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Chapter 805

Ryan ignored his boring blabber and said coldly, “Let’s go now.”

After speaking, he went inside to hug his daughter. Harrison didn’t react, didn’t he want to spend the night here and leave tomorrow?

“Now?” Harrison thought he had heard it wrong.

Ryan turned his head and glanced at him, with a very serious tone, “Yes, now.”

Harrison seemed to perceive something happened, turned off the phone, and got up, “I’ll go and clean up.”

“Snowball, I will take it home.” Iris held the dog’s chain in her hand.

Ryan said, “Okay, take it with you.”

Kurtis also came up and asked, “Why are you going in such a hurry, take a rest overnight and leave tomorrow.”

“There’s something.” Ryan briefly explained the reason for leaving.

Kurtis did not continue to persuade, but helped pack up the things.

They were going to spend the night, but now it should be an urgent matter to leave.

Ryan took his daughter to find Alan. He was not in the room where he slept, and there were no people in the other rooms. Finally, he saw him in Nelson’s room.

Nelson was talking to him, and he didn’t know what he said, but his previous negativity was gone.

Ryan said they were going.

“Going back to city b?” Nelson asked.

He said yes.

Nelson didn’t hold back and didn’t ask anything else. He said everything that should be said. He believes he and Carla should understand.

Alan took Nelson’s hand, “Grandpa, what do you want me to do?”

Nelson touched his grandson’s head, “Grandpa will come back to see you.”

“Yeah.” Alan reluctantly released Nelson’s hand.

Ryan took his son’s hand and looked at his father in a low voice, “Take care of yourself and call me if you have anything to do.”

Nelson waved his hand and said, “Let Harrison drive slowly on the road.”

Ryan said okay, and took the two children out. Harrison had already packed up. He carried the two children into the car. Kurtis helped Snowball get in the car. Fortunately, the space in the car was spacious enough.

Carla went to say goodbye to Nelson and told him that he would take good care of the child and Ryan, so that he could feel at ease.

She could understand that Nelson was very pleased and asked her to pay attention to safety on the road.

Carla walked out and saw that they had packed up, and greeted Kurtis, “We are leaving.”

Kurtis nodded, “Be careful on the road.”

“We will, you have to take care of your body.” Kurtis is not young anymore. He looked tough before, but after experiencing this incident, his spirit and energy look not as good as before.

After waiting for a while, Carla wanted to take care of them all. In fact, the cleaner people are, the easier it is to think about them. With Alan and Iris by their side, they won’t feel so lonely.

Kurtis muddled his eyes and turned his head, not daring to let Carla see his eyes, and waved his hands with his back to her, “If you want to go, you should go quickly. You don’t have a good view of driving at night, while it’s still bright.”

Ryan opened the car door to Carla, and she glanced at Kurtis and got in the car.

When the sound of the engine started, Kurtis turned to look at them, even if they were reluctant to leave like this.

But he knew it was inevitable.

Carla turned the car window, and the two children lay on the window and waved to him, “Uncle grandpa, we are leaving.”

Kurtis also waved his hand, “When you have time, don’t forget to visit, I will miss you.”

“We will see you, and we will miss you too.” Iris lay on the car window. Although she was reluctant to part with her grandfather and uncle, she even wanted to be with her parents.

Carla smiled warmly, “It is enough to have you, grandpa uncle is content, don’t delay time, let’s go.”

Finally, saying goodbye, Harrison drove the car out.

Ryan also took the snacks that Harrison bought for the two children. The two children were bored, so they just had something to eat. Carla was not in good spirits and worried about Alecia.

She had already suffered so much damage last time. Once, she didn’t dare to think about it, in case there was a slight mistake…

“Mummy, what do are you thinking?” Alan asked with concern, feeling Carla’s depression.

Carla stretched out her hand to touch her son’s face, and withdrew a smile stiffly. In the face of the two children, she didn’t want to bring her emotions to them and cheered up, “I’m thinking, when will you grow up.” “

“When you get old, we will grow up.” Iris intervened.

“Then I am old and ugly, would you hate such a mother?” Carla asked with a smile.

“No.” Iris didn’t want it anymore, leaning over and leaning into her arms, “You are the most beautiful mom in the world.”

Alan moved to the other side and gave the place to his sister.

Carla reached out and touched Snowball, “You want to take it home?”

Iris nodded vigorously, looked up at her, and asked, “Don’t you think it’s cute?”

“Um cute, more cute than you.” She pinched her daughter’s face.

“No, I am the cutest.” Iris touched her belly, “When will the baby be born? I am looking forward to it.”

Carla touched her head and said soon.

It was getting darker and darker outside, and the lights of the car passing by were also turned on. The two were tired from playing and ate snacks. They all fell asleep without saying that they were hungry.

When the two children slept, Harrison asked, “What happened, why are you rushing back in such a hurry?”

Ryan, who was sitting in the passenger seat, glanced back. Carla was also looking at him. The eyes met, even if they didn’t speak, they understood each other’s current thoughts.

“Am I not pitiful?” Harrison didn’t squint.

You don’t have to go to see that the couple is looking at each other. He is still in the car, so they show this affection without evasiveness. Didn’t it mean to stimulate him?

“Alecia is unwilling to forgive me, you always have to stuff me dog food, your heart is made of stone? Don’t you think I am very pitiful? Can you be kind to me?” Harrison complained.

He was broken in love, and Alecia refused to forgive him. He didn’t know what to do in the future.

He sighed, and the subject turned back and asked, “You guys are talking, what happened, and you are leaving in such a hurry. Shall we go back to city b or go to city R?”

Chapter 806

“Back to city b, there is something urgent in the company.” Ryan didn’t tell Alecia’s affairs, fearing that Harrison knew that it was Alecia’s affairs. He would be emotionally unstable, and he was still driving.

That would be too dangerous.

Harrison cut, “Is the company’s business so urgent? Isn’t there someone looking at it? Is it possible that if you don’t go back today, you will have to close down tomorrow?”

Soon, he immediately changed into a look that he knew, and smiled and said, “Is this because I’m afraid that my sister-in-law will leave again, so you want to take her back right away?”

Ryan glanced at him and said coldly, “Stop in the service area in front and I will drive.”

“I’m not tired yet.” He drove it alone when he came, and didn’t feel too tired.

“You talk too much, I’m afraid of safety.”

Ryan lowered his head and sent a message to Peter, asking him to go to the city to investigate, but don’t know if he found any clues.

After sending it out, he glanced back. The two children were asleep very well. Carla turned her head and looked out the window, her face didn’t look good, she should be worried about Alecia’s affairs.

In front of Harrison, it was not easy to say clearly, and tactfully persuaded, “I will deal with the matter. You sleep for a while, don’t think too much.”

How can she not worry? Alecia suffered such a great injury before, and it was not long before she came back. How could she calm down and not worry about something like this again?

But in order not to cause trouble to Ryan, she hummed, and then closed her eyes and slumbered.

Ryan sighed and looked back, knowing she was pretending, but there was nothing else to persuade her to relax.

He glanced down at the phone. Peter hadn’t responded to the message, so he leaned back on the chair and pressed his temple.

“Are you hiding something from me?” Harrison asked, why did he feel that Ryan was anxious to go back because something happened?

Ryan didn’t look at him, and said lightly, “Concentrate on driving.”

Harrison, “…”

“I’m your full-time driver, so you treat me like this? Can’t you be polite to me?” This is too much to take him seriously.

Ryan opened his eyes and cast his gaze slowly, seeming casually, “Harrison, do you still want to chase Alecia?”

“Of course.” Harrison almost blurted out.

Of course, he wanted to chase Alecia back, but he knew that Alecia didn’t want to look back.

The odds of recovering her are slim.

Carla, who was sitting behind, heard them mention Alecia, and her nerves became tense involuntarily, afraid that Ryan would now tell Harrison about Alecia’s matter.

She was also afraid that at this time Harrison knew that it would take a few hours to return to city b. Knowing Alecia’s situation, he could only be anxious.

Instead of making him uneasy, it’s better to wait until he gets back and tell him, and then they can discuss a countermeasure together.

“Do you have a way?” Harrison asked a little excitedly.


Harrison couldn’t wait to ask, “What method?”

“Shut up, no woman likes a long-winded man.”

Harrison, “…”

This is too bullying, why is he so long-winded?

“Then you can tell me why I’m too long-winded…”

At this time, a string of cell phone bells rang, drowning Harrison’s voice…

Ryan thought it was Peter. He took out his phone and found that it was not his own phone, but that he had put Carla’s phone in his pocket before. He looked at the caller ID on the screen and it said Second Uncle.

This second uncle should be the man he met in the city.

Carla is very familiar with her mobile phone ringtone. As soon as it rang, she opened her eyes and asked nervously, “Who is it?”

She thought it was Dexter who called again.

Ryan handed her the phone, “See for yourself.”

Carla reached out and took the mobile phone. The second uncle was shown on it. She pressed the answer button and gave it to her ear. Herman’s voice was heard from there.

“Can you contact Alecia? She hasn’t been in the store for a day, and I can’t contact her.”

Carla calmed down and said in a low voice, “I know she is there, don’t worry, she won’t go back for the time being, please help me watch over there.”

“Oh, it’s fine if you know. She suddenly disappeared and couldn’t be contacted. I am quite worried. When will you come back?” Herman asked.

Carla doesn’t know when she can go back, “I’m not sure yet, I’ll call you in two days.”

“That’s OK, you don’t have to worry here, I’ll take care of it for you, you also have to take care of yourself, and two children,” Herman said.

Carla answered and said, “I see.”

“Then I’ll hang up.”

Carla gave a hum and hung up the phone.

She was about to put the phone, Ryan reached out to her, “Give me the phone.”

Carla looked at him, “It’s not convenient for me to put my phone with you. If the guy named Dexter calls, I will let you answer it.”

She knew what Ryan was worried about.

Isn’t it just afraid that Dexter would call her something? She hadn’t seen this person and didn’t want to deal with it.

She couldn’t handle Alecia’s affairs, she had to rely on him.

Carla was just talking about it, and Ryan couldn’t say anything else, and withdrew his hand.

“Sister-in-law, do you know Dexter? How do you know him?” Harrison asked.

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