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Chapter 883

“I think many people don’t know about our County. This is a relatively poor place. Fifteen years ago, the government sent a group of officials to inspect the countryside.”

“In order to pass the inspection, the county magistrate found a group of craftsmen to build schools. Without a school, the children in the village are all learning culture at the home of an older sister who had gone to school.”

“There were no books or blackboards. They rely on their sister to speak and they listen.

It’s impossible to build a school in a short period of time. Everyone was unwilling to do it. They thought it’d to harm their children.

After all, the school is built for the children to go to school, but the officials don’t care about that many, so if you don’t do it, you can take it People went to the house to beat people, make trouble, and make people disturbed.”

“Everyone was forced to go. The materials used at the time were very poor quality, and it collapsed halfway through the construction. My father and four other people who worked with him were all there were smashed to death in the landslide.”

The reporter said, “The higher level will fund the establishment of the school, right? How can there be no school?”

The sixteen or seventeen-year-old kid smiled, “The money should be put in his personal pocket.”

This sentence is vague, but very straightforward.

Let people hear what it means to put it in a personal pocket.

The reporter continued to ask, “How was the matter resolved at that time? Didn’t the inspection officials report it to resolve it?”

“Solved, the officials who came to inspect not only did not report, but also helped the perpetrators to conceal the truth.”

At this point in the interview, everyone has basically known what happened for a while.

“How was it resolved? What compensation was made to the deceased?” the reporter asked.

At this time, an elderly man came up and said, “There was no compensation. Not only was there no compensation, but we were not allowed to talk about it. Whoever dared to publicize it there house was demolished.”

This made the reporter’s eyes widened, which is too much!

The technology in the past was underdeveloped, and there was no developed network now, and it was in a deep mountainous area, which was easily covered up.

The old man was crying, “I had just a son who was k!lled in that accident. I want to talk about it. Not only did they ignore it, but they also punched and kicked us and threatened us with bad words.”

As the old man lifted his sleeves, there was a big scar about ten centimeters long on his arm, “This was cut by those people with a hoe at the time.”

Although the wound has healed, but because it has not been properly treated, the healed is not smooth and looks a bit hideous.

“We are all family members of the deceased at the time. We came here either to make trouble or to have an argument. Even though a long time has passed, we still want to be fair to the deceased.”

The old man wiped his tears and his face was full of folds. The rough palm of the hand makes people who watch it can’t bear it.

After such a publicity by the big media, it took only two hours to make a lot of noise and was quickly taken seriously by the superiors.

Offline people who eat melons have also been deeply involved in this matter. Who officially inspected it 15 years ago?

This is what everyone is most concerned about. Even the county-level officials at that time did not attach such great importance to it. People hate those who help the evildoers even more.

Someone deliberately circulated the information on the official inspection on the Internet.

Nowadays, the development of the Internet quickly spread, and the speed is so fast that people can’t be caught off guard, and they can’t cover it if they want to cover it.

Once the official’s information is extracted, everyone will continue to dig deeper. How is the original official now?

Knowing that the development is better now, everyone began to feel aggrieved.

Whatever you say.

“How can such a person not die and be worthy of benefiting the people? It’s a demon on earth.”

“How did this kind of person get to where they are today?” —

Someone replied, “Of course it’s because of the utter conscience!”

“This kind of person deserves to die. Look at how pitiful the old man is. Fifteen years ago, those fifteen and sixteen children were only one or two years old. One or two years old had no fathers, wives had no husbands, and mothers had no sons. It’s so pathetic.”

“That’s it, I really want to k!ll these black-hearted ba5tards!”

“These are not humans, they are demons. They oppress the peasants who have no power and say. The ancient punishment should be used to divide the body by five horses.”

Soon the county-level officials at the time were also picked up. The matter was out of control for a while, and it spread too quickly, and the above quickly resolved it, and all those people were temporarily resettled. And announced that it will investigate this matter, if it is true, relevant officials will be severely punished!

Everyone left a message below

“I hope to give them fairness!”

“We believe that the government will give us a satisfactory explanation. If it is true, we also hope that this person can be shot. It’s D*mn hateful.”

Today is destined to be not an ordinary day. This incident has aroused the attention of the people all over the country.

Carr’s family is also frying pan.

Even Carr’s daughter and son didn’t know about it.

“Is this true or false?” Dexter asked his mother

Carr’s mother turned pale, and nodded tremblingly, “It’s true.”

“How can Dad do such a thing?” The fifth daughter stood up without holding back. I can’t believe my father is such a person.

They only knew that the father was patriarchal, but they had never thought of him doing such a thing.

“This is incredible.” The second daughter also said that her father, who couldn’t believe it, was so utterly unconscientious.

Mrs. Dawson sat in the corner without saying a word or making any comments. As a daughter, she was called by her mother and she had to come, but she never thought about doing anything for the father.

She even resented, why should she be born in this family?

“This must be someone trying to frame him, otherwise, how could such a long-term incident be picked up? And still being so thoroughly picked up?”

Although Carr’s mother was horrified at this time, she was calm as a good helper.” To make things so uncontrollable, someone must be behind the scenes.”

Those people suddenly appeared and broke through the major media. On-site interviews showed the pitifulness of the victims and garnered sympathy. The masses of people begged to put pressure on the government, and they caught them off guard.

If there is no human operation, it is impossible to develop such rapid development.

“Dad has offended anyone?” Dexter asked.

Mother Carr shook her head, “I don’t know, there will inevitably be bumps in the officialdom, but it won’t take so much effort to dig for such a long-term thing.”

“It’s not about how things happened. It’s about thinking about how to solve it. The trouble is so fierce. Once it is verified, it will definitely be punished heavily.

In this way, in order to appease the hearts of the people, the above will definitely be severely dealt with.

“Sisters, our father is in trouble, we have to find a way to save people.” The eldest daughter said to the younger sisters who did it again.

“How to save?” the second daughter asked back.

When she received the call, her husband refused to let her come, and said, “Why are you his daughter?”

Obviously also dissatisfied with this matter.

Even taking it will look down on her.

If she can choose, she doesn’t want to be born in Carr’s family, a family that favors sons.

It’s not that she has no conscience and doesn’t even care about her father, but that she did not grow up in Carr’s family, has no affection for Carr’s family, has not received much attention from her parents, and has never experienced family affection.

Her husband is about the same as Simmon, and they are both upright people. , Unwilling to have contact with Carr’s family.

“My husband is not a big official, I am afraid that he can’t help much. If there is still business at home, I will leave first.” The second daughter first expressed her attitude.

Dexter became angry all at once and stopped her, “The second sister, you are father’s daughter. Do you even care about your father, do you still have a conscience?”

Chapter 884

“Conscience? What is conscience? Tell me about it.” The second daughter has a strong temper and speaks directly. “A person with a conscience will not do such a thing!”

Dexter was angry, but he couldn’t refute it, and couldn’t find a word to refute it.

“You are Dad’s daughter, you have an obligation.” Dexter only found such a word to refute her for a long time.

The second daughter sneered, “What obligations do I have? Is the obligation to protect someone who has no bottom line and no conscience?”

Mother Carr patted the table, “How do you talk? He is your father!”

The second daughter turned to look at her mother, “He is my father. Has he ever given me fatherly love? Did he treat me as a daughter? I grew up so I didn’t feel fatherly love, let alone the warmth of family.”

Carr’s mother tongue, indeed, because the eldest daughter was born, the second wanted to have a son, but the daughter was born again, so she was placed in foster care at her brother’s house.

It is conceivable that life is not good if you leave it under the fence.

“I don’t have the ability to manage. If you are willing to recognize my daughter, you will recognize it. If you don’t, you will treat me as if you haven’t given birth to me. Anyway, you haven’t raised me.” Turn around and leave.

When she walked to the door, she stopped for a while and turned to look at the younger sisters sitting in the living room.

“If you want to control it, I won’t stop. If you want to admit me as a sister, you will admit it, and if you don’t want to admit it, I won’t complain. Call me sister when we meet. We are still sisters. If we don’t want to, we will be strangers when we meet. No one cares about anyone.”

“Second Sister…” Someone wanted to persuade.

“Don’t tell me, although we are from the womb, sisters are true, but we can not interfere with personal thoughts and practices. I have said very clearly, you can not understand me, you can treat me as a stranger, we don’t know each other when we meet.” The second daughter interrupted the fifth sister.

After speaking, she started again and walked decisively and simply.

At this time Mrs. Dawson also stood up, “Simmon is famous for his personality. Everyone knows that, he won’t say much. He is my father. I won’t comment on what is right or wrong. Simmon will definitely not intervene in this matter, and I will leave if I can’t help much.”

“The third child, do you care about your father?” The boss looked at her disappointedly.

Mrs. Dawson said in a hurry, “I don’t care, I can’t control it. What do you think I will take care of?”

The boss has nothing to say. Everyone knows that Simmon is well-known in the circle.

After this incident, everyone must be staring at these people who are related to Carr’s family, and they will pay attention to their every move. If there is a slight error, it may be involved and be criticized.

The boss has nothing to say, but children raised by their parents naturally have better feelings for their parents than those raised outside.

They really want to solve this, for fear that their father will go to jail.

“Simmon and I have never blushed or had a son in recent years. We have just a daughter. He also takes good care of me and my daughter. I will not do things that embarrass him.”

“I also invite my mother and sister. Forgive me.” Mrs. Dawson also expressed her attitude and will never let her husband drip in muddy water for her father.

“You’re a j3rk! You don’t even care about Dad’s safety!” Dexter threw the table angrily.

Several sisters couldn’t help looking at him.

“How can you talk like that?!” The fourth child was very dissatisfied with this.

No matter how they were born to one parent, the siblings of a compatriot, how could he curse?

“Your third sister has already made it clear why you can’t intervene, how can you scold someone? He is the only son who doesn’t even know his morality, right?”

The fourth elder was annoyed, and she couldn’t get used to Dexter for a long time. The only younger brother has no respect for his sister.

If not because of her father, she would not sit here.

“Don’t quarrel!” Carr’s mother’s chest rose and fell quickly. Although she knew her daughter’s reason, she was still angry, but thinking of Simmon’s identity, she put out her anger and talked with her daughter.

“Amanda, Simmon’s identity must help a little bit…”

Mrs. Dawson interrupted her mother, “You should have heard that Simmon is a honest man. He will not interfere. Even if I ask him, it will not be useful. If you want to watch our divorce, I will go back and quarrel with him. , I listen to you.”

Mrs. Dawson deliberately gave the initiative to Carr’s mother.

As long as she still cares about her daughter a little in her heart, she won’t let her family break up.

Carr’s mother really couldn’t say it.

Except for the eldest daughter and the youngest son, for these daughters have not fulfilled the responsibilities of a mother, but gave birth to them without giving them care and love.

“If you want to leave, we can’t save people without you?” Dexter couldn’t see her embarrassing her mother.

Mrs. Dawson bent towards her mother and said to the sister who was still staying, “What I did may not be right, but please forgive me.”

The sisters were very reasonable and said, “Go back, we know that you are embarrassed. In fact, each of our families has its own difficulties. It’s just that our father is the one who complained about him. Regardless, we will find a way, don’t worry.”

When her sister said this, it seemed that she was disregarding the affection of her family, but she did not regret her decision.

She turned around and walked out of Carr’s house, feeling indescribable.

She hate what her father did, but as a daughter, she has no stand to criticize.

She returned home by car and got in a good mood before entering the house. She didn’t want to bring the negative emotions home because of her father.

Simmon went to work and has not returned yet. There is only one daughter in the family. Mrs. Dawson asked, “Why are you alone, Hubert?”

“I don’t know. He went out after receiving a courier. I don’t know where he went.” Nichole said. After she finished writing the last calligraphy, she put down the pen and looked at Mrs. Dawson, only to find her face. Not very good, and asked, “What’s wrong with you, mom?”

Mrs. Dawson shook her head hurriedly, “It’s okay, I’ll go to lie down in the bedroom for a while.” Soon she thought of other things, “Nichole, when are you going back to Tatevel?”

She didn’t want her daughter to stay here at all, because she felt it was not a good place for life.

Some bad things always happen.

Nichole said, “Wait, Hubert still has things to do. It will take a few days before I can go back.”

Last time Hubert went to Ryan and wanted to cooperate with him, but Ryan avoided him and didn’t see him.

Even if he can’t cooperate with Ryan, he can’t just leave like this, otherwise others will treat him as a bully.

Up to now, Welsh has not been discharged. Although there is no life-threatening, but the injury is serious, how can he not follow Revenge for his own people?

He hasn’t been idle these days. While sending people to investigate Dexter, he used Simmon’s relationship to get on the line with a few people with identities.

He was going to find an opportunity to retaliate against Dexter, but at this moment, he received a courier.

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