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Chapter 867

Because of being too nervous, her body was trembling. Carla came over and hugged her and kept rubbing her back, “I won’t ask.”

Seeing her painful look, Carla couldn’t bear it.

“I’m asking you, but I don’t want you to suffer the pain alone. If you say it is more painful, then don’t say it.” She also had some guesses in her heart. She said that she can’t be a woman. Is there any physical defect in her body?

But the doctor never told her.

“I’m not afraid you know.” Alecia hugged her, buried her in her arms, and cried, “I think it hurts like a knife.”

Every time she mentions it, her heart is like tearing open the scab of the scar, and once again experiencing the helpless despair at the time.

“I, I won’t be able to get pregnant anymore. I won’t be able to have another baby in my life, do you know? I hate him so much, he made me like this…”

Carla couldn’t believe it at all, how could she not be pregnant?

How can it be?

“This, how is this possible? The doctor didn’t tell me, did you make a mistake? A miscarriage will not lead to lifelong infertility…”

“I told the doctor not to tell anyone, it’s true, my body-is defective.” Alecia exhausted her courage to say this.

“How could this happen.” She also dumbed her throat. As a woman, it is a cruel thing not to have children.

“It hurt the uterus, so…”

“No.” Alecia let go of her and wiped away the tears on her face, “There is no uterus.”

Carla was shocked, but also pain for her, distressed her.

She didn’t know what words to use to comfort her, she had been suffering silently for so long, and she had to pretend to be nonchalant in front of everyone.

She hadn’t experienced it personally, and she knew how sad this kind of thing should be.

“How can I comfort you?” Carla looked at her with tears in her eyes, but they would still flow out after wiping them off, “I feel so uncomfortable watching you feel so uncomfortable.”

“Don’t cry.” Alecia wiped away the tears she had. “You have my godson in your stomach.”

The most painful time has passed, and it still hurts now, but it is still able to support it. She wiped off her tears and sucked her nose, “Help me keep it secret, and don’t tell anything to anyone.”

“I will.” How could she tell anyone?

“It’s just that you are too pitiful, and I am very sad.” In fact, she didn’t want to be sad in front of Alecia, but she really couldn’t help.

People who have never been parents will not know how sacred the moment of motherhood is. Even if they have no feelings for the person who made them pregnant, they will still love the life that grows in the body.

She has a deep understanding that Alecia and Harrison were in emotional crisis at the time, and she did not hesitate to choose to give birth to the child. It can be seen that she has the same mood.

However, she lost it.

She also lost her qualifications to be a mother, which is too cruel to her.

Some people may say that there are so many women who are unwilling to have children, and it is a big deal not to have children?

There is a fundamental difference between being unable to give birth and being unwilling to give birth.

Especially those who have been pregnant and experience the feeling of being a mother.

People nowadays often say that childlessness is a good horoscope. Now it takes a lot of time and money to raise a child materially. In order to make life easier, choose not to have children.

I can think of it. After all, there are a small number of people who are really barren for a lifetime. Many people regret it when they reach middle age. Even when they are an advanced mother, they have to be a parent once.

As the times change, people’s thinking is also changing.

As a woman, you can only truly appreciate the meaning of life and inheritance if you have been a daughter and have children in your life.

It is also said that children are the crystallization of two people’s love and the proof of their love.

Although it is not easy to raise children, but you watch them grow up with your own eyes, and hear how excited they are when they called their mothers for the first time.

She couldn’t imagine how Alecia had survived when she knew that she was barren in her life.

This happened to her, she would also find it difficult to accept.

“I’m okay, don’t worry about me.” Alecia pulled a small smile, it was clear that the circles under her eyes were still red.

She pretended to be strong, which was so distressing.

But she didn’t want Alecia to look at her uncomfortable, that way, she would feel even more uncomfortable than herself.

She also endured the tumbling in her heart and reached out to touch her cheek, “You will be a godmother in the future, and I must be beautiful.”

“Of course, I will be the most beautiful godmother.” Alecia smiled.

Carla didn’t say anything, but changed the subject and asked about work.

“Today is Monday, second uncle must be very busy, he is the only person over there,” Alecia said.

Originally running the company, he has to look at the store for them, and have to keep an eye on the factory that makes fragrant yarn.

“Yes.” Carla also wanted to go back, but knew that Ryan would definitely not agree.

“Look at the picture I drew yesterday.” Alecia showed her the picture she drew last night, as if the subject had changed, and all the emotions were suppressed in her heart.

Ordos University held a meeting of all teachers and students today.

Regarding Sandy and Peter’s affairs as negative textbooks to warn everyone that they should not do immoral things or damage the name of the school.

Things that had already passed and were clarified, and they have turned out again, everyone was very strange and confused.

There are also a few who want to watch the excitement. After all, in the heart of human nature, many have an attitude of watching the excitement.

Sandy was sitting in the classroom. The teacher was sitting opposite her. He didn’t know what to say. There were many students looking through the window outside the window, wanting to see what the teacher said to Sandy.

At eight thirty minutes, the teacher stood up and said, “The time is up, let’s go.”

There is no expression on Sandy’s face, and she holds the written one in her hand

Chapter 868

The whole school, teachers and students, stood on the entire playground, except for any activities to be held, all the teachers and students would get together like this.

This is the first time that all teachers and students have been called because a student made a mistake.

No matter how strong Sandy’s heart was, seeing so many students, she couldn’t calm down while watching them coldly. She couldn’t help but clenched her hands, and the paper in her hands wrinkled with her movements.

The teacher looked back at her and sighed, “You must have offended someone, otherwise the things that have passed so long won’t be spoken out again.”

Sandy couldn’t think of who she had offended or who was going to frame her, except for Molly who made her upset publicly, she couldn’t think of anyone else.

Thinking about it now, Molly doesn’t seem to have this ability. After all, only the principal can make this decision, and she doesn’t have this ability.

Then who else wants to frame her?

She can’t figure it out.

“I can’t help you either.” The teacher also felt helpless, “Go ahead.”

Sandy knew that since someone wanted to frame her, the teacher would have nothing to do.

She couldn’t hold back her trembling body, she was too wronged, but she knew in her heart that if she didn’t do it, her studies might be blocked.

She couldn’t lose her studies. This was the only platform for her to get ahead. She had to graduate normally.

Now, no matter how wronged you are, you have to swallow it all.

Walking to the front, there were already whispers among the classmates. The last time everyone knew about her on campus, even if they passed, they would have an impression of her. This time she was completely famous in the school.

Of course not a good name, but a bad name as a negative teaching material.

At this time, a teacher said, “Let’s get started.”

The students were instinctively still, waiting for her self-examination.

Sandy looked at their mocking or lively gazes, her heart low and faint, she did not do anything to destroy morality, but wanted to apologize in front of all the teachers and students for the futility of things.

She was about to explode depressed.

She breathed repeatedly and took many times to pick up the written examination. Her palms were all in a cold sweat, and her face was pale.

She trembled in front of the microphone and said three words, reviewing the page.

“… Dear teacher… classmates, today I write this with regret, to show you that I was not right.”

“I have recognized the profound mistakes that happened at the school gate before, and I will never make any more mistakes. Determination……”

Her voice was trembling more and more, and she was almost hoarse after reading.

“So I think it is necessary and I should make this written review to the teacher, so that I can deeply reflect on my mistakes…”

“What are you doing?” The police officers who came with Peter were a little dazed.

Is it possible to insult personality like this in college?

In front of all teachers and students.

A colleague answered, “This student is also courageous enough.”

Peter’s eyes fluctuated slightly, and he whispered to the people around him, “You take them over.”

Today he will come here because of her mother. This does not require him to come. A commissioner will come to notify the family members. He knows that her mother will follow. After all, he knows her, but he didn’t expect…

He raised his eyes to look at the thin girl standing in the forefront. She simply ponytailed her eyes and lowered her eyes.

Although she could not see her expression clearly, she was a strong girl from her standing, even in this way. In the case, it is also standing straight.

Several police officers around him went to the front to talk to the teacher about the situation. Generally, if the prisoner is inside, they just needs to call his family to inform them.

But this time, he passed away inside, so to give his family an explanation this is necessary.

Forensic doctors have already identified the cause of death, which is a sudden death caused by disease.

They do not take responsibility but also have to communicate with their families.

Suddenly the police officers in uniforms arrived, making everyone’s eyes more curious. Several police officers did not squint, and walked up to the seats where the teachers were sitting.

“From Public Security Bureau, may I ask, there is a principle here. We are looking for a student named Sandy?”

Sandy’s teacher stood up, watching them feel a little uneasy, “You…”

Some students pointed to Sandy and said, “She is.”

Several police officers looked over, looked at the girl who had just read the review book in front of all the teachers and students, and asked, “Are you, Sandy?”

Sandy also looked at them and replied, “I am Sandy.”

The teacher quickly walked down and stood in front of Sandy and asked, “Did she make any mistakes? Did she make a mistake? She is actually a good student…”

“No, it’s not that she made a mistake, it’s that we are looking for something related to her.”

The teacher breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that it was okay, otherwise Sandy would have to be destroyed.

After all, the case that alarmed the Public Security Bureau will remain the case.

“Come with us.” They were serious.

Sandy walked over, although she didn’t know what had happened, and was very upset in her heart, but she didn’t shy away, “I’ll go with you.”

Looking back at the teacher’s worried gaze, she pulled out a smile, “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

She hadn’t done anything illegal, and they had said it, but there was something, maybe there was something that needed to be learned from them.

The teacher is not as optimistic as her. After all, in the school matter, someone wants to rectify her, and now there are police officers coming, why is he not worried?

“Let’s go.”

Several police officers took Sandy away in full view. In order to prevent everyone from saying that it was not good for Sandy, they explained the reasons for taking her away. Of course, they did not directly explain it.

“This classmate was taken away not because she made any mistakes, but because there was a case related to her, and we need to ask her about the situation.”

After speaking, they took Sandy away.

Sandy was very upset along the way. During this time, she hadn’t encountered anything special, so as soon as she left school, she immediately asked, “What are you looking for me for?”

One of them said, “I’ll talk about it in the game.”

Sandy had to stay uneasy and followed them into the car. When she opened the door, she saw that Peter was there.

“How are you…”

“Come up.” Peter sat in and gave her a place.

Sandy sat in, closed the door, and asked, “Do you know what they are looking for?”

Peter answered the question, “Isn’t the last thing over? Why do you need to conduct a review in front of all teachers and students today?”

Sandy lowered her eyes and said faintly, “Nothing.”

She didn’t want to cause any trouble to Peter.

Peter frowned. It was obvious that she didn’t tell the truth. She looked at her and asked, “Can’t you trust me?”

Sandy shook her head quickly, “No, how could I not trust you,…Last time it was because I caused you trouble. I am very sorry for you, but I don’t want to bother you.”

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