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Chapter 925

Now he is completely certain that this Silvia is deliberately approaching Carla, as for what she is doing, it must be no good.

“He doesn’t know, I haven’t told him yet, don’t forget to tell me the result.”

Peter said yes.

At this time, Ryan took the checklist and said, “Who are you calling?”

Carla hung up and said it was Peter.

“Something?” Ryan saw that her complexion was not very good, and stretched out his hand to help her stand up.

“I never told you that I received a gift on the day of the wedding. I don’t know who gave it to. I asked Peter to check it.” She raised her head, “Did you take out all the orders?”

Ryan gave a soft hum and took her to the outpatient room to show the doctor the list.

The doctor said that everything was normal and that the fetus was developing well so that the pregnant woman could keep a happy mood and come over on time for check-ups.

Ryan said yes.

Carla was a little absent-minded, thinking about what the woman said.

After getting in the car, she even forgot to buckle the seat belt. Ryan leaned over and buckled the seat belt for her and asked, “What are you thinking about, you have been absent-minded all the time.”

Carla looked at his face close at hand and whispered to him, “Ryan.”

“Yeah.” He raised his eyes.

“When faced with temptation, can you restrain yourself?” He is in his thirties, and he is the most attractive age for men. He is mature and stable. He is handsome, rich, and there are certainly not a few women who are willing to go to the room with him.

There will be excellent ones in the middle.

Will he be tempted?

Ryan started the car with no smile on his face. It was obvious that she asked this too suddenly. She had been good before, and suddenly asked such a question, and there was still something in the words, “Do you believe me or you Yourself?”

The phone in his pocket vibrated, and he took it out. An unread text message was displayed on the screen. It was sent by Peter. He clicked on it. [My people lost Silvia. She went to see sister-in-law. Knowing what I said to sister-in-law, sister-in-law called me and asked me to investigate her. 】

Ryan typed a quick sentence in the typing box below, “What did Silvia say to her?”】

Press the send button.

[I don’t know, sister-in-law just said something strange. As for what weird thing she didn’t tell me, last time she gave the inner-clothes, I don’t know if she said something more excessive this time, otherwise, sister-in-law won’t. Let me check her.】

Ryan replied, [I see.】

He threw the phone aside, started the engine, and drove away.

Carla watched him and asked, “Who sent the message?”

Ryan said, “The phone is right there, you can read it for yourself.”

Carla didn’t hold it to have a look, pursing her lips, Ryan drove the car and didn’t speak to her. Soon the car stopped at the hotel, and the two got off the car and went back to the room together.

After entering the room, Ryan threw the car key and mobile phone on the table, pulled at the neckline, and pulled Carla onto the sofa.

“The woman who gave you something on the wedding day is named Silvia, Dexter’s sixth sister, and now Dexter and Mrs. Carr are being investigated.”

“I guess they know I did it, so they will approach you deliberately. As for the purpose, it’s obvious, not to instigate. They will also try to harm you, after all, you are my person, what did she say to you? Make you doubt me?”

Carla opened her eyes wide, “Is she from the Carr family?”

Ryan gave a light hum, “Yes, go ahead, what did she say to you?”

Carla felt ashamed of her own thoughts and lowered her head, “She hinted to me that you might have a relationship with her.”

“So you believed it?” Ryan raised his eyebrows.

“No.” She looked up, “I don’t believe it, I’m just afraid of losing you.”

She took the initiative to hug him, buried her face in his heart, fingered the buttons on his shirt, and said grievously, “You are so good and there are so many women outside. I’m a mother of three children. I’m afraid One day if you don’t want me, my children will have no fathers. How pitiful.”

Ryan laughed angrily, pinched her chin, and lifted her head.

Chapter 926

Carla slapped her hand, “You’re hurting me.”

Ryan was very angry, “Are you trying to trick me?”

Carla knew that she was wrong and shouldn’t doubt him, even a little bit shouldn’t be. Now they are husband and wife, and the most important thing between husband and wife is trust.

Before, she didn’t believe the explicit photos, but this time it was different. Silvia was very scheming, but she didn’t know what to say, and she thought a lot with hinting techniques.

This time she was negligent and almost fooled.

It was her fault, she admitted.

She took the initiative to sit on Ryan’s lap, put her arms around his neck, and acted like a baby in his arms, “Am I useful for you to make a bitter trick?”

Ryan lowered his eyes, even if he was unhappy when he was suspected, he couldn’t bear to scold her when he saw her poor little appearance,

“It may be useless for me. I have a harder heart. I don’t know how to pity. You can try to use the beauty plan on me.”

Carla smiled, “Do you think I am beautiful?”

Ryan picked up the person and went to the room, “Not beautiful, and I want to sl33p with you every day?”

Carla struggled and pushed, “Why did you hold me into the bedroom in broad daylight?”

“Prove your charm.” Ryan closed the door.

Carla said not to do it, “I don’t want it.”

Ryan’s voice came from inside the door, “Nothing?”

“What are you going to do?” Carla asked rhetorically.

“I have been caught in your beauty trick, so now I am a man who is confused by the female. See, what else do you say I can do?”

“I’m tired.” Carla shuddered, “doing too often is bad for the fetus.”

He relied on the endless toss of “newly married”, although now the month is old and stable, but he can’t hold back his repeated mischief.

“Then hold, do nothing.” Ryan brought the person into his arms, saying that it was not good for the fetus, and it was more useful than anything else, and he was honest immediately.

Ryan k!ssed her lips, “After giving birth to this child, we will not give birth.”

Carla asked, “Do you want to satisfy your own desires. Or do you care about me?”

“I feel sorry for you.” Ryan hugged her tightly. When he went to get the checklist, he passed by the delivery room and heard the women who were giving birth crying and screaming. It must be too painful, otherwise an adult , How can they shout so loudly?

“Did you cry when you gave birth to Iris and Alan?”

Carla nestled in his arms and whispered, “I shed tears, but didn’t shout. There was a parturient next to me who had been scolding her husband, which was funny.”

“It hurts too much when you give birth, so you scold me too,” Ryan said spoiledly.

Carla smiled, “That would be a shame, I don’t want it.”

She changed the conversation, “After today, let’s go home tomorrow.”

There are elders in the family, and she and Ryan have always lived outside.

Ryan said, “During this turbulent period, the affairs of Mr. Carr and Dexter are still not settled. I will try not to go out without you. I’m afraid they will jump the wall in a hurry.”

Although he will also monitor Carr’s family, just in case, he still has to wait for the dust to settle before he can rest assured.

Carla said that she knew what Ryan meant. This time the woman named Silvia jumped over the wall in a hurry and ran to her to provoke the discord.

She was almost fooled, and now think about how stupid she is.

The next day Ryan went to the company, and Carla went to the villa. After returning to the villa, she went to Alecia as soon as possible.

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