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Chapter 841

The Manager of Public Relations withdrew from the office and closed the door.

Ryan walked over and sat beside her, “I think what she said makes sense, so why don’t we take this opportunity…”

“Is it right now?” Carla interrupted him, “Don’t say that you haven’t taken care of the things on hand. I can’t even wear a wedding dress on this belly.”

“I asked you to make a big one for you. As for Dexter’s affairs, don’t we have to punish him to the law one day and we will not have the wedding?” Ryan made up his mind. She and the children have an upright identity.

The son and daughter will be in elementary school soon, and their identity is unclear and they are subject to speculation.


“Listen to me this time.” His attitude was unusually determined and could not be rejected. “You don’t want to be yourself, children, you must always think that they need an upright identity to stand in front of others.”

Carla lowered her eyes, and she understood what Ryan meant, but Alecia’s injury hadn’t healed, Dexter’s matter had not yet been resolved, and it was not the best time to have a wedding at this juncture.

But what Ryan said is also reasonable, two children need identity, she herself is said to be okay, but two children can’t.

This will cause distress to them, and if it is serious, it will affect their psychology.

She lowered her eyes, “I’ll listen to you, you can arrange it.”

Ryan hummed softly, reached out a hand to pick up a strand of her hair, and twisted it between his fingers, “I will let Dad go and help us choose a good day.”

Carla’s parents are gone, and he only has his father. The wedding should be formal if his elders should be present. There are also special days.

Although he is not superstitious, he also wants to pick a good day to complete. He has always wanted to give Carla a good day word of the wedding.

He wondered in his heart where it would be most appropriate to hold it.

But Carla’s mood doesn’t seem to be high.

He couldn’t help but feel a little lost. Isn’t every woman more or less looking forward to their wedding?

Why didn’t she?

“Don’t you have any ideas?”

Carla took away his hand and told him to be honest. When the secretary came in and saw that it was not good, she replied seriously, “Yes, but that was before, and now I am used to you.”

Even if he does not hold the wedding, she still regards Ryan as her husband.

When she was young, she had imagined that she would meet a man like a prince charming, then dressed up beautifully and held hands with him, and walked into the palace of marriage.

Having children and raising children lived an ordinary and simple life, but then a lot of unexpected things happened, betraying self, getting pregnant, and marrying him.

She has already shattered all her beautiful fantasies, and she has already lost the qualification to have love.

Later, she gave birth to a child and set up home alone. In order not to worry Lucia, she never brought any emotions home.

Will also cry secretly in the dead of night.

She is only in her twenties, but the experience is as long as half a lifetime.

The most aggrieved moments have passed, and now the mood is like the peace of someone in their 40s or 50s, and there is no urge to show off.

After seeing through life, no matter how vigorous love is, there is a moment when it can be classified as plain.

In the ordinary life of firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, and tea, the most precious thing is still be able to love each other deeply.

“Not long after I went to the city, I met a beggar who was begging on the side of the road. His clothes were dirty and I couldn’t see the original look.”

“I don’t know how long he wore them. His hair was knotted and withered like straw, and his face was full of wrinkles. Sitting in one place, sometimes giggling, sometimes holding his head crying, the people nearby would always take turns to give him food, I thought it was a lunatic at first.

Later, I heard from someone nearby and realized that he was suffering from a heart attack.”

She turned her head to look at Ryan, “He would be like that because his wife died of dystocia and hemorrhage. He cried and cried, and then he went crazy.”

The street where the beggar sat was near the Future Group where Herman first rented her the office. Every time she went to Future Group, she would see the beggar sitting there. One day she passed by and the beggar disappeared. Herman said that he died and there was no treatment for cancer.

At that time, she thought, how could fate be so cruel, leaving a person in bitter water for a lifetime.

So what she wants is that the people she cares about are safe and healthy, and the same is true for herself, “I don’t want to lose the person I love, and I don’t want the person I love to lose me.”

Her sudden sensibility made Ryan unable to respond for a while.

“I won’t be crazy, and you won’t leave me.” Ryan embraced her in his arms and pinched her face, “What is on your mind all day long?”

Carla slapped his hand, “It hurts to pinch.”

Ryan snorted coldly, “Do you still know that it hurts? Think about something messy in the future, I’ll just…”

“How about you?” Carla grabbed his tie and drew it towards herself. Ryan sat up straight, with a stiff waist, and very stable.

Carla didn’t move, and said, “You’re bullying me now? You find someone else to be your bride at the wedding.”

Ryan laughed at her unreasonable anger, “Obviously you want to strangle me, why am I bullying you?”

Carla leaned uncomfortably, simply slid down and lay down on the sofa with her head resting on his lap, pulling his tie and playing with him, “You must be bullying me, I can’t beat you again, you are taller than me. So much, heavier than me, and arms thicker than mine.”

Ryan smiled, his voice deep and long, “I will let you later.”

Carla became interested, “Can’t you fight back or scold you?”


Carla looked at the dark pupils above and asked, “What is that?”

He smiled lightly, “I let you on t0p of me.”

Chapter 842

Carla didn’t respond and asked, “Where is it?”

“Above me.” He laughed.

Carla, “…”

“In the eyes of outsiders, you must be a non-female ascetic male god, in fact, you are not.” Carla could see him through.

The more elegant the appearance and the quiet and introverted personality of a man, the less known the other side is more fanatical.

Eight out of ten sentences are not serious.

Why didn’t she find out before?

Ryan lowered his body, put his l!ps together on the tip of her nose, and asked with a smile, “Then what am I like?”

Carla tilted her head and was broken by him again, “No hiding.”

Looking at his deliberately teasing eyes with a smile, Carla acted the other way around and decided to take the initiative. She stopped hiding, and glared like silk, holding his tie little by little. Climbing, finally staying at his neckline, unbuttoning a button of his shirt.

Her fingertips touched his skin intentionally or unintentionally, making his mouth dry, his throat turned up and down, and asked in a low voice, “Why, want to try it now?”

Carla curled her rosy lips, like two petals with dew, and a shy smile hung on the corners of her slightly concave mouth, “What?”

No one would say no to normal men, right?

And he belongs to the normal category.

How could it not work?

Carla stood up from the sofa and lifted her chin, “You lie down.”

Ryan is full of suspicion. Now she is more open than before, but is she really open to this extent?

“Hurry up.” Carla pushed the tranced man onto the sofa, looking a little impatient.

She was wearing a skirt, deliberately showing her white legs and rubbing h!s sensitive parts. She came down and smiled pretending to be lip curls, her brows wrapped in amorous feelings, her weak and boneless fingers wrapped around his heart, lying in his ear she whispered, “Close your eyes, I will be embarrassed if you look at me.”

A strand of hair fell when she was possessed, and the ends of her hair scraped his face from time to time, like feathers flicking from the tip of his heart, soft but fascinating.

Ryan only felt so hot.

Carla was active and enthusiastic towards him, which was comparable to being drugged, leaving him helpless.

It was before, and now he looked at Carla and was confused.

Carla k!ssed his eyes, “I take off my cl0thes, you are waiting for me, you can’t open your eyes.”

Ryan cooperated and said that if he was only suspicious before, now he is sure, she didn’t want something to happen at all, she just wanted to lie to him.

But she was rarely interested, and he was happy to cooperate to make her happy.

In fact, he almost believed that Carla came for real. In the end, she told him not to open his eyes. The only reason left to tell him was that Carla didn’t really want to do anything.

She watched the man lying on the sofa cover his lips and chuckled, then crept to the door, gently opened the office door, and walked out.

She was not crazy doing that kind of thing with him in the office during the day.

When she was about to close the door, she saw the secretary walking over with food and made a silent motion to her. The secretary knew not to speak, and silently handed over the food she bought.

Carla took the things she bought and whispered, “Tell him I’m leaving.”

Without knowing that she had just left, the man who was “bewildered” by her opened his eyes and stood neatly behind her at this moment.

The secretary wanted to say hello, Ryan waved his hand to make her pretend that she didn’t know, and Carla continued to think she had succeeded.

There are a hundred question marks in the secretary’s heart. What are the couple doing?

How could the behavior be so strange?

The secretary was puzzled.

Carla took a taxi back to the villa with things, and met Ramiro who came out of the villa.

“Madam.” Ramiro said hello first, thinking that Ryan let Carla know about finding a servant, so he didn’t introduce more.

Carla saw that he was empty-handed and didn’t come to get anything, and asked, “Why are you here?”

“Don’t you know?” Ramiro was taken aback for a moment.

Carla frowned and asked, “What?”

“Boss asked me to bring a servants over today. If they are not suitable, you can tell me and I will find someone again.” Ramiro replied.

Carla originally wanted to talk to Ryan about finding a servant, but in the end, she forgot. He didn’t expect that he had already done it, “I know.”

Ramiro said, “Then I’m back to the company.”

Carla gave a hum.

She walked into the house, Samantha was introducing the new servants to the family members, and some daily precautions.

“This is the Lady.” Seeing Carla coming in, Samantha hurriedly introduced.

The servant turned around and greeted Carla, “Hello, madam.”

Carla saw clearly what Ramiro’s new servant looked like. She looked very young, in her thirties, with her hair tucked behind her head. She was wearing a blue and white plaid shirt and black straight-leg pants.

She looked simple. Simple, no extra decorations on her body, a little cramped with her hands in front of her.

Samantha saw her restraint and comforted, “You don’t need to be nervous, the lady is very kind, as long as you are honest and don’t embarrass, tell madam about your own situation.”

After all, she is a person who stays at home, and she always needs to know her background.

The new maid introduced herself, “My name is Xenia Luke, I am 36 years old this year. I have a son but am divorced and my ex-husband has custody of my son. Now I am the only one.”

Carla smiled, “There are many people in the family, and there are children who will trouble you in the future.”

“No trouble, no trouble, Samantha introduced to me, I used to take care of children and do housework at home, I know everything, please rest assured.” Xenia said quickly.

Presumably, Ramiro came to her. It should have been a background check on her. Carla didn’t ask more about it, so she asked Samantha that she didn’t understand.

“Let’s go to the supermarket later, buy more vegetables and come back in the evening,” Carla said to her.

Samantha said okay, Carla asked her to take the new servant with her, familiar with the surrounding environment, and she was there at home.

After Samantha took the new servant to the supermarket, she went to Alecia’s room. Alan and Iris were both present. Seeing Carla coming in, Iris led Snowball, “Snowball, let’s go. Up.”

She was still angry with Carla, and saw her coming, leading Snowball and left.

Carla stretched out her hand to stop her daughter, “Are you still angry? Can I take you tomorrow?”

“Really?” Iris raised her head.

Carla said, “Really.”

She wanted Ryan to take her there, but it seemed that he didn’t have time.

Iris smiled.

Carla sighed. The older the child is, the harder it is to raise her. It’s better to be a child, except for some clingy people. This is the first time she has been angry with her and has been so long.

“Iris, let’s play.” Alan walked over.

Iris was also interested. The two took Snowball to their own room. Carla told him to take care of his sister.

Alan waved his hand and said, “I know.”

Isn’t it because his sister is angry, so let him make her more.

He understands.

After the two children left, Carla walked in and closed the door, looked at Alecia and asked, “How are you feeling now?”

Alecia was in good spirits, “I can’t walk even with an injury on my foot, and my fever is almost healed.”

Carla poured her a glass of water and sat on the side of the bed to talk to her. Harrison should come over tonight. She told Alecia in advance to make her feel ready.

“Peter has been promoted, and I said to him to celebrate in the evening and let him come over for dinner in the evening.” She said tactfully.

She believes Alecia can understand that, the three iron buddies of them, it is impossible for Harrison not to come to celebrate Peter’s promotion.

Alecia understood the meaning of Carla’s words, and there was no mood swing, and her expression was pale, “It is indeed worth celebrating, Brother Shane has this ability.”

Like Carla, it is not surprising that Peter has the ability to be promoted.

Looking at her calm face, Carla couldn’t understand at all, Alecia calmly seemed to have no feelings for Harrison at all.

“We caught the man in the temple, and Harrison personally tried him.” Carla couldn’t help but say something for Harrison.

It was not for Alecia to express or forgive, but to simply convey and let her know.

Alecia shook her hand under the quilt. Thinking of what the doctor had said to her, all the fluctuations were calmed down. She smiled lightly, “I know what you want to tell me, as for Harrison… “

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