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Chapter 855

Seeing that the person opening the door was Peter, Sandy was a little nervous, “Is there anything you asked me to do?”

What happened last time made her nervous for fear of causing him trouble again.

Peter turned his body sideways, “I’ll talk about it first.”

Sandy was carrying a backpack, the strap slipped down, she picked it up on her shoulder and couldn’t walk in.

Peter asked her, “Are you thirsty?”

Sandy shook her head, “I’m not thirsty.”

Peter pursed his lip and said, “I’m asking you to come here to let you do me a favor.”

“You say it, as long as I can help, I will definitely not refuse.” She still feels guilty about the last incident. After all, it was the trouble she caused him.

Sandy was so polite, which made Peter a little embarrassed, “Don’t be polite, it’s not a big deal. My boss asked me to go to his house for dinner and asked me to take you.”

“This is the Director Smith you saw last time. He thought that we were boyfriend and girlfriend, and he didn’t allow me to explain, so he gave the order. He has a good understanding of me, and I can’t refute his face, so I came to you.”

Sandy felt a little disappointed. It turned out that he didn’t take the initiative to find her, but because he had something to do, he thought of her.

Has he forgotten her?

“If it wasn’t for your boss to ask you, did you forget me?” Sandy asked half-jokingly.

Peter said, “I haven’t forgotten, such a cute little sister, I will never forget.”

He would never develop a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship with Sandy, no matter what Harrison said. No matter how others think he would not do that.

She is too young.

He can’t get down, walking with such a little girl, he is afraid that others will point at him.

Peter is still very traditional in his bones.

Sandy immediately understood what Peter meant. Is this treating her as a younger sister?

She hasn’t graduated from college yet, and she doesn’t have a good career. Naturally, she doesn’t deserve him, but given her some time, she will definitely be a woman who can accompany him.

She smiled, “Okay, it’s incumbent to help my brother, it’s almost 12 o’clock now, shall we go?”

Peter said to leave, he wore a uniform and took a hat on, and said, “Let’s go.”

“If I knew I was to accompany you to meet people, I’ll just dress up and change into better clothes and come again.” Sandy said.

Peter closed the door and looked at her up and down. She was wearing black wide-leg pants and a tight white shirt with a cross-shaped neckline. The waist was vividly highlighted. White sneakers and a backpack were just simple attire, youthful and energetic.

“That’s pretty good.”

Sandy looked down at herself, but couldn’t see where she looked good, and said with a smile, “You didn’t mean to lie to me?”

Peter pressed the unlock button of the car, the lights flashed with a beep, and unlocked, he opened the door of the passenger seat, turned his head to look at Sandy and said, “I didn’t lie to you. You are really good-looking. Come on.”

Sandy smiled, bent over to sit up to buckle the seat belt, Peter got into the driving position and started the car.

“You treat me as a younger sister, do you want me to call you brother like that in the future?” Sandy asked with a smile.

Peter also laughed, “You can call that way.”

“I don’t want to, it feels like you deliberately said that you are very young.”

Peter, “…”

He didn’t. He knew exactly how Elder he was and had no idea of being young.

“You can be my uncle at all ages, but you asked me to call you brother. You want me to call you younger, don’t you?” Sandy joked.

Peter gave a light cough, smiled and said, “I didn’t mean that, then you call me uncle?”

Sandy covered her lips and smiled more happily.

Think he is so cute, how can he be so funny?

Peter was uncomfortable and asked, “Did I say something wrong?”

Sandy shook her head, “No.”

“Then what are you laughing at?” Why does he feel wrong?

“You are too simple.” Sandy commented.

This time it was Peter’s turn to laugh, “You evaluate an old man, saying that he is innocent. Is this term appropriate?”

“This word is very suitable for you. Innocence has nothing to do with age.” Sandy is serious, and feels that Peter is really innocent in feelings, slow to respond, a little like a wooden stake that doesn’t understand taste, but it’s very attractive.

She doesn’t like men whose mouths are too good. She likes Peter’s, her reaction is a little slow, slow heating, not glib, she feels that those men who can speak sweet words are unreliable.

Peter didn’t refute her, she said that he was innocent, so be innocent.

At this moment, the car stopped in the community next to the people’s government. Peter got off first, and Sandy got off the car afterward.

“You don’t have to be restrained, we just have a potluck.” Peter said.

Sandy nodded, but she was still nervous, after all, it was a high-ranking official, and the last time he was angry, it was quite scary.

“Others are very good, so you won’t be embarrassed, don’t worry.” Peter noticed Sandy’s nervousness and said.

Sandy nodded, and Peter went to the guard to say hello and tell the guard who he was looking for.

Peter had been here before, but the community did not allow outsiders to come in at will, so he called to confirm before opening the door.

At this time, another car stopped at the door. Hubert didn’t wait for Ryan at the company, so he had to return first. He didn’t expect to meet Peter at the door of the District.

Chapter 856

“Captain Shane has any friends here?” Hubert’s eyes fell on Sandy when he was speaking, and he smiled and asked, “This is?”

Peter couldn’t say he liked or disliked Hubert, but he just felt that he shouldn’t have a married woman in his mind.

He thinks it’s very immoral.

“I should ask Mr. Tate for this?” Peter naturally knows who can live in this community.

Hubert has some power in Tatevel, but there are too many people in City B, and he is not a big deal.

It is very unusual to know the people in this community.

Soon he wanted to understand again, his eyes swept across Nichole, and he smiled and said, “Tate always has a good method.”

Nichole may not be very clever, but her family background is indeed good, and Hubert can marry her, which is also very good.

Hubert did not continue to talk to him about these useless things, and said in a solemn voice, “Can I talk to Captain Shane for a step.”

He didn’t know that Peter was already a deputy bureau, so he was still calling him Captain Shane.

“What do we have to say?” Peter didn’t mean to embarrass him, but felt that his relationship with Ryan shouldn’t be close to him, let alone be involved.

“I still have an appointment, so I’ll leave first.” After that, he turned to greet Sandy, “Let’s go.”

“Captain Shane, do we have any grudges?” Hubert frowned. He just likes individuals, should he die?

Peter glanced at him, “We have no grudges. I only make friends with gentlemen. As for those who are not thinking about coveting other people’s wives, I have a very unfavorable opinion.”

After speaking, they walked away with Sandy.

Hubert couldn’t refute it, and he knew it was wrong, but who could control emotional matters?

If feelings can be controlled by the brain and say that you don’t like it and you don’t like it, he may have given this instruction to the heart long ago, but he has said it to him countless times that it is wrong, let go, but the feelings are still there.

He has tried his best not to think about it, not to create a chance to meet with her, what about him?

“Some people are hiding quietly just for love. Those who avoid them are figures, but those who can’t avoid them are those silent feelings. Hubert, this is not your fault.”

Nichole covered his shoulders with her hands and comforted. “Just like me, feelings that you can’t control, if the feelings can be let go so easily, they won’t appear precious.

Hubert held her hand and said with a smile, “Actually I am very lucky.”

God sent her to his side.

This is the luckiest thing in his life.

She is simple and kind, and understands all his helplessness.

He thought so much that he had never met Carla, but the things that had happened could not be reversed, and the heart that had been throbbing could never have happened.

“Maybe Dad can help us.” Nichole knew that he wanted to seek justice for Welsh.

Hubert shook his head. He knew that Simmon didn’t like Carr’s family and didn’t want to be involved with them. After all, Mrs. Dawson had a relationship with Carr’s family.

He couldn’t let the Dawson family fall into a difficult situation.

“Don’t tell Dad, I will solve this by myself.” Hubert explained to Nichole.

“But Welsh is in the hospital, and you have no one by your side…”

“You have to believe me.” Hubert patted her, “Let’s go home.”

Nichole lowered his eyes and could only listen to him, pushing him home.

Here, Peter took Sandy to the front of Edward’s house. He raised his hand and rang the doorbell. Sandy stood aside nervously holding his hands. After all, he came to a stranger’s house, not an ordinary stranger’s house, and he was unavoidable.

Peter patted her on the shoulder, “After a meal, we leave, and their family members are all getting along well, don’t be restrained.”

Sandy forced a smile, “The first time I come, it is inevitable to be nervous.”

With a click, the door opened and it was Edward’s wife who opened the door. Peter called her aunt.

Mrs. Smith smiled brightly, but when she met Sandy, her smile stiffened for a second, “This is?”

“My… girlfriend.” Peter felt that the explanation was too cumbersome, and if he said that she was not a girlfriend, Edward would preach to him again. In order to save trouble, he said so.

The smile on Mrs. Smith’s face disappeared completely.

“Mom, why don’t you let people come in yet.” Eileen walked over and saw Peter smiling and said, “Come in quickly.”

Eileen Smith, Edward’s daughter, Peter also knows her well, and replied, “You are here too.”

She was still wearing an apron and holding a piece of ginger in her hand. She smiled and said, “Of course, this was my home before, but it’s still my home now.”

It used to be her home, but after marriage, it is no longer home. After the divorce, it is still her home.

Eileen and Peter are about the same age. In the past few years, the Director Smith asked Peter to come to the house for dinner. In fact, they were invited to go on a blind date.

He also feel that if his daughter marries Peter, Peter will take good care of her. However, his daughter disagreed and insists on marrying a doctor who returned from studying abroad. The two suddenly divorced some time ago.

Because the other party cheated.

Mrs. Smith thought of Peter again, and pestered Director Smith to call him to eat at home, trying to match her daughter with him.

Edward was entangled by his wife, so he called Peter to come home. He knew in his heart that his daughter had no fate with Peter. The fate was a long time ago, and he would not wait until now.

Moreover, he knew that his daughter was married before, and Peter was still unmarried, so the two of them were even more inappropriate. He admired and liked Peter and didn’t want him to be embarrassed.

He deliberately asked him to bring his girlfriend over to make his wife give up.

“Come in.” Mrs. Smith turned her body sideways. She had prepared a lot of good dishes in high spirits, but Mrs. Smith was not very happy when she planned to make a splash.

Seeing Sandy, Eileen smiling, “Yeah, do you have a girlfriend?”

Peter smiled and said, “Yes.”

“I thought you would be a bachelor, your character is too boring.” Eileen and Peter didn’t talk too far apart, instead they were as affectionate as family.

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