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Chapter 825

The phone fell to the ground with a click, and the screen showed a crack. Carla glanced at the phone that fell to the ground and broke the screen.

Her face became heavier and heavier, turning her head to look at the woman and said coldly, “I said, I also explained, but you don’t believe me, what can I do? Are you going to keep holding me like this?!”

The woman still did not let go, “How do you make me believe you?”

After all, only close people can have physical touching behavior. Her daughter is like this, she must be afraid of her daughter being bullied.

Carla pointed to the phone on the ground, “I called my husband to come over, can he prove it?”

The woman hesitated, but still worried, “What if you ask someone to pretend?”

Carla, “…”

This is totally unreasonable, Carla’s mentality is close to collapse, and she is completely unable to satisfy this woman.

Looking at the clothes and dressing, she is also a person of identity. Why does she become like a market shrew unreasonably?

Nichole pulled her mother on the side, “Mom, don’t be like this, many people are watching us.”

The woman didn’t look around, feeling that embarrassment was nothing to her. The happiness of her daughter was even more important and could not be destroyed.

Nichole couldn’t convince her mother, so she sent a message to Hubert behind her back.

“Are you going to just pull me like this?” Carla clasped her hands tightly and trembled slightly, her chest undulating violently, instead of worrying about her current physical condition, she violently pushed the woman away.

It is simply unreasonable!

“Since you can’t believe so, why would Hubert marry your daughter? You wonder if you see a woman, isn’t it tired? How long can you watch your daughter, and can you watch her forever? One day You are gone, what will she do?”

Carla eased her emotions and tried to suppress her anger, trying to talk through the woman, “I think when you marry your daughter to Hubert, you must also appreciate him”

“You have already married your daughter, so you should Try to believe in what he is, instead of always skeptical. If Hubert knew what happened today, what would he think of you?”

The woman was speechless. When she married her daughter, she really appreciated Hubert, especially her husband was extremely satisfied with Hubert.

With her daughter like this, she was also very pleased to be able to marry Hubert. Indeed, to marry her daughter was to entrust Hubert to take good care of her. She could watch for her daughter for a while, but she couldn’t do it forever.

If Hubert is the kind of person who is going around and going, she can’t help it either.

The woman began to loosen up a bit, “You really have nothing to do with Hubert?”

Carla looked at the woman with a very calm expression, “I can ask my husband to show you the marriage certificate, is that okay?”

The woman got terrified and let go of her wrist, “Then you can call.”

Carla sighed. When she was about to bend over to pick up the phone, Nichole stooped to pick up her phone first, and handed it over, “I don’t think it’s very convenient for you.”

She looked at the broken screen and said a little sorry, “My mother didn’t mean it, I can pay you.”

Carla looked up at Nichole. She was really a very good girl. She was well protected by her parents. She had never seen the darkness in the world, and seemed to be kind to everyone.

She reached out to take the cell phone that Nichole handed over, and said, “Thank you.”

“No, my mother may be so excited because she cares about me, but I believe that Hubert will not lie to me, and I also believe that you are a good person.” Nichole said seriously.

Carla felt that Hubert was wronged by marrying her before. Now it seems that it is not Hubert’s wrongedness, but his blessing.

If he treats this girl badly, she wants to scold him and kick him by the way.

What a good girl, if he just takes advantage of her family background to achieve the purpose of growing his career, it would be too small.

“Why don’t you call, are you lying to me?” The woman didn’t see Carla making the call, thinking she was lying to her, she urged.

Carla didn’t look at the woman and had a crush on Nichole, but she really couldn’t like this woman. It’s true that she cared and loved her daughter, but she couldn’t accept that indiscriminately pulling her away.

The woman is too conflicting today. If she doesn’t explain clearly, she may not be able to go.

Although she doesn’t really want Ryan to come, she still slides the screen to call him, but the phone screen is broken, which is a bit inconvenient.

However, Carla didn’t know that the driver who was waiting for her outside saw her being entangled through the glass window and had already contacted Ryan.

At the gate of the mall, a black car stopped, and the door soon opened. The first thing she saw was the slender legs wrapped in trousers, and then a stalwart figure bent down from the car.

He stepped into the mall. At this moment, another car stopped and Hubert got out of the car with the help of Welsh.

Seeing Ryan greeted first, “Mr. Blair.”

Ryan paused for a while, looked back at Hubert, did not respond, and continued to walk steadily towards the place the driver said.

Hubert also followed in, and soon arrived at the inner clothing store.

The clerk in the shop was completely watching the excitement, and did not come forward to persuade the women, nor did they intend to ask them to leave. They felt that this would attract people.

Seeing the driver Ryan approaching, he greeted him and said, “Madam came to buy something, but she was entangled by a woman.”

“Because of what?” Ryan asked as he walked.

The driver said truthfully, “I was not there at the time. I didn’t know exactly what it was. I just saw the woman holding madam and not letting her go.”

Ryan walked into the inner-clothing store with a cold face and saw Carla standing there looking at the phone. Actually, Carla was calling him just because the screen was not working well, so the time was delayed. He came over and asked. “what happened?”

Carla looked up and saw him, as if she had found the ‘life-saving straw’ and wanted to rush to hug him with joy.

She restrained her impulse and didn’t step forward to hug him, but k!ssed him and took his arm, as if he was showing it to a woman, so that she could see clearly that she has a husband.

Carla leaned on Ryan and said weakly, “I’m very tired, please explain to this lady, our relationship.”


How come it is to explain the relationship?

In the end what happened?

Although the woman doesn’t go out to socialize very much, no one in City B doesn’t know Ryan, and she is no exception, but she has never heard of him getting married.

She started to panic a little, realizing that she might have really misunderstood.

She didn’t know how to speak for a while.

“Hubert.” At this time Hubert came in. Nichole ran over to push him in a wheelchair. Before Hubert asked, she started to say, “Mom seems to have misunderstood the relationship between you and that sister, so she didn’t let it go. You go and explain clearly to my mother.”

When Nichole spoke like this, Ryan also knew why Carla had been entangled. His expression was heavy and heavy, and the sneer overflowed from his throat, “It’s really a ghost.”

Hubert knew what was wrong, his face was not so good, and he asked in a low voice, “What the h3ll is going on?”

Otherwise, Mrs. Dawson will not misunderstand Carla’s relationship with him for no reason.

Nichole recalled what had happened and said, “It seems that since I said that you touched that sister’s belly, my mother was unhappy.”

Hubert instantly understood what was going on.

After he walked over, he first apologized to Carla, “I’m sorry to cause you trouble.”

Carla didn’t raise her eyes to look at him, and she was really upset in her heart. Anyone who was said to be a third party and was not allowed to leave would not be in a good mood when he was pointed at by the crowd.

“You don’t need to say sorry to me, please explain to your wife and mother-in-law first.”

“Mom, this is President Blair’s wife, Miss Lane. We have known each other before and have a good relationship. Last time I was abrupt and made you misunderstand.”

Hubert had no expression on the surface, and he was also very upset in his heart, obviously. Mrs. Dawson didn’t worry about him.

Otherwise, Carla would not be treated so reluctantly.

Mrs. Dawson was a little embarrassed. She didn’t expect Hubert to come. She turned her head and glanced at her daughter, knowing that it must be her who had informed, and she couldn’t help sighing, feeling her daughter was too stupid.

But her daughter is such a person, and she is reluctant to scold her and can only endure it.

She did not expect Carla’s husband to be Ryan.

There was a far-fetched smile on her face, “I’m sorry, I misunderstood.”

Chapter 826

Carla didn’t want to pester her, “Since I have made it clear, can I go now?”

The lady waved her hand quickly, “Excuse me, let’s go.”

Carla looked up at Ryan, not very energetic, and said softly, “Let’s go.”

Ryan looked down at her, his face was exhausted, and his spirit was not very good. He thought he was annoyed by these messy things.

He held her hand in his arm, pressed his eyebrows and narrowed his eyes, looked at Hubert gloomily, and warned, “Be far away from my wife in the future. This is the last time, the next time. I’m not so easy to talk.”

After speaking, his gaze swept across Nichole and Mrs. Dawson coldly, and then left with Carla.

After leaving the inner clothing store, Ryan asked, “How come out alone.”

Carla sighed and said jokingly, “Otherwise, I will come to the mall with you and me?”

She doesn’t have any friends, and the one who gets along better is Alecia. Now that she is injured at home, thinking about Alecia, she feels even more heavy.

Ryan turned his head to look at her, “I will buy what you want to buy with you.”

Carla didn’t buy things by himself, but just teased him on purpose, knowing that he is busy, and knowing that he can’t go shopping with her like a husband in an ordinary family.

She looked up at him, with a smile on her face, and said coquettishly, “Are you really with me?”

Ryan lowered his head and put a k!ss on her lips, chuckled softly, “Am I not serious?”

Hubert, who came out of the clothing store, happened to see this scene not far away. His face remained calm, but strange emotions flashed through his eyes. He could see that Carla and Ryan’s relationship was very good.

Mrs. Dawson didn’t notice Hubert’s look, and she was shocked by the fact that Ryan was married, and his wife was already pregnant. “Ryan Blair, who has been called a super golden bachelor outside, is actually married.”

Hubert glanced at Mrs. Dawson and then slid her wheelchair away silently. Nichole hurriedly followed. Mrs. Dawson sighed when she saw her daughter in a hurry.

It’s all about her daughter’s innocence. She cares so much about Hubert and is very obedient to him. If she is abandoned by him one day, what can she do.

It’s not that she thinks badly, hoping that her daughter is not good, but her daughter is too simple, she doesn’t know how to be so worldly, and she doesn’t know how to please men and tie men’s hearts. After a long time, she is afraid.

She called her daughter, “Nichole, slow down.”

Then she followed up.

On the way back, Hubert was silent, as if silently showing his dissatisfaction.

He could see that Carla was angry.

Being dragged and said to be a third party, and being watched by others is definitely not in a good mood.

He didn’t expect that Mrs. Dawson could hold Carla in public regardless of her identity and not let her go.

This is ridiculous!

The Dawson family lives in a community next to the Government Square of City B. Because there is a large park in front of the Government Square, the environment here is very good.

The community is built on the right side of the park and is completely blocked by the trees planted in the park. It looks very low-key, but Those who can live in this community are not simple characters. Basically, they have public officials at home to live in it.

Looking at a very low-key community, but the facilities and safety are super good.

Soon the car stopped, Hubert got out of the car with the help of Welsh, and Mrs. Dawson and Nichole also got off behind.

Hubert brought Nichole to City B for the first time after marriage to meet his father-in-law and his parents. By the way, he talked to Simmon Dawson about work.

Simmon Dawson is not a business person, but a political official, and he has a lot of right to have a professional title in government agencies.

His wife, Amanda Carr, is the third daughter of the Carr family, but she was not raised by Carr’s parents, but by an aunt. She is not enthusiastic about her parents, perhaps because she has never been raised since she was a child, so she has no affection.

After marrying Simmon, she became even more indifferent to the Carr family and seldom interacted with them.

Because her husband doesn’t like Carr’s family, especially her brother Dexter likes to do things with crooked ways, and her husband is an upright and clean person, so the relationship is not very good.

However, the relationship between Mrs. Dawson and her husband is very good. There is only one daughter, Nichole.

Although the daughter is not very smart and has some ignorance about human relationships, the two never disliked her and tried their best to take care of her and did not want a second child.

While Hubert was talking to Simmon, Hubert received Nichole’s message and went out. He saw them coming back together and asked, “What did Nichole tell you to go out for?”

Hubert did not say a word, still dissatisfied with Mrs. Dawson. Although he did not love Nichole, he really wanted to use Dawson’s background, but he never thought of hurting Nichole, and he really wanted to keep this innocent girl by his side.

He doesn’t like being suspected and speculated.

Simmon saw that Hubert was upset at a glance, then turned to look at his daughter, “Nichole, you say.”

Nichole told the truth about what happened in the inner-clothing store, “I couldn’t persuade my mother so I told Hubert.”

As soon as her voice fell, Hubert spoke, “I married Nichole not just because of her family background, but I also like her sincerely. She is not smart, but she is the purest and kindest I have ever seen. I want her to accompany me for the rest of my life, and I want to do my best to take care of her for the rest of my life.”

He has no love for Nichole, but simply likes her innocence.

He doesn’t like intrigue. Since he has no fate with the person he likes, it is better to spend the rest of his life with someone who is comfortable with him.

Hubert raised his head to look at Mrs. Dawson, “You are like this today, making me feel that you don’t trust me. I thought you gave Nichole to me because you understand and trust me, but it doesn’t seem to be the case, but I don’t really feel comfortable in my heart.”

Mrs. Dawson wanted to explain, but couldn’t find the word to explain. She really doubted Hubert’s character.

“Okay, this time I am reckless. Can you not do it next time? You can’t just pick me up.” Mrs. Dawson is also an open-minded person. If you do something wrong, you do it wrong, and it is not because you are an elder. I refused to admit it, “I will go to Mrs. Blair to apologize the next day. After all, I embarrassed the family in public.”

Speaking of this, she still sighed with emotion, “Who would have thought that this woman turned out to be Ryan’s wife.”

Hubert is not an unreasonable person, and he respects Dawson’s husband and wife very much.

He pondered for a moment and said, “Don’t go, you are an elder, let Nichole go in your place, she is the junior and that Blair… the wife is not much different in age, she is the most suitable to go.”

Hubert is selfish. He wants Nichole and Carla to become good friends and get closer together.

He didn’t want to take the opportunity to get close to Carla, he just wanted to be able to see her.

Mrs. Dawson thought about it, too. It would be shameful for her to apologize as an elder. Letting her daughter go would also represent her, but she was worried that Nichole would not be good, and she would not be polite.

Hubert saw Mrs. Dawson’s concern and said, “Mom, don’t worry, that Blair… wife is also a kind person, she won’t be embarrassed by Nichole.”

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