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The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Complete Chapters Link

This is the story of a man who suffers at the hand of the very people he considers his own. As he is busy making life easier and better for them in return for their quasi-kind act, they are working in collusion to make his life miserable.

Orphaned at an early age, Levi Garrison found himself adopted by a family prior to wandering and eating in the streets as a parentless child.

But in this new so-called adoptive family, the most abundant thing he got was abuse in addition to nonstop beating. Nevertheless, he grew up to be a thankful boy who had a soft corner for this family.

The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Read Online

As he grew up his skills improved and Levi started to emerge as a man of business acumen. The Garrison family members who never liked him in the first place started to see him as a threat to their existence.

On one hand, he was working hard to improve the social status and the financial conditions of the Garrison family, they were hatching treacherous plots to remove him from their life.

The day of action was set on the day of his wedding. He is successfully framed and sent to jail for five years. The cunning family celebrates their success but they are unaware.

Unaware that this difficulty is a blessing in disguise for him. How is it so? Will he be able to come back? Find out by reading the full novel for free by tapping a link for any chapter.

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