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Chapter 843

She looked at Carla with a serious expression, “It is impossible for us. I will consider the right person in the future, but it will definitely not be him.”

Her tone was firm, and she was very clear about what she said. She and Harrison are impossible, but she still believes in feelings, and will consider what is appropriate, without extreme emotions, and her thoughts are very clear.

She didn’t seem to say that on an impulse. Carla didn’t want to say anything else. After all, emotional matters cannot be controlled by others. She shook Alecia’s hand and said, “Whatever you decide, I will support you.”

This is probably the only thing she can do.

“When I can walk, I want to go back to the work. Although the second uncle can take care of the factory, but there is no one in the store for a long time, which will cause the loss of customers.”

And she does not need to stay in the b city, there is no one here. What can be done, there is still a career over there.

“Wait for you, I’ll go back with you.” Carla also has this idea. Cloud embroidery is her painstaking effort, and she can’t ignore it. There is Ryan to deal with it, and she doesn’t need to do anything.

Life is still very long. She can’t just stay at home and do nothing all her life. That is not the life she wants. She can’t give up her career just because of marriage.

Alecia agreed with her, “Although you are married and have a good relationship with President Blair, you can’t depend on a man for the rest of your life. You must have your own career.”

“No wonder we get along, we even have the same idea.” Carla smiled, “You take a good rest and dress nicely at night.”

“Are there any handsome guys?” Alecia joked.

Carla patted her and said, “Yes.” She stood up and said, “I’ll go to bed for a while. It’s time for mom coming back and I have to prepare dinner.”

Alecia stretched her hands, “Then I can only eat, I can’t help you.”

“You get better quickly, just help me.” Carla said with a smile. After she left the room, she went to see her son and daughter. The two were still playing backgammon and they were very interested in playing.

They didn’t notice that the door was opened. She smiled and closed the door and went upstairs to sleep.

She was sleepy, but she was lying on the bed and couldn’t sleep. About two hours later, Samantha and the new servant came back from the supermarket and bought a lot of things. Carla got up and walked downstairs when she heard the movement.

“What did you buy?” Carla walked over and asked.

“Didn’t you say that there are guests? I bought a lot of vegetables, fruits, and meat. I also went to the seafood market and bought a lot of seafood.”

Samantha opened the bag she had brought to the kitchen and took out the contents. “By the way, I bought a salted goose as well.”

She looked up at Carla, “I heard that this tastes good. You can eat a little when the stew is ready. If it tastes good, you can’t eat more. If you are pregnant, you should eat less pickled things.”

Samantha was thoughtful.

Carla said yes, to help prepare dinner, Samantha refused to let her do it, “Now two people are busy coming over, you go to sleep for a while.”

“Can’t sleep, let me help you.” Carla took the vegetables from her and look aside, calculating how many dishes she can cook.

So Carla and them spent the entire afternoon in the kitchen, preparing for the evening banquet.

Around 7 o’clock, the three men came back together.

Ryan went upstairs to change clothes, while Peter and Harrison were playing with the two children in the living room.

Harrison said three sentences, two of which were probing, intending to inquire about Alecia’s situation here from the mouth of the two children.

Alan could see Harrison’s mind at a clever glance, and kindly said, “Aunt Nalina lives in that room.”

He pointed to Alecia’s room.

Harrison took a look and then retracted his gaze, “I know she’s okay.”

Knowing that she would be uncomfortable seeing him, he didn’t bother.

Alan shook his head and sighed helplessly, “Hey, I really can’t do anything with you adults.”

“What do you think about in your mind every day?” Peter touched his head, “Not afraid of getting old soon.”

Alan raised his head and said, “Uncle Shane, don’t worry about me, but worry about yourself. Although Uncle Josh has a bad relationship, he has a girlfriend, but what about you, Uncle Shane?”

Peter, “…”

“How pure do you think he is? He already has a good relationship.” Harrison interjected and pushed Peter with his shoulder. “Why didn’t you ask Sandy to come with you today?”

“Who is Sandy?” Alan asked Harrison with his eyes wide open and blinking.

“Of course it is your Uncle Shane’s girlfriend,” Harrison said.

Alan exclaimed excitedly, “Wow, Uncle Shane has a girlfriend?”

The dishes are almost ready. Samantha is setting the table. Carla comes out to take the wine and passes through the living room.

She hears her son’s voice, as if he is saying who has a girlfriend, and then asks, “Who has a girlfriend?”

“Peter, today’s protagonist.” Harrison said.

Carla stood still, looked at Peter to confirm Harrison’s words, and asked, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

Peter explained hurriedly, “No, no, he is talking nonsense…”

“The explanation is to cover up.” Harrison interrupted him, “Who was k!ssing someone at the campus gate last time…”

Before Harrison’s words were finished, Peter covered his mouth and warned in his ear, “Shut up!”

Carla smiled, “If there is, why are you hiding it?”

“No, it’s all a misunderstanding. She is still a college student. Even if I want to find someone, I can’t find a freshman.” Peter explained, really thinking so in his heart, thinking that Sandy is too young, if the age is not the same. He will not think about it.

Now he can’t accept this age difference, and Sandy may not be worthy of him, maybe she will dislike him for being old.

Peter did not want Harrison to talk about things that were not visible, so as not to cause trouble to the little girl.

Harrison broke away Peter’s hand and ridiculed, “It’s a fake and serious, younger is not good? How many people want to find a younger one but can’t find, you will be hypocritical!”

At this moment, Peter especially wanted to tear Harrison’s mouth.

Chapter 844

Looking at Peter’s furious face, Harrison hurriedly hid behind Carla, “What I said is the truth, and you don’t want to admit it. I’m sure Sandy has a positive opinion of you, otherwise, When things go wrong, she won’t worry so much.”

“In fact, age is not a big issue. The sister-in-law and Ryan are 8 years apart, so the relationship between them should not be too good.”

Carla turned her head and glanced at Harrison, “You are talking about Peter, talk about him, why take us in?”

She doesn’t like others to mention previous things.

After all, she was really not that old at that time. She was still at the age of university when she was eighteen, but she was already married.

Peter added fuel and jealousy, “Isn’t he just this virtue? He will not change his death.”

Harrison opened his eyes wide and stared at Peter, “Don’t run on me if I have a chance, I can’t beat you, won’t I find a helper?”

Carla patted Harrison on the shoulder and reminded, “Be quiet, Alecia might be able to hear it in the room.”

If Harrison knew what Alecia said today, he wouldn’t know if he could be so heartless.

The name Alecia seemed particularly good for Harrison, and he immediately banned his voice.

Peter laughed at him, “Yeah, what else are you afraid of?”

“Get out!” Harrison sat down on the sofa and said nothing.

Carla took two bottles of foreign wine and said to them when she came back, “Have dinner.”

She put the wine on the table, went to Alecia’s room, helped her get dressed and washed, and helped her out before she cleaned up. She put her feet on the ground and touched the ground with no injuries, and walked to the living room with the support of Carla.

Harrison stood up and wanted to help, but when Alecia didn’t even look at him, he retreated again, fearing that he would bore her.

Carla helped her to the table, Alan ran over and pulled a chair away with a wink, “Aunt Nalina, be careful.”

Alecia smiled and touched Alan’s head, “You, you are so warm, you will definitely attract a lot of girls in the future.”

Alan hurriedly waved his hand, “I only need one. Women are so troublesome, and I am afraid that things will happen if there are too many.”

His words drew a burst of laughter, and Carla squeezed her son’s face, “Say nothing marginal.”

“It was originally.” Alan mumbled unconvincedly in his mouth, “Are you and Dad often quarreling, it’s only a few days?”

“What did you say?” His voice was too low, Carla did not hear clearly.

Alan immediately shook his head, “I said I know, and I won’t talk nonsense anymore.”

Samantha put the last plate on the table, and Carla helped put it in their respective positions, “Everyone, sit down.”

Peter and Harrison walked over together.

“Such a sumptuous.” There was a full table, and the colors, fragrances, and flavors were all superior to those in the restaurant.

Peter smiled and said, “Sister-in-law is tired.”

Carla placed the spoon on the tablecloth and looked up at him, “I congratulate you on your promotion. What’s the order of food.”

Peter was a little embarrassed. He was not a director, but a deputy.

Everyone was seated when Ryan come downstairs. He sat in the lead position. Carla drank a drink. “Today’s first cup has to be poured by Peter.”

Peter stood up and took the wine in Carla’s hand, “I pour it myself.”

How could she pour it down?

Carla didn’t force him to bend down and sit down. She smiled and said, “Peter, really, who is Sandy?”

She didn’t ask when she interrupted, she was still curious about this Sandy.

Peter is mature and stable. He should have a relationship with any girl. After all, he is not a casual person.

Peter, “…”

Why can’t you get through this crop?

Harrison put his wine glass in front of Peter and asked him to pour for him, “Or, I’ll pick her up?”

“Could you not pierce the bar horizontally?” Peter glared at him, “You can’t take a leisurely moment, can’t you see Alecia sitting on the opposite side?”

Harrison, “…”

Alan and Iris shook their mouths and laughed, and Uncle Josh seemed to be flat again.

Haha, so funny.

Peter filled the wine in front of Ryan, put down the bottle, and explained to Carla, “I also really want to be a family as soon as possible. Yes, it’s really inappropriate.”

“Big Brother Shane has always been the most reliable. I believe that Big Brother Shane will find a very good girl.” Alecia said.

Peter smiled, “Let you auspicious words.”

“What I’m talking about is the truth, hey, I have no chance anyway, otherwise I want to chase you.” She still looked regretful, and didn’t see the atmosphere on the table suddenly change.

Maybe she knew it had changed. , Pretending not to know, continue to say, “I used to hear people say that marriage is the second time for a woman to reincarnate.”

“The first time I have no choice, but the second time I have to keep my eyes open. If you find a scum.bag, you will suffer for a lifetime. It’s true, but someone like Big Brother Shane will definitely not be a scu.mbag.”

Peter went to see Harrison almost instinctively.

Harrison stared at Alecia like this, how could she poke his heart and hurt his self-esteem regardless of the occasion and location all the time?

Peter wanted to persuade Alecia, but he didn’t know what to say.

Alecia was hurt. Harrison is responsible for this. He has no room for defense. In the end, he can only pick himself clean.

“You talk about your affairs, don’t get involved with me, so as not to be misunderstood, friends and wives should not be deceived. I remember it in my heart.”

Alecia smiled, “Look at what scared you, I know myself.”

Peter explained hurriedly, “I didn’t mean that…”

He didn’t want to discriminate, he didn’t think she was impure.

“Then what do you mean, do you like me too?” Alecia interrupted him.

Peter, “…”

He had known her a long time ago and would not come.

There are mouths all over and can’t say clearly.

Carla patted Alecia, “It is enough.”

Alecia laughed and said, “I know, Big Brother Shane has lumps, I’ll just play with him.”

Peter, “…”

He solemnly said, “Don’t make jokes like this in the future.”

If you are not familiar with his temperament, you might misunderstand him, after all, this relationship is too sensitive.

“Okay, eat.” Carla made a round trip, and she introduced the exquisite stew pot in the middle. “This is salted goose in it. Samantha said it tastes good, you try it.”

The salted goose is salted in winter, washed clean and chopped into small pieces, put ginseng wolfberry and tea tree mushroom together and simmered for two hours on a warm fire. The ginseng and slightly salty taste are fused, and there is a different kind of fragrance.

She gave a piece to her son.

“I want too.” Iris thought she had been forgotten.

Carla didn’t forget her, but because son was close to her, she gave it to her son first.

Ryan picked up the middle wings and put them on the dinner plate of the children. The little girl blinked, “It’s still my father who loves me. Mommy only likes my brother now.”

“Can your mom hold two pieces with one fork?” Ryan asked his daughter warmly.

Iris shook her head, “No.”

This time she reacted quickly, “I know, knowing that Mommy loves me too, and she said she wants to take me to the pet shop.”

After speaking, she couldn’t wait to pick up the wing with her hand and gnaw it. It was stewed for a long time, the meat was very tasty and the ginseng smell was very fragrant. She smacked her mouth and said, “It’s delicious.”

“Aunt Nalina, you can eat it too. It’s really delicious.” Alan was gnawing on the meat, his mouth thick and he didn’t forget to remind Alecia.

Alecia smiled, “It’s really good to me, don’t forget about me, see how delicious you eat, I will try it too.”

She also caught a piece, and said after eating it, “It’s really delicious.”

There are two children who can always be active in the atmosphere.

The dining atmosphere at the table is getting more and more pleasant. Only Harrison is not in a high mood, and he does not like to talk like usual, drinking in silence.

Halfway through the meal, the doorbell rang, and Samantha got up to open the door. Carla asked her to rest. She made most of the dishes today. It was very tiring, “I’ll open it.”

“I’ll go.” The new servant hurriedly walked over.

Carla said yes, but instead of sitting back in her seat, she stood in the dining room and looked at the door. After all, everyone was already here, who would come over at night.

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