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Chapter 885

A shipment without the sender’s name.

It contained a document and a disc. The contents of the disc were the screens of Dexter and a few men at the beach.

The pictures were clearly recorded. Dexter ordered the people to sink the old man into the sea. The data is also Dexter’s evidence of the crime.

He is investigating Dexter just to find evidence of his crime, but now, he is automatically sent to the door.

He couldn’t figure out who gave it to him for a while.

He didn’t even think about Ryan. He knew that Ryan was reluctant to deal with himself, so he subconsciously ruled out the possibility of him.

However, what he didn’t expect was that Ryan had sent this courier to him.

Although he doesn’t like Hubert, he can still use him when it’s time to use him.

Borrowing the hands of others to achieve one’s own goals is a method Ryan often uses.

He doesn’t treat the enemy’s enemy as a friend, but he can be a gunman.

After knowing where Hubert’s person suffered from Dexter last time, he knew that Hubert would not swallow his anger.

If it was Dexter who bullied him, he wouldn’t be quiet either.

Just like Dexter framed Peter this time, the original plan was not implemented now, and the opportunity is not so mature yet, but he still did it.

Now Mr. Carr is definitely in a state of desperation, and what has been revealed is also the truth. With so many eyes staring at him, it will be difficult for him to escape legal punishment this time.

At this juncture, if evidence of Dexter’s crime is revealed again, it will undoubtedly add fuel to the fire.

He believed that Hubert was a smart man and knew what to do.

As he expected, after Hubert received the item, he was very curious about the sender and wanted to know who it was, but he knew better that this was a good opportunity not to be missed.

Although it is difficult to stand up again when visiting the old man, he does not rule out a miracle, so he must strike while the iron is hot.

After getting the evidence, he didn’t blindly look for the person who got on the line, but went to find the little gangsters on the video screen.

Interrogating them, of course, at first they won’t say obediently, but use some means to record their confession, just in case the time comes when they are asked to testify.

After sufficient evidence and preparations were made, he went to find those who got on the line.

If it weren’t for Mr. Carr, who would dare to touch Dexter easily? The so-called wall is down and everyone pushes, they are eager to find something to add fuel to the fire.

Both the officialdom and the business world are the same. They are all battles without gunpowder, all fighting for their own interests.

The day after the matter of Mr. Carr broke out, the people in the inspection hall came to take Dexter away.

However, the major media had already received news about this seemingly secret matter, and they took a stand at the door of Carr’s house and took the first picture.

If what happened on the first day was shocking, then what happened today is even more incredible.

The people who eat melons have speculated that this son also did something bad with them?

When everyone’s curiosity reached a peak, someone on the Internet broke out a video of Dexter and Shane.

When things have developed to this point, it is difficult to maneuver.

The person in charge of investigating Dexter’s case soon issued a statement saying that Dexter was detained and investigated after receiving a report.

The authenticity of the video has yet to be verified.

Let everyone not guess maliciously.

The current Internet is too developed, and if there is a slight disturbance, it will spread quickly. Not all people can be treated rationally, and they are willing to believe what they see, although they are facts in themselves.

So on the Internet, a one-sided situation has emerged.

Both condemned the Carr family father and son.

Netizens’ comments were also scolded.

The upper beam is not right and the lower beam is crooked. This sentence must be tailored to the Carr family father and son. Like more than half a million comments.

This is the viciousness in the blood and must be severely punished. It is best to castrate people, just in case this vicious gene gets inherited.

Someone replied, you have no problem with your thinking “smiley face”

He should be thrown into the sea and let him feed the sharks too.

The father and son are a match made in heaven.

Hurry up and shoot such a scum.

Heard that Dexter is an old man and he is very spoiled. As expected, the child cannot be spoiled.

This Dexter has six older sisters. He is the only male in the family. He is very doted, and he is used to lawlessness. Does everything, the nightclub on Zebra Road belongs to him.

Someone replied, how do you know?

Owner, I worked in that nightclub, of course I know some inside stories.

Reply, what else do you know? Let’s listen to it?

In the original poster, there was a homicide case in that nightclub. She was a young lady. Because she was a newcomer, she was not very obedient.

Dexter had turned her around and played a more tai-tai, and she was k!lled.

Reply, fcuk, fcuk, this is too inhuman.

Reply, quickly cut this man out.

Reply, do you have evidence?

The original poster, of course.

Reply, send it to see.

The original poster, I dare not, I am afraid of being retaliated.

Reply, we protect you and send out evidence of his crime.

The original poster, ‘Afraid Emoticon’

Reply, we support you.

Reply, yes yes. Send it out quickly.

Stir everyone’s curiosity to a high attitude, the host replied, I sent it out, then please forward it, so that more people can see that when there are too many people, they will not dare to retaliate against me.

We will, you can rest assured.

At this time, the host released a three-minute video with a woman’s thigh. The shot was very vague, but the scene at the time was vaguely visible, and the shot was very imaginative.

The more popular things are, the faster it will be promoted.

After a series of incidents, several of the Carr family’s daughters who were about to rescue their father were caught off guard. The old father’s matter had not yet found a solution, and now the younger brother was taken away again.

Mother Carr didn’t take it for a while and passed out into a coma.

Without the mainstay, the whole Carr’s family became a pot of porridge.

Dawson family.

As soon as Simmon came back, he called Hubert to his study, and no one was allowed to enter.

“You did Dexter’s things?” Simmon asked, although it was a question, but in a very determined tone.

These days Hubert has been running outside, leaving early and returning late, and walking close to several of his colleagues.

Hubert didn’t hide it, “Dad thinks I did something wrong?”

Simmon said nothing.

“Because it is a fact, you can’t refute it, dad?” Hubert looked at him and said frankly, “I won’t hide it from you, but please don’t tell mom.”

In any case, Dexter is her younger brother, and she doesn’t want to be separated because of this.

Simmon sighed, “I won’t say it.”

Hubert is also very sincere, “Dad, I am a flawed person who can make the people who follow me die. I have to work harder than normal people. I can’t let them feel cold to me.”

“I understand.” Simmon couldn’t tell whether he was wrong.

A boss who knows how to protect his calf will make employees feel safe and belonging.

“Dexter can’t escape legal sanctions for what he did. If not, no one can press him.” Hubert said.

Chapter 886

“When Welsh’s injury is better, you can go back to Tatevel.” Simmon was still afraid that he would be involved.

Hubert knew that he was good to himself, but how could he go without seeing the result of this incident?

“You have done enough.” Simmon sat in a chair. “A task force is set up to investigate this incident. Once verified and the evidence is conclusive, no oneu would be able to save him. So you should not be here. Muddy water is dripping.”

Hubert heard the seriousness of the incident and asked, “Are you in the task force?”

Simmon shook his head, “All the people sent from above, I have a relationship with the Carr family, and there will be no me. This time, the above attaches great importance to the troubles, and it affects the evil. Maybe I will be investigated.”

“So serious?” Hubert frowned slightly, probably already thinking of the end of this matter.

“At this juncture, the above is also deliberately deterring the officials below.” The government will also use methods to k!ll chickens and sway monkeys.

After all, the above policy has just released the anti-criminal and evil policy, and it has just come to an end when such a thing has happened. This is equivalent to a face-slap and it will definitely be severely punished.

“This time, you must listen to me and go back as soon as possible, lest it hurt you.”

Simmon knew the seriousness of this case.

“For those officials who are related to you, if I have to deal with them, you can take Nichole to Tatevel with ease.” Simmon stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder, “Don’t worry about me.”

Hubert only considered himself at the time, not Simmon. He knew Simmon’s personality and his relationship with Mrs. Dawson, so he didn’t talk to Simmon. Instead, he was carrying him, looking for people around him, and using his identity with Simmon.”

“Got involved in the relationship, clamored for friendship, now thinking about doing this on his own, it has caused Simmon a lot of trouble, after all, his personality is famous in the circle, but he has discredited him.

“I am sorry.”

“We are a family, so we’ll see you outside.” Simmon admires Hubert, and at the same time loves the house and the family


At this time, the door knocked, and Nichole’s voice came in, “Dad, it’s meal time.”

“I heard it.” Simmon said to his daughter.

“Go out to eat.” Simmon walked to the front and opened the door to facilitate Hubert to come out.

The dinner was prepared by Nichole. The news was so sensational that it was difficult for Mrs. Dawson to not want to know. In any case, the family members who were related to her were in a bad mood and lay in the room and did not come out.

Simmon asked them to eat first, “I’ll go see your mother.”

After talking, Simmon walked into the room, Mrs. Dawson was lying on the bed as if she was ill. She didn’t have much energy, and she felt melancholy.

Simmon sat on the edge of the bed, “The children are here, get up and eat something.”

“I have no appetite, I really can’t eat anything.” Mrs. Dawson said softly, her voice sounding weak.

Simmon sighed, “Should I quit my job and let us live with the children in Tatevel?”

Mrs. Dawson immediately sat up, “How can this be?”

She knew in her heart that her husband was an ambitious and ideal person and she admired it.

How rare is a person who is upright and willing to do practical things now? She shook her husband’s hand and said, “Did I affect you?”

Simmon glared, “You and I are a husband and wife, what can be affected.”

Mrs. Dawson is not stupid. The trouble is so serious that anyone who has something to do with Carr’s family is more or less implicated this time.

“Mom, Dad, can I come in?”

Nichole knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Mrs. Dawson let go of her husband’s hand and said.

Nichole opened the door, took the tray from Hubert’s hand, and walked in. Inside was a serving of food. “Mom, you can eat something. You didn’t eat it at noon. If you don’t eat it at night, you will starve your body.”

Mrs. Dawson smiled reluctantly, “It’s better to have a daughter.”

Nichole put the food on the bedside table, “I cook everything you like, hurry up.”

Mrs. Dawson took a sip of water first.

“Mom, you come to Tatevel with us for some time.” Hubert said.

Mrs. Dawson knew that he was caring about them, and her heart was very warm and pleased, “I will not go, if I go, your dad will be alone, I have to accompany him, are you going to leave? What are you going to do? Time? If you want to leave, go quickly, now this place is smoggy.”

Mrs. Dawson also wanted them to return to Hubert as soon as possible.

Hubert said, “I will leave in these two days.”

He understands that his father-in-law’s apex baby is Nichole, so he is willing to take Nichole with him.

Nichole looked at Hubert, “Why did you suddenly decide to leave? Didn’t tell me?”

Hubert smiled, “Is there anything else you haven’t done?”

“Yes.” Nichole thought for a while, “I’m going to tell sister before I leave.”

“Do you have any sisters?” Mrs. Dawson was puzzled for a while.

Don’t know who she is referring to.

But Hubert quickly understood who she was referring to, and his eyes fell down involuntarily, “Let’s not go.”

Nichole didn’t understand Hubert’s reluctance to go, “Don’t you want to see my sister?”

Hubert said against his will, “I don’t want to.”

“Who are you talking about?” Mrs. Dawson looked at them, and Carla flashed across her head. The last time Hubert had an accident, and her daughter had been there for the night, she suddenly realized, “Oh, you mean her.”

Nichole nodded vigorously, “My sister has a daughter who is beautiful and cute. I really like her.”

“Do you like children?” Mrs. Dawson asked.

Nichole nodded without thinking, “Yes.”

Mrs. Dawson glanced at Hubert and smiled, “Then you should also hurry up to have a baby, and I will take care of it for you when the time comes.”

Hubert was uncomfortable like a young hairy boy who hadn’t grown up. He scratched his head and said, “You can eat first.”

Nichole knew that Hubert still liked that sister in his heart, and said, “I don’t want to have a baby.”

Mrs. Dawson is not doing well now, how can she have no children?

“I don’t want to give birth now.” Nichole explained, and Mrs. Dawson glared at her, “You scared me a lot.”

The next day, Nichole asked Hubert to take her to say goodbye to Carla.

Now Hubert wanted to restrain his feelings and try not to go, but Nichole’s attitude was very firm, so he went.

They choose the afternoon time, the afternoon time is longer, and they avoid having lunch.

After arriving at the villa, he did not get out of the car and let Nichole go by himself.

Nichole pulled him, “We were able to find someone smoothly last time and exchange you. My sister must have helped too. Won’t you say thank you to her?”

Hubert looked at Nichole very helplessly, “Nichole, you know I like her, and you let me get in touch with her, won’t you be jealous?”

Nichole said, “I will envy my sister. You like her so much. I know you want to see her, but I just endure it. I like to see you happy. If you are happy, I will be happy.”

Hubert suddenly realized that he was not as clear as her, and seeing the person she likes happy, is it not happiness?

Why does it have to be for oneself to be regarded as love?

He stretched out his hand to hold Nichole in his arms, “Promise me, you will always be with me.”

Nichole also hugged him and said, “I will, I will always be with you, watching you with gray hair and becoming an old grandfather.”

Hubert squeezed her face, “I’m old, won’t you be old?”

“I won’t be old, I may always be like this.” Nichole said with a big smile.

“Let’s get off the handlebar.” Nichole pushed the car door.

Hubert said yes.

When they got out of the car, a few more cars drove in from the side of the road.

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