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Chapter 1005

In order to get rid of the trouble, Sarah also hoped that Levi would agree to it.

After all, let them agree first, and she will do everything in the future.

With her there, Levi would never be embarrassed.

Naturally, there is no need to follow those rules.

“Of course I don’t agree! It’s all about letting me join the family, and want to change my surname? Impossible! I am only called Levi in my life, no one can change my surname!

Levi said coldly.

This name was given to him by his mother, and no one can change it!

Seeing Levi’s attitude so determined, everyone was taken aback.

“So you don’t want to marry?”

Melina immediately said.

“Marry! Of course, I want to marry!”

Levi smiled.

“If you want to marry Sarah, you must be married according to our conditions! Otherwise, there is no way!”

Dale refused in one fell swoop.

“I told you clearly! First, I want to marry Sarah, second, I won’t change my surname and won’t be married, and third, my mother must attend the wedding.”

Levi’s attitude is firm, giving people an unquestionable momentum.

This made Logan and Mann’s family stunned.

Levi dare to talk to them like this?

“Levi, do you think you have the right to speak? Don’t you know what you are like? Sarah is worth hundreds of billions of dollars, do you deserve it?”

Dale shouted angrily.

The biggest imbalance in this marriage is that the identity gap between Levi and Sarah is too big.

The wrong door is wrong.

The Logan and Mann family always felt that it was a shame to marry Sarah to Levi.

It is equivalent to a flower inserted on the cow dung.

Levi smiled and said, “I tell you the truth, it’s worth it!”

At this moment, Levi’s tall figure went straight into Sarah’s heart.

It seemed that the spirited Levi had returned six years ago.

It seems that everything he said is true.

But Sarah understood that what Levi said was worthy of his identity.

He is Lawrence’s son and Porter’s grandson.

Naturally worthy of her.

However, Sarah hoped that Levi could be worthy of her by virtue of his own strength.

It’s like six years ago!

“Worthy? Hahahaha…”

Immediately, laughter broke out from the audience.

How can you be worthy?

Sarah is so strong now!

You don’t even deserve to carry her shoes, how can you compare?

“Where are you worthy? Are you funny? Levi, do you really have no idea about yourself?”

Neil was happy, looking at Levi like an idiot.

Levi smiled.

Not to mention that he is a magnificent God of War, holding a heavy army in Morendam, and reigning over the world.

The identity of the owner of Erick Group alone is worthy of it.

Sarah can achieve this kind of worth, apart from her efforts, there is also the part that Levi has given.

It can even be said that this step of Sarah was all given by Levi!

How is it not worthy?

“Don’t worry, I will show Sarah my true identity at the wedding at that time! I will also let you know my true identity, and then you will shut up!”

Levi said.

He could imagine the change of these people the day when his identity is revealed.

“Hahaha, the real identity? Are you bluffing us? Don’t we know what you are like?”

Everyone present laughed.

“This kid wants to make a blockbuster and shock us all? Impossible!”

Melina looked at Levi disdainfully.

Levi looked at the crowd and said, “Then I will tell you a secret!”

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