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Chapter 1061

“Levi is still too weak. Wouldn’t it be better if he was stronger?”

Garrison West sighed helplessly: “Now I have too many ways to deal with him! For example, Sarah and the child in her belly! I just have to think, it is impossible for a child to be born!”

“Yes, Lord West, give your order, let us deal with Levi!”

Garrison West shook his head: “No, no, no… I want to play him slowly, I want to destroy his vulnerable pride!”

“Buddle night in the bridal chamber? I won’t let you live in peace! Come, go…”

Levi is drinking with his brothers and friends here.

Especially his “special” friends are too difficult to get together.

With the brothers and mentor, Levi felt extremely comfortable.

His mentor Zhong Longchuan said: “Levi, I know all about your situation. One thing is that the Garrison Clan in Beijing is really extraordinary. With thousands of years of background, just talking about force, you are like a Lord.”

“May I tell you some statistics? Do you know our Morendam Sabre Ranking?”

Levi nodded.

The Morendam Sabre List is a list of the Lords in the Morendam Army, and everyone on the list is the top powerhouse.

However, Lords like Levi and the God of War Railway Brigade belong to a confidential sequence.

Will not be selected on the Sabre list.

They only know that the Sabre list is very strong, and they don’t know how it is.

“On the Morendam Sabre List, the children of the Garrison Clan occupy 21 seats! There are 46 seats related to the Garrison Clan!”

“That is to say, almost half of the Lords on the Morendam Sabre List are related to the Garrison Family!”

After Zhong Longchuan said this data, Levi and others were all surprised.

Those who are on the saber list are all ruthless men in the army!

Everyone is a madman on the battlefield, with a fierce reputation at home and abroad.

Each not only has great achievements in battle, but also has extremely strong strength.

There are so many strong sabers related to the Garrison Clan?

The strength of the Garrison Clan is evident.

But Levi and the others had already seen a lot before.

A little servant has the strength to overwhelm a city.

It would be unimaginable to reveal the true Garrison Clan’s strength.

“Not only that, the Garrison family also has other Lords. It can be said that they have a lot of background. The first family of the Great Xia is really well-deserved. It is even more terrible than I thought. After all, I haven’t understood it deeply.”

“Furthermore, Garrison West’s mother, Long Aoqing, is the jewel in the hands of the Long Family of the second generation of Morendam, so the two are one! Once the Garrison Family is operated on, the Long Family will also participate!”

Zhong Longchuan looked at Levi and said, “God of War, I hope you will be more careful when dealing with the Garrison Clan in Beijing! Also be careful!”

Levi nodded: “Don’t worry, sir, I will take care of it! But, I should take the Garrison Family accountable.”

Everyone understood that Levi was determined to take the Garrison Family’s operation.

He was not afraid of facing the Eighteen Nations.

How can a Garrison family retreat?

While everyone was drinking, someone broke in.

Everyone recognized at a glance that this was Garrison West’s subordinate, who had appeared during the day.

“What’s your business?”

Owen asked in a low voice.

Garrison Donglong, Garrison West’s subordinate, smiled and said, “Levi is here to tell you one thing!”


“Your savior is at stake, do you want to save it?”

Garrison Donglong smiled.

“My savior?”

Levi’s complexion changed.

“Yes, that’s right. He doesn’t seem to be able to do it now.”

Chapter 1062

“who is it?”

Levi asked.

“Is it Garrison???”

Ollie asked with a trembling body.

If Levi had a savior in the Garrison family, then only the chief steward Garrison.

At the beginning, Garrison treated her like a daughter.

Secretly helped a lot.

It can be said that she can live, and Garrison helped a lot.

After she gave birth to a child, she was taken away by Lawrence.

She is actually very worried about whether the child will be alive.

Garrison promised her that she would let the child live…

“Yes, it’s Garrison!”

“Tell you the truth-the Garrison Family didn’t want Levi to live, and deliberately abandoned him in the mountains and forests. It was Garrison, the old immortal, who secretly moved Levi and threw him on the streets of Jiangbei. Otherwise, he would die early. Up!”

Garrison Donglong sneered.


This news was like a bolt from the blue to Ollie.

It turned out that the Garrison family had been lying to her.

Lawrence has been lying to her.

They did not intend to let Levi go.

It’s just that Lawrence didn’t have the heart to kill himself, but instead abandoned Levi in the wilderness. What’s the difference between killing him?

It turned out that the Garrison family had never planned to keep their son alive.

Fortunately, she thought that Lawrence would have feelings for the child after all, and that this issue would be handled properly.

But this is the result.

The dignified first family just like this?

Can’t do the promised thing?

But she didn’t understand that the interests of this kind of big family are paramount.

In the face of interests, everything is nothing.

What’s more, no one knows this matter at all.

“Lawrence, I misunderstood you! Tiger poison can’t eat seeds! You are so cruel!”

Ollie clenched her fists tightly, her body twitching slightly.


so sad!

Desperate for a person in an instant.

At this moment, Levi was also a little shocked.

So I almost died when I was a child?

He also understood.

Why did some servants deal with him before?

It turned out that everyone in the Garrison family thought he was dead.

Lawrence, you are so vicious!

As a biological father, it is absolutely amazing to put such a vicious hand on his own flesh and blood.

“I blame Garrison, the old man, otherwise there are so many troubles!”

Garrison Donglong snorted coldly.

“Levi, now, you can decide if you can save Garrison! Only three hours are given. If you don’t come, all the blood on Garrison will drain!”

Garrison Donglong smiled and left here.

Levi asked Ollie about Garrison’s situation.

“Son, it seems that Uncle really saved you!”

Ollie affirmed.

Levi said coldly: “Okay, since I am Levi’s lifesaver, and because of my accident, then I must save!”


In fact, Ollie wanted to persuade Levi not to go.

She understood that this was definitely Garrison West’s strategy, just to get Levi into the bait, he had a legitimate reason to kill Levi.

In this way, the Garrison family will not bear any infamy.

So once Levi went, it would be a crisis.

Tonight is the day he just got married, so he will suffer such a danger.

As a mother, I am naturally unwilling.

But on the one hand, she hopes that Levi will be a loving and righteous person. Since Garrison is a lifesaver, she must save it.

“Mom, don’t worry, Garrison West and I will face it sooner or later!”

Levi left a word and went to find Garrison West.

Garrison must be saved.

No one can stop it.

Chapter 1063

“King’s Landing…”

Seeing Levi leaving behind, Ollie was stunned.

No way!

I can’t let King’s Landing die in vain.

Ollie also left immediately, not knowing where she went.

Jiangbei Villa.

It turned out to be the residence of the richest man, the Shane family, but they moved out early.

Garrison West lives here now.

In the huge chamber.

Garrison West is enjoying the wine.

Unlike his feminine temperament, his favorite drink is strong alcohol.

He enjoys the feeling of the strong liquor turning into a fire after it enters his throat.

“Huh, cool!”

He poured a gulp of strong wine.

“Tick, tick…”

In front of Garrison West, a drop of blood dripped from above.

The ground has become a big beach.

Habara was hung upside down on the roof.

He was covered in blood…

Garrison West opened a hole for him just now, and the blood kept flowing.

If no measures were taken, Garrison would die because of too much blood loss.

“Housekeeper, I hope you can hold on to Levi’s arrival!”

Garrison West laughed loudly.

At the same time, he spilled a little bit of liquor on Garrison’s wound.


Garrison screamed like a pig.


Garrison, who was pale as paper, squeezed a word out of his teeth.

This Garrison West is really abnormal.

“Lord West, will Levi really come?”

Garrison Donglong asked.

Garrison West nodded: “Well, that’s right. I think people are very accurate. Levi places too much emphasis on love and justice. To me and my father, this is completely a shortcoming. It will become a burden to you, at critical moments. It will kill you!”

This is a concept that Lawrence has always taught Garrison West-you must not emphasize love and justice, you must abandon everything at the critical moment, and let yourself be ruthless, so that you can do big things.

This is why Lawrence can abandon Ollie’s mother and son.

This is Lawrence’s principle of doing things.

Everything can be discarded at the critical moment.

Not to mention Ollie and Levi, who were insignificant in his mind.

These are stumbling blocks on his way forward, and he will naturally kick it away.

“That’s true! If Levi didn’t care about love and justice, he would never come, let alone die.”

Garrison Donglong smiled.

Garrison West nodded: “Well, that’s right, it’s the truth. He will definitely be fine if he doesn’t come.”

“Garrison West, you are too insidious! I want to provoke Young Lord Levi to attack you and kill him!”

Garrison cursed.

Garrison West’s lips deepened and smiled: “It’s impossible for this kind of wild species to enter Garrison’s family, but now there are too many people who know him. People are staring at all times! I can’t kill it rashly, only Annoyed him!”

“You…cough cough cough…”

Garrison’s blood flowed wildly because of his excitement.

The wounds on his body pierced his nerves and made him moan.

“Forbearance, Levi will come soon, when you go to hell together, there will be no pain.”

Garrison West picked up the Western-style knife again and made a wound on Garrison’s body.


Obviously, Garrison’s blood flowed faster and more when he was hanging upside down.

Garrison couldn’t hold it for long.

Before the blood dries out, it may hurt alive.


“Garrison West, I’m here!”

At this time, the door of the villa was suddenly blasted open, and a voice came from outside.

“Hahaha, Lord West really expected everything, Levi really came to die!”

Garrison Donglong smiled.


Garrison sighed.

This kid shouldn’t have come.

Chapter 1064

Levi kicked the gate away.

Step into the Jiangbei Villa.

In the Jiangbei Villa.

Garrison West has thousands of people.

They all appeared, staring at Levi who had come.

“Take him!”

Everyone is about to do it.

“Hold on, let him in.”

A voice came from inside.


After getting the order, thousands of Lords gave up a path, stood on both sides, watching Levi enter.

Sure enough, all of them are Lords.

Garrison Family’s background is indeed sufficient.

Soon Levi came to the meeting hall.

Seeing Garrison who was hanging upside down, his eyes narrowed.

This Garrison West is so vicious.

Looking at the large pool of blood on the ground, Levi became more and more angry.

“Levi, this is your savior! If he hadn’t saved you, you would have died in the wilderness when you were born.”

Garrison West laughed loudly.

At this moment, Garrison was dying. He looked at Levi and said, “Jun…Lord Levi…”


Levi took a breath.

His savior was treated like this.

“Garrison West, don’t you hurry up and put people down for me?”

Levi said coldly.

“Put down people? It’s okay, but you have to see if you have the skills!”

Garrison West laughed loudly.

“Lord Levi, hurry up… leave quickly… it’s dangerous…”

Garrison shouted with all his strength.

“It’s okay, I must save you today!”

“You saved my life when I was young, and today you are in danger because of me! I must save you!”

Levi walked over step by step.


Suddenly, there were rustling voices.

The chamber that was empty just now was full of people in an instant, densely packed with hundreds of Lords.

One by one stared at Levi fiercely.

“Kang Dang!”

He also closed the door of the chamber.

Now Levi can hardly escape with wings!

Garrison West smiled.

Levi is definitely a dead place this time.

Soon, Levi will be killed, and Garrison will also be killed.

Garrison West thought it over.

The news will be released later-Levi killed the butler Garrison, he avenged Garrison and killed Levi.

There are good reasons for this.

Others knew it was a strategy, but they couldn’t refute it.

The other side.

Ollie hurriedly returned to her room and typed a phone number that she remembered deeply.

“Quickly pick up, quickly pick up, there will be something wrong with King’s Landing later!”

Ollie said anxiously.


Finally I answered the phone on the other end.

“I am Ollie!”

After Ollie revealed her identity, the other side was silent, and even the sound of breathing was gone.

“Mr. Lawrence, I won’t talk nonsense with you, I only have one request!”

Ollie didn’t talk nonsense, and immediately stated the purpose.

She worried that Levi would be in danger if it was too late.


“I want you to let my son go! Just this time! As long as you let my son go, I promise that our mother and son will never entangle the Garrison family at all. You know how I am! I do what I say!”

Ollie pleaded.

“I can’t decide this matter! Who told him to be so arrogant that even the Beijing Garrison Clan dared to provoke him?”

Lawrence said coldly.

“He is young and ignorant, please let him go! This time! I, Ollie, didn’t ask you anything, please go around my son once! I can die for him!”

“I beg you… I knelt down for you…”

Ollie was already crying into tears.

Chapter 1065

“I won’t deal with him, but it doesn’t mean that the others in the Garrison family won’t deal with him!”

Lawrence refused in disguise.

“Lawrence! If you don’t agree, I will tell your secret!”

Ollie shouted suddenly.


At this moment, Lawrence’s tone on the other end of the phone suddenly changed

“Ollie is so bad that you said you loved me forever, and you will always keep this secret for me! You are going to tell it! You b!tch!”

Lawrence said angrily.

“No, for the sake of my son’s life, I will spare it! Either let him go or I will say it!”

Ollie was completely anxious.

“Well, well, I promise you! Spare him! But there is a question-what if you threaten me with this secret next time?”

Lawrence asked.

“I promise I won’t threaten you, just this time.”

Lawrence said solemnly: “No, now I find that only the dead will keep secrets!”


Ollie trembled and panicked.

“Let’s do this, you change Levi’s life! When Levi is fine, I will send someone to pick you up to the capital!”

Lawrence would never allow this secret to leak out.

I didn’t care before.

It’s because Ollie loves him too much.

It would be better for her to die by herself to maintain his secret.

But now that there is one more Levi, the situation is different.

So Ollie must die.

“Okay, I promise you!”

In order to change Levi’s life, Ollie gave it up.

In Jiangbei Villa.

Looking at the hundreds of Lords who surrounded him, Levi smiled.

“Originally today was my wedding day, I didn’t want to see blood! But someone wanted to force me! Then I had to kill!”

Levi said lightly.

Garrison West smiled and said, “Levi, I’ll take you to calm down! It’s all this time, how dare you say crazy words?”

“As for this day, I specially selected it for you!

Six years ago on the night of your wedding day, you were broken and thrown on the street. Six years later, on the night of your wedding day, you were beaten to death! Hahaha… everything is destined in the dark! “

Garrison West laughed presumptuously.

Habara was also very angry.


It’s abnormal.

The entourages around Garrison West laughed and said, “Boy, have you brought the coffin tombstone wreath for you? Those are all carefully prepared for you!”

Levi looked calm, he said: “Garrison West, your biggest mistake is to come to Jiangbei yourself!”

“Oh? Wrong?”

Garrison West said in doubt.

“Because you will die! Even if today is the day of your big wedding, I will make an exception for you and be bloody!”

Levi already had the determination to kill.

Garrison West must die!

“Come on…”

Garrison West was about to give an order.

But received a call.

“What? Ah? Why? Okay…understand…Father…”

After Garrison West hung up the phone, he looked at Levi incredulously.

“Lord West? Order!”

Garrison Donglong urged.

But Garrison West waved his hand and said: “Retreat! Levi won’t kill!”


This decision left everyone in a daze.

He didn’t even kill Levi.

“Okay, Levi counts you lucky! I won’t kill you today! Garrison gave it to you too!”

Garrison West said very depressed.

He didn’t understand why his father didn’t kill Levi.

Give him a death order without explanation.

“That won’t work! If you don’t kill me, it doesn’t mean that I will let you go!”

Levi stared at Garrison West murderously.

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