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Chapter 861

“Well, didn’t you like your previous major?” Peter asked, looking up at her.

Sandy lowered her head, her spoon poked the dough on the plate, “Of course I like it, otherwise, I wouldn’t choose this major at the beginning, but…”

“Just what? Regret it?” Peter did not understand what she meant.

Sandy smiled generously, “I have other ideas now.”

“Can you tell me something?”

Sandy put the hot sauce on the dough that was poked with a spoon and put it in her mouth to chew, and said slowly, “I have already said it, but you didn’t understand it.”

“I didn’t understand?” Peter felt that he understood very well, what’s wrong?

“Okay, eat, and taste this.” Sandy picked up food for him, deliberately turning off the topic, knowing that he wouldn’t think too much, and afraid that he would understand what she was thinking.

Peter didn’t bother either.

After the meal, the two left the restaurant. Sandy smiled and said, “Is it saved a lot of money for you? Our meal is only more than 100.”

In that shop, you can order a few dishes and you will have to pay a few hundred.

What a store like that sells is not food, but sentiment, because of the high-end decoration.

Peter said, “I will send you back.”

“The school is near here, so I can just take a taxi and go home.” Sandy looked at him, “You should be very busy.”

“There is still time to give you.” Peter pressed the unlock button on the car key and said, “Get in the car.”

Sandy smiled at him, “Thank you then.”

Peter glanced at her, started the car, and said, “No thanks, you were the one who helped me today.”

When he got here, he knew the way to the school, so he could find the location of the school without Sandy giving directions.

The car stopped a short distance from the school, “I will take you here.”

With the lessons learned last time, Peter was very careful, not because she was afraid of affecting herself, but because she was afraid of causing trouble to Sandy. After all, she is a girl.

It hurts her, even more, when bad things come out.

Sandy released the seat belt and got out of the car, “You drive slowly on the road.”

Peter said, “You can contact me if you have any needs.”

Sandy stood on the side of the road and nodded, watching Peter drive away.

When the car was far away, she turned back to school, but did not find the car parked on the side of the road, and saw the scene of her getting off the car.

Eileen heard from her father that Sandy was a student at Ordos University. It happened that she and the principal’s daughter were very good friends. They used to visit their home as a guest.

After being educated by father today, she felt that it was Sandy who had broken her good things. Peter knew very well.

She was very clumsy and had old-fashioned thinking. How could he like a freshman? Sandy must have s3duced him first.

She drove the car quickly past Sandy and went to school first.

When she returned to school, she went back to the dormitory to wash her clothes. There was no class until 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

She washed her clothes, slept for a short nap, and went to school at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. When she arrived at school, she was called into the office by the teacher.

“Did you offend someone?”

Sandy shook her head, “No.”

“How can someone turn over the previous incident and go to the principal to make irresponsible remarks?”

“What’s the matter?” Sandy frowned. Hasn’t the matter been resolved? Who chews the tongue again?

“You write an application.” The teacher also felt helpless, but he couldn’t help it as requested by the above.

“Do you only write inspections?” Sandy clearly felt that it was more than just writing inspections.

The teacher sighed. She will know this sooner or later, “After writing, you must read it out in front of the teachers and students of the school. The school blackboard newspaper should be a negative textbook.”

“Why?” Sandy clenched her hands, “The matter has passed long ago. Let me write an application and I accept it, but I have to put it on the blackboard and read it out in front of the teachers and students of the school. This…”

“I know it’s hard for you to accept, but if you still want to graduate well, just do what you want.” The teacher has no choice but to order from above.

Sandy clenched her fists without saying a word.

“Go back to the classroom, for the sake of your studies, bear it.” The teacher soothed.

Sandy has always understood that this society is like this. In many cases, wealth and status mean being able to cover the sky with only one hand.

She probably knew in her heart that it must be Molly secretly playing tricks.

It was her last time.

But she won’t back down. In order to successfully complete her studies, she doesn’t care what she does!

Only after graduating from this university can she have a way out and have a chance to match Peter.

She will not be beaten on this matter.

The teacher patted her on the shoulder, “Go back to the classroom, and class will begin later.”

Sandy lowered her head, gritted her teeth, and strode out of the office like a fish floating against the current. Although it was very difficult, it was still swimming vigorously.

The teacher sighed, Sandy is good at learning, and it is possible to be jealous. He can’t change the order given from above.

Fortunately, she can bear it, and she will always guard the moon and see the moon.


In order to hide from Hubert, Ryan returned to the villa from the company. He wanted to take his daughter to the pet shop, but they had already gone in the morning. It was rare for them to spend a long time at home with Carla.

And told her about the wedding.

Carla was lying on the bed half-heartedly, half-squinted, and said, “You can arrange it.”

Ryan moved his head to her lap, fiddled with the broken hair in her ear, “Why not happy?”

“Then you make me smile?” She flapped her eyelashes and opened her eyes slightly.

Ryan, “…”

It didn’t seem to be difficult. He stretched out his hand to scratch her. Carla stopped it in time.

Ryan, “…”

“You bully me.” He lowered his body, Carla pressed his face, “Don’t be so close to me, you haven’t made me laugh yet.”

“You are really going to give me a problem.” Ryan thought hard. He didn’t have the cell to tell jokes. After thinking about it for a long time, he said solemnly, “How about I grab your legs and beg, you laugh?”

Puff Carla laughed.

Ryan didn’t understand, “Is this funny?”

Carla just wanted to say yes. At this moment, Ryan’s phone in his pocket rang, and he took out his phone, and it showed Harrison’s name on it, “It’s Harrison.”

Carla said, “You take it.”

He pressed the answer button, and it was not Harrison’s voice that came from there, but a woman’s voice, “Hello?”

Ryan frowned, “Who are you?”

How could there be a woman next to Harrison? Does he want to save Alecia?

Carla saw that there seemed to be something wrong, got up and put her ear to the phone, listening to what was said over there.

“We are at Trogen Bar here. This man is drunk here. I called you after seeing your number on his cell phone. Can you come and pick it up?

Ryan’s brow furrowed deeper, and he rarely had time to spend time with his wife, but Harrison would be good, and he would really find something for him.

“Go.” Carla touched him.

Ryan hung up the phone and looked at her, “Have you ever asked Alecia? Is it possible with Harrison?”

It is obvious that Alecia must be the reason for him being drunk.

If not, he would persuade Harrison to let him give up, so dragging is not a thing.

Carla sat up and didn’t say Alecia’s attitude. “There should be no one in Harrison’s family who can take care of him. Take him back to the villa and let Alecia know personally.”

Ryan thinks this is good, and it is not easy for others to interfere. It is better for the person concerned to make it clear.

“My wife is still smart.” Ryan held her face and k!ssed her forehead, “Then I will go first.”

Carla gave a hum, and when Ryan left, she also went downstairs and saw Xenia helping Alecia come out of the room.

Alecia saw Carla come down and said with a smile, “I got bored in the room, trying to come out and breathe.”

Carla thought that Ryan would bring Harrison over so that she could see Harrison’s appearance.

Chapter 862

“I’ll be with you.” Carla walked down, took some fruits from the refrigerator, washed them, put them on a plate and put them on the table, sat down next to her, and looked at the injuries on her feet. It has started to scab, “It’s almost healed.”

Alecia said, “No matter how bad it is, I will be fine.”

“I don’t think you are.” Carla inserted a piece of cantaloupe into her. “Is second uncle taking too many orders recently?”

It’s not a good thing to close the door for a long time. After a long time, the customer source will be lost. The heat will drop after the exhibition. It will be closed for a long time. After a long time, it will be forgotten.

So she thought about it. When she was unable to return to the market, she opened the online pick-up service, and designed the styles they needed according to the requirements of the customers. After the drawings were drawn, they passed them to Herman, and he asked the embroidery masters and lathes over there to make garments.

“There are three or four.” Alecia said while chewing the fruit, “I can do it alone. In my spare time, I draw two pictures. I give two guests to them. They just like them, so I have two more pictures. A list, to be honest, this idea is really good. It solves the shortcomings of not being able to return to the store for the time being.”

“This will always keep the residents. Also, if you stay in the house all day long, people will get moldy. This is simply k!lling two birds with one stone. Passed the time and started a career again.”

As she said, she turned his head and looked at Carla, “Didn’t your husband come back at noon? What about him? He didn’t accompany you. It stands to reason that you have no time to accompany me.”

Carla’s expression was slightly unnatural. By eating the fruit, she ignored Alecia’s gaze and said faintly, “I didn’t know what happened after he answered the phone.”

She didn’t directly say that she was afraid that Alecia was prepared. If she still has feelings for Harrison, she should have mood swings when she sees Harrison’s appearance. If not, then maybe she really has no feelings.

Alecia curled her lips, “Samantha deliberately took the children out to play in order to give you time to get along. I didn’t expect your husband to be so busy. As expected, the money of the rich is not brought by the wind.”

Carla stuffed her mouth with fruit, “Eat yours.”

Alecia smiled.

After chatting for a while, Alecia asked Xenia to show Carla the picture she drew, because the client asked for green fabric and red flowers on it. This kind of color matching, if the style is not good , Will look very old-fashioned, so she consulted Carla.

“This is custom made by a lady in her fifties in the city R. Do you think it is a suit or a skirt?”

Carla saw the two versions designed by Alecia, each with its own characteristics and shortcomings, and asked, “What is the identity of the other party?”

“Wife of a business owner, when I watched the pic, I looked at a lady with a good temperament.” Alecia replied.

“Suit.” Carla pointed to the picture of the suit she designed, “It’s three-piece, with pure white on the outside. Green and red are already very visual. The show is more complicated. If you match it with fancy the coat will look messy.”

Alecia nodded, “I think so too, and the woman looks very tasteful, how she likes things, so weird, green is low with red flowers, as the saying goes, red and green dogs are disgusted, what does she want?”

Carla didn’t think there was anything. “Personal preference, don’t complain about it. I heard that there are people who like to smell nail polish, like paint. How can anyone feel it smells good? So, everyone is different. Well, if you look different, your preferences are also different.”

Alecia thinks about it too.

When the door rang, Carla got up and opened the door. Alecia thought it was Samantha who came back with the two children and looked back.

As a result, Carla opened the door, and it was not Samantha and two children who came in, but the driver and Ryan, and Harrison who seemed unconscious.

Her first reaction was what happened to him?

Why does he need someone to stand?

Carla looked back, just to see the worry in her eyes without controlling her for a moment.

“He seems to be drunk,” Carla said to her.

Alecia looked back, “He gets drunk when he gets drunk, and it is none of my business.”

She sat on the sofa and continued to eat.

It seems that she doesn’t care at all.

Carla sighed, “Send to the guest room.”

“I still want to drink.” Harrison was already very drunk, unable to open his eyes, still thinking about drinking.

Carla went to soak a glass of honey water and came over, “Give him a drink, I think he is very drunk, no, the driver will go to the drugstore to buy some anti-alcoholic medicine.

“Just let him sleep.” Ryan gave the person to the driver, “help the person into the house.”

Xenia came to help and said, “I’ll cook some hangover soup at night.”

Carla nodded, “Take care of him, please.”

Xenia said it should be, and took the honey water, and helped the driver to send people into the room.

“Do you smell alcohol on my body?” Ryan raised his arm and handed it to Carla’s nose.

Carla gave a hum, it did exist, but it didn’t taste too heavy.

Maybe because she is a pregnant woman, she has a very sensitive sense of smell.

“I’m going to wash.” Ryan couldn’t stand the dirt, and was even more afraid that his wife would smell the wine.

Carla knew his habits, although she had no special cleanliness, but she couldn’t stand the smell on his body, so she hummed.

Downstairs there was an outsider, Ryan, who didn’t get tired of her. He turned around and went upstairs to take a good bath. Carla didn’t go upstairs either. There was Alecia downstairs. He simply went to Samantha to play with the two children.

Samantha took the two children to the bamboo forest.

The ground was covered with mats for picnics, and there were some food on them. Snowball was lying on the side.

Alan was reading a book about chess, and the other was Painting.

When Samantha saw him coming over and just wanted to say hello, Ryan stopped with a gesture and motioned for her to return to the villa, while he was watching.

Samantha got up and left lightly. It was rare that he had time to accompany the two children, and it would certainly be happy to have a father with the two children.

After Samantha left, Ryan walked closer to his daughter. Iris did not go to study professional painting. They were taught by Carla and Alecia, because they also need sk!lls in designing clothes and drawing pictures, and both of them have studied professionally. Know the technique, teach her when nothing is wrong.

Iris likes it too, so she learned well.

Today in the bamboo forest, she naturally painted bamboo. She didn’t notice the paint on the white skirt. She was busy painting it very seriously, and even when her father came, she didn’t notice it.

Although it was summer, it wasn’t hot in the woods at all, and the wind was cool.

Ryan stood behind her, looking down at her work, although it hadn’t finished yet, it had a rough outline, and it looked good, so he didn’t disturb ehr, and just paid attention to her quietly, looking forward to her finished product.

Iris was too focused and didn’t find anyone behind her. She suddenly asked, “Brother, you said if Dad betrayed Mommy, what would you do?”

Ryan, “…”

What’s in the kid’s head?

Like Samantha, Alan saw him the first time, but didn’t say anything. He glanced at Ryan and then asked his sister with a smile, “If it’s you, what would you do?”

Iris tilted her head and thought for a while, as if she had seen such a plot in a TV series, so she recalled the lines at the time and told her brother, “It’s me, I stripped the hair of the third party. , Like plucking chicken feathers, plucked bare, so that she can’t attract people.”

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