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Chapter 913

Carla asked her to wait, “I want to say a few words with Ryan.”

Alecia turned around and walked out of the room very wisely, closing the door smoothly.

Ryan helped her hold the hem of the wedding dress, let her sit on the sofa, and asked, “What do you want to tell me?”

Carla reached out and hooked his neck, letting him look at her.

At such a close distance, the breath of the nose was entangled together. Ryan wrapped his hands around her waist, and his deep eyes were gleaming with light. He slowly approached her ear and asked, “I want to be with you. what do you say?”

His distance was too close, Carla was a little hot on her face, just about to speak, but was blocked by two warm lips.

She slowly closed her eyes, curled eyelashes shaved and trembled on her eyelids, she felt his breathing, Carla did not move, letting his warm and hot l!ps press tightly.

Carla crawled on him and responded. After a long time, Ryan let go of her and they looked at each other. Carla saw the lipstick sticking to his l!ps and reached out to rub his lips, “I am very happy today.”

“Because you married me?” Ryan deliberately pretended not to understand what she meant, knowing that she was referring to the Durant family.

Carla wiped his lips. Knowing that he did it on purpose, she also deliberately pressed his mouth with her fingertips, and said, “It’s so stinky, it’s not rare for me to marry you…”

Before she could finish her words, Ryan grabbed her hand, pressed it on the sofa, and pressed it down. He put his hand on top of h3r, avoiding pressing h3r belly, and raised his eyebrows lightly. Marry me, who do you want to marry?”

Carla did not dodge, blinking and staring at him, “I wanted to marry the father of my children. I wanted to marry someone who can surprise me at the wedding. I want to marry a man named Ryan… …”

Ryan smirked and stretched out his hand to pinch her nose, “It’s not night yet, so you started to s3duce me?”

“Who hooked…”


At this time, the door was knocked, interrupting Carla, she pushed him, “Someone.”

Ryan let go of her, helped her arrange her wedding dress, dropped a k!ss on h3r forehead, got up, and opened the door.

Standing at the door, Peter glanced inside when he saw Ryan.

“Something?” Ryan looked at his eyes, as if there was something to tell Carla, and he avoided him, and asked, “Why, can’t you tell me?”

Peter shook his head, “No, I’m here to find you, everyone is waiting for you.”

The heads of several foreign branches, his wedding guests are all there, and he hasn’t said hello yet.

Ryan nodded.

Turning his head to look at Carla and said, “See you later.”

Carla said, “Go ahead.”

When Ryan left, Peter came in, and he let people check the surveillance. He had already found the person who gave the gift, but he did not tell Carla but said to her, “The person who gave the gift I didn’t find, it should be an ordinary person’s gift.”

Carla nodded. After all, it was not a dangerous thing, so she didn’t take it seriously.

“Then I’m busy.” Peter left after speaking.

Alecia came over to help her change her dress.

The dress is red, and it is also tailor-made for her, but it will not be as long as a wedding dress. It is much easier to walk to the length of the ankle, and there is no need to wear high heels.

After she changed her clothes, Alecia helped her remove the veil. After removing the veil, the hairstyle and dress were matched. It was a different feeling, very coordinated, and another kind of beauty.

“Where are the two of them?”

Carla asked.

Alecia said, “In the next room.”

Carla nodded, “Let’s follow me later.”

“Wait later, your husband will take you to meet a lot of people. I’m not going to follow suit.”

Alecia knows how to score. Today is her wedding. When she came to the room just now, she saw Ryan and many people talking, and some people were clamoring to see Carla. She would definitely not be appropriate to follow.

“There is nothing inappropriate, you are my friend,” Carla said that it was ulterior motive for Carla to let her stay with her.

Chapter 914

Alecia still wanted to refuse, Carla shook her hand.

Harrison didn’t show up during the whole wedding, it must be because of the wound on his face that he deliberately didn’t show up in front of Alecia, but he couldn’t hide it anymore during the wedding banquet, right?

The meal is still to be eaten.

After all, Carla still wants Alecia to know Harrison’s feelings for her.

She could tell that Harrison was sad.

Alecia pursed her lips and said nothing. In fact, she also discovered that according to the relationship between Harrison and Ryan, he had to come to the wedding, but she did not see him in the whole wedding scene.

Now, what does Carla mean by asking her to follow her again?

Does it have anything to do with Harrison?

But she didn’t want to mention this person, so she didn’t ask.

Carla patted her hand, “You can join me.”

Alecia lowered her head and gave a hum.

At this time, a work clerk knocked on the door and said that the wedding banquet had already begun, and asked Carla to prepare, and waited for a while.

Alecia said that she knew, and then closed the door.

When halfway through the wedding banquet, the door of the lounge was pushed open and Ryan walked in.

Carla saw him and asked, “Why are you here?”

He wants to introduce Carla to the heads of several branches.

He embraced Carla’s waist, helped her stand up from the sofa, and asked, “Are you tired?”

Carla nodded.

It may be due to the time of the month, so it is easy to feel physical weakness.

“I’ll take you to meet a few people, and I’ll take you back to your room to rest later.” Ryan said, today’s entertainment cannot be avoided, and he also wants Carla to walk into his circle.

Alecia followed them and walked to the wedding banquet together.

Ryan first took her to get to know the people around him. In addition to Peter and Harrison, the company also had many very capable people who became his profitable cadres.

“It’s not enough. The child is only open when he is so old.” Ryan brought Carla to this table, and some people began to complain about Ryan’s concealment.

Not to mention them, many people who came to the wedding were surprised. Didn’t expect that Ryan already had children, and they were all that old. There was a lot of talk about him covering it up tightly.

On such occasions, some people naturally want to toast. It is Ryan’s drink for Carla, and everyone will not say anything. After all, Carla is a pregnant woman. It is common sense that pregnant women cannot drink, so everyone understands.

Ryan didn’t stay here for too long. After a few words, he went to another table. He was a partner and friend with President Barker. There was also President Loren’s brother-in-law at this table.

Loren stood up with the wine in his hand and said with a smile, “No wonder hiding, there is such a beautiful daughter-in-law, it is me and I also hide.”

“Congratulations, congratulations.” President Barker also picked up the wine, and Ryan touched them.

“We will get together tomorrow.” President Barker knew that Ryan had a lot of entertainment today, so he didn’t take up too much time.

Ryan naturally said, “Okay, I will arrange it.”

There are also some people who come to greet them. They are all decent people, and they have to say a few words during socializing.

“Is Mrs. Blair interested in coming to our club?” a wife surnamed Luke asked. This club is actually a gathering place for the richer ladies, playing cards, gossiping, and connecting feelings and friendships. People are good for business.

Men work hard outside to bring them a glamorous life, and they do what they can to help their husbands expand their businesses.

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