage certificate, which was extremely informal.

Ryan, “…”

He would not foresee the future, if he knew that then he would definitely use the grandest wedding to marry her home.

He just wanted to say that he would fill it up in the future, but Carla’s cell phone rang, intercepting what he wanted to say.

Carla reached out for the bag, and Ryan grabbed her hand, “Be with me today, you are not allowed to do anything.”

Carla is funny and thinks he is so naive, thinking to herself, why is he like a child now?

It was so naive that people couldn’t bear to refuse.

The phone’s ringtone rang like this until the end, Carla said with a smile, “Happy?”

The arrogant man did not speak, curled up in a silky thin quilt wrapped around two bodies that were close to each other, Carla was wearing a sk!rt, his hand lifted h3r sk!rt from the bottom up, Carla bit pressed her lips, her body tightened breath and gasped slightly, “It’s daytime now.”


He knew, but he really missed her, he was also a mortal, a mortal with a normal body.

He grabbed Carla’s hand and placed it on the metal buckle of the b3lt, “You can untie it for me.”

Carla’s face was hot and her breathing became more and more rapid, and she groped unsk!llfully with his hands and clicked. It seemed that all the heat had reached with this sound.

They were so impatient. Carla’s cell phone rang again when the two k!ssed. The two had a meal at the same time, but they ignored it.

But this mobile phone ringtone was not like the last time it was disconnected when no one answered it. This time it was ringing continuously, and it seemed to keep calling until someone answered it.

This disagreeable voice destroyed all the atmosphere. Ryan opened the quilt and grabbed her bag and took out her mobile phone. He wanted to turn the phone off. Carla saw Alecia’s name displayed on it, so she reached out and grabbed it. “It must be important to call me like this.”

“You’ll go back to her later.” Ryan stretched out his hand to take it, Carla turned aside, “Don’t make trouble.”

She pressed the answer button and put it next to her ear, “Alecia?”

There was no voice from Alecia, but a man’s laughter.

Her nerves tightened, and she called out again, “Alecia? Is that you?”

“Want to see her?” A man’s voice came. Carla seemed to know him before, but she couldn’t remember where she had heard it. She frowned and asked, “Who are you? How could her cell phone be in your hands?”

“Of course she is a guest here, so the phone will be in my hands.”

Carla noticed something was wrong and turned her eyes to Ryan. From what she said, Ryan also knew that something went wrong. He took the mobile phone in her hand and asked in a cold voice, “Who are you?”

Suddenly changed people, there was a pause, and smiled, “Yo, Blair, we haven’t seen each other for a long time last time, are you interested in meeting?”

“What do you want to do?”

“I don’t want to do anything. I just want to ask Mr. Blair for an explanation. Have I offended you? I don’t care what kind of grievances you and Elden have, but you deceived me and got me involved. You shouldn’t give me an explanation?”

“This is your business, what’s the matter, is it too much to attack me and arrest people?”

“I want to sit down and talk peacefully with Mr. Blair, but Mr. Blair is too busy. I can’t always see people, so I will wait for you in the same place. Let’s meet and talk? By the way, the woman I caught is important to you. Does it matter? She looks good…”

Ryan’s anger was low, “Dexter!”

Dexter smiled, “Okay, see you where we are, I’ll be waiting anytime.” He hung up after speaking.

Carla looked at him nervously, “Who is Dexter? Why does he want to kidnap Alecia?”

Ryan briefly said that it was related to Della’s car accident. Carla knew it clearly and said, “Then we have to go back now.”

Ryan gave a hum.

Dexter is a person with no bottom line. After delaying time, he didn’t know what he would do to Alecia. He put his mobile phone in his trouser pocket, fearing that Dexter would call again later and let Carla Worry.

He buckled the belt and straightened the metal buckle, “You tidy up, I’ll talk to Harrison.”

Carla said uneasy, “Is she going to be okay?”

“Not for the time being.” Ryan stretched out his hand to pull up her torn neckline, smoothing the wrinkles, “don’t worry.”

Carla gave a hum, but the worries in her heart did not diminish at all.

Moreover, how could it be Alecia?

Harrison sat on a chair in the main room and looked at his phone. He noticed someone coming in at the door. He raised his head and saw that it was Ryan. He smiled and joked, “Don’t win the newlyweds, are you tired so soon?”

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