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Chapter 857

Peter smiled and did not answer, just as Harrison said that he didn’t understand taste, he was powerless to refute.

“Come and sit down.” Edward was sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper, and seeing them come in, put down the newspaper.

Peter came over, and Sandy followed him honestly.

“Peter, you sit for a while and wait for food.” Eileen said with a smile.

Peter nodded, “Then you worked hard today.”

Eileen joked, “You think I’m working hard, can you help me do it?”

“Don’t think I’m stupid.” Peter stood up, really in the posture of help, Eileen waved her hand quickly, “Just kidding, not serious.”

“Sit down,” she said and turned and went into the kitchen.

Mrs. Smith stood aside, looked at Sandy, and felt bored. She turned and went into the kitchen. She wanted to match Peter with her daughter, but he brought a young girlfriend, so naturally she couldn’t feel happy.

She watched her daughter still cutting vegetables, came over and snatched the kitchen knife from her hand, “Go outside and accompany the guests. I’m enough here.”

“There is no outsider outside, there is just dad.” Eileen did not understand her mother’s intentions.

It’s not that she didn’t understand, but she was also surprised that Peter would stay with the girl, and she didn’t know what to do for a while.

The mother stood aside and sighed, “At the beginning, your dad asked you to marry Peter. Didn’t he? You didn’t look at him. Now, it’s a vice bureau. There hasn’t been any messy woman around him in recent years…”

“Mom.” Eileen didn’t want to listen to her mother’s nagging, “The past is over, can you stop talking about it?”

There is no regret medicine in the world, so what use is regret?

“Hey.” Mrs. Smith sighed again, and came to help her daughter, “I don’t know when he has a girlfriend.”

Eileen didn’t speak, the oil in the pot was hot. She put the chopped ginger in the pot and stir-fried the scented ginger over a low heat, then put the pepper and fragrant leaves, and finally dropped the chopped chicken into the pot.

With a stab, the fragrance of the material came out at once.

“Peter has today, and it was all promoted by your dad.” The more Mrs. Smith thought about it, the more unhappy she became. “That girl looks too young to match Peter at all.”

“Oh, my God, what do you want to say?” Eileen looked at her mother helplessly, “Peter is a stubborn man. We should be happy he found a girlfriend. Look at you, why do you look unhappy?”

“Originally, you sat next to him, don’t you regret it?” Madam Smith felt that her daughter was just as heartless.

The wrong person was chosen blindly, but now that Peter has a girlfriend, there is no reaction at all.

“What’s the use of regret? I have missed it.” Eileen flatly said, “Can you just stop talking?”

Mrs. Smith soon wanted to start, “The two-legged toad is hard to find, but people with two legs are everywhere, and you are still young and have no children. It is not difficult to find a good one. Peter is not alone.”

Eileen pursed her lips and said nothing.

Madam Smith turned and walked out, Eileen stopped her, “Mom, what are you doing?”

“I will pour them a glass of water.” Mrs. Smith said.

“I’ll go, you look at the dishes in the pot.” Eileen put down the shovel in her hand.

Mrs. Smith felt that they were young and had something to say, so she walked in, took the spicy chicken fried by her daughter, and asked, “Is all the seasoning in it?”

“Well, they are all put.” Eileen washed her hands, took out the water glass and poured three glasses of fresh juice out, put them in front of them, and put the empty trays on the table, on the single sofa next to Sandy Sit down, “You look very young, shouldn’t you be younger than Peter?”

Sandy said, “Yeah.”

“Where do you work?” Eileen picked a grape from the fruit plate and put it in her mouth.

Sandy didn’t hide it, didn’t think there was anything, and replied, “Freshman.”

Eileen was stunned for a moment and looked at Sandy, but she was still a freshman. She cast her eyes on Peter and said with a smile, “Do you like such a young one? I thought you didn’t like women before.”

Peter said with a stiff smile, “I am also a normal person.”

Eileen nodded, “Yes, you are not a monk without emotions and desires.”

She used to think that he was too bored, did not understand romance, and was very uninteresting. Only after getting married, she realized that such a man is more reliable. Compared with those men who can talk sweetly, this kind of personality is more practical.

Mrs. Smith asked if she didn’t regret it? Why won’t regret it?

She regretted that what she thought was a shortcoming before has now become an advantage.

“You often come with my girlfriend when I have time. By the way, what is your girlfriend’s name?” Eileen asked with a smile.

Peter glanced at Sandy and said, “Sandy Garner.”

Sandy didn’t say anything, and sat quietly.

“Everyone, come to the table, the food is ready.” Madam Smith said with a smile, standing at the entrance of the restaurant.

Edward first stood up and said, “Okay, let’s talk while eating.”

Everyone got up from the sofa and walked toward the restaurant. Peter helped Sandy’s waist, fearing that she would be uncomfortable in a strange environment, so he took care of her feelings.

Sandy looked up at him with a slight smile on the corners of her lips.

Although he is very dull, occasionally a touch of thoughtfulness can make people very warm and at ease.

Eileen took a look and silently retracted her gaze.

This man should have belonged to her before, and this gentleness should also belong to her. But now he belongs to another woman, and she feels uncomfortable.

Mrs. Smith adjusted her mood and smiled at Sandy, telling her not to be an outsider, “It’s like your own home when you come here.”

Sandy smiled and said yes.

Edward asked his daughter to take a bottle of wine, “Drink with me?”

Peter said, “I came by car, and I will drink with you next time.”

“Come with my dad for a drink, I’ll drive you back.” Eileen poured wine to Peter, deliberately lowered her body and said in his ear, “I’m divorced, and he is not happy, so have a drink with him.”

She was too close to Peter, which seemed ambiguous. Peter moved away and said, “Then have a drink.”

Eileen’s body stiffened a bit, it seemed that Peter’s distance and alienation made her a little uncomfortable for a while, or disappointed that he felt uncomfortable with his coldness.

She quickly adjusted her mood and returned to nature, as if nothing had happened. She smiled and looked at Sandy, “Can you drink?”

Sandy saw her behavior just now, and she couldn’t help clenching her hand under the table. It was obvious that she was deliberately approaching Peter. Maybe they were all women and could feel the other party’s intentions.

She shook her head, “I don’t know how to drink.” After that, she smiled and said to Peter, “You should drink less, and you will send me back to school in the afternoon.”

“I can give it to you.” Before Peter could speak, Eileen took her words.

Sandy smiled and said, “Don’t bother. Actually, I don’t have much time. I want Peter to accompany me.”

She couldn’t see Eileen approaching Peter intentionally or unintentionally, and deliberately engaging in an ambiguous relationship with Peter in front of her, she must have been unkind.

If it was Peter’s girlfriend who came today, she would have misunderstood it.

Fortunately, she is not the real girlfriend of Peter, so she can see this with a sober bystander mentality.

In order to truly understand, this is not Peter’s fault, and this woman is deliberately approaching, deliberately to make people misunderstand.

If it is really to bless Peter, it should be because he knows that he has a girlfriend and keeps a distance, not an intentional approach.

Edward smiled heartily, “Then don’t drink it today, I will drink more of your wedding wine another day.”

Eileen put down the wine bottle and poured herself a glass. She didn’t know who she was talking about. “Many boy and girl friends broke up while talking about love. Some of them have different personalities, some of them have different habits, and some of them. It’s the age difference. No one knows what will happen until the last minute.”

Peter naturally heard what she meant, and her expression was a little unnatural. He felt that she had said this to him on purpose.

“Today I am happy, let Peter come to eat at home. What are you talking about? You are in a bad mood, don’t bring it to others, don’t eat if you are not hungry, and stay in the room for a while.” Edward reprimanded his daughter in a deep voice. , “Say something disappointing at the dinner table.”

“Dad, I am your daughter? How do you drive me?” Eileen bit her lip, “Forget it, I won’t eat anymore.”

After speaking, she stood up and looked at everyone, “I’m sorry, I’m not in a good mood, don’t care if I speak emotionally.”

“We didn’t care, let’s sit down and eat.” Peter felt uncomfortable in his heart, but he didn’t show it on his face. He couldn’t say anything about Edward’s face.

Edward calmly said, “Sit down.”

Eileen walked over and hugged her father’s neck, “I am in a bad mood after divorce. I said something wrong, so don’t care. Peter is not angry with me. Why are you?”

Edward broke off her hand, “Stop playing sloppy eyes. Today is Peter, and I will be unhappy if I change individuals.”

“I know, no next time.” Eileen sat back in her seat and smiled at Peter, “You didn’t care, did you?”

Chapter 858

Peter said no.

“Okay, everyone has dinner, this matter will be turned over.” Edward knew in his heart that his daughter might have been moved by his wife. He regretted it a little, but regretted it was useless. If you missed it, you missed it.

As the saying goes, fate sometimes has to be there, but fate is never forced.

Fate can’t be forced, even though he used to want Peter to marry his daughter.

Today, he is relieved of his wife’s mind. As for his daughter, he can only find another one.

He likes Peter. He wanted to make him his son-in-law before, but he failed to do so. Now that his daughter is divorced, he doesn’t want to.

The daughter can find an honest person.

“Eat food, don’t be polite, come here as if you are at home.” Edward greeted Sandy, “Why are you restrained today? You were very clever last time, what happened today?”

Edward still had a good impression of Sandy, and thought she was funny and stubborn.

Sandy smiled, “I was too anxious at that time, I was afraid you would punish him.”

Edward also laughed, “Is it the Peter you pursued first?”

He knows Peter’s personality best. Last time there was news like that, he always believed that Peter was definitely not the one to take the initiative.

“No, I pursued her first.” Peter hurriedly took over. He is a big man, how can he say that a woman pursued him first?

Besides, she helped him.

It’s not good to make a bad impression on a little girl.

Edward smiled happily, “Your elm head is open?”

The Peter he knew was a honest person.

Still chasing girls? It seems that he really likes this girl.

He looked at Sandy. The young man had a unique vigor on his face. She was also beautiful and looked like a very independent person.

“Peter, has no relative here, you have to take care of her more.” Smith said.

Sandy smiled and said, “I will.”

While speaking, she also glanced at Peter.

If she can, she really wants to be someone who can take care of Peter.

“Peter, you see how nice my dad treats you, as if you are his son, I seem to have been adopted.” Eileen said half-jokingly, “My dad has no son, or you can give him a son. It can also help you in your career.”

Eileen’s words didn’t sound pleasing to ears.

Edward directly sank his face, “Eat if you can eat, and leave if you can’t. Don’t be yin and yang here. If you are divorced, people have to let you and accommodate you?”

“Okay, look at you, did she say anything? Why are you upset?” Mrs. Smith came over to give her husband an answer, “She feels unhappy after the divorce, and her heart is uncomfortable. Naturally, she was not thoughtful about her words. Don’t be angry with children.”

Edward calmly said nothing.

Peter felt that today’s atmosphere was not suitable for eating, so he pulled Sandy to his feet, “I think I still have things to do, so I will leave.”

Edward said, “I didn’t take care of it well today. It’s because of my face, don’t worry about it.”

“I will, and thank you very much for promotion.” Peter bowed to Edward, no matter what Eileen said, Edward’s good and caring for him, he has always remembered in his heart.

Nor will it change because of today’s events.

“That’s because you have the ability. If you are not capable, I will not appreciate it. There is no promotion. It is all your hard work. You will invite me someday.”

Edward is very upright, and will never bend the law for personal gains at work.

If Peter had no ability, he would never promote him.

He admires Peter.

Peter said, “Next time you come to my house, I will cook for you.”

Edward laughed, “Can you still cook?”

“I have lived alone for so long, and I can’t feed myself enough. As long as you are not picky, you will definitely be full.” Peter said with a smile.

“Then I won’t send you off.” Edward waved his hand.

Peter said how could he send them off, and said hello to Mrs. Smith to take Sandy away.

When Peter left, Edward was completely cold and angry with his daughter, “Say, what do you want to do?”

Eileen grabbed a hand of her hair, she didn’t know what was wrong with her, she was upset.

“In the beginning, you didn’t want to. According to my understanding of Peter, he would be very kind to you and took good care of us.”

“But you don’t listen to life or death, and now you are at a loss. Knowing that you regret it?”

Edward angrily , “You make me more embarrassed? You don’t want your face, your father’s face, you have to be clean, right? Peter, what does he think of us in his heart?”

He declared again, “Peter has today, it was all his hard work, and didn’t deliberately praise him.”

When the deputy bureau was selected, he recommended it, but Peter’s ability was on display. Today, when his daughter said that, it seemed that he had other thoughts on Peter.

It made him feel very uncomfortable. It was a simple appreciation and affirmation of his ability to work.

“Well, she is not divorced…”

“Divorce is an excuse?” Edward interrupted his wife, knowing that she was about to say that her daughter was in a bad mood for divorce, but she was in a bad mood, and she could not speak innuendo to others. “There is no such reason.”

Mrs. Smith shut her mouth and didn’t dare to speak again. Her husband was still very discerning. He was honest and motivated when he first saw Peter.

It’s her daughter who didn’t take the opportunity, no wonder others.

“When did Peter have a girlfriend, why didn’t you hear it?” Mrs. Smith asked.

Edward was in a bad mood, left his spoon and stood up, “I have to report it to you?”

After speaking, he left the table.

Mrs. Smith couldn’t understand her daughter, “Don’t you dislike Peter? How do you say that you have a gun and a stick and made things so bad? What is your dad’s anger?”

Eileen said, “I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong.”

In her subconscious mind, she felt that Peter was the credit of her father for today. He was grateful and felt that he had always had the opportunity. So seeing him with his girlfriend, her heart felt like a stone was crushed, and she felt uncomfortable.

“Is it uncomfortable to see him bring his girlfriend?” Mrs. Smith tried to ask, and she was not sure whether her daughter was interested in Peter.

If there is, she would not refuse before, if not, today she would speak again with thorns.

Don’t know what she thinks.

“No.” Eileen denied.

Mrs. Smith was not willing to say anything about her daughter, and she felt distressed when she said it too seriously.

“Go in and apologize to your dad so that he won’t be angry.” Madam Smith explained to her daughter.

“I mean really, why does my dad like Peter so much? Isn’t it my dad’s illegitimate child?” Eileen joked.

“What nonsense?” Madam Smith scolded her daughter, “Let your dad hear it, and it’s worth it.”

Mrs. Smith still knows her husband very well.

He is not the kind of person who can mess around.

“I’m kidding, he is indeed better to Peter than to his daughter.” After all, he didn’t save a bit of face for her today.

“Of course he loves you. When you divorced, he stayed up all night and admired Peter. Okay, go and call your dad to eat.” Madam Smith winked at her daughter and asked her to coax her husband.

Eileen stood up and went to the room.

After Peter took Sandy out, he got in the car and left.

He drove the car in silence.

Sandy was curious about his relationship with Eileen and asked, “Are you familiar with each other?”

After all, they look familiar.

Peter said, “Forget it.”

“Then does she like you? Just…”

Before Sandy had finished speaking, he looked over and said, “She doesn’t like me. We were on a blind date. She didn’t like me.”

He didn’t know what Eileen meant about today.

“Really?” Sandy didn’t believe it very much, feeling that Eileen liked him.

Peter smiled, “How do you feel like you don’t believe it?”

Sandy smiled and said no, “Where are you going now?”

“Send you to school.” Peter kept his eyes open.

Sandy tilted her head, “Aren’t you inviting me to dinner? How can I say I helped you too, pretending to be your girlfriend, and stayed with you for noon, but I didn’t eat at noon.”

Peter even forgot, feeling very embarrassed, and said, “What do you want to eat?”

“You choose a place, it’s not me who invited you.” Sandy said with a smile.

“That way, I choose the place.” Peter himself rarely goes to places with higher consumption, unless he is with Harrison or Ryan, he will enter such places. He is a working class and naturally cannot be with them often.

However, because Sandy helped him, he chose a good restaurant and wanted her to eat better.

After the car stopped, Peter led her into the restaurant, “You can order anything you want today. I’ll treat you.”

“Then I’m welcome?” Sandy said with a smile.

“It’s rare for me to be extravagant.” He seldom comes to such a restaurant to spend on his own.

It is also the first time for Sandy to eat in such a restaurant. She has been in and out of high-end places, serving others as waiter, and for the first time as a consumer.

They were led by the waiter and sat down in an empty position, and the waiter handed over the menu.

Peter asked the waiter to give Sandy the menu, “Let her order.”

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