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Chapter 889


It’s been a long time since I saw you, I feel that time has passed so fast, and my mind is still the same as when you first entered.

In a blink of an eye, many years have passed, and you have found your home. Congratulations.

Mr. Blair is a nice man, I am very happy for you.

I personally designed the wedding dress. I hope you like it. If it wasn’t for my age and health, I would definitely attend your wedding.

I hope to have a chance to meet again in the future.

I wish you a happy marriage!

Looking at the letter, Carla also thought that when she first went there, because Mrs. William gave herself a chance, she thought she would stay forever, but she didn’t want to not only return home, but also set up her own studio.

She thought she would not have love and happiness, but now she will also enter the palace of marriage.

How incredible?

She folded the letter paper and looked out the window, Ryan’s face appeared inexplicably in front of her, and she suddenly missed him.

Don’t know when he will be back. In order not to cause trouble for him, she has not contacted him. Today, she suddenly wanted to contact him, the kind that couldn’t be restrained.

She picked up the phone, swiped the screen to find Ryan’s phone number, hesitated, and when she wanted to dial out, it suddenly rang.

It turned out to be the number she wanted to dial.

She hardly hesitated, and immediately picked it up.


Ryan is very busy these days. Through Herman’s relationship, he has met officials from the same period as Carr.

It was also from there that he got the information that Mr. Carr committed a crime a long time ago.

Knowing the ins and outs of the specific matter, he sent someone there to verify the facts, verify, and find someone to certify the physical evidence. Before the incident broke out, he personally went there, for fear of any discrepancies.

He didn’t let Herman get involved, he just used his relationship to learn some unknown past events, and he was operating the rest.

While bringing all the victims to City B, he communicated with the major media through his own relationship. Instead of looking for someone to take over the case, he let the media explode, let the matter go, and put pressure on the government.

People are biased towards the weak, and most of those who come are old and old, small and small, and the natural beliefs of the people are naturally biased towards them.

The above has to give the public a statement.

At the same time, Dexter’s affair broke out again, making the matter unstoppable.

Although he is not in the officialdom, he is very clear about people’s hearts. No matter where he is, there will be people jealous. As long as there is a slight difference, someone will definitely help.

As he expected, things are developing smoothly, and they are paying attention to it. As far as he knows, a task force has been set up on it. Once the evidence is conclusive, it will definitely be tried.

It’s a fact, it’s just a matter of time.

To keep the heat up, he let the people hired by Ramiro keep breaking the news on the Internet and creating topics to keep the heat up and let more people know about it.

After ending the date with the heads of the two major media, he hurried to the villa. He has been running outside these days and has no time to come back. Today is over, so he just needs to focus on his movements later.

When he parked the car and wanted to walk into the house, he suddenly wanted to know if Carla missed him.

She has not contacted him in the past few days.

He leaned on the car door and dialed Carla’s number.

However, to his surprise, the phone was picked up as soon as he dialed.

He couldn’t help but be stunned, but quickly reacted.

“Are you looking at your phone?” How could you answer the phone so quickly?

Carla said, “Are you okay?”

She wanted to say that “I missed you and wanted to call you.”

Ryan raised his head and looked at the sky. The weather today is very good. There are so many stars. He curled his lips. “I thought I didn’t?”

Carla got off the bed, walked to the single sofa in front of the window and sat down, leaned back slightly, and said, “I missed you, can you appear in front of me immediately?”

“How about I make a wish to God and let it take me to your side immediately?”

Carla smiled, “Then you allow it.”

“You haven’t said that you miss me, how can I make a wish?” Ryan chuckled, just wanting to hear her say that she missed him.

Carla didn’t conceal her thoughts, and said softly, “I missed you, I miss you very much.”

“Then I will make a wish to God at once.” He turned and walked into the house, instead of ringing the doorbell, but using the code to open the door of the villa. At this time, everyone seemed to have rested. Only a dim night light was on in the living room. very quiet.

He put on slippers and stepped on the stairs, his movements were very light, afraid of disturbing the family.

“See if God can send me to your eyes.”

Carla couldn’t help but feel funny, “Do you still believe in God?”

“People who have no faith, no soul, hurry up and count.”

Carla thinks he is so childish and cute at this time.

“Then I count?”


Carla said good, then counted, “10,9,8,……3,2,1……”

Click, after the sound of the last number she had counted fell, the door rang, and then the door panel was pushed open.

She turned her head and looked over.

In the dim light, she saw a tall figure, vaguely visible the outline of her lovesickness.


There was a slight tremor in her voice, she couldn’t believe he would appear.

Ryan smiled, “It’s me…”

Before he could finish his words, Carla leaped over and hugged him, buried her head in his arms, “I was very worried about you these days.”

Ryan lowered his head and k!ssed her forehead, “Why didn’t you call me?”

“I was afraid of causing you trouble and distracting you.” Carla looked up at him and asked through the dim light, “Did you miss me?”

“missed you.”

Carla pursed her lips, “Me too.”

After speaking, standing on tiptoe and k!ssing his lips, Ryan hugged her waist and responded.

Carla today is very enthusiastic.

Ryan said, “I’ll take a shower.”

He hasn’t rested well these days and has been outside.

Carla could smell the sweat on his body, faint, but she didn’t find it unpleasant, she laughed, “I don’t dislike what you look like, even if you are unshaven and unclean, it doesn’t matter, I still like you.”

“Don’t you know that my resistance to you is very low? If you do this, it will make me feel that you are s3duce-lead me.” Ryan stroked her face, ran his fingers across her ears, and rubbed her neck.

Carla reached out to unbutt0n his shirt, “So what do you want?”

He looked down at her hand, attached his l!ps to her ears, and whispered, “Hold you to b3d.”

Sticking to her so close, can smell the faint scent of her body, it smells very good, as if it exudes alluring deliciousness, and makes people have the urge to taste.

Thinking so, he did the same.

He picked her up by her waist and lay flat on the bed.

But Carla was not honest, but got up and pushed him down, r0de on his straddle, and lay down on him like this, “Let me just hold you like this.”

Ryan, “…”

He wants more than just a hug.

“Wife.” He said hoarsely.

Chapter 890

Carla gave a hum and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Are you going to just hold me like this?” Ryan blinked, his thick eyelashes trembling slightly, and there were sporadic fires hidden in his eyes.

“Don’t you like me holding you?” Carla deliberately pretended not to understand what he meant.

Ryan circled her waist, and didn’t dare to use too much force, just hugged gently, “Let’s do something else.”

Carla asked, “What do you do?”

“Do what couples like to do.” He rubbed Carla’s waist across the thin cloth.

Carla raised her head and said, “I like you to be more serious.”

Ryan, “…”

Obviously, she was the one who s3duce him first, and it’s over, now he is not allowed to move.

Did she make him uncomfortable on purpose?

Besides, is it not serious to do what should be done between husband and wife?

Carla got up and sat aside, “Go wash and sleep.”

Ryan could not afford to lie down, and said lightly, “Don’t you dislike the smell of sweat on my body?”

“If you are not uncomfortable and can lie in bed and fall asleep, I will not dislike it.” Carla pulled the thin quilt under him and prepared to sleep.

Ryan sat up and glanced at her, “I can’t sleep. It’s definitely not because I didn’t take a bath.”

Carla pretended not to hear, and told him that Nelson and Kurtis were here.

Ryan gave a hum, stood up, and went to take a bath.

Carla hasn’t slept, waiting for him to come out.

About half an hour later, the bathroom door opened, Ryan was wrapped in a white bath towel, and Carla came down to help him get his pajamas.

Ryan refused, “I don’t wear it.”

Carla, “…”

Glancing at him up and down, “Are you going to sleep like this?”

Ryan nodded.

Carla, “…”

“Are you going to be shameless?” This man really is.

There is no way to let her.

“When I am in front of you, when will I have a face?” As he said, he reached out and touched Carla’s belly, “I want a face, how can you be pregnant with a child?”

Carla, “…”

She threw the pajamas on the bed, “Do you like to wear it or not.”

After finishing speaking, she was on the bed, cold face, pretending to be angry.

Ryan came over and looked down at her, “Are you angry?”

Carla turned her head and remained silent.

“Okay, I’ll wear it.” Ryan picked up the pajamas and stood in front of her, “Will you help me tear off the bath towel?”

Carla, “…”


Before she could finish her words, she was gagged with h!s mouth.

Ryan k!ssed her lightly and asked, “Are you really angry?”

Carla said, “I’m serious, will you make me happy?”

He said without thinking, “Yes.”

Before Carla could answer, he walked to the closet and took out Carla’s pajamas.

Carla looked at him and asked in confusion, “What are you doing with my pajamas?”

“I put it on.”

Carla couldn’t imagine what he was wearing a suspender, but it was funny thinking about it. She couldn’t help but raise the corners of her lips, “Don’t make trouble, it’s broken for me.”

“You laughed.” Ryan walked over.

Carla took off the pajamas, “I was not angry at all.”

“Then you lied to me?” Ryan raised his eyebrows.

Carla explained hurriedly, “I didn’t mean it, it was you…”

“I don’t care, I want to punish you.” He hugged h3r into the quilt and quickly threw her pajamas out.

Carla bit her lower l!p against his hot skin.

He was restrained because of her pregnancy.

The long night is long and lingering.

The curtain was slowly opened in the morning, and the summer sun always came out very early, rushing into the house through the gaps in the curtains.

Ryan felt that his arms were empty. He stretched out his hand and touched it. The side was also empty. There was no heat. He opened his eyes and there was no one beside him.

Carla said that she woke up early and there were many people in her family. As the hostess, she didn’t get up late. Although Ryan didn’t mention anything about what happened, she knew that he must be very tired these days, so when she got up very light, she was afraid of waking him up, and wanted to let him sleep a little longer.

Now Samantha has retired from the kitchen. Xenia does all the breakfast, and Samantha is in charge of some housework.

Today, Carla is also helping in the kitchen. There are more people in the family and there are more meals to be prepared. It will be very busy if one person prepares.

Breakfast was basically ready at seven o’clock. Everyone got up one after another. It was the last time Iris got up every time. The little girl liked to sleep late.

Carla walked out without seeing Ryan, thinking that he might not get up yet, he slept very heavily last night, and he must have not rested well outside these few days.

She went to see her daughter, lazily lying on the bed, unable to get up, with loose hair.

“Get up for breakfast.” Carla found her clothes and put them on the bed, “Get up, I will dress you.”

“I won’t wear it, and I won’t eat anymore.” Then she wrapped herself in the quilt and couldn’t come out.

Carla pulled the quilt, and she wrapped it tighter.

Alan stood by the door, “Don’t call her. She will get up if you don’t ask her to get up when she gets hungry later.”

Carla turned to look at her son, “Have you washed up?”

Alan nodded.

Carla felt helpless for her daughter, so she fell asleep.

She went out of the room, opened the door of the bedroom and walked in. She saw that the person on the bed was still sleeping. She didn’t call him the first time, but went into the bathroom and put separately the suit that was to be taken. Dry-cleaned, the clothes inside are washed at home.

Ryan didn’t fall asleep when he woke up, but didn’t get up. He really didn’t sleep much in the past few days. He slept well last night. He heard the door ring and thought she would call him. As a result, no sound was heard.

He got up and walked to the bathroom door to see that she was cleaning the vanity. He walked in and hugged her from behind, “Let the maid do it, or let Samantha do it.”

“There are many people in the family, and they are also very busy. The house is so big and they have to be wiped every day, otherwise, there will be dust, and the rooms upstairs and downstairs have to be cleaned up, and if I do something, I also have to exercise properly, otherwise. It’s not easy to produce.”

She turned her head and looked at him, “Why don’t you sleep a little longer, I didn’t call you when I saw you were sleeping.”

Ryan’s chin lowered on her shoulders, “I have slept enough, should I find a servant?”

“No, would you still go out today?” Carla asked.

The two servants are already busy.

It is inconvenient to have too many outsiders at home, and not every one is suitable.

“Go out, but it’s okay to be late.” He took Carla’s hand towel to clean the glass, “I’ll clean it for you.”

Carla didn’t give him, “You won’t clean it, you wash, and breakfast is ready. When you come back, you have to say hello to your dad and uncle, and you can’t always stay upstairs.”

Ryan k!ssed her on the cheek and said, “I listen to you.”

He washed and Carla walked out. At this time, Ryan’s mobile phone on the bedside table rang. Carla picked it up.

It showed a number without a name. She didn’t answer it. She picked it up, walked to the bathroom door, and handed it to Ryan, “Your phone rang.”

Ryan was washing his face and said, “You can pick it up for me.”

Carla pressed the answer button and answered.

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