His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2107

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Chapter 2107

In order to accompany Ameli Su on a new journey in life, Christian also reported on a new subject. The two seemed to be on the strength of each other, gritting their teeth and sprinting at each other, but in the meantime Christian could perceive that Ameli Su’s attitude towards him was gradually improving.

There was no way to stay with her for a long time before, but after spending half a year of traveling with her, Ameli Su would actually take him with her when bringing meals.

Christian was very happy. On this weekend, he turned the pot upside down in the house he rented with Ameli Su and put out the fire on the stove. Then he said, “Are there any eggs in the house?”

“Well, I added a new one. “

Ameli Su was taking a shower and came out of the bathroom. She saw Christian as a chef in the kitchen. She said, “You are actually cooking.”

“I have grown into cooking again recently.” Christian took out the eggs from the refrigerator. “It’s too late, I’ll cook a supper for you, I will finally scramble an egg and fried rice.”

Christian seemed to have a lot of human fireworks.

Ameli Su stared at his back and smiled slightly, and then said, “I really didn’t expect to be able to get along with you like this.”

Christian said skillfully without raising his head, “I’m here. I have been planted on you for the rest of my life, and there is no other place to go, so I just follow you.”

Ameli Su squinted her eyes and smiled, “Oh? Take your heart?”

This tone of voice.

Christian hissed and gasped, “Don’t use this kind of inviting tone, be careful to bring out my beastly side, there will be no good fruit for you at that time.”

Pretending to be obedient for so long in front of Ameli Su , Can’t fall short of success.

Ameli Su sat down on the sofa wrapped in a bathrobe, and her wet hair was half-dried. When Christian was carrying the vegetable and putting it on the coffee table, his eyelids twitched fiercely when he saw her appearance.

The bathrobe covered the roots of the thighs. Ameli Su’s skin was the cold white of foreigners, and it was like a fine jade against the night outside the window, shining with a translucent luster.

He immediately turned his head and looked out the window.

Look at this leg and stop eating.

Ameli Su stood up to pick up the chopsticks, give Don a unique double, “Thank you, ah, in your professions also learned how to cook ah?”

“Farming a day when the bored and idle look at the menu, think of these How do you eat things when you grow them?” It’s also strange that Christian’s genes are a little too good. He hasn’t been tanned all over the world. He picked up a piece of greens and then handed it to Ameli Su’s mouth.” Open your mouth.”

Ameli Su opened her mouth fascinatingly, and Christian was also stunned.

After regaining his senses, Christian turned his gun and put the bite of the dish into his mouth humbly!

Ameli Su’s little white face immediately flushed with anger, “Christian, you play with me?!”

Christian chewed the vegetable in a good mood, and took another piece of it. This was played back to Ameli Su’s mouth. She refused to eat it anymore. Christian was obviously angry. Christian couldn’t help but laugh, and said, “I can’t help it, I see your eyes look like a puppy… I just want to tease you.”

“You are a puppy! “

Christian stuffed the vegetables closer again, “Well, well, I am, you eat it, I won’t take it this time.”

Ameli Su was angry, and the more he liked it in Christian’s eyes, he was good. I want to be able to make trouble with her until the end of the world, “I really won’t tease you anymore.”

Ameli Su opened her mouth.

Ah, ate the food that Christian picked up in one bite, and when he ate it, he warned Christian with his eyes that he would die if he dared to remove the chopsticks!

Christian felt soft in his heart. Ameli Su was able to accept the good news that he was already great, and now it seemed that he did not reject him to accompany her.

So after thinking about it, Christian said, “I was in military training when I came to university with you.”

Huh? Ameli Su looked at Christian with questioning little eyes while eating with her cheeks.


Christian held her in his arms, “Bao, I have been trained in the military, it is not your little licking dog, it is your little army dog!”

Ameli Su was stunned, and the back was red!

She pushed Christian away, “You want to be shameless!”

Christian said with a handsome face that was earth-shattering, “No, why is your face important?”

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