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Chapter 849

In Nichole’s world, she feels that every father is the same. He will teach his children, tell them the truth, and teach them how to be human.

Mrs. Dawson sighed, not knowing how to explain to her daughter, not every father in this world is as kind as her father, and gives his children deep, steady, mountain-like love.

Because Nichole did not want a second child, she sometimes asked her husband if he would regret it. Simmon always asked in a deep voice, “Don’t we have no children?”

A word left her speechless.

If you don’t talk far, just say herself. The father is a very patriarchal person. In order to have a son, he gave birth to six daughters. The attitude towards daughters and sons is very different. It seems that only sons are his children.

When they were born, their sisters were sent to relatives to raise them. Even if they grow up later, they will not pay much attention to them. All the thoughts are on the son.

“Nichole, when Hubert comes out, you can go to Tatevel with him and don’t come back again.” Mrs. Dawson does not have high demands on her daughter, as long as she is safe and healthy, and does not expect her to do anything, she and her husband do nothing.

Although this child does not have a huge amount of wealth left to her, she still has money to ensure that she can live a life-free life.

She is also working, but she retires early and will receive a monthly pension. She is also educated. When her daughter and Hubert return to Tatevel, she can still find another job.

“I listen to Hubert.” Nichole said lightly. If Hubert wants to leave, she will leave. If Hubert wants to stay, she will stay with him.

“Madam, here we are.” The car stopped at the door of the villa, and the driver turned his head and said to them.

Mrs. Dawson responded, “Go knock on the door.”

The driver turned off the car, pushed the door down, and knocked on the door.

Soon the door of the villa opened, and the servant asked who the driver was. The driver said Mrs. Dawson’s identity, and the servant told Dexter.

Knowing that Mrs. Dawson is here, Dexter glanced at Hubert and said with a smile, “Your mother-in-law is very concerned for you.”

Hubert was silent, Mrs. Dawson and Simmon were very good to him, and they really regarded him as family.

He also felt sorry for Mrs. Dawson about this incident, which made Dexter’s attitude towards her even worse.

Dexter walked out slowly with both hands, and Mrs. Dawson asked her daughter not to come down here, and she came down by herself.

“Where’s the person?” He opened his mouth to ask the whereabouts of the fourth child, and he didn’t even have a polite remark with this sister of the same mother and father.

“Where is Hubert?” Mrs. Dawson asked instead without seeing Hubert.

Dexter laughed, “You said you, really, are men in this world dead? How can you find a cripple for Nichole?”

Mrs. Dawson said with a cold face, “You don’t have to worry about it.”

“Why are you still upset? I care about you.” Dexter didn’t feel that he had made a mistake. Wouldn’t it be okay for Nichole to find a normal man?

“Although you are not in the care of parents, you are also a member of the Carr family. It is not very simple to find a normal person for Nichole. I don’t understand, what you see in the lame?”

“These are our business. You don’t care about it, where is Hubert?” They chose Hubert because he was really kind to their daughter, and

Nichole also likes him.

The daughter likes. It’s the most important thing to be good to her daughter. As for the physical condition, Hubert just has bad legs. If he is healthy, he will be a close to perfect person if he comes to Mrs. Dawson.

As the saying goes, the mother-in-law sees her son-in-law, the happier she is. Mrs. Dawson is probably in this state and thinks her son-in-law is very good.

Nichole sat in the car and heard Dexter’s words outside. Her angry hands were tightly clasped together. She didn’t like people saying that Hubert was lame.

Mrs. Dawson doesn’t want to waste time with Dexter anymore, “The people are here, take them away, and leave Hubert to me.”

Dexter walked over to pull the car door, and the fourth child was thinking about it. He just got his hand on the car door safety lock, and the car door was suddenly opened.

It opened too much and he was unprepared. In addition, he was seriously injured and unresponsive. At that moment, the whole person fell down, and happened to be lying at the feet of Dexter.

“President Carr, you avenge me.” The fourth child grabbed Dexter’s trousers as if he had found a straw for life.

Dexter frowned and almost didn’t recognize the fourth child. Harrison’s hands were nowhere to be distinguished, his face was broken, “How did you make it like this?”

“I don’t know how I fell into the hands of Ryan and the others. They are simply not humans…” Thinking of the hardships and beatings he has suffered, he trembled with fear, and said with lingering fears, “I can live. Fortunately, I almost died. Um-“

As he said, the fourth child burst into tears.

Dexter’s mouth twitched and kicked him angrily, “You fcuking big man, why are you crying?”

The fourth child immediately silenced and dared not speak.

How could Dexter’s fourth child fall into Ryan’s hands? He just said that Ryan couldn’t find the fourth child, isn’t he slapped now? !

The more he thought about it, the more angry he got. These things were made by this unsuspecting guy.

“The injury on your body, did they beat you?” Dexter said with a cold face.

The fourth nodded, enduring the pain in his whole body, and said, “They deliberately made me like this, saying that this is just to give you a slap in the face.”

The fourth child is not useless, at least he knows how to say it is good for him and how to provoke Dexter to avenge him.

“What did you say?” Dexter was angry.

The fourth child’s words successfully angered him. What he hates most is being provoked and looked down upon.

He who has never lost, how can he swallow this breath.

“Ryan said that you are not his opponent. Sooner or later you have to die in his hands.” The fourth child continued to provoke Dexter, hoping to use his power to avenge himself.

“Huh, okay, very good.” Carr’s face was pale, “I want to see who dies in whose hands!”

The fourth child lowered his head, his eyes filled with sternness.

The sin of suffering he suffered must be recovered!

“Hubert.” Seeing Hubert coming out of the house, Nichole got out of the car excitedly and ran towards him.

“Is there anything wrong with you?” Nichole checked his body for fear of injury.

“I’m fine, don’t worry.” Hubert held her hand, “Are you afraid?”

Nichole nodded honestly, “Of course, I’m afraid I couldn’t fall asleep, I was afraid you will be hurt.”

Hubert reached out and touched her face, “It’s me who is not good, and it makes you worry, not next time.”

Nichole said, “I’ll push you, let’s go.”

“You and Mom get in the car first. Dexter and I have something to say.”

Nichole didn’t understand what else could be said with such a person.

Hubert patted her hand, “Goodbye.”

Nichole was very obedient, holding Mrs. Dawson’s arm, “Mom, let’s wait for him in the car.”

Mrs. Dawson looked at Hubert, “This matter will end here.”

Although really wanted to not have a relationship with Dexter, she didn’t want them to become incompatible enemies.

“I know, it’s just that Welsh is still in his hands, but Mom, don’t worry about this, I’ll talk to him.” Hubert said lightly.

Welsh is almost inseparable from him, because his legs are inconvenient, and he can’t do without people around him. Welsh is the one who has been following him.

After Dexter caught them, he took Welsh away alone.

Mrs. Dawson was even more angry with Dexter, and arrested her son-in-law, and even the people around her son-in-law were also taken away. This was not a hint of affection.

She got into the car with her daughter with a cold face, and didn’t even bother to talk to Dexter.

She was completely disappointed with this younger brother in her heart.

Hubert glanced at the fourth child who was lying on the ground and couldn’t get up. “Is this beaten?”

“Are you not knowingly asking? Where is so much blood not being beaten?” Dexter felt that Hubert was an idiot, and even asked such an obvious question.

But he didn’t know that Hubert would set traps for them again.

Hubert smiled, “Of course I saw blood on his body, but I’m not sure if he was beaten. It would be okay if he was beaten simply, I’m afraid he was not beaten in vain.”

“What do you mean?” Why does the fourth child think that what he said is not quite right?

“What are you doing so nervously? I’m just afraid you can’t stand the torture and say anything that is not good for Carr…”

“You don’t frame me.” The fourth child panicked. He was interrogated by Peter last night. If he didn’t say anything, he would only have a dead end.

Knowing that Dexter didn’t have a lot of things, he vomited it all out in order to survive.

Dexter narrowed his eyes, “Did they interrogate you?”

Of course, the fourth child would not admit it, denying it, “No.”

Dexter looked at the fourth child with inquiring eyes, “Really?”

Hubert successfully buried a seed of doubt in his heart.

Chapter 850

The fourth eldest stared at Hubert fiercely, not completely unrecognizable, he must be able to see his hideous appearance.

He knows that if he admits it, he will die, so he can only deny it. “No, they didn’t interrogate me. They beat me because I bullied that woman. That woman seems to be Harrison’s girlfriend.”

After Harrison beat him, he wanted to understand the reason for Harrison’s anger. He cared about that woman very much, it must be his girlfriend, and he was so angry that he wanted to k!ll.

The fourth child hugged Dexter’s leg, “You have to believe me, this lame man is purely instigating discord, you must not believe it.”

Dexter squatted and raised his chin, squinted, and asked, “They really didn’t interrogate you?”

The fourth shook his head, “No, even if they had, I won’t say anything against you.”

“Hmph, do you dare to betray me, I will throw you into the sea to feed the fish!” Dexter said viciously, making the fourth child shudder.

Hubert looked at him quietly, and didn’t get angry with others poking him at the sore spot, and he would be relieved if he listened too much.

“Your man has returned to you, shouldn’t Carr return my people to me?”

Dexter looked back at him, and gave him an address to ask him to find Welsh on his own. He asked his subordinates to take the fourth child to the hospital.

Hubert did not leave immediately, but asked, “Mr. Carr didn’t move my people, right?”

Dexter copied his pockets with both hands and laughed, “A dogleg, what if I move? He doesn’t speak hard, and I don’t know how to do it.”

He interrogated the guy named Welsh, and asked him where his fourth child had gone. His mouth was very stiff and he didn’t say anything.

He asked him if Hubert and Ryan knew each other. He was also very stiff and refused to say anything. Dexter was angry and Welsh was beaten.

Hubert’s hands on the wheelchair armrests slowly gathered and clasped them together in a low tone, “He is just a person who takes care of me and doesn’t know anything. You actually did it?”

Dexter walked over, looked at him up and down, finally fixed his gaze on his legs, laughed, and quickly reduced his smile, “Why, you still want to get revenge?”

“If you are willing to apologize to Welsh, I can consider not to care about you.” Hubert directly ignored his eyes.

“Cut, nonsense!” Dexter didn’t put Hubert in his eyes at all. Hubert’s ground snake was nothing in City B.

He ordered his subordinates to take the fourth child to the hospital.

Hubert’s eyes were cold and gloomy, staring at Dexter and finally saying nothing, turning the wheelchair towards the car.

He understands that it is useless to put any harsh words, only actions can convince people.

With the help of the driver, he got into the car, and he asked the driver to go to Welsh.

His face was too bad, Nichole sat next to him and held his hand, “It’s okay, let’s go back to Tatevel today.”

She didn’t want to be here, she was afraid that something would happen again.

Hubert smiled faintly, and reached out to touch her cheek, “If you leave in such a hurry, your parents don’t want it?”

“I think we can come back again, and they can also visit me.” She was inexplicably uneasy, just wanting to leave quickly, “Mom said the same, I hope we go to Tatevel.”

Hubert looked up to see Mrs. Dawson.

“That’s what I think. This is a place of right and wrong. You should take Nichole to Tatevel. If we miss you, your dad and I can visit you too.” Mrs. Dawson expressed her attitude.

Anyway, here is not very far from Tatevel, and now the traffic is convenient.

“I’m not in a hurry now, I still want to get along with you more.” Hubert smiled, making people unable to see his true thoughts.

Mrs. Dawson was afraid that he would care about this time, and said, “After all, he lost people first. It is reasonable for him to be angry. Now that he is all right, then assume that nothing has happened.”

In front of her daughter, Mrs. Dawson did not directly ask about the relationship between Hubert and Ryan.

If it doesn’t matter, Hubert gave Dexter’s people to Ryan.

If it is related, Ryan’s attitude seems not too friendly to Hubert.

She was not sure what the relationship between Hubert and Ryan was.

“I know, Mom, I want to stay not because of Dexter, but because I want to accompany you and dad with Nichole. You have just such a daughter. Now she is handed over to me. I hope I can join her to tell you Do your filial piety.”

He said that he wanted to stay in City B. Welsh was beaten. Nothing happened to him. Dexter must apologize to Welsh!

Hubert has poor legs and feet, can manage such a large company, and is convincing. His insight is very strong, knowing that Mrs. Dawson must have doubts about the relationship between him and Ryan.

So he explained, “I and Blair are friends, but because I did something wrong, he has opinions on me. This time I took the initiative to give him the person he wanted, just to show good, hope we can It’s just unimaginable that Dexter will arrest me and ask you to ask someone to make things like this.”

No matter whether it is true or not, he only needs to explain the matter reasonably and convince Mrs. Dawson.

Didn’t he deliberately deceive, he couldn’t express his thoughts on Carla, right? And in the future, he will try to forget, and treat Nichole well.

Mrs. Dawson knew it, “It turned out to be like this, no wonder he was so cold when I told them about you.”

Hubert didn’t say a word. At this moment, the driver drove the car to the place where Dexter was shutting down a building that was about to be completed.

He asked Mrs. Dawson and Nichole to wait in the car, and he and the driver got off to find Welsh.

Dexter had already greeted him, and the others had already left, leaving Welsh alone.

They built a wall that was built without cement. The walls were still red bricks. All kinds of construction waste were thrown on the ground, and Welsh was thrown into the mess.

Welsh was not lightly beaten, but there were no injuries on his face, all on his body. After the guards left, he was casually thrown on the ground.

The driver went over and untied the rope on him. He opened his eyes and saw Hubert and yelled, “Mr. Tate.”

Hubert asked concerned, “Is the injury serious?”

Welsh couldn’t stand up. He could only stand up by the driver’s support. His body hurts when he moves and he holds up and says, “I’m going to k!ll him.”

Hubert said, “I’ll take you to the hospital.”

The driver put him in the car, and Mrs. Dawson said, “Let me and Nichole down on the road ahead.”

Hubert said, “Okay, I’ll take him to the hospital.”

That’s what Mrs. Dawson meant, knowing that Welsh was going to the hospital, she and Nichole followed suit.

“I am going to the hospital with Hubert.” Nichole was unwilling to go home with Mrs. Dawson, and preferred to be with Hubert.

Hubert did not refuse.

Mrs. Dawson didn’t want her daughter to run outside, “You come home with your mother.”

Nichole took Hubert’s hand and shook her head, “Mom, go back by yourself, I will accompany Hubert.”

The daughter’s attitude was firm, and Mrs. Dawson was not reluctant, so she sighed and said, “Okay.”

The car drove to a place where there were a lot of people to take a taxi and put Mrs. Dawson down.

After saying goodbye to Mrs. Dawson, Hubert asked the driver to drive to the hospital. After being sent to the hospital, the doctor checked and said that there was no life-threatening condition.

Knowing that Welsh is not life-threatening. Hubert left the hospital and spent money to hire a nurse to take care of Welsh.

He doesn’t have much influence in City B, but it doesn’t mean he can swallow the breath of his own people being beaten.

Welsh always followed him, just like his relatives, how could he just stop doing this?

The enemy of your enemy is your friend.

It just so happens that Ryan is Dexter’s enemy, and now maybe they can cooperate.

He came to AAA Group, but did not find Ryan.

At this moment, Ryan and Peter came to a private club and heard that Dexter was here.

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