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Chapter 1721

This time the war was won.

Who gets the most credit?

That is definitely Levi!

Despite the emergence of the Trex clan, victory was achieved.

But their appearance is just at the end.

Four-fifths of things were done by Levi.

Especially the most threatening weapon of God k!ller.

Levi “tested poison with his own body” and consumed all the energy boxes of the k!lling weapon.

Including the upgraded version.

This allowed the real threat to disappear.

Otherwise, the weapons of k!lling gods could also pose a great threat to the Trex clan.

In any case, Levi is the one who has contributed the most.

He led Velador’s passionate fighters to turn the tide.

So everyone wants him to live.

Even if it’s dead.

A little trace must be found.

Carpet search by tens of thousands.

But there is no miracle.

Not only did they not see Levi, they didn’t even have a trace of him.

“Lord is gone, I saw him get beaten up with my own eyes!”

“The k!lling weapon is just that terrifying, and it makes people disappear in an instant!”

Bryant and the others were unwilling to accept this result, but there was no way.

“I hope God will take care of Velador, and let’s have another miracle!”

Everyone prayed silently in their hearts.

“Boom boom…”

Tens of thousands of soldiers opened fire to the sky to pay tribute to Levi.

the other side.

After Roderick was taken to the War Eagle country, he received the highest courtesy and the most generous treatment.

Richard and the others agreed to all the conditions he put forward.

These islands and land are even more important.

Even the promise of making him king must be fulfilled.

There are many small affiliated countries with the War Eagle country.

Under Richard’s lobbying, the Eagle Nation decided to cede one of its largest subject states to Roderick and let him be the king.

The ceremony of becoming king will be held in seven days.

Although the battle was not won.

But Roderick’s name spread all over the world, making him the hottest character.

Now many international female superstars come to visit him, willing to be his lover.

Some top rich international men came to him, willing to spend huge sums of money to buy the k!ller weapons in his hands.

There are also more and more people coming to take refuge internationally.

Roderick, an ordinary person, stood on top of the world.

“I also have the credit, at least I k!lled Levi! I really want to tell Sarah the news personally!”

Roderick gave a perverted smile.

Compared with Roderick’s excitement, Richard and others are unhappy.

They planned for so long.

Gathered such a powerful force.

But didn’t expect it to fall short in the end.

Even the younger brother was almost k!lled.

Seeing Jefferson’s miserable appearance now, he didn’t get angry.

“Brother, fortunately, Levi is dead, and I am avenged!”

After seeing the power of Levi, Jefferson knew that he had little hope of revenge.

Fortunately, there was Roderick’s k!lling weapon.

“Yes, after all, we still took advantage. At least Levi is dead. Otherwise, he would threaten us too much in the future!”

“What makes me wonder is where did Velador’s last reinforcements come from? Who are they?”

Richard rubbed his chin and thought.

Jefferson was thinking too.

The pictures that flashed in his mind were all Levi.

His body is shaking all the time.

Recalling Levi’s various things, he was really scared.

This is the person he has feared the most since he was a child.

He even had a strong feeling.

Levi was not dead at all.

Levi’s voice lingered in his ears-no matter he escape to the end of the world, he will catch him back.

Can’t escape from him!

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