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Chapter 1055

Levi was still standing, without any intention of kneeling down.

Dale and others were anxious, they wanted to press Levi on the ground.

Xavion looked at Levi and asked, “Are you kneeling or not?”

“Levi, what are you thinking about? Kneel down!”

Melina urged loudly.

Just as Levi was about to speak, Ollie stepped forward and said, “Lord Xavion, can I kneel for you?”

“Our family doesn’t want to enter the Garrison family. I can’t even think about this extravagant hope. I only ask the Garrison family to let us go and stop embarrassing us! We promise that we won’t cause any trouble to the Garrison family!”

After a brief contact, Melina knew that Levi was a man with arrogance in his bones.

Never bend the spine!

He will not kneel down to others!

So she is willing to kneel for her son.


When Xavion saw this scene, he smiled.

“Really? Are you willing to kneel for Levi?”

Xavion asked.

“As long as Lord Xavion promises to let us go, I am willing to kneel and kowtow for you!”

Ollie said.

As a mother. She has taken dignity very lightly.

Her only belief is that Levi and Sarah are living well.

So let her do anything.

This is a mother.

For the sake of children, willing to give everything selflessly.

“Okay, you can kneel down, it’s the same who you and Levi kneel down.”

“As long as you kneel in front of me and kowtow, I will let you go.”

Xavion smiled abnormally.

He likes the feeling of playing with people between applause.

He knew that for Levi, letting Ollie kneel in front of him would be more humiliating than kneeling himself.

After all, no one would stand by and watch his mother suffer humiliation.

Especially Levi who is extremely arrogant.

The more I feel the more shame.

Xavion looked at Levi with a sneer and said, “Levi, your mother is about to kneel down for me, do you want to watch it?”

“But the effect is the same. If your mother or you kneel down for me, I will let you go! Even I can let you into the Garrison family!”

Xavion was actually stimulating Levi.

“If Levi doesn’t kneel, your mother will do the same. Kneel down and kowtow!”

Melina and others hurriedly urged.

Others were also persuaded.

As long as Ollie knelt down, this matter would be easy to handle.

Levi might not be able to fall down, and could not kneel down.

But what face does Ollie have?

Kneel down quickly.

“Can’t kneel!”

Brandon, Regina and others hurriedly dissuaded Ollie.

How could the mother of the dignified God of War kneel to other people?

“Is your Porter family really going to fight my Garrison family to the end?”

Xavion sneered.

“Miss Porter can’t kneel! Never kneel!”

At this time, Mason and other big families in Norterjen also blocked the road.

Resolutely not letting Ollie kneel down.

Xavion saw everything in his eyes: “Well, all of your Norterjen families are crazy, right? I will find you one by one to settle the accounts!”

Xavion looked at Ollie again and said: “My patience is limited. I count three and two to one. If you don’t kneel down, you won’t have a chance.”

“Lord Xavion you are not allowed, I advise you, you leave as soon as possible. After all, this is someone’s wedding!”

Marshall stepped forward to persuade.

He was really afraid that Xavion would die here.

“Hahahaha…wedding? I just want to make trouble at his wedding!”

Xavion laughed loudly.

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