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Chapter 923

Ryan leaned aside, “You can take it off by yourself, but I can’t go out.”

Carla glared at him, “Are you going to be bull-blind?”

Ryan laughed, “Do I need to be blind to you? No matter what you do, it’s justified. It’s like watching you take a bath. This is also legal.”

“It’s really shameless.” Carla went down into the bath without taking off the last piece of cl0thing.

Ryan stepped forward to support her, “Slow down.”

There is water in the bathroom for fear of her slipping.

The water temperature is just right, neither hot nor cold, so it is really comfortable to soak in the water. Ryan made arrangements early in the morning, and the hotel prepared clothes for her.

She took a shower, removed her makeup, and washed her hair. She was wearing red two-piece pajamas with a sling on the inside and a robe on the outside. She was half lying on the bed. Ryan blows her hair. The hair is still dry. Fell asleep.

Ryan sighed. She felt quite alive when she took a bath, and she was also energetic. After all, it felt abnormal if she didn’t do anything on the wedding night. Who knows, she just fell asleep like that.

He thought that this should be the most unprecedented wedding night in the bridal chamber. If it spreads out, he will definitely say that he can’t do it.

Looking at Carla’s calm sleeping face, he thought it was actually good to sleep in a hug.

Ryan pushed all the work and didn’t need to get up early in the morning. He slept heavily and rarely had time to rest.

It was past nine o’clock when Carla woke up. The curtains were shading, so the light in the room was not bright and there was no dazzling light when she woke up.

She wanted to move and found that the person holding her was still asleep. Under normal circumstances, she wakes up, he has gotten up in the morning, most of which she is in the lazy bed, today, it is rare to wake up in front of him.

He closed his eyes tightly, his breathing was long, his broad chest undulated regularly, lying in his arms, it made people feel safe, Carla stretched out her hand to touch his cheeks, brows, and eyes, this man is really very handsome.

He looks good, and this quiet look is particularly charming. She lifted her chin and branded a k!ss on his l!ps. Just as she was about to leave, she was held in the head, followed by a low and husky sound that had just woken up, “k!ss and want to go?”

“Then what do you want?” Carla pouted, and at such a close distance, her l!ps would collide with him when she spoke.

Ryan turned over and put his arms on top of her, brushed her hair that was blocking her forehead, and asked in a low voice, “Are you still tired?”

Sleeping well this night, she shook her head, “No…”

As soon as her words were spoken, he sealed her lips and opened her dress…

To avoid overwhelming her stomach, he supported her whole body on top of her, using the strength from the bottom to transfer his body onto her and blend with her.

The sudden intrusion caused a little pain, and quickly adapted to become comfortable, Carla frowned, lips slightly bluffed, and made a slight gasping sound.

Since Carla was pregnant and every time he was with her, he was restrained, this time he also restrained, but compared to the previous time, he seemed to lose his mind.

When it was over, Carla collapsed. She didn’t want to move when she was lying on the bed, and she felt that her legs were not her own.

She didn’t even want to say anything, it was all wet and sticky, and she didn’t want to clean up, so she just lay down.

Ryan washed off the sweat on his body and put on clean clothes. He was refreshed.

He took a wet towel and wiped Carla’s body, but she didn’t move, half-squinting her eyes.

“You can sleep if you are tired,” Ryan said after cleaning her up and covering her with the quilt.

She didn’t respond either, but she obviously heard his words and moved slightly. She found a comfortable position and closed her eyes to sleep.

Two hours later when he woke up again, Ryan asked someone to bring something to eat.

He went to the bed to feed her, Carla rubbed her eyes, “I haven’t washed my face yet and brushed my teeth.”

“It’s okay to wash after eating.” Carla glared at him, “If it’s not you, would I sleep so late?”

“Okay, it’s all my fault. Next time I control the time, you should be hungry and have something to eat.” Ryan sat on the bedside with the dinner plate.

She didn’t eat in the morning. She was really hungry at this time. Ryan handed her the milk. After drinking two sips, she put down the cup and picked up the spoon to eat shrimp porridge, fried eggs, and some fruits.

“After eating, let’s go to the movies.” Ryan watched her eat, stretched out a tissue, and wiped the corners of her lips.

Carla nodded.

Knowing that they are “newly married” today, none of their phones have rung.

After having the food Carla washed, Ryan brought her clothes, they were all new, he prepared for her in advance.

Carla washed, changed clothes, Ryan hugged her and went out.

Ryan suggested watching movies. In fact, watching movies is not his main purpose. The main purpose is to enjoy the dim atmosphere of the movie theater.

There are fewer people during the day, and there are not many people at the end of the show. There are empty seats for blockbuster movies. Ryan and Carla sat on the corner of the last row, Ryan hugged her.

She snuggled in his arms.

During the whole process, Ryan probably didn’t know what the movie was about and kept k!ssing Carla.

Occasionally, when the sound of the movie became louder, he would deliberately k!ss with the sound, and then be covered by the sound of the movie. He continued to enjoy it, repeatedly, Carla’s mouth was red.

When the movie ended, Carla kept her head down, afraid of being seen.

They went back to the hotel. The room was cleaned. They didn’t go out anymore. Dinner was also called into the room. They were tired of being together all day.

In the evening, Carla was dragged into the bathroom by Ryan to take a bath with a mandarin duck. Of course, not only was taking a bath as simple as a bath, h3 would naturally do something that should be done between husband and wife.

The next day Ryan accompanied her to the checkup.

The last time he was in city R, he sneaked and pretended to be a doctor to accompany her. Now everyone does not need to know that they are a husband and wife, and they are upright.

If you make an appointment in advance, you can check it over and you don’t have to queue up.

It has been more than six months now.

After checking, Ryan went to get the list, and Carla sat on the bench in the corridor waiting for him.

At this moment a woman sat next to her.

Chapter 924

“Are you here for an examination?” The woman glanced at her belly.

Carla nodded politely.

“Your life is really good, such a grand wedding is so enviable,” Silvia said with a smile.

Carla watched her and asked, “Do we know each other?”

“You may not know me, but I know you.” Silvia still smiled.

Carla frowned slightly, searching for this character in her mind, and she was sure she had not seen her.

“How do you know me? Who are you?” Carla was very vigilant towards strangers. She took out her mobile phone with the excuse of taking the bag.

Once something happens, she can call out for help as soon as possible.

Silvia watched her movements and thought to her heart that this woman was quite wary.

“Have you received the wedding gift I gave? Did you wear it for your husband?”

Carla’s face changed immediately, was she giving the gift? Who is she? What do you want to do? Didn’t even Peter find her?

“Who are you?” She clasped her hands tightly, feeling extremely disturbed.

She feels that this woman touched her intentionally and had no good intentions.

“You don’t need to know who I am, I’m just a life-stricken person, you come for the checkup, and I…”

Silvia pointed in the direction of the operating room, “I’m here for a painless abortion.”

She stood up and said, “I mean, I really envy you. You have a husband who loves you, and your children are cared for, but mine can’t be born.”

“What are you trying to say? Why do you want to tell me this?” Carla said coldly.

“It doesn’t mean anything. I just want to find someone to confide in my inner distress. After all, the child of a third party has no position to come into this world.

Besides, how can he exist if his father has a wife and children? Or the man is just for a while impulsive with me…I think he still loves his wife very much, otherwise, how could he be so good to her?” She deliberately pointed out.

After speaking, she turned and left.

Carla frowned even more tightly. What does this woman mean?

What does she want to imply?

She took out her mobile phone and called Peter.

At this time, Peter was answering the phone, he sent to follow Silvia, lost them, and was reporting to Peter.

“What’s the matter? How could she be lost?” Peter asked sharply.

“It should have found me. She went to the bathroom for a long time and didn’t come out. When I went in to look for her, the person was gone, and I couldn’t follow to the women’s bathroom, so… it was my negligence.”

“I see, find someone to follow.” Peter was worried. This woman was obviously ill-intentioned. She deliberately gave Carla a gift at the wedding, and she was sensitive to discover that someone was following her and getting rid of her stalker. It was obvious. She was scheming.

At this time, the phone rang and a call came. Peter said, “Try to find her as soon as possible.”

After speaking, he hung up the phone and connected to the incoming call, “Hello.”

“It’s me.” Carla held the phone and looked towards the corridor, “I know who gave me things at the wedding.”

Peter paused, “You, how did you know?”

“I saw her. It’s a woman who said something very strange to me. Can you check it for me?”

“I can check it for you. First, tell me where you saw her. Does Ryan know?” Peter asked.

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