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Chapter 1073

“First, let my mother come back right away.”

“Secondly, after the birth of my child, I will personally hit the door of the Garrison family and let all of you confess the crimes committed against my mother!”

“Third, I will k!ll Xavion in front of you!”

When Levi finished these three points, Lawrence was stunned.

Looking at Levi incredulously.


Too arrogant!

In front of him, he dared to say such a big thing.

Want to k!ll Xavion in front of him?


It’s ridiculous!

“The first point, I don’t want to say anything. But the second point, you want to hit the Garrison family and let us all repent?”

Lawrence was smiling.

That is the first family of Velador.

Thousands of years of heritage.

Who has this strength?

Just believe a boy in his twenties?

Do you have this ability?

“Well, that’s right! I will fulfill my mother’s dream-telling you in front of everyone in the Garrison family: you are not worthy of my mother! I want all of you to regret it! Let my mother tell you all: her son reigns over the world!”

Levi said coldly.

“Hahahaha… just you? Okay, I’ll wait!”

“And Xavion you want to k!ll him? Tell you it’s impossible!”

Lawrence laughed.

With him, who would dare to move Xavion?

“Don’t worry, I want to k!ll you, you can’t keep it!”

A cold light flashed in Levi’s eyes.

Since Xavion appeared at his wedding, Xavion’s way was doomed.

Won’t live!

Levi didn’t let anyone throw away the wreath coffin that Xavion brought to the wedding.

Because he wants to use it for him.

“Good, good, kind!”

“What’s the exact time? I don’t want to wait for you too long!”

Lawrence sneered.

“About a year, about a year after my child is born, I definitely will hit the door of the Garrison family!”

“Well, well, then I’ll take a gamble with you! After a year, whenever you can step into the door of the Garrison family, I will regret and apologize for what I did in the past, and I will kneel in front of your mother and son!

There is only one way to make me confess-and that is to rely on strength! Otherwise, even if you k!ll me, I won’t repent at all!”

Lawrence and Levi gambling for a year.

In his opinion, no matter how powerful Levi is, he has no ability to step into the door of the Garrison Family.

“Okay, that’s it.”

Levi nodded.

Lawrence sneered and said, “If you can’t step into the door of the Garrison family, don’t blame me for being cruel.”

“Don’t worry, if I, Levi, can’t step into the gate of your Garrison family, I’m willing to die!”

“Then say it, I’ll be waiting for you at Garrison’s house!”

After Lawrence finished his gambling, he left Case York.

He doesn’t have to worry about Levi telling this secret.

Through the brief conversation just now, he felt that he had already touched Levi’s temper.

He is actually a person who is arrogant to the bottom of his bones.

He would never make a fuss about his secrets.

This kind of thing is a shame before an arrogant character.

In addition, Lawrence proposed a one-year agreement and used various radical methods.

He was sure that Levi would never reveal his secret.

Lawrence sneered: “This is the gap between you and Xavion! We will never care about these illusory things! As long as it is beneficial to us, we will do whatever it takes!”

“Those who make big things don’t stick to the trivial!”

“Levi, you will never make a big thing!”

“A year later, I watched you creeping on the ground at the door of the Garrison Family!”

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