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Chapter 921

Carla opened the box. Inside was a round glass fish tank. Inside the fish tank was a plastic bag containing oxygen.

Two colorful fishes were kept inside. It was not the kind that is common in the market, it was very rare.

It was different from the one he gave to Hubert’s house last time, but even this reminded her of what happened in Tatevel.

Ryan unbuttoned his shirt and went to the bathroom. This time he had predicted that he was wrong. He thought that Nichole would be so wonderful when she got married and gave a few fish.

As everyone knows, this is not from Nichole, but Hubert.

He was almost the same as Harrison during the whole wedding, sitting in the corner and silently sending blessings.

Carla turned her head and glanced at the person who entered the room, then let out a sigh of relief.

She was careful, for fear that he was upset, he didn’t seem to notice that the gift was given by Hubert, otherwise, he should be jealous again.

She untied the plastic bag and put the fish in the fish tank.

When she threw the bag and the box into the trash can, a card fell out of the box. She picked it up and opened it. Inside was Hubert’s handwriting, which read;

[Uncommon face, does not mean that feelings have become shallower, and you are in various places, Does not mean that the heart is not missed, the feelings are sincere, can break the boundaries of time and space, give you the deepest wish, and wish you happiness forever.】

Carla lowered her eyes, her feather eyelashes quivered, and a slight smile curled up on the corner of her lips. This passage was not long. It expressed his emotions in the front and blessings in the back, indicating that he had learned to let go.

She really likes him to be good with Nichole.

She closed the card and put it on the table. Ryan would not pay attention to the pile of gifts on the table. The gifts Elden gave her were also on the table. She reached for it and opened the box. There was a photo album inside.

She hesitated for a moment before opening it with her fingers. The first one was a family portrait. There were people she hadn’t seen before, and it was also her nominal grandfather and grandmother. They were sitting on chairs, and Elden and Lolla stood behind them. She looked at that time. He is still very young.

She continued to look through the photos, followed by Lolla’s photos, and some of them were taken with Elden. They were not taken specially in the photo studio. They were all recorded in daily life. Through these photos, you can almost see the scene at that time.

Durant’s family had only two children, Lolla and Elden, together with the love of their parents, the children educated are also very emotional. It can be seen from the photos that Elden occasionally inadvertently looks at his sister’s eyes, which are full of love.

Elden has never let go of Lolla’s death. It should be because of his deep feelings for this sister that he did so many confusing things.

She sighed in sorrow, closed the photo album, and lay halfway on the sofa, but fortunately, she was now moving in a good direction.

The sound of the water in the bathroom hasn’t stopped. She feels a little tired. She hasn’t rested for a day.

Now she doesn’t want to get up when she lay down. She thinks about taking a rest. Who knows, she fell asleep on the sofa during this rest.

When Ryan came out of the shower, he saw her asleep on the sofa. When he walked over and wanted to pick her up and take her to the bedroom, he saw the album in her hand. He picked it up and looked at the people inside. He knows all of them and has never given him a lot of love.

He enjoyed everything that should belong to her. He didn’t have many mood swings, and he went to the album very calmly. When he decided to forgive them, he didn’t worry about what happened. Now he just wants to live a simple life.

Chapter 922

His arms crossed her waist, between her legs, and picked up the person.

Go to the bedroom and gently put her on the bed. She is still wearing a dress with a zipper on the back. It will be uncomfortable to sleep while wearing it. Ryan turned her sideways, unzipped the zipper on her back, and prepared to help her take off h3r clothes.

Now, although Ryan’s movements were already very light, Carla was still awake, she twisted uncomfortably, and when she opened her eyes and saw Ryan’s hand was still pulling her clothes, the brain froze for a while. But soon reacted and pushed him a bit, “I am very tired today.”

Ryan continued to get started and said, “I know.”

Carla bit her lip and was awkward, “You know, still…”

Ryan’s movements paused, his eyes slowly cast on her face, “What are you thinking?”

Her expression was obviously like what he was going to do something…

Ryan smiled sullenly, “Today is our bridal night, I should do something, but seeing you are so tired, how can I be willing to move you.”

Carla smiled and acted like a baby to him, “Then you put on my pajamas.”

Ryan asked, “Wear this one?”

On the bedside is an exquisite box, which is Alecia’s wedding gift to Carla, a very s3xy black lace pajamas.

Carla glanced at it and shook her head decisively, “Not that.”

“Then you plan to be nak3d?”

Carla, “…”

“I said not to wear these pajamas, who said to sleep without wearing clothes.” Carla glared at him.

Ryan squeezed her face, “Don’t you wash your face?”

There is also rouge gouache, which is definitely uncomfortable to sleep with.

Carla lay lazily, “I don’t want to move.”

Today she is really tired and doesn’t want to do anything.

“I’ll wash it for you, otherwise you will feel uncomfortable sleeping.” Ryan took off h3r dress, threw it on the bed at the end of the bed, and pulled the quilt over her body, “I’ll put in hot water, and you will take a bath. Sleep again and relieve fatigue.”

Carla said, the bright red quilt was embroidered with delicate patterns, and the material was smooth and soft. She wrapped the quilt with only one head exposed, watching Ryan put water in the bathroom.

After a while, Ryan walked out of the bathroom and opened her quilt. Carla shrank a little. She didn’t wear any cl0thes, only simple inner-clothes, and she never exposed herself so generously.

“Don’t look, don’t laugh.”

Ryan, “…”

“You are too demanding, and I can’t do it. You are the wife I am married to, and you are mine. I can see what I want. This is the right of a husband.”

Carla, “…”

During the interruption, Ryan hugged her into the bathroom. The round white pool was filled with water and pink rose petals were sprinkled on it. Carla looked at Ryan. When did this man have such a passion?

Ryan untied her inner-clothes, “What are you doing looking at me like this?”

“You scattered these petals?” Carla asked.

Ryan pointed to the bottles and jars on the wall, various toiletries, and a glass cup with fresh petals inside.

“The hotel is also prepared to be so thoughtful.” She felt cold in front of her when she spoke, her hands involuntarily interlaced to protect her ch3st, blocking the alluring scenery.

“You go out and I will take 0ff the rest.” She dodges this gaze.

Ryan’s voice was very soft, “I’ll wash it for you.”

“No.” Carla refused.

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