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Chapter 815

Suddenly Carla stopped him and wanted to ask about Harrison’s situation, but she didn’t ask, thinking about making for him something to eat. He hadn’t eaten for a day, so he was definitely hungry.

“What?” Ryan looked back at her.

“It’s nothing, you go change your clothes.” Carla pulled her lips and gave him a slight smile.

Ryan could see that she had something to ask, and guessed what she was asking, but she didn’t expose it, and didn’t want to discuss it. It’s useless to say anything if she doesn’t find it.

He went upstairs and Carla went into the kitchen because she and her two children came back. In the afternoon, Samantha went to the supermarket and bought a lot of things.

The whole refrigerator was full. She opened the refrigerator and looked up and down, and finally took it. Take out the meat and green peppers, little greens, and tomatoes.

She washed all the vegetables and boiled water when cutting the vegetables, which saved time.

The lean meat was sliced into thin slices and seasoned with starch and eggs to marinate. The meat marinated in this way was particularly smooth and tender. She cut green peppers and tomatoes when marinating the meat.

Upstairs, Ryan took a shower and changed into pajamas. The silk texture was soft and smooth. Although long-sleeved trousers would not be stuffy, he stepped on white indoor slippers and walked down.

First, he went to the children’s room to see the two children. Both children were asleep at this time, and the villa was quiet, except for a slight noise in the kitchen.

He walked over and stood in the dining room, and he could see the busy slender back in the kitchen. He didn’t move, just watched so quietly. He liked this feeling very much, and his heart was warm.

In fact, the life he wants is very simple, that’s it, his children and his wife are by his side, and when he comes home one day outside, there is such a person waiting for him.

She doesn’t need to know too much, as long as she is willing to give him a bowl herself.

When Carla was underneath, she was suddenly hugged from behind, and she turned her nose over his face. He had just taken a shower, and there was a fresh smell of shower gel on his body.

She gave him a light elbow, “Go out and wait a while, it will be ready soon.”

Ryan wrapped his arms around her waist, covered her belly with palms and gently stroked, bending her upper body and chin against her shoulders and said, “I’ll watch you do it.”

Carla glared at him angrily, “You hold me like this, it’s a hindrance.”

“I don’t care.” He was about to hold her.

Carla sighed and was speechless to this person, “My craft is not as good as my mother, so you can just eat it.”

“As long as you make it yourself, it’s delicious to me.” He k!ssed her on the cheek as she spoke.

Carla didn’t have time to watch him. When the noodles were about to be cooked, she put the lettuce off the heat. Ryan held her in this way, which really restricted her movements. She patiently said to him, “Stop making trouble, okay? Can you wait outside for dinner?”

Ryan let go, but did not go out, but pulled her aside, “I’ll get the bowl.”

He opened the cupboard and took out a small bowl. Just as she was about to serve the noodles, Carla asked aloud, “Are you sure you want to use this bowl?”

Ryan looked down and felt that there was nothing wrong with it, “Isn’t this bowl used for eating?”

What’s wrong?

Carla sighed, removed the bowl in his hand, and gave him a science popularization by the way, “This is a rice bowl. You need to use a noodle bowl to serve the noodles. The noodle bowl is big enough for soup. The rice bowl is too small to serve. Not much noodles come out in a pot, it will get stuck after a long time, so this is the most suitable.”

She took out a white glazed bowl from another cabinet and handed it to Ryan.

Ryan looked up at her and took it with a smile. He served the noodles, and Carla brought the two fried dishes to the table, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, fried pork slices with green peppers, and put lettuce on the clear noodle soup.

She pulled the chair away and sat down, Ryan put his face on the table, and sat down opposite her, “Do you want to eat?”

Carla shook her head. Ryan was already familiar with the way of eating tomato and egg noodles. Without Carla telling him, he would mix the tomatoes and the noodles.

“I think it’s possible to cook tomatoes and noodles together.” That saves trouble, it’s too much trouble. You have to fry the tomatoes and eggs before mixing them into the noodles.

Carla propped her chin and didn’t refute him, but said, “Then I will do it for you next time.”

The reason for eating like this is that after the tomatoes are fried, they will fry out the juice that belongs to the tomatoes. Not only the color is good, but also the flavor is strong. When cooked together in the noodles, the tomatoes can also be cooked badly, but the taste will be much weaker.

Ryan took a piece of meat and put it in his mouth. The meat was very tender, and the smell of the marinated meat was completely gone. He raised his eyes, “Have you learned how to cook?”

Carla nodded, “I used to make tomato and egg noodles. With the two of them, I will take the time to learn some simple dishes and make them personally when I had time.”

After having children, she has the idea of learning to cook. She feels that it is a very happy thing to prepare three meals for her children by herself. It is only because she has to work, so she can only do it when she spends time with them.

Ryan lowered his eyes lightly. He hadn’t participated in the past six years. He would feel disappointed when he heard her talk about the past.

He glanced at the clock on the wall and asked, “Are you sleepy?”

Carla is indeed a little sleepy, and has not been asleep after being woken up by Samantha.

“You go up to bed first.” Ryan saw that she was sleepy and couldn’t bear to let her wait here.

Carla hesitated, stood up and said, “Then I will go upstairs first, and put the bowl in the sink after eating.”

“I see, go up.” Ryan interrupted her.

Carla went upstairs, she had already taken a shower, and soon fell asleep after lying on the bed, even Ryan came up unaware.

It’s just that in her sleep, she felt someone hugging her from behind, and she knew who it was subconsciously, so she slept at ease.

Peter led people to search into the middle of the night, but still no one was found. The hole where Harrison and Alecia slid down was particularly secretive, and the hole was very deep, and they couldn’t hear any movement on it, unless it was a big movement.

At night, Harrison’s cell phone ran out of power, and the two stayed in the cave, and no one had spoken that night.

The sun rose, and there was light in the cave. Harrison went to see Alecia, only to see her closing her eyes and leaning against the stone wall. Harrison thought she was asleep and did not dare to make a sound.

But after a long time, Alecia still did not open her eyes, Harrison tried to call her, “Alecia?”

No one responded.

He called again, “Alecia?”

Still no one responded, he frowned and moved slowly, reaching out to touch her, “Alecia…”

When his hand touched her body, all the touches passed from her were hot. Harrison hurriedly probed her forehead. It was very hot. Don’t know when she had a fever. Now even if he doesn’t use a thermometer to try it, he knows that she has a high fever.

Her lips were dry and peeled off. Harrison hugged her and patted her on the cheek. She didn’t respond when he shouted. She was already burning and unconscious. Harrison anxiously yelled toward the entrance of the cave, hoping to attract people’s attention.

When he shouted his voice was hoarse, and no one responded, Alecia, heard Harrison’s voice in a daze. She wanted to open her eyes but didn’t have the strength. She was so thirsty and cold.

“Water, water…” Her voice was as faint as a mosquito and flies. Harrison didn’t hear her, and only when his ears were close to her did he hear what she was saying.

Chapter 816

But there is no water at all here, except for the stones, which are the dry leaves on the ground, nothing else.

If she can’t get out, Harrison dare not think about the consequences of her continuing fever.

Waiting for others to come to rescue, I don’t know when Alecia’s current situation can wait any longer. He gently put Alecia down and walked to the entrance of the cave, looking at the mountain. The entrance of the cave is not straight and can’t be seen. Up to the top, the light in the hole is shining through the gap.

He looked at Alecia who was lying aside, and whispered, “I must save you out.”

Even if he doesn’t fear death, he can’t let Alecia die.

He took off his shirt and shoes. The skin and the stone wall can increase resistance, which helps him to climb. Because the hole is flat, he visually inspected the distance, and he has a chance to support both sides with his legs on his side. Climb up the stone wall.

However, after it was actually implemented, it was discovered that the distance was not uniform. The more he went up, the wider the distance. His legs could not support such a distance, and he could not climb even if he moved to the extreme edge.

He hadn’t eaten anything for the past day and night, and his physical strength was not good. He slipped down after his body became slightly soft. However, he did not give up, but kept trying, but fell down every time.

Alecia was in a daze, as if seeing a figure climbing at the entrance of the cave, up and down, and up and down, repeatedly she wanted to say not to waste energy, but she really didn’t have any energy.

When she was locked up, she was afraid of getting Ecstasy or something in her food, so she didn’t dare to eat too much. In addition to having a fever, she really didn’t have any strength.

She wants to persuade and feel powerless.

Harrison’s stamina was exhausted in falling down again and again. He was exhausted and looked up in despair.

If he dies its okay, but what would Alecia do?

She escaped from the dead, changed her face, changed her voice, and finally survived, is she going to die here?

Don’t know whether it was sweat or tears, which slipped from the corner of his eyes.

How to do?

He turned his head to look at Alecia. Alecia half-squinted her eyes as if she was covered with a layer of veil. She couldn’t see Harrison’s appearance, it was just a fuzzy outline.

She saw that figure crawling towards her, stretched out her hand and brushed away the hair blocking her forehead, hoarsely saying to her, “Actually, I am not afraid of death at all. It would be nice to die with you, at least With you, but I don’t want you to die.”

Alecia looked at him, watching him leave tears, crying like a child.

“I have never told you about my parents, not because I don’t trust you, nor because I don’t love you, but because I…every time I think about it, I will be haunted by nightmares for a long time, but now I want to tell you.”

“I’m afraid I won’t even have the chance to be entangled in nightmares in the future. I’m afraid that I will never be able to confess my heart to you anymore.”

He wiped his face, “I don’t remember how old I was at that time. Perhaps I deliberately ignored the previous things and forgot about myself at that time.

My mother betrayed my dad, and I watched her take the man home, in her and my dad’s bedroom…”

Harrison lowered his head, Alecia couldn’t see his expression, but could only feel his helplessness and hatred at that time.

Maybe it is helpless that woman is his mother, hate, hate her shameless existence.

Harrison never mentioned it to anyone, and even Peter and Ryan didn’t know this unknown history.

Only know that he was brought up by grandma.

His parents died young.

“I had seen it many times. It lasted for half a year. I resented that I had such a mother, but I couldn’t choose what kind of woman to crawl out of.”

“Such a thing would be discovered sooner or later. I didn’t expect that day would come. It was so fast that I was caught off guard, and it was so fast that it turned my life upside down.

I also found out afterwards that my dad’s temporarily cancelled his business trip and returned home early and found out about my mother. He caught my mother and her adulterer in b3d on the spot.”

“At that time, he should have been too annoyed. He took the knife… He accidentally k!lled the pair of that dog man and woman.

When I came home from school, I saw him holding a knife against his neck. When he saw me, he burst into tears and said sorry…

I watched him k!ll himself in front of me. He would k!ll only on an impulse and was hurt too deeply. When his reason returned, it was too late to regret.”

“The only person I have said is Olivia. At that time, I also really liked her. Later, she said she is leaving me. She left for ten years. But ten years, I thought I couldn’t let it go.”

“In fact, it has already become a no-brainer. Reconciliation is not love, no lingering, not still feel for her, but not reconciled to her leaving without saying goodbye at that time.

After seeing her again, I lost even ten years of unwillingness. I had imagined that when I saw her, how I would question her and abuse her for irresponsibility, but I didn’t, because after I met you, Not even that bit of unwillingness was gone.”

“With you, I am very happy, very happy, very relaxed. In fact, I wanted to talk to you on an impulse, but I was afraid, afraid that you would despise me like that.”

“I was afraid to let you see me. I used to feel unbearable. I used to think that Olivia would leave without saying goodbye just because she disliked me. I was afraid, I was afraid you will leave me too, so I dare not.”

“Actually I don’t regret not sharing my things with you, my world is too gloomy.”

Now, it’s just that he thinks he might die here. Before dying, confess to her.

Alecia passed out in a coma, and then she couldn’t hear what he said.

Harrison hugged the unconscious Alecia, he lowered his head and k!ssed her on the forehead, and said with a smile, “God is kind to me, you refused to forgive me, but he let us die together.”

There was a sound from the entrance of the hole, followed by a sound of friction, and it didn’t take long for someone to fall.

Harrison watched as a man in a camouflage uniform fell not far from him.

He was stunned for a second, then he reacted in the next second, as if he had found a straw for life.

“Are you here for us?” Harrison asked excitedly.

The man clutched his waist and turned his head to look over, and nodded, “We are here to find someone, are you Harrison?”

Harrison excitedly said, “This is Harrison, hurry up, she has a high fever and is in a coma and needs to be sent to the hospital urgently.”

The man in the camouflage uniform took a look in the hole and said in a hurry, “Don’t worry, my companion will notify someone to save us.”

“She is in a coma, how can I not be in a hurry?!” Harrison growled.

The man shrank, wondering why this man has such a grumpy temper?

He calmly said, “Can you climb up there?”

Harrison glared at him, “If I can climb up, I still have to wait for someone to save us?”

“That’s not it. If you can’t climb up, you can only wait for someone to save you. What can I do if you urge me?” The man took out water from his carry-on bag and handed it to Harrison, “You feed her some,” My companion should call someone to save us soon.”

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