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Chapter 1066

Levi found it ridiculous.

He said he would be over if he didn’t kill himself?

Have you asked yourself what you mean?

Garrison West didn’t even understand who killed who…


Garrison West was taken aback.

If you don’t kill him anymore, you still want to hit the gun?

“Have you all heard that? He is going to kill me! Then if I kill him, my father won’t blame me. Hahaha…”

Garrison West thought he couldn’t kill it.

Unexpectedly, Levi would die by himself.

Good thing!

Garrison West laughed.

“Levi, you are asking for your own death! Don’t blame me for being cruel!”

“Come on, kill Levi!!!”

The rattling atmosphere is on the verge.

“Lord, there is a woman out there begging to see you, it’s Ollie!”

Someone shouted at this time.

Soon Ollie came to the court.

“Lord Garrison West, your father has promised to let us go. Can’t you go back and forth?”

Ollie said.

“Well, I let Levi go.”

Garrison West said.

“Mom, you leave first! He let me go, I didn’t let him go!”

Levi is bound to kill Garrison West.

“Son, mom, please, don’t mess around! Let’s go quickly! Don’t mess around!”

“Today is your big day, think about Sarah and the child in your stomach!”

Ollie lay on the ground and hugged Levi’s thigh tightly.

Levi was moved. He looked at Garrison West and said, “Okay, you’re lucky. Save your life, and get out now! When I regret it, you’re afraid you can’t live without Jiangbei!”


Garrison West laughed instead of anger.

“To be honest, I have never seen such an ignorant person! Levi, don’t worry, I am leaving today, but you will fall into my hands for one day!”

“Aren’t you going to challenge the Garrison family and hit the door of the Garrison family? I’m waiting for you at the Garrison family, don’t you not come?”

Garrison West laughed loudly.

“Don’t worry, I will go to Garrison’s house!”

Finally, Levi left Jiangbei Villa with his mother, carrying Garrison on his back.


Garrison West slammed an angry fist on the wall.

Immediately, this wall collapsed, and then the entire building collapsed and turned into billowing smoke.

One, you can see Garrison West’s strength, knocking down a building with one punch.

Second, it can be seen that Garrison West’s anger was provoked by a wild species, but he couldn’t kill it. It was too uncomfortable and too angry.

“Lord, just forget it?”

Garrison Donglong asked.

Even he couldn’t bear it.

“Forget it, what else can I do? Withdraw!”

Overnight, Garrison West evacuated from Jiangbei.

He didn’t understand why his father had to make such a decision.

He obviously agreed before!

After arranging Garrison.

Ollie received a call from Lawrence.

“I have already let go of the people, so should you fulfill your promise?”

Lawrence said coldly.

“Well, Ollie did what I said! But I hope you don’t turn back!”

Ollie’s sword pointed something.

He accused Lawrence of killing the baby Levi.

“Don’t worry, it won’t! You are ready, I will send someone to pick you up in a while!”

Lawrence said coldly.


The next day, early in the morning.

Then came the news—”Ollie is gone.


Levi secretly said a bad cry.

Garrison West would not let him go for no reason, there must be a reason.

Now it seems to have something to do with the mother.

The mother is probably in danger…

It is conceivable that Ollie probably had any deal with the Garrison family.

Otherwise, the Garrison Family wouldn’t let it go.

Chapter 1067

At this moment, Ollie is already in the capital.

She was taken in front of Lawrence.

After more than two decades, the two met again.

It’s just a matter of fact.

Lawrence is still radiant, with extraordinary bearing, a bit more mature than before, and more and more perfect.

Lawrence was perfect in this life.

No matter from every aspect.

Especially he is about to become the head of the Garrison Family, at that time, he will become the most noble man in the world.

On the other hand, Ollie, the old days are no longer colorful, she looks old, wrinkles all over her forehead, and her body is very thin.

From the once bright and flowery girl into a dying old woman.

The two stood together, forming a sharp contrast.

No one can imagine that these two were once lovers…

Seeing Lawrence, Ollie was in a complicated mood, and all kinds of emotions came to her heart…

But Lawrence smiled when he saw Ollie’s image.

First, laugh at yourself. Laughing at the time when I was too stupid and ignorant, I would actually like this woman.

Second, laugh Ollie. She laughed at her delusion to marry herself, marrying into the door of the Garrison family.

“Confused, I would have been addicted to this woman back then, and almost gave up the great future and Qing’er!”

“Sure enough, I’m too young, let’s look at Ollie now.”

Is she worthy?

Not worthy at all!

Compared with his current wife Long Aoqing, Ollie is really nothing, the gap between the two is too big.

Even exaggeratingly, Lawrence now looks at Ollie and feels vomiting…

Compared with him, one is in the sky and the other is on the ground.

Such a humble person still wants to be his own wife?

Dream it!

It’s impossible for a lifetime!

Ollie would only make him look down.

But he forgot that Ollie became like this, it was all caused by him.

Ollie used to be a girl like a flower!

It was for Lawrence to bet everything about him.

Ruined my life!

Without him, Ollie would still be beautiful.

“I didn’t expect that we would meet again! You are lucky enough!”

Lawrence attributed Ollie’s ability to see herself to luck.

Indeed, according to his status, Ollie is indeed not qualified to see him.

“Well, we meet again.”

Ollie sighed.

“But, I tell you, don’t have any thoughts about me. It’s impossible for us in this life!”

“I’ll tell you the truth, the gap between our identities is too big. Over the past two decades, the gap has grown bigger and bigger! You are totally unworthy of me!”

“Think about it for yourself, are you comparable to Aoqing? Not at all! I was just blind at the beginning.”

Lawrence was naturally afraid that Ollie would have a fluke, so he directly dispelled any thoughts of her.

Upon hearing this, Ollie lowered her head.

All the extravagant hopes in my heart are gone.

The gap between her and Lawrence was indeed too great.

“Not only that, your son and Aoqing’s son can’t be compared!”

Lawrence smiled and said, “Aoqing’s son is unparalleled in the world, and he is the top in almost every field!”

“As for your son, he has indeed achieved a little bit. In the eyes of ordinary people, it is indeed very powerful. But compared with the Garrison Clan in Beijing, he is still too small. He is not worthy to carry shoes for Aoqing’s son!”

Lawrence hit Levi mercilessly.

Said he could, but said his son could not.

Ollie’s eyes opened wide: “Not necessarily! Garrison West’s starting point is too perfect. If placed in the same environment, it is not necessarily who is strong.”

Chapter 1068

“Who said my son’s starting point was perfect?”

Suddenly a cold female voice came.

Full of aura, the queen-like Long Aoqing appeared.

She formed the sharpest contrast with Ollie.

“Aoqing chose you, what a right thing!”

Lawrence laughed.

Long Aoqing came to Ollie and sneered directly: “Ollie, let me tell you one fact-you are guaranteed to be beaten!”

“Actually, West’er did not grow up in the Garrison Clan Greenhouse! From birth, West’er was thrown into the extreme cold place in the north to experience. Since childhood, he didn’t know his true identity, and the Garrison family never offered any help. Instead, he set up numerous obstacles in his life to experience him!”

“It was West’er who used his own hands and wisdom to forcibly smash a bloody path. He didn’t bring him back to the Garrison family until he became an adult, and he passed his training. His achievements were the first person in the younger generation at that time, and there was absolutely nothing. People shake!”

“And the Garrison Clan spent tens of billions of dollars to create difficulties for him, and the number of people lost was as many as 3,000!”

“At the beginning, there were a full 80 people who experienced together, and only one person could go to the end. It was West’er who killed everyone else and came out!”

After hearing these facts.

Ollie was startled in a cold sweat.

In this way, before adulthood, Garrison West’s experience was even worse than Levi’s.

If you don’t pay attention, you will die.

The Garrison Family’s cruel training will sharpen a genius.

One thing to say, the current achievements of Levi are nothing to Garrison West.

“Just your wild son deserves to be compared with West’er? Impossible!”

Long Aoqing said coldly.

Ollie was silent.

Although I hope Levi will win, it is really useless in the face of absolute strength.

“Lawrence, ​​what do you mean by catching her back?”

Long Aoqing asked.

She didn’t worry about the resurgence of old feelings, after all, Ollie’s appearance definitely did not pose any threat.

“I’m going to kill her!”

Garrison West said.

“Well, kill as soon as possible, it’s useless to keep her.”

Long Aoqing said coldly.

Ollie immediately knelt on the ground and pleaded: “Please, can you give me a little more time. I want to see my grandson again and make some clothes for my grandson!”

Nine months later, Sarah’s child will be born.

She wants to see the child…

Ollie looked at Lawrence, his face changed.

After all, Ollie holds his secrets.

“Well, you are dead anyway, so what if you give you a little more time?”

Lawrence agreed.

Long Aoqing didn’t think too much: “Come here, lock her up, don’t let go!”

“Qing’er, don’t worry, she is locked up in the Garrison Clan. It’s because others have the ability to reach the sky, don’t try to save her away!”

Lawrence comforted.

After locking up Ollie, Long Aoqing smiled and asked: “Brother Tian, ​​would you say that wild species will come to save this b!tch? I heard that this wild species is very impulsive, even Garrison will save it. Isn’t his mother going to be saved even more?”

“Save people on the Garrison Family’s site? What can he do to save them? It’s ridiculous!”

Lawrence smiled.

What if this wild species has the ability?

He couldn’t even step through the door of the Garrison Family.

Let alone other.

“I hope to see this wild species come to save people, it will be a very interesting picture.”

Long Aoqing really likes to see this scene of ants struggling.

Chapter 1069

Lawrence said coldly: “No, there won’t be such a day.”

Long Aoqing was taken aback, then looked at him: “You…you mean to kill Ollie?”

“Well, that’s right. What right does a slut have to bargain with me? Want to delay me for a few months? Impossible!”

Lawrence was mainly afraid that the secret would be exposed.

He wanted to get rid of Ollie immediately.

It just agreed on the surface.

Ollie was deceived again.

Lawrence doesn’t have any credibility at all.

Especially Ollie holds secrets that can threaten his future, and it is impossible for him to keep Ollie alive.

Lawrence came to the place where Ollie was detained.

“Are you here to kill me?”

Ollie had already guessed Lawrence’s intentions.

“Originally I thought you would keep this secret for a lifetime, but now it seems that you don’t love me much? Who kept saying that you love me forever, willing to give everything for me?”

Lawrence mocked.

“Lawrence, I misunderstood you, you have no emotion at all. You are a cold-blooded animal!”

Ollie stared at Lawrence angrily.

Lawrence sneered and said: “This is the difference between me and ordinary people like you! In the Garrison Clan’s philosophy, women must not be a stumbling block! They can only be tools!”

“That’s why I abandoned you! To me, you are no different from other women, have no use value at all, and will become a stumbling block on my road.”

“Only Aoqing is my best partner, only she is worthy of me in this world!”

Ollie resisted without crying.

She sneered; “Long Aoqing, do you also like her background and resources? You don’t like her much, do you?”

Facing Ollie’s question, Lawrence fell silent.

indeed so.

Marrying Long Aoqing was all because of her background.

“You really do nothing to achieve your goal!”

Ollie mocked.

“Hehe, you don’t understand at all! If you want to reach the highest point, you have to abandon a lot of things! It’s because you haven’t reached that position, you don’t understand at all!”

Ollie immediately asked: “So, this is why you abolished your brother?”


Lawrence was angry.

Because Ollie’s words are the secret.

A secret that made Lawrence unable to sleep with fear.

The genius of the Garrison Clan in Beijing is like a cloud.

Especially in Lawrence’s generation, all of them are Tianjiao.

But Lawrence was not the top one.

He ranked third in this generation, and his fourth brother Lawrencefeng was the first genius of the Garrison family.

Ability crushes everyone.

Also the next Patriarch appointed by the King!

Lawrence could only watch.

It was Lawrence who devised a plan to abolish Lawrencefeng, and he is still lying in bed.

Everyone in the Garrison family thought that Lawrencefeng’s fall happened by accident.

It fell on the first day, and Lawrence came to power on the second day before he was named the heir.

This secret was accidentally learned by Ollie.

Now he is particularly worried that Ollie will tell this secret.

Once the Garrison Clan knows all this, his Patriarch should not be considered.

According to Garrison Clan’s strict house rules, even he suffered huge punishments.

One of the most important family rules of the Garrison nationality-Garrison nationality compatriots must not kill each other.

“Ollie you forced me, I must kill you today!”

Lawrence’s eyes were red, staring at Ollie.

Ollie closed her eyes in despair…

Chapter 1070

Lawrence has slowly raised his right palm.

About to fall on Ollie’s Tianling cover.


The strong wind brought by this palm was extremely violent.

Ollie already felt death.

At the critical moment, Lawrence actually stopped.

Ollie waited for a long time, and when there was no movement, she opened her eyes.

“You…you won’t kill me?”

Ollie was surprised.

Lawrence looked at her weirdly, and did not speak.


Subsequently, Lawrence closed the door and left.

Ollie’s eyes flickered, and she quickly understood what was going on.

Lawrence was worried.

He worried that he might have told Levi this secret.

He dare not bet.

In case Levi really knew, once he killed Ollie, Levi would definitely be exposed.

This is exactly what Lawrence worries about.

For his future, for his paternal position, he dare not gamble.

He didn’t need to worry about this problem before, because Ollie loved him enough and was willing to give his life for him, let alone guarding the secret.

But now, with Levi’s presence, Ollie has changed.

Ollie probably told him this secret in order to protect Levi.

He didn’t dare to kill Ollie rashly.

“I have to find a way to find out if Levi knows this secret!”

“Wait for confirmation before making a solution!”

Lawrence decided to go to Levi himself.

Once found out, he will get rid of Levi and Ollie.

Even if he would be accused by the Garrison family, many people would laugh at him for being cruel.

But it’s better than revealing his secrets.

At that time, what he faced would be the strictest family rules of the Garrison Family!


Everyone looked around for Ollie’s whereabouts.

In the end, Levi found the note left by Ollie in the room.

Probably means to ask him to rest assured that she is okay and don’t go to her either.

“Mom, how could it be possible without looking for you?”

Levi slapped the table suddenly.

He became more and more certain that it was the Garrison Family who did it.

Mother wants to die for herself.

Mother they can’t help your son!

If it weren’t for you, I would have killed Garrison West.

Levi looked helpless.

Originally, Levi had prepared for a while before he would go northward again.

At least after Sarah gave birth.

Otherwise, he is pregnant here, and he is uneasy.

After all, Sarah needs someone to take care of…

But his mother’s changes made him have to speed up and go to the capital ahead of time.

Just when he was about to order Wesley and the others, he received an unfamiliar call.

As soon as the phone was connected, they introduced themselves directly: “I am Lawrence!”

“What? You? Is my mother in your hands?”

Levi asked immediately.

He was surprised that Lawrence would call him.

“Yes, that’s right.”

“But she’s okay, I will be in Jiangbei tonight, I have something to talk to you!”

Levi breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that his mother was okay.

If anything happened to his mother, he must have overturned the entire Garrison Clan.

No one will stay.

“Well, I’m waiting for you! If my mother has any accident, you won’t live!”

Levi said coldly.


Lawrence over there smiled.

Levi’s threat seemed to him to be incompetent and furious.

Want to kill him?

Do you have this ability?

It’s eight o’clock in the evening.

A private jet landed at Jiangbei Airport.

Lawrence came to the place agreed with Levi in a very low-key manner.

Levi had been waiting here long ago.

The father and son really met.

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