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Chapter 919

Harrison said without hesitation, “Yes.”

“That’s good.” Alecia sat on the sofa and snorted coldly from her nasal cavity, “Sister Lane always thinks that I should tell you clearly. Well, today, I will tell you clearly.”

Harrison began to feel uneasy and nervous as he watched her appearance, with a bad feeling, and uncontrollably drilled into his mind.

He pretended to be calm and looked at her.

Alecia slowly raised her eyes, “For me, in the future… there will be no more children in this lifetime. This is what I am hiding from you. Are you satisfied?”

Harrison felt that he had hallucinations, “You, what do you mean?”

The next moment, Alecia broke out. She raised her head and laughed, and tears of laughter flowed out, “What do I mean? I mean, I can’t be a mother in this life, I’m not a complete woman, now you got it, are you satisfied? Huh?”

Harrison was like being struck by lightning, and he did not want to believe, “You lie to me, you lied to me deliberately, we obviously had children before, how could you not be a mother…”

“Yes, my belly conceive a child.” Alecia suddenly interrupted him, she really got up, walked up to Harrison with erratic steps, took his hand, and placed it on her abdomen.”

“To survive, I removed my uterus, so I can’t bear children anymore. There is one missing part, do you know?”

Harrison shook his head, stepping back step by step, “You lie to me, you lie to me, how could you not…”

“Because if I didn’t remove it, I may have been dead, so I choose to remove it in order to live, it’s that simple.”

She wiped her face, “I know now, do you still want to be with me?”

Harrison was shocked, his entire brain was buzzing, his hands were nowhere to be placed, he was holding his hair indiscriminately, and he didn’t want to believe every word Alecia said.

Not to mention being cruel to Alecia, but also to him.

He suddenly raised his head and looked at her, “This is not true, did you make up to lie to me?”

Alecia walked to the sofa and sat down. She propped her chin and faced Harrison with her back. Tears slowly fell from her eye sockets.

She thought it would be difficult to face, but when she said it seriously, it turned out not so difficult to accept. She was not in hysterics, and said calmly, “I didn’t lie to you, it’s true, now you know it, leave.”

How could Harrison leave? He knelt on one knee in front of Alecia and didn’t touch her hand. Even if he struggled, he still grasped and held it hard, unknowingly speaking, “This is you, you broke up with me.” For this reason?”

“No.” Alecia denied immediately and said cruelly, “Because I don’t love you.”

“I don’t believe it!” Harrison held her hand on his lips and k!ssed, “I don’t care, I really don’t care, what if there are no children? Isn’t it enough if I have you? You have to believe me, and you should not hide it.”

Alecia sniffed, looking at him with a vague appearance, “Knowing my physical condition, don’t you want to let go?”

Harrison shook his head and buried his entire face in her arms, “No matter what you are, I like you. As always, I will not change.”

Alecia bit her lip and resisted her tears, “You don’t care, what about your grandma?”

Harrison’s body stiffened a bit. This is a real problem.

“We can adopt and tell her that he is our own. Anyway, there is a way.”

“What about you, don’t you want a child of your own?”

He raised his head and looked into her eyes. In order to make her believe in his sincerity, he stared at her without hiding, saying, “I have you, that is enough.”

“But I don’t believe it.” Alecia still shies away from the fact that the two people who dared not go to meet could not have children.

“How do you want me to prove it?” Harrison glanced around and saw that there was a fruit knife on the table. He picked it up, “I will give you my life, can I prove my intentions then?”

Chapter 920

“What are you doing?!” Alecia went to grab the knife in his hand, Harrison raised his hand, leaving her contention aside, “If there is a way to prove my heart for you, I can use my life to prove it to you. I hurt you…”

“Don’t go crazy!” Alecia interrupted him sharply, “Put the knife down!”

Harrison looked at her and refused, “No, I want to prove it to you.”

“I don’t need you to prove it!” Alecia panicked, really afraid that he would hurt himself in excitement, “You put the knife down, I believe you.”

“Really?” Harrison pretended to be in disbelief. In fact, he was excited. She was worried about him. If she didn’t care, how could she be afraid of him hurting himself?

“Alecia.” Harrison looked at her and said seriously, “I’m sorry.”

Alecia turned her head, tears falling uncontrollably, Harrison put down the knife and hugged her, leaning against her ear, and whispered, “Alecia, forgive me, I know I was wrong.”

The more he said, Alecia was crying harder, and she didn’t know what was wrong with her. Perhaps she was crying for her hurt, or she was crying for her misfortune.

Her crying made Harrison’s eyes red. Since meeting him, this woman has suffered a lot and suffered a lot of sins.

Now also deprived her of the rights of the mother.

How cruel to her?

Thinking of his hug tightening, “Alecia, I won’t tell you again, I’m sorry.”

He wants to prove his intentions with practical actions.

Let her no longer be hurt.

“Have you really thought about it?” Alecia was still a little uncertain, or she had confidence in Harrison in her heart.

She believes that Harrison still has feelings for her, but not having children is a lifetime thing.

In the old words, it means weaning off children and grandchildren.

“I don’t accept shipping on behalf of others.” This may be too early, but she wants to let Harrison know her bottom line.

If you can’t accept it, let it go now.

“No, I won’t let any woman other than you give birth for me.” Harrison k!ssed her cheek, “Trust me.”

Alecia closed her eyes, “You are my calamity.”

Can’t get rid of it no matter what.

She has always felt that she is strong, and only now did she know that she was not so strong as before.

The attitude after Harrison knew it made her feel less uncomfortable, even a little warm.

It turns out that it is easier for two people to bear it than one person. When it is said frankly, it is not so bad, and it is not impossible to face it.

It’s not as difficult as imagined, but after speaking out, it’s like being released again.

Harrison hugged her and sat on the sofa, “So, is the matter between you and Herman just to make me give up?”

Alecia lowered her eyes and said nothing, as if she had tacitly said yes.

Harrison sighed, “I almost took it seriously. I didn’t hear the conversation between you and my sister-in-law today. I might really miss you. No matter what happens in the future, tell me, never hide from me, try to trust me, okay?”

Alecia still didn’t say a word, her voice was so dry, she was afraid that she would break the sound with just one mouth.

Harrison stroked her back, “If you don’t answer, I will take it as your acquiescence.”

“Why are you fighting with people?”

Alecia looked at the wound on his face, stretched out her hand to touch, and was afraid that it would hurt.

Harrison took her hand and pressed it on his face, “Because you don’t want me anymore, I don’t want to live anymore, so I deliberately find someone to fight.”

Alecia, “…”

Carla in the next room leaned against the sofa with her cheek supported, “I don’t know how they talked.”

Ryan grabbed her hand and pulled the person up from the sofa, “I will take you to the hotel. For their affairs, you have already done what should be done, and let them solve the rest by themselves, so you don’t need to worry.”

Carla stood up following his strength and asked, “Aren’t we going back to home?”

“No, too many people affect your rest. We will spend two days outside.” Carla glanced at him and complained, “I will be bored in the hotel alone.”

“I’ll be with you,” Ryan said in her ear.

Carla quickly withdrew, “Are you not going to work anymore? You have a heavy responsibility to support our family.”

Ryan smiled, “Raise it.”

The room is set on the top floor of the building. Without Harrison and Peter, he would not cheekily come to the bridal chamber.

Ryan thought that he could be with Carla when he returned to the room, but when they arrived at the door of the room, they saw Nichole standing in the room. At the door, seeing her, Ryan would also think of Hubert, which made his smiling face converge a lot.

“Pure.” Carla liked this girl very much, simple and kind.

She ran over and handed her the box in her arms, “Sister, this is your wedding gift.”

Carla reached out and took it. It wasn’t what was in the box. It was a little heavy. She smiled and said, “Thank you.”

“Happy newlywed, I’m leaving first, Hubert is still waiting for me downstairs.” Nichole ran out after speaking.

Ryan glanced at the box in Carla’s arms, feeling a little unhappy, Hubert, this person seemed to be a thorn in his heart.

Every time he appeared, he would think of this person’s impure mind, just like a gift from Nichole, he would think of whether Hubert instructed her to give it?

Entering the house, Carla’s table in the living room was full of presents.

Ryan untied his tie and said, “I let someone put it here.”

He gave a lot of gifts, so he temporarily asked Carla to pick it up, keep the ones she likes, and put them away if she doesn’t like them.

Carla nodded and sat on the sofa and opened the box in her hand. Ryan originally wanted to go to the bathroom to take a bath. When Carla opened the box, he simply stood still and wanted to see what was inside.

Based on the gift, he could tell whether the gift was given by Nichole or Hubert.

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