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Chapter 863

Alan held back a smile and asked, “Is the hair pulled out as well?”

“Of course, all the hair must be plucked out. Like a hairless chicken, the chicken is ugly without hair, so no one likes it.” Iris said very seriously.

Alan gave a light cough and thought to himself that the hair has been plucked out. First of all, it is not about looking good or ugly. It should be the chicken whose feathers have been stripped out. Can it still survive?

“If Dad heard this, would you say he would be angry?” Alan suppressed a smile, even if he only looked at his back, he knew that Ryan must have a black face at this moment.

“As long as you don’t file a complaint, he won’t hear it.” Iris vowed, as if she knew Ryan very well.

Alan squeezed his stomach so that he didn’t laugh, “How can you be so sure?”

“How can he have time to take care of us? I’m wondering, are we not his children at all?” Iris thought to herself, if it were her father, how could he not have time to accompany them?

Finally, Alan couldn’t help but laughed out loud.

Iris was not clear, so she turned her head and asked, “What are you laughing at…”

Before she finished speaking, she saw the person standing behind her, his handsome face changed, “Da…Dad.”

Iris couldn’t say clearly when she was nervous.

Ryan squinted his face and asked, “Where did you learn these words?”

“You… have you heard it?” Iris thought in her mind, when did he come?

Why didn’t she notice it?

If you find out, you will definitely not say those words.

“That, Dad.” Iris hugged his leg and acted like a baby. “When did you come? Why didn’t I hear?”

“You heard it, can I still hear you saying those untuned words?” Ryan still kept his face straight.

Iris continued to lose her smile, her small arms tightened, she deliberately squeezed her throat, and said gruffly, “Dad, I really love you, but I am afraid of losing you.”

Even if he was angry and looked at his daughter’s beautiful face, he couldn’t give birth, but in order to make his daughter remember, he still kept his face cold, “Say, where did you hear it?”

Iris lowered her head and buckled her fingers, pouting her small mouth, and said, “Watched on TV.”

“You are not allowed to watch those messy TVs in the future.” Ryan said in a solemn voice.

“I will, I will, never watch it again, dad don’t be angry.” Iris stretched out two small arms, “Daddy, you haven’t hugged me in a long time, hug me, I miss you.”

Ryan was angry and funny, “Don’t we meet every day?”

“I will miss you when we meet. Dad wait for me to paint later. When the painting is done, I must draw a portrait of Dad first.” Iris took it seriously.

The daughter’s serious expression successfully erased the little bit of unhappiness in Ryan’s heart.

He stooped to pick up his daughter and patted her on the A55, “Don’t give me ecstasy, and you won’t be allowed to watch TV in the future.”

“Are cartoons okay?” Iris asked in a low voice.

“I said no, would you not watch it?”

“If you don’t let me watch, I won’t watch, and I can’t let you know it secretly, hehe.” Iris’s playful k!ss on her father’s face, “You can’t bear to beat me, right?”

Ryan was angrily laughed by his daughter, “You are less and less worrying.”

“Dad, let me down, my painting is not finished yet.” Today she was very interested and vowed to finish the painting.

Ryan squeezed his daughter’s face and put her down.

Iris ran to the drawing board and picked up the paintbrush, and continued her unfinished painting. Alan put down the book and said, “Dad, shall we play chess?”

Ryan stood with his hand in his hand, looking at his son faintly, “I’m afraid you will cry if you lose.”

Alan scratched his head with embarrassment. He was really angry because he couldn’t accept the losing game before.

But now he wants to drive, and also wants to understand.

Although the technology is not good enough now, he will become more and more powerful in the future.

“I won’t cry,” Alan said firmly.

Ryan walked over and sat down on the ground, “Come on.”

Alan opened the newly bought chess happily, with one white and the other holding black.

Alan still lost this time, but he still made progress and was able to hold on for a few rounds.

It was getting dark, Iris’s painting was finished, and it was time for dinner, Ryan stopped the chess game with his son, packed up his things, and brought them home.

Dinner at home has already been prepared, and Samantha was about to come out and call them. Seeing them coming back, she hurriedly took the things in Ryan’s hand and said with a smile, “Wash your hands and eat.”

Today’s dinner was prepared by Xenia and Carla. Alecia never went back to the room. Harrison didn’t wake up. He left a meal for him in the kitchen. Xenia also cooked sober soup. He could drink it when he woke up.

Iris showed her paintings to Carla and asked her how she did it.

Her daughter’s painting has indeed improved a lot, and she praised her without hesitation, “The painting looks like the real thing, and it is getting better and better. It’s awesome. Go wash your hands and eat.”

After being praised, Iris’s mood improved, put down the painting and went to wash her hands, then climbed into the chair and sat down, waiting to eat.

Carla made a special stew of soup. She served a bowl for her son and daughter. Ryan looked at the soup of his son and daughter and asked, “Is there none for me?”

It’s not that he is greedy, mainly because he heard that the soup was stewed by Carla.

Carla was about to give him a gift. When he asked, she couldn’t help but roll her eyes and put a bowl in front of him, “How could I forget you.”

Ryan chuckled lightly.

Alecia’s feet were better, and she was also eating at the table, but she seemed a little lost. Carla put the soup in front of her, “What are you thinking about?”

“Nothing really.” The regained Alecia was about to scoop the soup, Carla quickly stopped her, “It is hot, let it cool down and drink it again, why don’t you stay away?”

“How can it be?” Alecia denied.

Carla saw through but didn’t say it through, but smiled and didn’t say anything.

After dinner, the table was cleaned by Xenia. Samantha helped the child take a bath. Ryan pestered Carla upstairs early, doing nothing, just holding it.

At night, Harrison woke up in a daze, with a dry mouth, got up to pour water, and fell into a trance after drinking a glass of water. After drinking a glass of water, he seemed to be awake a lot and saw where he was.

Soon he thought that Alecia was also there, his eyes fixed on her room, put down the teacup, he involuntarily walked over, maybe it was late at night, the surrounding was too quiet.

Subconsciously knowing that Alecia must be asleep, going to see her, she Without finding out, he quietly pushed open the door of her room.

Chapter 864

The night was very quiet, there was no light in the room, only a ray of moonlight leaning in from the window, and the furnishings in the room could be seen faintly.

He walked in lightly.

Alecia just lay down and couldn’t fall asleep, so she drew a picture. She lowered her head and had some neck pain before she stopped. She knew when the door rang, but she didn’t make a sound and closed her eyes to pretend to sleep.

Harrison didn’t notice that the light was not very clear. He couldn’t see Alecia’s expression clearly, so he couldn’t find it.

He gently put the chair next to the bed, then sat down and looked at her quietly.

There are many things in his heart that he wants to say to her, but he doesn’t know where to start.

He doesn’t know how to express his feelings.

He stretched out his hand to hold her hand in his palm, resting his head on her body, and all creatures fell asleep late at night, only he was still awake, he could clearly hear her breathing and look at her.

No amount of confession will have the tranquility of this moment, and it will be deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

He was so quiet, describing her in his heart.

Although his appearance has changed, he knows that she is still his, and he still hasn’t changed in his heart.

Everyone makes mistakes, and so did he.

I don’t ask for your forgiveness, I just hope to see you frequently.

Alecia, I’m sorry, I was the one who made you scarred, hurt you, and lost your child. I was also in pain. If it weren’t for my ba5tardness, I would be a father now.

Whenever the night is quiet, I often think that if I can lose my memory, it will not be so painful.

God gave me a chance, but I didn’t grasp it.

If there is a chance to come back, I will take good care of you and prevent you from being hurt a little bit.

Hold your hand until you are old.

If you still hate me, please continue to hate, at least that way, you will still think of me in your heart.

Alecia, you let me know what is unforgettable, even if you hurt my self-esteem, I still want to save you.

Even if you speak harshly to me all the time, my heart is warm.

Alecia, I said a lot to you before, but didn’t fulfill the promise.

Alecia, I am sad, really sad.

No words can express how I feel at the moment.

He stayed here until 5 in the morning. Although he closed his eyes but never fell asleep, he thought a lot.

Worried that she would find him, even though he was reluctant to let go of her hand, he still let go of her hand, holding her palm for too long with sweat.

He possessed and k!ssed her forehead lightly, “I love you and will never change.”

After speaking, he got up, looked at her for a few seconds, and found no trace of her waking up, then put the chair back in its original position, and then quietly left.

At the moment the door was closed, Harrison thought that the sleeping woman opened her eyes, her fingers moved, and there was still the temperature left by him in her hands.

She opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling above. Unknowingly, her tears slipped from the corner of her eyes and flooded into the hair on the temples.

She also had a torment that night, no matter how much pain she had in her heart, she had nowhere to tell, she could only endure it alone.

This is her tribulation, she can’t change, the only thing she can do is to cross it, and then work hard to live.

As for feelings-she probably doesn’t have the strength and courage to touch it again.

She once told Carla that she still believes in love, but it was an excuse for not letting Carla think too much.

Where is the courage to talk about feelings?

Lost the child, the body is crippled, the heart is cold.

The sky is getting brighter and brighter, the night is over, and the sun is coming. It is another beautiful day.

Alecia slowly closed her eyes, she didn’t want to be found out that she hadn’t slept all night.

At around six o’clock, Samantha and Xenia were already up. Xenia’s cooking sk!lls were very good. Samantha retired from the kitchen. Xenia prepared breakfast, but Samantha would tell her some habits of the family.

Alan wakes up early in the morning, but Ryan can’t do it. He will take a nap, and he will lie in bed even when he wakes up.

Carla upstairs had already woken up, thinking that Harrison was there, and was about to get up. As soon as she lifted the quilt, she was caught by someone and pressed his leg on her body, “Sleep again.”

Carla turned to look at him, “It’s dawn, and take your legs away.”

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