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Chapter 1024

After a long time, a voice came from the other end of the phone: “You…you dare to contact me?”

Levi smiled: “Why don’t I dare to contact you?”

A little thing really considers itself a character?

Your old man and your grandfather dare not talk to me like this!

“Hahahaha… I really didn’t expect that you would contact me anyway!”

The opposite Xavion burst into laughter.

“Why? Are you begging me for mercy? Are you aware of your stupidity? Knowing that the Garrison Family mountain is unattainable! I can accept your begging for mercy, but you must kneel! Hahaha…”

Xavion asked.

“Pray for mercy? You should beg me for mercy, right?”

Levi said coldly.

“Not begging for mercy, then what are you looking for me?”

The voice on the other side was obviously surprised.

“I heard that you want to get rid of everyone related to me?”

Levi asked.

“That’s right! I have to get rid of everyone related to you! I found out that Tyron in the capital used to be brothers with you, and he is the first to be operated on! What do you think?”

Xavion let out a perverted smile.

“you dare?”

Levi said angrily.

“What can I not dare? Still, want him to attend your wedding? Impossible! With me, I think he dares to attend your wedding?”

Xavion sneered.

The corners of Levi’s lips smiled deeper: “Okay, then you just wait and see! I want him to attend my wedding! Besides, if you dare to touch a vellus hair from someone related to me, I will definitely kill you!”


Xavion on the opposite side obviously didn’t take Levi’s warning into consideration.

“Is anyone in this world capable to warn me? You are the first in Morendam!”

Xavion sneered.

He is the prince of the Garrison Clan in Capital.

His father is the heir of the Garrison family, the first family of Morendam.

The mother is the princess of the Long Family of Morendam’s second family.

It can be said that he has the strongest and most noble blood.

The strongest gene combination of the first family and the second family.

He has been loved by all since he was a child, and he can have what he wants.

Coupled with his superpower, who does not know Xavion’s prestigious capital?

No one in this world can threaten him!

He represents the first and second family of Morendam.

This kind of identity background is the only one in the whole university!

Who dares to mess with him?

“Levi, you’re a wild species, and you compete with me? Ask yourself, are you worthy? Do you have any qualifications?”

“My mother is the jewel in the hands of the second generation of Morendam, and she has the supreme blood. Only she is qualified to marry my father and enter the Garrison family!

Your mother’s status is low, her bloodline is inferior, she is not worthy of marrying into the Garrison family, and she is not even qualified to be a c0ncubine for my father!”

“In terms of ability, a boss of the Erick Group of yours is insignificant? I am a thousand times stronger than you! Erick Group can be crushed to death with one finger!”

“You, a wild species with a lowly bloodline, dare to compare with me? I want to prove to my father that he was right to abandon you at the beginning!”

“The noble bloodline is stronger than the lowly bloodline! I am like a dragon in the sky, and you , Just a crawler on the ground! Always look up to my existence!”

Xavion roared wildly.

“Okay, very good. Then don’t hesitate to come if you have any means! I want to see what worth the genius of the noble blood of the Garrison Family has!”

Levi smiled.

He was looking forward to seeing this real dragon from the Garrison family!

Whether it is the same as what he said, it is a thousand times stronger than him.

“Well, I am waiting for you, I will let you kneel on the ground and surrender!”

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