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Chapter 903

Trying on the dress the day before, she was sure and she had been busy with makeup. At night, Ryan was not around and suffered from insomnia. As a result, it was past 8 o’clock in the morning, and she was still not awake.

Because there is a custom that two people who are going to get married the day before the wedding cannot meet, Ryan was not at home all day yesterday and stayed outside at the hotel at night.

The makeup artist and stylist had already arrived at the villa. Alecia ran upstairs and dug out the sleeping Carla from the bed, “Today is your wedding day, can you still fall asleep?”

Carla opened her eyes in a daze, and saw Alecia’s anxious face, “The time hasn’t come yet, right?”

Alecia, “…”

“Then you are going to go to the auditorium in pajamas? Everyone is waiting for you, get up quickly.” Alecia was helpless.

This bride-to-be is heartbroken.

Carla became sober a lot, rubbed her eyes, and asked, “What time is it?”

“It’s almost nine o’clock, you haven’t put on makeup or changing clothes, what are you going to make? If you don’t want to get married, I will call your husband now.” Alecia teased her deliberately.

Carla got out of bed to wash her face, this whole talent came to a sense of consciousness, Alecia pulled her, “Let’s go, let the make-up artist give you a massage.”

Carla, “…”

“There is still time. Don’t be so anxious. You can’t run anyway.” Carla helped her stomach and walked out following her footsteps.

Alecia paused and looked back at her, “What can’t you run?”

“Groom,” Carla answered as expected.

Alecia, “…”

She held her forehead and chuckled, “Co-author, are you confident, right?”

Carla laughed and said, “Just kidding, let’s go.”

She went back to the room and brushed her teeth, then went downstairs.

During this process, Alecia watched quietly, thinking in her heart, it would be better if Ryan saw her like this.

His bride not took him seriously and didn’t put him in the eye at all.

If he knew, she didn’t know what he’d say.

Alan and Iris are flower girls, so they have to make up and change clothes.

Today, Nichole also came to help. The makeup artist is putting makeup on Iris. Nichole is helping Alan with the dress. The small black suit is customized according to his height and weight. The tailoring fits well. The white shirt has a black neckline. The collar flower looks like a little gentleman.

“Sister.” Seeing Carla’s words come down, Nichole greeted her with a smile.

Carla also laughed.

“Do your hair first.” Alecia pulled Carla onto the chair and asked the stylist to give her a bridal hairstyle first.

Then put on makeup.

The stylist had already prepared everything. Just waiting for Carla, she took out the curling iron as soon as she took the stylist. She had already decided on the styling, so now she just needs to do it.

The stylist put all her hair up, leaving a strand on her forehead, and curled it up with a curling iron. Using high-tech braiding techniques on both sides, she braided all the hair, both sides are the same, and finally, they are coiled behind her head.

Alecia took the crown out of the secret box and handed it to the stylist. When trying to shape it, she used a fake diamond crown, but this crown was real.

The stylist’s eyes lighted up, “As a famous stylist, I have done styling for many brides. I have seen many crowns, most of which are custom-made. Although they are all real diamonds, none of them have so many and so big.”

“The color is so top-notch. It’s really so beautiful. It doesn’t look like domestic craftsmanship. When it comes to the craftsmanship of the crown, you have to count foreign countries.

Chapter 904

Alecia urged, “Don’t sigh, hurry up, you haven’t put on makeup yet.”

The stylist smiled and carefully put the crown on Carla’s head. The veil was not worn, it was too long, and could only be worn after the makeup was applied.

After more than ten minutes, the makeup artist put on Iris’s makeup, as if he was doing her hairstyle, the makeup artist began to put makeup on.

When putting makeup on Carla, the makeup artist smiled and said, “I found your facial features are really beautiful.”

Each of them is exquisite to impeccable when taken out. When combined together, it is not a stunning beauty, but the kind that looks more beautiful as you look at it, and it feels more and more flavorful.

Carla smiled.

The makeup artist sighed with emotion when she came yesterday, but today she still couldn’t help but said, “I really can’t tell. You are the mother of three children. You are really young.”

Carla smiled politely.

She couldn’t follow this up because she was really young. Normally she was only married at her age. She was still studying at the age of eighteen, and when she was eighteen, she had already become a mother.

After about an hour, her makeup was done well, and the way she usually does not wear makeup, there is a sense of purity, exquisiteness, and generosity in the simplicity.

After putting on makeup, it becomes more exquisite and beautiful, and the whole body exudes the unique charm that only a woman can have.

Alecia stood aside and sighed, “You can often put on makeup in the future, it’s so beautiful.”

Carla looked at her, “Are you complimenting me or saying I am ugly without makeup?”

“Make-up is the finishing touch. Your original look is also beautiful, but adding embellishments will make it even more glamorous.” said the makeup artist.

Carla drew makeup and went to wear the wedding dress. Alecia’s last make-up was ready, and it was almost eleven o’clock.

Alecia arranged her wedding dress, and the stylist put the veil on her for the final preparations.

Because she didn’t have many friends, she wanted to ask Alecia to be her bridesmaid, but Alecia refused because of her own relationship.

There are many customs to pay attention to when getting married. People who have been married or unhappy are not suitable to be bridesmaids. Although Carla doesn’t care, she doesn’t want her misfortune to bring others trouble.

Therefore, there is no bridesmaid and best man at this wedding.

There is no bridesmaid here, so Ryan did not arrange a best man.

Although there are suitable candidates.

Otherwise, there is a best man over there, and there is no bridesmaid here and it would not look good.

For the sake of harmony, no arrangements were made.

Everything was ready, Carla sat on the sofa and waited for the wedding team.

Alecia and Nichole helped her lift up the skirt, and Samantha and Xenia prepared the dowry.

Herman prepared the dowry. He felt that Carla’s parents were no longer there, and he should prepare for her as a parent.

He has money in his hand, and it was his elder brother who left it to Carla, so he was very generous.

Jewelry, gold and jade artifacts, real estate, cash, it is said that if a quilt must be given the marriage the embroidery on the quilt is woven with gold thread.

Quilt, homophonic for a lifetime.

That’s why Herman put a lot of effort into it. He didn’t understand this at first. He had listened to the wedding planning company to be so thoughtful.

The dowry fills half of the living room.

Because of the last incident, many media helped Ryan, so he promised several big media to do exclusive reports.

Xenia and Samantha arranged the dowry neatly, the red suitcases containing cash were open, and the banknotes filled three boxes.

Herman’s purpose is simple. Carla’s husband’s family is very rich, but she is not bad and cannot be spread by the outside world. She too belongs to a well known family.

He wants everyone to know that she is also wealthy, and Ryan is not only a talented man, but she also is a good match.

Let others fail to say a word.

The reporter took pictures of these dowries.

Samantha stood at the window waiting for the welcoming team.

At twelve o’clock at noon, she saw the welcoming team like a winding dragon, all-black luxury cars, slowly approaching from a distance, she said in surprise, “Come on, here, the team to pick up the bride.”

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