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Chapter 881

Eileen said, “Came here to do something, do you have anything else? If not, let’s find a place to sit?”

Peter had nowhere to go, so he agreed.

“Did you drive?” Eileen asked.

“No,” Peter replied.

Eileen pointed to the car parked on the side of the road and said, “My car is parked on the side of the road. Let’s take my car.”

Peter did not refuse.

“This…” Harrison looked at Peter and a woman in the car, seriously suspicious of his eyes.

He asked the driver in front, “Did the man who just came out of the shop got into the car with the woman?”

The driver said, “Yes, she is still a pretty woman.”

Harrison laughed, thinking that there are women now, and still pretending to be deep in front of him, and who is that woman just now?

What is the relationship with Peter?

Could it be that Peter has a girlfriend and has been hiding it?

But there is no need to hide it?

Harrison was full of doubts, but unfortunately, no one could help him.

The driver glanced back at him, “Shall we go?”

He can’t just park the car forever without doing business.

Seeing someone accompanying Peter, he felt relieved and told the driver the address of Ryan’s villa.

After Eileen drove the car into the city, she found a more romantic coffee shop, “Let’s have a cup of coffee.”

Peter didn’t really want to go to the coffee shop, but since he had just agreed, he pushed the car door down.

“Just drink a cup of coffee, why does it feel that you are not very willing.” Eileen smiled.


“I am teasing you.” Eileen interrupted him deliberately, knowing that his depression might be because of Sandy’s affairs.

Sandy looked for her before leaving.

Sandy could feel that Eileen has ideas for Peter, and she is Edward’s daughter, which is good for Peter in career. How Edward likes him, but after all, he is a subordinate, but if he is a son-in-law, she will do her best. Support him.

So before leaving, she confessed everything to Eileen.

The cafe is decorated very warmly, with a little romantic atmosphere, and most of the young couples who come here to drink coffee.

Eileen sat down in front of the window. Outside the window was a sycamore tree that blocked the sun and was not dazzling. There were a few small daisies in the white porcelain vase in the middle of the table.

“What would you like to drink?” She looked at Peter and asked.

Peter said, “Green tea.”

“A cup of green tea, and a cup of cappuccino with milk,” Eileen said to the waiter.


After the waiter left, Eileen smiled and said, “Don’t men not like sweets? Even if they drink coffee, they don’t like sugar and milk?”

Peter said, “It varies from person to person.”

“I heard, but I didn’t expect you to be like a child.” Eileen said.

Peter was confused when she heard it. He didn’t know what she meant, “What do you know?”

“Guess,” Eileen said with a smile.

Peter said, “I can’t guess.”

“You are really boring, but you are worthy of being a lifelong man. In fact, I regret it. After all, my dad wanted me to marry you…”

“The previous things are over.” Peter interrupted her, not wanting to tell her this.

Eileen asked, “Do you hate me?”


Peter answered bluntly that if Eileen was willing, he would agree to get married, but there is no regret.

It’s not love, it’s just not hate, the age is right, nothing more.

At this time, the waiter brought the coffee up.

Eileen picked it up and took a sip, and when the service was far away, she said again, “Will you dislike me now?”

Peter frowned and said nothing.

Eileen laughed at herself, “After all, I was married.”

“Divorce is not a big deal.” Peter was not comforting her. It’s just that this society is like this. The divorce rate is rising every year. There are many divorced men and women, which does not mean anything.

Eileen fiddled with the coffee cup, “When I was young, I advocated romanticism. I really hope that my spouse could tell me I love you, and occasionally send a bunch of red roses, so that I can feel passion and fun, but for a long time When the passion becomes dull, most people can’t stand loneliness when there is only firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar in their lives. For example, for me, the husband of thousands of choices, betrayed me when life returned to peace.”

She raised her eyes and looked at Peter, “If I had chosen you at the beginning, we would have lived very happily. Maybe we even had children. Peter, I really regret it and regret that I was blind.”

Peter didn’t look at her gaze, “It’s not your fault, but he doesn’t know how to cherish it.”

And they have no fate. They didn’t have it before, and they don’t have it now.


“It suddenly occurred to me that I still have something to do. I will leave first.” Peter stood up.

Eileen pursed her lips and moved her lips, thinking in her heart, she is not in a hurry, God gave her a second chance, she must grasp it.

“I will drop you.” She followed.

Peter refused, “We aren’t in the same direction.”

“But go with me.” Eileen said with a smile, “Let’s go, you are so alienated, it makes me feel like you hold a grudge against me.”

When she said it to this point, Peter couldn’t say anything, because his continued refusal would make people feel that he was dissatisfied with Eileen.

After leaving the cafe, the two got into the car, Eileen asked, “Where are you going?”

Peter just wanted to say that he would go to the office, and then he quickly realized that now he has no job, so he doesn’t need to go there.

“The phone in his pocket rang at this time.” He took out the phone, Ryan’s phone number was displayed on the screen, and he immediately picked it up.

Chapter 882

When the phone was connected, Ryan’s voice came, asking him to send him all the information about Dexter’s crimes that he had found before.

Peter said, “I see.”

Everything is kept at home. He didn’t keep it in the bureau for safety and not to be discovered by others.

After speaking, he hung up the phone and looked at Eileen, “You go back first, I have something else.”

Eileen said, “Well then.”

She pulled the door and got into the car. After buckling the seat belt, she lowered the window and said to Peter, “My dad will definitely try to help you with your case, and I trust you.”

Peter actually didn’t want to trouble Director Smith, and Eileen’s sudden enthusiasm made him very uncomfortable.

Just a polite thank you.

After all, people care about him.

After Eileen left, he stood on the side of the road and stopped a taxi back to his residence.

After getting the things, he called and asked Ryan where he was. He delivered the things. Ryan said that he didn’t need to send it to him, just send it to him online.

Peter didn’t ask him what he wanted to do, but just sent everything over.

The next two days were also very peaceful, and there was no movement. Because of the investigation, Peter could not go to work.

Ryan didn’t return to the villa in the past two days. As for what he was going to do, Carla didn’t know. He just called back and said that there is something to be done, so he won’t be back for two days so she doesn’t worry.

Although the two days were calm, something happened. Nelson and Kurtis returned to City B. Alecia’s injuries were much better and she could walk on the ground. She was anxious to return to the market, but Nelson and Kurtis came. Later, they learned that Carla and Ryan were going to hold a wedding.

So she can’t leave for the time being, at least until the wedding of Carla and Ryan is over.

“What are you wearing?” Alecia asked.

Carla was stunned for a moment, without reacting, “What to wear?”

“For your wedding, do you wear a wedding dress or a traditional style.” Alecia gnawed on the sofa with an apple in her hand.

Carla suddenly said, “I don’t know, he prepared it all.”

Alecia, “…”

“Are you not looking forward to your wedding?” Alecia said that she couldn’t understand. Doesn’t every woman hope that she would have a romantic and memorable wedding?

Why don’t you look at her emotionally?

Carla wasn’t unhappy, nor didn’t like it, but as she experienced more, her mood became calmer.

“If it were seven years ago, I would be awake at night with excitement. Weddings, a woman’s lifelong event, but you see, he and I have already lived the same life as an ordinary couple. The wedding is just a form of announcing that we are in the relationship between the situation.” Carla said.

Alecia thinks about it carefully, it seems that what Carla and Ryan are now living is the married life after marriage, and they are already a couple with two children.

Seeing her belly, Alecia reached out and touched, “You and he really look like an old husband and wife, this is the third child.”

“Hey, why didn’t he ask me to design the clothes you need to wear for your marriage? Does he not look good on me? He doesn’t think I can design it well?” Alecia actually wanted to help Carla design.

Carla looked at her, “I guess he doesn’t want to bother you, and you are still recuperating. I said that he will be fully responsible.”

“Okay.” Alecia glanced at the time, “Why haven’t the two children come back?”

Nelson and Kurtis came back. After a day’s rest, they took their two children out to play today. They only went out at noon. Now it is almost night.

“Will they be back for dinner? It’s six o’clock.” Alecia asked.

Carla didn’t know, and when they left, they didn’t say whether or not to come back for dinner.

“Your husband hasn’t come back for two days. Did something happen?” Alecia asked again.

Carla didn’t think too much, because she knew very well that even if something happened, she would not be able to help. All she could do was to take good care of the family so that he had no worries, so she didn’t ask Ryan where he was going. What did he do.

In fact, even if she doesn’t ask, she can guess one thing. It must have something to do with Dexter. After all, only this matter has been completely resolved.

It’s just that she didn’t expect that Dexter would frame Peter, and Peter is now under investigation.

In the evening, the two children returned from eating outside, and Ryan didn’t come back either. Only Carla and Alecia had dinner.

Alecia said, “We usually have two children. Today they are no longer the two of us. It seems so deserted.”

Carla also felt that this villa was very large, and Nelson and Kurtis were also full after they came back. The two children went upstairs and vacated the room downstairs for them.

Originally, Nelson and Kurtis said they would return to the old house, but because of Della, Carla was afraid that Nelson would be in love with the scene, so they let them live in a villa. The two children often accompany their two elders and they will not feel lonely.

“Have you called your second uncle?” Alecia put a braised eggplant with the spoon in her mouth.

After all, it was Carla’s wedding, Herman had to be notified.

Carla said, “Eat dinner and talk.”

After Xenia came to the house, she was busy with housework. The two children are also grown, and there is basically no need for Carla to bathe them. Now she is very relaxed, but she feels more and more tired.

It may be caused by the growing relationship between months.

After taking a shower, she lay on the bed and called Herman, but the answer was that she couldn’t get through.

She called again after a while, but the line was still busy and could not be connected.

She couldn’t help but frowned, wondering why he couldn’t answer the phone. She put down the phone and planned to call again tomorrow. Maybe he had a bad signal somewhere today.

Ryan hadn’t been there in the past two days, and she slept late. Suddenly there was no such person by her side, and she was a little uncomfortable.

Although she doesn’t want to cause trouble to him, she still worries about his safety and fear that what he is doing outside is dangerous.

She lay on the bed for a long time and didn’t fall asleep. She wanted to call him, but she was afraid of disturbing him, so she couldn’t bear it in the end.

Tossed and couldn’t fall asleep, then fell asleep unconsciously when it was too late, and woke up early in the morning.

However, today is not an ordinary day.

A big event happened in City B.

Many people gathered at the gate of the city hall early in the morning. They were not from City B, but from rural villages in remote mountainous areas.

Their elderly people, mostly women, are asking the government for an explanation, and even holding up banners.

This is more like someone planning it to happen, because it only happened overnight. These people not only came to City B silently, but gathered at the gate of the city hall, and even the major media released this news article at the same time.

A major media conducted a live interview, and a female reporter held a microphone to interview one of them.

“Excuse me, where are you from and why do you appear here to make trouble?”

The interviewee was a middle-aged woman in her forties. The woman was thin, with hey skin, and two children standing beside her. The woman spoke with a strong local accent, “We are not making trouble.”

The reporter asked, “Then what are you doing here?”

Middle-aged women, “We just want a saying.”

The reporter asked again, “What do you want to say?”

The middle-aged woman replied, “I’m from Norven County. My husband is an ordinary bricklayer. He was k!lled by an accidental collapse 15 years ago.”

The reporter’s puzzled expression, “The landslide accident fifteen years ago, should the other party who should be responsible for the matter be resolved fifteen years ago, why did you get here?”

“Because it was resolved fifteen years ago.” This time the answer was from the child next to the middle-aged woman, who looked like sixteen or seven.

When her father died, she was one or two years old. “The reason why we came is the government reported that a senior official who visited the county 15 years ago.”

The reporter handed the microphone to the girl who was talking, “What the h3ll is going on, can you tell me? Why do you want to report this official.”

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