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Chapter 909

It took about an hour from the villa to the wedding location. In big cities, there are many cars and long fleets, so the driving is slower, but the time is calculated. Nelson went to see it in the afternoon, three ten. Points are the best time, so worried that it will be late.

The car was too conspicuous on this road, and with reports from several major media, news spread soon.

Everyone was curious about who Ryan would marry, and whether it was the woman who appeared in the mall with him last time.

After all, the previous news seemed very intimate.

Everyone became curious about this woman again.

Judging from the exposure of the dowry, everyone knows that this is not the drama of the crow becoming a phoenix, after all, dowry is very proud.

There were speculations before, and it was also said that this woman wanted to rely on the child in her stomach to get the upper hand.

It’s obviously not right now, because they are rich and powerful, and it’s not that they can’t rely on betraying their bodies to win high positions.

For a time, everyone felt that this was a well-to-do wealthy wedding, and blessings were also given to such a combination.

After all, the bride not only looks beautiful, but also has a good family, and some of them are just envious and less jealous.

If Carla is a woman with a mediocre family, everyone will speculate about what means she used to get to the top, and which “Cinderella” who dreams of marrying a wealthy family will think, I am actually no worse than her, why can’t I Marry this handsome and rich man?

The human heart is too complicated.

Still, remember the news before that she was a famous female college student and she was pretty. She was married to a divorced rich man who was twenty years older than herself. No matter how good she was, others would say that she did it for money and ignored her feelings.

Upon arriving at the wedding venue, Ryan took Carla to a lounge to rest, and he still needed to do some things, so after arriving at the venue, the two separated again.

Carla was sitting on the sofa with sweat on her hands. When she was in the car, she and Ryan held their hands too tightly. Before, she felt that she had no feeling for the wedding.

But when it comes to this day, there are still many feelings in her heart, longing and looking forward to it, and a little nervous.

She didn’t know what she was nervous about, she just felt nervous.

When Ryan held her hand, his mood was mixed. He thought of many things in the past. It was obviously a happy day, but in front of him, she wanted to shed tears.

“With us by your side, don’t be nervous.” Alecia saw her nervousness and comforted her.

Carla looked up at her, “You know what? I thought I was used to it, but when this day comes, I will still look forward to it.”

Alecia said, “Of course, women are all emotional.”

Besides, marriage is a very important thing for women.

Doesn’t it mean that marriage is the second time a woman is reborn?

“You should feel lucky.” Alecia shook her hand. “Most people get married first and then experience married life. But you experience married life first and then marry with fanfare. Risk, if you have a bad life, you won’t get married again, so you are still lucky.”

Carla’s lips curled up gently, as if it made sense.

At this moment someone knocked on the door of the lounge.

Alecia got up and opened the door. A woman in the clothes of a hotel attendant stood at the door, “Is there a Carla Lane here, Miss Lane?”

Alecia said, “Yes.”

The other party looked like a hotel attendant, so Alecia didn’t think much about it.

“Oh, I have a gift here. I have to give it to Miss Lane.” The waiter handed the gift box over.

Alecia didn’t answer. Just about to ask her who sent it, she heard a male voice, “Who asked you to send it?”

Peter came over.

Ryan was afraid of something wrong, and there was no result on the Carr family’s side. He was afraid that someone would make trouble. The whole wedding was patrolled by special personnel. Peter was in charge of Carla’s side, and Ryan trusted him.

In order for the wedding to go smoothly, he personally guarded the venue.

It just so happened that Alecia wanted to ask too. After hearing what Peter said, she didn’t ask anymore but looked at the waiter as if she was waiting for her answer.

Chapter 910

“Just a young lady.” The waiter said.

“A lady?” Alecia was curious. Carla knew who she knew best, but who else hadn’t come?

“Did she say what her name is?” Carla asked.

Because the wedding dress on her body was inconvenient, she did not get up and walked over, but heard their speech.

She also knew very well that all her friends should have come, and those who couldn’t have had blessed on the phone. No one said they would send gifts.

So for this unknown person, she is very vigilant.

The waiter shook her head, “She didn’t say her name, just asked me to bring this over.” The waiter said truthfully.

“Where did she give you things?” Peter asked.

There is surveillance everywhere here, as long as she provides clues, he thinks it is not difficult to find out who asked her to send it.

The waiter blinked and felt that there was something in it. They were so sensitive, as if she had sent a bomb.

Wait a minute, isn’t it a bomb?

Thinking of this, the waiter’s hands trembled.

She took a sip of water, “North Gate, a pretty lady who said she was a friend of the bride’s, asked me to send the wedding gift, I, I just brought it…”

After Peter heard her, he immediately called and asked people to watch the surveillance. After the explanation, he hung up the phone and took the gift box from the waitress.

“Go ahead.”

The waiter left immediately, as if one step later, they would come to find her for this.

Peter untied the ribbon on it, Alecia reached out and held it down, looked at him, and asked, “What are you doing?”

Peter said, “I open it and have a look at it. I don’t know who sent it. What if it’s something dangerous?”

If the dangerous goods hurt Carla, how could he explain to Ryan?

His concerns were reasonable, and Alecia reached out and stopped him, “Since there is danger, then you can’t open it, I’ll come.”

Peter was taken aback for a moment, and quickly reacted, “I can’t, you can do it?”

“I’m already miserable, I think my bad luck should be over, so no bad things will happen to me, so it’s better for me to come.”

Alecia was about to open it.


Carla stopped her.

“A gift for me. Is it suitable for you?” Carla walked over regardless of the inconvenience of the wedding dress and reached out to Alecia, “Give it to me.”

Alecia shook her head, “I can’t give this to you, what if it’s a bomb?”

“It’s a bomb, do you dismantle it?” Carla was tough. “give it to me.”

Alecia didn’t hold it.

Carla stretched out her hand, “Hurry up.”

Alecia looked up at Peter for help.

As soon as Peter wanted to persuade her, Carla interrupted him in advance, “It’s mine, no one can keep it away from me.”

Carla took the box over to the sofa and sat down. After taking a deep breath, she reached out and pressed the lid. When she wanted to open it, Alecia hurried over and said, “Don’t open it. Let’s talk about it after the wedding.”

Carla looked up at her, “If I don’t look, I’m not at ease.”

Alecia also wanted to persuade Carla, but she stopped, then took her hand away and opened the box.

There was a layer of exquisite wrapping paper and a card. Carla reached out and took it up and unfolded it. It said the words Happy Wedding.

Alecia stood aside and stretched her head to look.

“This word is pretty, who would it be?” she asked in a puzzled tone.

Carla raised her head and glanced at her, putting the card aside without saying anything, and opened the wrapping paper.

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