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Chapter 1042

Tyron’s idea is very simple, let Sheldon persuade Levi to give Garrison’s a way.

If Levi keeps going like this, the wedding is going to be a funeral.

So persuade him as soon as possible.

When the time comes, kneel down and kowtow to the Garrison Family, and the Garrison Family will never be embarrassed.

Why didn’t Levi understand what Tyron meant?

But he needs to be soft to Garrison’s?

Who would dare to make trouble at his wedding, who would he kill!

Under Tyron’s leadership, Levi and his good brother Sheldon meet again.

Sheldon now has a family and a lovely daughter, and life is nourishing.

Hearing that Levi was about to get married again, Sheldon was willing to be present to make up for the regret that year.

Now Levi has all the people he should invite, and he is waiting for the wedding.

Three days before the wedding.

At the Capital Airport, a private plane took off, and there were dozens of planes escorting it around.

There is also a fleet of hundreds of vehicles on the land heading for Case York.

This is the arrangement of the first family prince in Velador.

When he moved, there were tens of thousands of people guarding him, for fear that something might happen to him.

Xavion was about to come to Case York in person and put on such a big battle, but no news came out.

This is the strength of the Garrison Family, able to block all news.

More than that.

People from the Capital Garrison Clan in the south have long been arranged to enter Case York in advance.

Pave the way for Xavion, in order to be foolproof.

“When Levi waits to see me in person, you will know what the sky is! You used to just sit and watch the sky!”

Xavion in the plane sneered.

Looking out the window, Xavion was curious.

How about the entire Velador?

Who is better than him?

Except for one person-God of War.

This was an existence that Xavion couldn’t reach.

Can only narrow the gap with the God of War.

His achievements are really too high!

Only the battle of conferring the gods-a pair of iron fists defeated the powerhouses of the eighteen kingdoms, forcibly restraining the eighteen kingdoms.

Definitely the first person in history!

This achievement is hard to come by.

Sometimes Xavion was so painful that he wanted to cry.

The footsteps of God of War are too difficult to catch up with.

Sometimes it’s good to be second!

“Maybe the God of War sees me as better than Levi in his eyes, right?”

Xavion muttered to himself.

“No, Levi is not worthy of being compared with me! He is not qualified!”

Xavion shouted suddenly.

At this time, Yariwan, who was tied to the seat, suddenly smiled; “That’s not necessarily…”


Hearing this, Xavion was stunned: “What did you say?”

“If you give Young Lord Levi the same resources and environment, you are not necessarily his opponent!”

Yariwan laughed and said: “Young Lord Levi can do this if he is abandoned on the street! In the same situation, he will not be worse than you!”

Every word V said was like a knife drawn on Xavion.

His eyes are about to fly out.

He stared at Yariwan in disbelief, “You said Levi is not worse than me?”

“Yes, that’s right! Young Lord Levi wants to have your environment, it’s really not worse than you! Even better than you!”

Yariwan laughed.

“What? You said Levi is better than me?”

Xavion was going to explode.

“Say! Levi is not qualified to compare with me!”

“Say it!”

Xavion grabbed Yariwan’s neck and forced him to say this.

“Lord Levi is better than you!”

Yariwan looked at him and laughed.

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