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Chapter 887

The car stopped on the side of the road, three black luxury cars stopped, and seven or eight people got out from inside.

“What do they do?” Nichole asked, standing behind Hubert, looking at those people.

Hubert shook his head, he didn’t know who these were.

They saw them put forward boxes from the carriage, large and small, and one of them looked like a password box made of super metal material for storing valuables.

They carried one and walked towards the villa.

“Let’s go in together.” Nichole said.

Hubert also wanted to see what these people were doing, so he nodded and followed them into the front yard of the villa. The person in the front rang the doorbell.

It was Samantha who came to open the door. Because of yesterday’s news, Carla probably knew what Ryan had been doing these days, but he still didn’t come back and was very worried about him, so she didn’t sleep much at night and got up early in the morning.”

“Thinking that Ryan should come back, but he didn’t come back until noon, she ate something casually at noon, and when she felt sleepy, she went upstairs to take a nap.

In the living room, Nelson and Alan played chess, and Kurtis accompanied Iris to play a game of poker.

The central air-conditioning is on in the room, which is very cool. Xenia washes fruits in the kitchen. After lunch, she serves fruits for half an hour.

When the doorbell was ringing, everyone unconsciously glanced at the door. After all, Ryan hadn’t returned for a few days, and everyone thought it was him.

Samantha thought so too, but the door opened, and the person standing outside the door was not the expected person.

“Who are you?” Samantha asked vigilantly.

“We are an insurance company.” The man was wearing a black suit, standing upright and looking very sk!llful, with white gloves on his hands. “We are entrusted by Mr. Blair to send things here.”

“Insurance company?” Although Samantha was puzzled, Mr. Blair was no stranger to these three words.

“We are the staff,” the other four people said.

Alecia responded quickly. When she heard that, she knew what these people were doing. Carla said that she was going to hold a wedding with Ryan, so there must be a lot of wedding supplies to buy.

Could it be that Carla’s wedding dress was customized by Ryan?

She put down the playing cards in her hand and patted Iris, “You go upstairs and tell your mommy to come down.”

The little girl was very obedient, put down the playing cards in her hand and ran upstairs.

Alecia was afraid that she would fall, and asked her to slow down.

There were a total of eight of them, plus Hubert and Nichole, who came in at once. Fortunately, the place was big enough and it didn’t appear too crowded.

“When did you come here?” Hubert asked when she saw Kurtis asked.

“Ryan’s wedding, how can I not come.” Kurtis said.

Hubert’s expression paused, as if he knew what these people were doing in an instant.

“Why are you here?” Kurtis asked him.

Hubert was in a daze. It was Nichole who touched him with her hand before returning to his senses. He looked up at Nichole and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Kurtis looked at him a little more inquisitively, and said, “I’m asking you how come you are here.”

Hubert said, “I came with Nichole. We are going back to Tatevel. She will come and say goodbye to Miss Lane.”

He wanted to say Carla, but he took it back in time and changed it to Miss Lane.

Alan didn’t play chess with Nelson anymore and ran over to see what was in the boxes.

When Carla was pulled down by her daughter, she saw so many people in the living room.

Iris didn’t see Nichole coming when she went upstairs. She only saw Nichole when she went downstairs. She shouted in surprise, “Auntie.”

Carla followed her daughter’s voice and looked over, and naturally saw Hubert and Nichole.

She greeted peacefully, “You are here.”

Hubert slightly raised his head and watched her walk downstairs. She was holding her daughter in one hand and holding the handrails of the stairs. She looked very cautious. He could clearly see her bulging belly in her skirt.

Although her face was still awkward as she was asleep, he felt that she was living well, her face was full of tenderness, and she looked happy.

Maybe Nichole is right. It is also a kind of happiness to see the happiness of the person you like.

“I and Nichole came here to say goodbye to you. We originally planned to return to Tatevel. Unfortunately, we just heard that you are going to have a wedding. I am afraid it will be delayed. Will you hand me the invitation?” Hubert smiled Say.

“Yes, we are friends.” Carla also smiled and walked over and asked, “What are these?”

Alecia said, “Of course it’s all for you.”

“For me?” Carla still didn’t believe it.

“Are you Carla Lane, Miss Lane?” asked the person with the password box among the people who came to deliver the items.

Carla nodded, “I am.”

“Let’s open them all.” They stood in a row, opening the boxes in their hands one by one.

Put it in front of Carla.

Then everyone was stunned.

Only Nelson was very calm.

In that password box, there is a crown, which is shining in black velvet.

Alecia pointed, “Here, are all diamonds on it?”

If it’s all true, that would be too extravagant.

“Of course it is. This was taken by me at an auction in the participating country more than 20 years ago.”

This is a royal crown. In 1959, Farah, who was only 21 years old, was married with Charley Palafe, who was still the crown prince, for a wedding ceremony. It took six months to make the crown. Up to 1600 grams, there are 1469 diamonds on it, 36 gems, and the largest loose diamond in front of the crown reaches 150 carats. It is luxurious and precious.

In 1983, the crown was sold to a national auction house, and it was not auctioned for more than nine years. At that time, it was auctioned by an anonymous person in the country for 72 million, and there was a lot of rumors about who took it away.

Because it is relatively secretive, the outside world does not know who bought it, only that it is a Z country person. At that time, some people speculated that it was a wealthy woman.

He took this crown and wanted to give it to Della. Although the two were husband and wife, he never showed her his heart.

This is the biggest regret in his life.

He stored the crown in a foreign insurance company and learned that Ryan was going to have a wedding with Carla, and he sent it back specially.

Ryan also asked someone to find the necklace and earrings that matched this crown. The other party was reluctant to sell it. Later, he didn’t know how to persuade the owner and bought it back.

“Tsk tsk.”

Alecia couldn’t help but slap her lips.

“I like it too.” Iris blinked her eyes, really shiny.

Nelson touched the top of his granddaughter’s head, “Let your mom pass it to you in the future, and you will wear it when you get married.”

“Wow, so happy.” Iris was full of excitement, and wanted to grow up immediately and wear this crown.

It’s really beautiful.

The other box contained necklaces and earrings.

The staff box contained wedding dresses and dresses.

Knowing that Carla grew up, Ryan specially asked Mrs. William to help Carla design the wedding dress.

Of course, Mrs. William would.

At that exhibition, Ryan saw the beauty of the traditional style, which was shocking, but he felt that Carla was more suitable for flawless white, and red was too public. Carla had a quieter personality, and white was more suitable.

There are four sets, Ryan’s suit, Carla’s wedding dress and two dresses.

Because she was pregnant, they were all specially tailored.

“In the past half month, more than 30 of our masters rushed to make it.” The staff member said.

Because they know Carla, he speaks more cordially.

“Mrs. William also sent you a letter.”

Chapter 888

Carla didn’t tear the letter apart immediately.

Instead, she looked at the wedding dress, because it was stacked in a box dedicated to the wedding dress, and she couldn’t see the appearance.

Alecia really wanted to see the appearance of Carla’s wedding dress, “You can try it on.”

Carla looked at her, “It will be suitable.”

She had been with her for so many years, and Mrs. William knows her figure very well and has long been familiar with her preferences.

“Oh, we want to see what you look like in a wedding dress, Mommy, you go try it.” Iris pulled Carla’s skirt coquettishly, “Mommy, you must look good in a wedding dress, just wear it. Show us it.”

“Mommy, just put it on and try it.” Alan was also looking forward to it.

“Sister, try it, I want to see it too.” Nichole said.

Carla had no choice but to let them down if she didn’t try it on, so she nodded and said, “Okay.”

Alecia took the box and said, “I will help you.”

Carla went to Alecia’s room and tried on her wedding dress. The curtains were closed and Alecia said, “Take off your clothes.”

I had lived together before, and I was not ashamed to be close to Carla, except for a long skirt on the inner and outer body, which he took off easily.

Alecia picked up the wedding dress and turned around, and saw that she was wearing only inner-clothes. She was very white, the white glowing in the light. Except for the bulging belly, there was no extra fat on her arms and thighs, and the lines were slender.

The ch3st is like a round white steamed bun, and the seduct!ve silhouette can be seen when wrapped in the inner-clothes. The butt0cks are curled and rounded, the groin and the back are connected, and the shoulders are also exquisitely drawn as if they were drawn.

Perfect, even the waist did not grow extra side meat because of pregnancy, she took the wedding dress over, “No wonder your husband likes you so much.”

Carla looked at her speechlessly, “What are you talking about?”

Alecia leaned against her ear, “I said that you are in good shape and you are pregnant, and I also have the urge to look at you. I like it as a woman, let alone a man.”

Carla, “…”

The wedding dress is designed with shoulder-wrapped skirts, and the skirt is very large, spreading out to occupy the entire room. Because of her pregnancy, she did not design a style that highlights her figure, but emphasized gorgeousness.

Below the waist and abdomen are layers of lace, covering the bulging belly, and the edges are dotted with intricate patterns made of soft satin. There is no extra decoration, simple and delicate, sparkling luxurious and elegant charm.

“It looks good, white really suits you, and it fits you well.” Alecia looked at her with light in her eyes, “Hurry up and show it to your son and daughter.”

Carla looked down at the wedding dress on her body, and suddenly felt the complicated mood when she was about to get married.

She thought that she would never wear a wedding dress in this life.

But, together with the person that she thought was absolutely impossible to be together.

Still having children.

This is the answer to that sentence, the unpredictable words of the world.

Alecia walked to the front and opened the door, and then returned to help her hug the skirt. The skirt was too large and the door was not easy to come out.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, everyone cast their gazes over, wanting to see the style.

However, Carla’s appearance in the wedding dress did not disappoint, like a person who walked out of a fairy tale.

Quiet and generous, gentle and beautiful.

Hubert looked at her coming out of the room, as if she was imagining that she was walking towards him, with the unbelievable surprise and joy in his eyes.

Nichole didn’t notice him with her eyes, but looked at Carla intently, because she was so good-looking that she had forgotten the people and things around.

However, Kurtis discovered his strange vision. He just learned that Carla was going to have a wedding with Ryan. He was in a daze, and he guessed it. Unexpectedly, he really liked Carla.

How else would you have such an expression?

“Mummy is so beautiful.” Iris rushed over and touched the wedding dress, “When can I wear it.”

One sentence made everyone laugh.

Because the wedding dress fits well, the other two dresses are not tried on.

The size is very accurate.

Carla changed the wedding dress and put it back in the box.

Everything is temporarily stored in the study, and the rooms downstairs are full of people. It is too much trouble to get them upstairs.

Alecia went to send the people who came to deliver the things out, and said a few words with the people.

Taking advantage of the emptiness of Iris pulling Nichole’s speech, Kurtis called Hubert aside, “Do you like Carla?”

Hubert denied, “I have a wife.”

He doesn’t want to cause trouble to others, since he has no fate, he won’t be extravagant.

Kurtis looked at him for a while, as if he was weighing the truth of what he said.

“I hope you can remember your words, you have a wife.” Kurtis didn’t want him to covet his nephew’s wife.

And Carla is still his apprentice.

Alan has been holding Carla’s hand, fearing that she will run away if he let go, but he still sighs with emotion, “It’s a pity that your husband didn’t see you in a wedding dress.”

Carla knocked her head, “How do you talk?”

“Isn’t he your husband?” After Alan was afraid she would beat him, he ran away.

She sighed, the child became smaller and smaller.

Because Hubert decided to attend Carla’s wedding, he would meet in Tatevel a few days later, stayed in the villa for a while, and left in the afternoon.

There were too many people, and he didn’t find a chance to speak with Carla alone.

Carla also deliberately avoided suspicion and did not contact him.

She couldn’t figure it out, pretending to be confused, knowing his mind, and still contacting him.

After all, everyone already has their own family, so it’s better to be estranged.

And Nichole was such a simple child, she didn’t want Hubert to hurt her.

Ryan still didn’t come back that day. When the night was quiet, she would miss him very much. Carla was lying on the bed, thinking of the letter from Mrs. William to her, she took it out and tore open the envelope.

She was very familiar with Mrs. William’s handwriting. When the letter was opened, the handwriting inside immediately caught her eye.

She was half leaning against the head of the bed.

Read the content inside.

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