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Chapter 851

“Are you sure?” Ryan asked as he walked through the dimly lit corridor.

Obviously, it is daytime, but the clubhouse is closed like night. The room is rendered by lights, but it is very quiet.

The central air conditioner is blowing cold wind slowly, and it doesn’t feel stuffy.

Peter said yes, “The people I sent to follow him said he came here.”

As he said, he paused, “I really hope that he was hit and k!lled by a car on the road that day, so that he can save himself from making trouble!”

Ryan looked over, it was not like him.

Peter smiled, “Isn’t it that I can’t do anything with him for a while, let’s send a few complaints.”

Ryan retracted his gaze and said nothing.

Peter knew that Dexter was here, but he didn’t know which private room he was in. “I’ll ask.”

Ryan said, Peter went for a while and returned and said, “At 303 on the third floor, I booked a private room for 302, which is next to him.”

The reason why it is called a private club is that it is very secluded and that it is only hosted by people who are familiar with the boss.

Ryan is not familiar with the boss here, but President Barker, who has a good relationship with him, is very familiar with the boss here, and the relationship is quite good, knowing that Ryan is here, he personally came to entertain him.

“Hello, Mr. Blair. I didn’t know you are coming, knowing that I will arrange a private room for you personally.” The boss of the clubhouse was surnamed Stone, and he yelled to him as Roger Stone.

Peter went to inquire about Dexter, and Roger knew that Ryan was coming, so he came out to entertain him personally.

“You are polite, there may still be things to trouble you.” Ryan smiled lightly, his usual look when socializing was neither hot nor cold, but the right tone.

“If you need anything, just give it to you.” Roger smiled, the others looked decent, just this nickname, called like a gangster.

Entering the private room, Roger introduced the characteristics of his place. He has meals here, suitable for gatherings with friends, as well as drinks. It is very formal and there is no messy service.

Because of the good concealment, some friends also brought their girlfriends over to eat specially. The food here is very unique, and they are rare things that are not available outside.

“What do you need, let me send it over?” The third child asked with a smile.

Ryan looked around in the private room, “I heard that Dexter is in the next room?”

Roger paused and said with a smile, “Yes.”

“Is your soundproofing good here?”

“That’s for sure, it’s pretty good, and it’s better than the sound insulation effect.” Roger vowed.

Peter glanced at him, “What if we want the next door to hear us talking?”

Roger, “…”? ??

What is the reason for this?

Want to let people hear yourself?

“Are you kidding?” Roger wasn’t sure whether Peter’s words were true or not, or he was deliberately probing.

“Am I joking?” Peter looked at Roger with a serious face.

Roger couldn’t pay attention at the moment, and turned to look at Ryan, “This…”

Ryan cut him off and asked, “Is it embarrassing?”

Roger shook his head quickly, and Ryan’s words let him know that this was not a joke, it was true.

In fact, if they wanted to eavesdrop on Dexter and his friends, he would not be so surprised. It would be strange for people to eavesdrop on himself.

The people he receives here are all acquaintances, and he doesn’t even engage in the tricks of nightclubs.

They say they are private rooms. Most of them have a mystery to spy on what the guests do in the private rooms.

But he really doesn’t have that set here.

He thought about it and asked, “As long as Dexter hears you, it doesn’t matter what method is used?”

Ryan gave a hum.

“That’s all right, leave this to me.” Roger noticed.

Peter asked, “What do you want to do?”

“Don’t you just want Dexter to hear you talking? It’s not difficult. I’ll just say that I hear you talking here…”

“Huh? Is this all right?” Peter asked with a smile, “Is it necessary to add fuel and jealousy to deceive people, for example, you heard us say bad things about him?”

Roger just thought about it, and smiled without embarrassment after being seen through, “Otherwise, what can be done?”

Actually, Peter didn’t say no. Originally, they and Dexter were incompatible with each other, so they just asked about it.

“Then it will work.” Peter said.

Roger pointed to the door, “Should I go now?”

Peter looked at Ryan and asked, “Now?”

Ryan didn’t want to waste a lot of time here. He said that just now, Roger asked people to send a fruit plate and wine, and he went to the private room next to him to trick Dexter.

They sat down on the sofa, and Ryan said a digression, “Have you seen the news?”

Peter was taken aback for a moment, but he reacted quickly and asked, “Is it the news about you and your sister-in-law in the mall?”

“Yeah.” Ryan filled the glass with wine.

“Do you want to have a wedding and reveal the identity of sister-in-law?” Peter knows Ryan, and he must be asking what he meant.

He expressed his opinion, “I think it is necessary. Except for people who are close to you, the outside world does not know much about your private life. This incident has also attracted a lot of attention.”

“There are a lot of suspicions, and there are some ugly words, the sister-in-law may not care, but the two children are getting older and it is not very good to be seen by them.”

Ryan smiled, did not speak but put a glass of wine in front of him. He smelled the matter at once, and seemed to have a clue.

“This means that we are about to drink your wedding wine?” Peter held up the glass of wine.

Ryan clinked glasses with him and admitted, “Well, what do you think?”

Peter just wanted to drink, when he was asked by these words, “What’s the matter?”

“Are you going to live alone all the time?” He is now successful in his career, busy with his affairs all day long, and is not at all anxious about the major events of his life.

“I didn’t meet the right one.” Peter was also helpless, “How about you go on a blind date, aren’t there many dating sites now? I will register an account to see if there is any suitable?”

Ryan raised his eyes and looked at him speechlessly. Is that place reliable?

“You better wait.” Online blind date, he is really not optimistic.

When encountering people who cheat for money and s3x, Peter will lose a lot by then.

Peter did not answer the question, and asked, “Are you optimistic about the day? Where are you going to do it?”

Ryan wanted to find a place that Carla liked, but thinking about the body she was in, she still had two children, it would be better to be in the country.

“May 18th.” Nelson went to find someone to calculate this day, saying it was suitable for marriage.

“Isn’t that fast?” Peter said, it’s May now.

At this moment, there was a dark shadow in the door of the private room, and both of them were paying attention to the door when they were talking. They were obviously aware of someone, but they pretended not to know.

Because they knew who the eavesdropping was at the door.

Peter started the topic first, and deliberately said loudly, “I didn’t expect this fourth child to know a lot about Dexter.”

“What happened during the interrogation?” Ryan asked lazily, leaning back on the sofa.

Dexter, who was eavesdropping under the door, pricked his ears.

Peter looked upright, his appearance was very mysterious, but his voice was confiscated at all, for fear that people outside the door would not be able to hear him,

“He said that there had been a murder in Dexter’s nightclub, and the lady died. He almost broke out at the time, but was suppressed by his father. Now, he also explained where the young lady’s hometown is. I have already sent people. By then, these will be witnesses.”

After speaking, he laughed and said unbelievably, “How can the fourth child be the celebrity next to Dexter, how can he be so spineless? After a beat, he spilled everything. This time the fourth child went back to work for us as an undercover I don’t know if I can find out more of Dexter’s crimes.”

Chapter 852

Dexter gritted his teeth with anger. Hubert had planted a seed of suspicion in his heart. After listening to Peter’s words, he became even more distrustful of the fourth.

And what Peter said did happen. It happened two years ago. When the new lady was serving a big man, she didn’t understand the rules and didn’t satisfy the big man.

Dexter was angry and threw her to the subordinates. The subordinates were trained, and all his subordinates were rough men, and they treated her badly without any seriousness.

He had almost forgotten about this thing for so long, and now he heard it again, but he was betrayed by his own people.

Dexter turned his head to look at Roger, and whispered, “Thank you for today.”

After speaking, he left the club in a huff.

Roger, who was standing on the opposite side, curled his lips. He understood what happened for a while. It seemed that Peter and Ryan played a double-action drama to deceive Dexter.

In fact, it’s not a lie to Dexter. The fourth child did confess something about Dexter. He didn’t act as a celebrity around Dexter before. He knew few secret things.

Peter found out this incident, just to make Dexter. First betrayed him by the fourth child, deliberately saying that the fourth child made a confession.

The death of the young lady, according to Peter’s investigation, the fourth child was also involved in that incident, so he didn’t say anything about it.

The fourth confession of Dexter’s things were trivial things, and there was no bad thing he had done himself. Although he had no spine, he knew how to keep things that were not good for him.

When Dexter left the clubhouse, the fourth child was taken to the villa.

He returned to the villa angrily, and the fourth child was also taken.

Suddenly being brought back, the fourth child was a little uneasy, and cautiously said, “Mr Carr…”

Before he finished his words, Dexter twitched his lips sullenly. Without saying anything, he just kicked up, and the fourth child fell to the ground. He was already badly injured, so he couldn’t get up. He clutched his stomach and smoked.

“Didn’t you fcuking say that they didn’t interrogate you?” Dexter squatted down and grabbed his chin. “You betrayed me?”

The fourth opened his eyes wide, didn’t he already believe him before? Why did he suddenly come at him again?

“You must not listen to that lame man…”


It was another slap on the face of the fourth, and Dexter was furious, “I heard something false with my own ears? Let me just say, you fell into their hands, how could they not interrogate you and let you go?”

“When I came back, it turned out that you not only betrayed me, but also promised to do an undercover investigation for them. I was not bad to you, but I did not expect that you would dare to treat me this way?

Dexter was very annoyed and tried every means to save him, but he betrayed him, making it more difficult for him to accept than cheating on his girlfriend.

He wished to choke the fourth child to death immediately to relieve the hatred in his heart!

The fourth child has been trapped. He said something about Dexter, but he wouldn’t be able to do anything to Dexter. Also, when did he promise to be an undercover agent for them?

“There must be a misunderstanding…”

“Misunderstanding!” The more he thought about it, the more annoyed Dexter was, and he slapped the fourth child’s face with two slaps. Because of too much force, half of his arm was numb. The blood of the fourth child’s mouth could not be seen. His face became more red and swollen, like a burnt pig’s head.

“My ears are not deaf yet!” Dexter smirked. “You remember what I said?”

The fourth child was trembling with fright, and the blood in his mouth flowed to the collar of his clothes, which was particularly conspicuous on the white and blue striped hospital gown.

He lay on the ground and hugged Dexter’s legs to survive, “Mr. Carr, you have to believe me, I really didn’t betray you. I swear, if I betray you, I won’t be able to die.”

However, at this moment, there was a sudden thunder.

Fourth, “…”

Dexter, “…”

“Look at God, I’m about to hack you.” Dexter kicked him away and called his subordinates to come over, “Throw him into the sea to feed the fish!”

“Mr. Carr, you have to believe me.” The fourth child crawled over and cried holding Dexter’s legs, “I really didn’t betray you, please believe me.”

Dexter looked at the dog-like fourth child and sneered, “I want to believe you too, but look at your unpromising appearance. I would be surprised if you didn’t betray me!”

There is no blood at all, it would be a surprise if he didn’t move like that!

“What are you doing in a daze?” Dexter said angrily, and several subordinates immediately came up to pull away the fourth child.

“Please, believe me, I really didn’t betray you.” The fourth child bit him to death, and when he recognized him, there was only a dead end.

However, Dexter didn’t recognize him and also believed that he betrayed.

Dexter took the opportunity to k!ll the chickens and curse the monkeys, so that those who followed him could see what the end of betraying him was!

“I will not treat anyone who follows me wrong, but the one who betrays me has a dead end!” Dexter is fierce, and no one can save the fourth child today!

In order to deter subordinates, Dexter personally grabbed the fourth child and went out.

The fourth child cried out and begged for mercy. Dexter was so annoyed that he was put in a sack with his mouth shut, and he was thrown into the trunk and drove to the suburban coast.

The subordinate who followed at first thought it was just to scare the fourth child, scaring him, but did not want Dexter to throw the fourth child into the sea.

They are all subordinates, although they don’t like the fourth, but they are also afraid that they have this day and begged for the fourth.

“For the sake of his lack of credit and hard work, spare his life.” A big beard pleaded openly.

Dexter snorted. He leaned on the hood of the car, with his hands around his chest, “He betrayed me, and there is only one result, and that is death. The same is true for you.”

“One day, whoever betrays me will only have this fate. One way! Whoever dares to intercede, I will throw him down with the fourth.”

It seemed that several subordinates had banned their voices for an instant, and no one dared to speak again, fearing that they would also be thrown into the sea to feed the fish.

“Don’t do it yet, let me do it myself?” Dexter said coldly.

Several subordinates flinched at the same time, and invariably grabbed the cricket that was twisting in a sack. The fourth child had his mouth blocked, but his ears were not blocked. He heard everything they said. , It’s when he hear it, he is afraid.

He struggled hard to break free, but he was tied too tightly and couldn’t break free at all.

If he can see his face at this moment, he must be able to see his bloodless and frightened face.

Afraid that no one in this world can be calm as water in the face of death.

After all, there is only one life. If you die, you will die, and there will be no more.

Dexter’s expression did not fluctuate, he was confident, and he was unscrupulous when he was able to keep him in the wake of the the incident.

With a thud, a huge chunk of water splashed on the surface of the water, and it was calm for a while, and they didn’t even see the struggle.

The subordinates standing on the shore were all unsightly. One of them asked, “Do sharks really eat people?”

“Fool, of course, you don’t eat people. People are the most advanced animals.”

“You are stupid, who said that sharks don’t eat people?” A subordinate who firmly believes that sharks are cannibals retorted the person who had just spoken.

“Have you seen it?” The man was also not convinced. He felt that man is the ruler of the earth, and sharks are animals in the water. How could they eat people on the shore?

“Have you never seen great white sharks? The sharks inside eat people.” The two held their own opinions and refused to agree with the other.

“That’s a movie! Real sharks don’t eat people!”

“A bunch of idiots, how did I raise your stuff?” Dexter’s brain hurt by the noise, “go away.”

After he got into the car, there was a loud rumbling, lightning flashed across, and it seemed that there was going to be heavy rain.

A few subordinates ran into the car for fear of being caught in the rain, completely forgetting what they had done just now.

The fourth child’s popularity is not good, no one is in the eyes of gaining power, and many people are offended, so no one will really plead for him. He just spoke for him, but he is afraid that he will end up like this.

Several thought to themselves that they must not betray Dexter, otherwise, they would have to be fed to fish.

In the city, Carla took her son and daughter to the pet shop to buy Snowball’s supplies and Iris went to the playground again.

Carla looked up at the sky. It might rain heavily on this day and coaxed her daughter, “Shall we go to the supermarket and buy you food?”

Iris thought for a while, “Okay, I will reluctantly agree.”

Carla couldn’t laugh or cry, stretched out her hand to squeeze her face, “It’s getting less and less cute as a child.”

“The aunt at the pet shop still praises me for being beautiful, how can I be unlovable?” Iris was not convinced.

Carla explained, “Cute and beautiful are not an adjective.”

“Get in the car quickly.” She urged.

They left the pet shop and went to the supermarket.

As soon as they entered the supermarket, there was a heavy rainstorm.


Iris looked at the heavy rain outside and said with emotion, “Fortunately, I didn’t go to the playground, or I would be drenched in soup.”

Carla took the two children, Samantha and the new servant followed, and the driver walked in the back with a group of people into the supermarket.

Samantha pushed the shopping cart and said, “There is no fruit at home.”

They went to the fruit area and bought some seasonal fruits. There are also many fruits in this season, the price is not expensive, and the main ones are fresh.

Passing by the pastry area, Iris wanted to eat donuts, she ran over to take a plate to pack, she saw the person standing in front of the counter through the glass, and when she saw the appearance, he said, “Is it you?”

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