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Chapter 869

Peter’s lips pressed tightly, and he didn’t know how to answer her. This girl was not very grown, she was very delicate and kind, but destiny was not very kind to her.

Sandy stretched her head to look at him, “Why are you upset?”

It seemed to have something to do. It was the first time she saw him with this expression since she met him.

Peter never answered.

Sandy sat down and didn’t ask him anymore. He thought that he would also be annoying, and she was always chattering in front of him not very well.

Maybe he wanted to be quiet.

Along the way, they didn’t speak, how did Peter talk to Sandy about her mother, and Sandy thought she was on his mind.

When the car drove into the game, Peter let them go in first, and he said a few words to Sandy alone.

They got off the car and left, but Peter and Sandy did not get off.

“What do you want to say to me?” Sandy noticed something was wrong, he was not so haunting usually.

It seems unhappy today. What is bothering him? Suddenly she had an idea.

“Uncle?” Sandy deliberately wanted to make him happy, laughing and joking, “I’m so old, do I still have to learn from young people to make emotions?”

Peter looked up at her face. She grew up in such an unfortunate family at a young age. She did not give up her life, nor lost her enthusiasm for life. She worked hard to enter a good university and take care of her mother who was serving her sentence.

He stretched out his hand and stroked the top of her head. He didn’t mean anything else, he just thought she was very pitiful and wanted to comfort her.

Sandy was stunned, her body froze, never expected that he would touch her.

After all, he is a very serious person and keeps a distance between men and women.

How could he…

“You…” Sandy said incoherently, “What’s wrong with you?”

“Your mother…”

“What’s the matter?” Sandy blinked. Although her mother is inside but in good health, what can she do?

So Sandy didn’t think badly at all.

“Why don’t you speak? She wanted to see me? I only visited her a few days ago and never heard of the commutation. What is it about her?” Sandy asked.

“She was in a sudden illness… passed away.”

Sandy’s face turned gray for a moment, she couldn’t believe her ears, like a thunderbolt on a sunny day, and as if she had been poured cold water from head to toe, her whole body was numb, and she looked at him blankly. “You, you, what did you say?”

Peter repeated, “Your mother has passed away.”

“You speak nonsense!” Suddenly she interrupted him loudly, “I only visited her a few days ago. She is fine, how could she die?”

This must not be true, is she dreaming?

Yes, this must be a dream. It must be because her mother missed her, so she entrusted her with the dream and asked herself to visit her.

It must be so.

“I’ll see her.” She kept repeating these words, pushing the door and getting out of the car while speaking. Peter followed and took her arm, “You calm down.”

“How can I calm down!” This was her only relative, but told her that she didn’t even have the only relative.

How can she accept it?

“Did you lie to me?” Her eyes were flushed, her hands and feet were nowhere to rest, and she kept trembling.

Peter said cruelly, no, “I didn’t lie to you, it’s true.”

Sandy cried, cried, and laughed, like a madman.

“You calm down.” Peter didn’t know how to comfort her, and increased her tone to let her hear her own voice.

Sandy is a strong girl, but for her mother, this is her only sustenance. Now, she has really become an orphan, and her only relative has abandoned her.

“I want to see her.” She was speechless, already dumb.

Peter looked at her, very worried, “Can you do it?”

She nodded vigorously.

“Well, I’ll take you there.” Peter said looking at her, “Do you need me to help you?”

Sandy shook her head.

Peter walked to the front and took her there in person, and told her about the situation, “It was an emergency. I went to the forensic doctor without time for treatment. The forensic doctor has the identification result. I will take you there later, and there will be a special person and You talk.”

Sandy said nothing, just followed him.

Peter turned his head. She didn’t seem to want to listen to this anymore, so he didn’t say anything. When she got to the place, Sandy said, “I want to go in by myself and tell me where she is.”

“No. 203, it has a name written on it.” Peter said, although it was painful, she should go to see her alone.

“I see.” After speaking, Sandy walked in alone, walked through the corridor, and crossed the heavy door. The air-conditioning hit immediately, as if entering winter, she was completely unaware, she was not cold now, and It’s the heart.

Soon she saw the number 203 and the name written on it. She walked over, and when she reached out to pull away, her hand stopped. At this moment, she dare not look at the people inside.

If you don’t see it, you can tell yourself, maybe you have made a mistake.

“Mom, you won’t abandon me, will you? You won’t have the heart to let me live alone in this world, won’t you? You won’t, under the violence of my father, you persisted for so long for me , How can you say to leave and go?”

“Are you willing to leave me behind? Fake, it must be fake, someone is giving me a prank. It must be so.” After she said she opened the box of frozen corpses, accompanied by The icy white mist revealed a face she was familiar with.

Although it was already blue-gray, she couldn’t read it wrong.

At this moment, all illusions were shattered, it was true, the only relative abandoned her.

Suddenly, she knelt down and wept bitterly, “Mom…”

Peter could hear her crying outside, and he sighed slightly, standing on the wall and didn’t bother to go in.

“Is she alone?” A subordinate walked over.

Peter gave a hum.

“This little girl is very courageous, but inside is a place for corpses,” the man said.

“There shouldn’t be time to think about that.” Peter said.

She is so sad, there is still time to be afraid.

That person thinks about it, “It seems to be too.”

Also standing by the wall, said, “This girl is very poor.”

Peter did not respond but asked, “Is there any smoke?”

The man nodded, took a cigarette case from his pocket, and gave him one. Take out the lighter and light it for him.

The place where the corpse was stored was quiet. Two people stood in the corridor and smoked quietly.

“What’s the relationship between the deputy bureau and her, is it really a couple relationship? It’s not like your style.” The person suddenly said.

Those who work with Peter know his character, integrity is true, but his thinking is pedantic.

Peter raised his eyes and asked, “What is my style?”

“You should like someone about the same age as you. If you take too young, you will definitely think that people will gossiping about you. How long have we been working together? I still don’t understand you.”

The man fell his hand on his shoulder when he spoke. On, “Now is a new society, don’t be too old-fashioned. Age is not a matter at all.”

“How many young and old are in love, besides, you are not young and old. You are at most ten years older than her. This is really nothing… …”

“Are you so free?” Peter suddenly interrupted him, “She has just lost a loved one. Is it appropriate for you to tell me this?”

The man was negligent and coughed lightly to cover up his embarrassment, “I’m sorry, I have to leave beforehand.”

After giving the excuse, I wanted to slip away. At this moment, the crying inside suddenly stopped. The person who had just walked two steps looked back at Peter and asked, “Why is there no sound?”

Chapter 870

The two looked at each other, and at the same time thinking that she would not be able to think about it, they walked in quickly and saw Sandy fainted on the ground.

Peter checked her condition. Fortunately, it wasn’t that she couldn’t think about it. It might just be the fainting caused by excessive sadness.

He picked up the person, and when he was about to go out, he looked back at the person, “I may take her to the hospital. If there is anything in the bureau, please call me anytime.”

The man said yes.

Peter hugged her out of the room, put the person down on the back seat of the car parked in front of the door, and he went to the front to sit in the driving position and start the car.

On the way to the hospital, Sandy woke up to see her environment clearly, and asked with a hoarse voice, “Where are you taking me?”

Peter looked back at her and said, “Go to the hospital.”

“I’m okay, I’m not going to the hospital.” She braced herself to sit up, Peter parked the car on the side of the road, turned to look at her, and asked, “Where are you going?”

Sandy got up in a daze. She didn’t have a place to live outside except for the school. She suddenly realized that she really had nothing. She lived hard, but life made her embarrassed everywhere.

Even her last relative was taken away.

“I think in the last life, I must have been a big bad guy, hurting many people. In this life, I will be punished so much. Otherwise, how could God treat me like this.” She choked, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Peter is not very good at comforting people, “Don’t think so.”

She curled her hands around her knees, “If not, why would God treat me like this?”

“There are many more unfortunate people than you. You will be admitted to a good university and have a good life in the future.” Peter persuaded.

Sandy sneered blankly, “What’s the point? I used to want to go to a good university, have a good job after graduation, make a lot of money, let my mother live a good life, in the future, I will still work so hard, what do with the money I’ll make? Who is it for?”

Peter pursed his lips.

A person must feel very lonely, but still have to continue to work hard to live.

There is only one life, no matter what the reason, you can’t give up.

“You have nowhere to go, go to my place, and wait until you calm down, then bring you over.” Peter was afraid that she would not be able to think about it alone, so first take her back to where he lives, at least to look at her to prevent accidents.

“I’m not going.” Sandy refused. She just wanted to be alone, and she pushed the car door down.

Peter also followed, “Where are you going?”

“I want to be alone, don’t follow me.” Sandy walked fast for fear that she would be stopped by Peter.

She didn’t notice her feet, accidentally caught the steps and almost fell. Peter moved his arm and she didn’t fall. However, when he wanted to talk, the phone in his pocket rang.

He took out his mobile phone and picked it up. Director Smith called him and said that he wanted to see him.

He glanced at Sandy and said, “I’m outside…”

“You will come back immediately when I’m outside.” Edward’s tone was serious.

Peter could only go back immediately, “Ten minutes later.”

There was a hum, and the phone was hung up. He was worried about Sandy being alone, and decided to take her with him, “Let’s go back to the bureau together, and then come out.”

“I’m not going.” Sandy still refused.

Peter said patiently, “Where are you going alone?”

She was silent.

Because she has nowhere to go.

Regardless of her refusal, Peter forcefully pulled the person to the car, stuffed the person into the car, and quickly locked it, “You are too dangerous to be outside by yourself, I can’t ignore you.”

After speaking he started the car.

Sandy didn’t cry and lay quietly in the back seat without saying a word.

Peter looked back at her and saw that she did not reject, stepped on the accelerator, and drove the car away.

When she returned to the bureau, Peter arranged for her in his office, poured her a glass of water on the table, and said, “Wait for me for a while.”

Sandy didn’t say a word, but looked at a place dumbly, without focusing, like a puppet without a soul.

Peter knew that she couldn’t hear anything now, but didn’t say anything, turned around and walked out of the room, closing the door gently.

He walked to the door of Edward’s office, knocked on the door, and opened the door when he heard the words coming in.

When Edward saw him come in, put down his things, walked out from the desk, and asked him, “Would you like to drink water?”

“No.” Peter said.

Edward walked to the front meeting area, “Come and sit down.”

Peter came over and sat down and asked, “Is there anything going on here?”

Edward thought about it and asked, “Are you planning to get married to that Sandy?”

Peter looked at Edward in surprise. Although he cared for him like a father, he suddenly asked such a sentence, and he was still a little strange, “Why do you ask?”

“I’m going to pour a glass of water.” Edward stood up, picked up the teacup on the desk, made a cup of tea, sat back in his seat, and looked at Peter, “I only learned that Mrs. Floyd is a criminal today.”

“She doesn’t have any background, and combining with her won’t do you any good.”

Peter said, “I know.”

“Even so, do you plan to date her?” Edward asked.

Director Smith is purely for Peter, and according to his ability, he will definitely not be limited to the position of the deputy bureau, and will go further in the future.

If he gets married to Sandy, a girl who has no family background, and a mother like that, it will have an impact on his future career.

If he has a wife with a background, his future journey will be easier. If it is Sandy, that is, it will not help him in his career, he will walk a little harder.

Peter understood the meaning of Edward. He never thought of getting out of the world by getting a wife.

Although there are many ambitions in his heart, he just wants to rely on himself.

“My requirements for my wife are very simple, as long as two people get along, as for the family background, it is not very important.”

There was no surprise to Edward, and he expected that if Peter broke up with Sandy because of such a thing, then he would not value him that much.

He stood up and patted Peter on the shoulder, “Be mentally prepared.”

Peter gave a hum.

“I have always admired you. I wanted you to be the son-in-law before. However, we don’t have that fate, but in my career, I will fight for you as far as I can.”

Edward took his hand back, “Okay, let’s go and take some comfort. It’s not easy for a little girl to be nice to others.”

Peter looked up and wanted to clarify his relationship with Sandy to Edward. However, thinking of this knotty, he didn’t speak, and said, “I know, then I’ll leave.”

Edward waved his hand, “Go.”

Peter walked out of the room, returned to his office, opened the door, and found that the person sitting on the sofa had disappeared. The inside of the room was empty, and the water on the table had not been drunk.

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