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Chapter 915

Carla tactfully refused, “It is kind of hard, I have to take care of two children, and I may not have time.”

Although the other party said it tactfully, she also knew what kind of venue it was.

Obviously now Ryan doesn’t need her to do anything for his business, she will cause him to trouble instead, and she is not interested.

That Mrs. Luke wanted to convince her, after all, she is Ryan’s wife, and if she has a good relationship with her, she might be able to help her husband get some business.

“You should have a nanny at home, and it doesn’t take you to do anything. Seeing you are so delicate, Blair would not be willing to do what you do, right?”

Carla has a strong heart, but her appearance is thin when she is pregnant, her skin is white, and she looks a little delicate when she is young, so Mrs. Luke described her as skinny.

Ryan wanted to block her back, Carla held his hand, she could handle such a thing, and looked at Mrs. Luke, “I think it’s my old thoughts. I think it’s my responsibility to be a husband and child. Without looking back, worrying men can work hard outside with peace of mind, don’t you think so?”

Carla obviously refused. Mrs. Luke still wanted to speak, but was pulled by her husband, Mr. Luke, “My wife is a bit uneasy, Mrs. Blair don’t care.”

Ryan didn’t say a word, what the other party had planned could not be clearer, but fortunately, Carla was clever and directly blocked it.

Mrs. Luke was not convinced, and felt that the excuse Carla was looking for was a terrible excuse. What age is this? Husband and son? Not ridiculous?

“I’m young, please forgive me if I didn’t do well.” Carla saw that Mrs. Luke had an ugly face because she hadn’t been invited, and said with a smile pretending to not see her.

“No, no.” President Luke answered Carla’s words for his wife.

After a few more greetings, Carla took Ryan, left the table, and asked him in a low voice, “Where is Harrison?”

She wanted Alecia to see Harrison, but he didn’t sit down with Peter and Ramiro for dinner.

“I don’t know, he should be hiding in the corner,” Ryan said, there are too many people today, and it is difficult to find Harrison casually in the crowd.

“You call him, I’m not happy that he didn’t even show his face on the day when you and I were so happy.”

Ryan glanced back at Alecia, Carla said that his thoughts should not be too obvious.

On own wedding is still thinking about other people’s things, this is worrying.

He held himself close to her ear, and gave her an idea with a volume that only she could hear.

After listening, Carla felt that it was feasible, and the meeting still couldn’t untie each other’s knots. Only when Harrison knew Alecia’s physical condition could it be solved completely.

She looked back at Alecia, “You should be hungry, go eat first, and then wait for me in the lounge. I have something to tell you.”

Alecia nodded, “That’s OK.”

She turned and walked towards where Peter was sitting.

Finally, they arrived at the table where Durant’s family and Nelson were sitting. Herman and Lucia were also at this table. They were both elders and people who were involved in the grievances of their previous lives.

After all the things were unfolded, everyone also solved their knots, and put aside the grievances between them, and made peace with each other for the happiness of the next generation.

Seeing that Carla was so excited that she couldn’t speak for a long time, she had a lot of things to say to her, but after seeing people, she didn’t know where to start.

Solemnly apologized for what she did wrong, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, we won’t mention the past, let it go in the past, and we will be…a family in the future.” She said that although her throat hurts dry, she didn’t cry anymore.


Walter walked towards her with a girl beside him. This girl was not someone else, everyone knew her.

Chapter 916

Carla was surprised for a long time and didn’t come back.

Walter introduced to Carla, “This is my girlfriend.”

Gisele was a little embarrassed. After all, the trouble was so stale before, but now they meet again, she appearing as the girlfriend of Walter.

“Congratulations, happy marriage!” She smiled, a little stiff, but it was unavoidable to be embarrassed to meet in this kind of relationship.

Her situation was not as bad as Walter’s. They were all left behind in the family. She did not follow the arrangements of her father Oswald, but resolutely joined Walter as a soldier.

Originally, the two grew up together and knew each other very well, only because they were so familiar, they never thought about love.

Getting along in the army made them realize that they actually have a good impression of each other.

Walter joked, “Lest she come out and make trouble, so I took her away.”

Gisele stabbed him with an elbow, isn’t this revealing her shortness.

After the matter passed, Carla was not a stingy person, holding on to the previous things, she smiled, “You are here, I am very happy.”

Gisele bit her lip, “Thank you.”

She knew wrong about what happened before, and felt very sorry for Carla and Ryan. She was still able to accept her and did not drive her out, which shows that she is really a tolerant woman.

She feels ashamed to think of what she did before.

Lucia got up from her position and pulled a chair to let Carla sit down, “Let’s eat something at this table.”

Knowing that she must have no time to eat today.

As she said, she looked at Ryan, “You also sit down and have something to eat with Carla.”

Ryan took Carla’s waist and sat down. There was no outsider on this table. He untied his previous knot and got along fairly well. Walter and Gisele also sat down beside Elden.

Elden wanted to talk to Carla, but he didn’t know where to start, and he wanted to talk a few times. Herman said, “Ryan, let’s have a drink.”

After Ryan poured a glass of wine, Herman asked, “Did you drink too much?”

Coming over to socialize along the way, saw him drinking a lot of wine.

As long as it’s not red and white, Ryan still has a little alcohol. “Do you want to drink a few more glasses?”

Ryan continued to pour him wine.

Herman smiled, “Yes, you and Carla’s wedding wine, how can a glass be trouble.”

After the second cup, Elden spoke at this moment, “That… Carla.”

He has always wanted to find a chance to talk to her, and seeing her is almost ready to eat, it will be too late if he doesn’t speak.

Carla has no barriers to Walter, but she doesn’t know how to get along with and respond to Elden, so she squeezes her clothes tightly.

Elden knew she was not used to it, and did not ask her to call her uncle immediately.

“I have a gift for you.”

He took it out of Melba’s bag and handed it to Carla.

It was packed in a packing box, and she didn’t know what was in it, so she hesitated and said, “Thank you.”

“Didn’t you say we are a family? Don’t be so polite.” Elden smiled with red eyes. The older he is, the more he yearns for family affection and hopes to be reunited.

Carla put the box on her lap and didn’t know what to say to him.

“I am very happy to see you and Ryan getting married. Really, you two must be good. Ryan can forgive me for you. It shows that he really cares about you and you have to treat him well.”

Carla lowered her head and said, “I know.”

She didn’t want people to see her red-eyed face.

After the wedding banquet was over, Nelson helped to see off the guests. Melba looked for opportunities to talk to Carla, “Visit home when you have time.”

She knows her husband best. Although Elden didn’t tell Carla to look at him, he was very eager in her heart.

Carla agreed and said yes.

Waiting for her to face them calmly, she will go.

Lucia was sent back by Peter’s subordinates. Before leaving, she told Carla, “Before you give birth, I can come out, and then I will take care of you and child!”

Carla hugged her and told her to take care of herself.

She said she knew.

After sending someone close to her, Ryan asked her if she was tired, and Carla nodded.

“The matter of Harrison, I will do it next time.”

Carla forgot about Harrison, and shook her head hurriedly, “Just today.”

She was afraid that Ryan would refuse her to add, “I’m fine. I feel tired because my belly is getting bigger and bigger.”

“If Alecia’s problem is not resolved, it is also my heart disease. I promised her not to tell Harrison. If it is Harrison What I heard is not what I told him.”

It was not easy for her to see Harrison, and even though Alecia was cruel, she still had some feelings for Harrison.

Ryan asked Alecia to send Carla back to the lounge under the pretext of something.

After returning to the lounge according to his plan, Carla would follow Alecia’s words in the lounge, and then he would trick Harrison to the entrance of the lounge and hear the dialogue between Carla and Alecia.

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