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Chapter 1096


Very arrogant!

Does anyone in this world dare to say such arrogant words?

That’s the Morendam Sabre List!!!

Almost covers the strongest in the Morendam military world!

The 100 on the Sabre List are all the gods of war well-known at home and abroad.

Everyone is strong to the extreme.

Morendam’s big wealthy families are proud and glorious to have a saber on the list.

But Levi dared to say such exaggerated words.

He is better than anyone on the Sabre list…

Is there still a saber list in his eyes?

In the eyes of Garrison Hart and Logan Lang, the Sabre List is the most sacred existence.

Their goal in this life-either to join the invincible division of the God of War Iron Brigade, or to stay on the saber list.

It can even be said that staying on the Sabre List is even more difficult than joining the God of War Iron Brigade.

After all, there is only one hundred on the Sabre List…

Levi said this.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Yu Xiaoqin almost fell to the ground in shock.

The strongest sabers in their concept are like the Four Great Killing Gods in the South.

How strong are they?

The four great murderers once retreated in a siege of 30,000 people, and the 30,000 people on the other side lost tens of thousands of people…

This is the strongest of the saber list!

What’s more, the four major killing gods in the southern realm are not at the forefront of the saber list, they are only in the middle.

It is conceivable that the powerhouses in the forefront of the saber list, especially the top ten powerhouses, will be so strong.

At the mention of their names, major overseas national organizations will be frightened.

They are all powerful against tens of thousands, or even 100,000!

Levi said that he was better than anyone on the Sabre List.

How strong is he?

There are still people in this world who dare to despise the saber list?

Don’t say anything else.

Even the Garrison family, the first family of Morendam, wouldn’t dare?

Is not qualified at all!

“I laughed! It is said that he is better than anyone on the Sabre list!”

Logan Lang laughed.

“Me too, this is the first time I have heard of this kind of thing!”

Garrison Hart also smiled.

Everyone present was laughing at Levi.

“Is Commander-in-Chief Xiao Juechen of the Southern Territory strong? Strong enough? It’s only 17th on the Sabre List! Are you a young man who dare to ignore the Sabre List?”

Fisher Jinshan was happy.

“Are you deliberate? Dare to despise the Sabres! Are you looking for death?”

“If you insult the saber list like this, we can be rude to you!”

Levi’s words completely angered everyone.

Some people even want to do it.

Logan Lang stopped everyone.

“Well, well, didn’t you say that you are better than everyone on the saber list? We need you to prove it!”

“I don’t beg you to beat everyone on the Sabre List, as long as you have the qualifications for the Sabre List, we will all convince you!”

Logan Lang smiled.

He wants to slap Levi.

Let him show his true strength.

Once displayed, it proves that what he just said is a lie.

“Yes, prove the strength! Otherwise we will not finish today!”

“Dare to ignore the saber list, none of us will agree to it!”

Others echoed.

They stared at Levi fiercely.

Yu Xiaoqin and Fisher Jinshan also looked at Levi jokingly.

As long as you show your strength, you will be exposed.

Will you dare to speak big words in the future?

“Why? Don’t you dare? The problem of big talk is to be corrected!”

“If you don’t change it, we will personally help you change it to ensure that you will not dare to speak big words in the future!”

Everyone couldn’t help but say when they saw Levi staying still.

“I’m thinking how to show the strength that is stronger than the saber leader? After all, you are too weak!”

Chapter 1097

Levi looked at them seriously.

The thornheads in these training camps are strong enough, but to him they are all small rookies.

Defeating them, but can’t prove that he has the strength to be better than the saber list.

As a result, Levi’s words angered these thorns more and more.

Are they too weak?

It’s ridiculous!

“We are weak? Well, well, I will give you a chance to prove your strength! As long as we can defeat us, we will convince you!”

Garrison Hart stared at Levi.

Logan Lang also agreed: “There is still me! I, Logan Lang, will serve the strong in this life. If I am stronger than me, I will serve you! Nothing else will work!”

The principle of this group of thorns is very simple-if you want them to convince, you have to be better than them!

“Look up!”

Levi suddenly lifted his right foot and stepped on it fiercely.


Suddenly the earth trembles like a big earthquake.

Everyone present was shaken and dizzy. If it weren’t for the balance of the body, they might fall to the ground.

Everyone was scared.

When they saw the ground, they were so scared that their eyes flew out.

Because cracks appeared on the ground, densely dense, spread out like a spider web for hundreds of meters.

There are dense cracks under their feet, and both feet sink in with a slight movement.

The expressions they looked at Levi changed.

This…what strength is this?

What level of force?

Stepping on the ground is like a big earthquake.

The dense cracks spread hundreds of meters, is this still a human?

I don’t know if it is stronger than the Sabre list, but everyone is going crazy.

If this kick hits a person, it will be an unimaginable consequence.

Step on the earthquake with one foot, shocking all directions.

Logan Lang was dumbfounded.

Garrison Hart was dumbfounded.

Yu Xiaoqin was dumbfounded.

Everyone was stunned.

They understood a truth: Xiao Juechen would never find a mediocrity to be their instructor.

“Anyone who is dissatisfied can challenge me!”

Levi Irving Garrison Hart and the others asked.


As soon as Levi said these words, everyone stood neatly.

Logan Lang stopped sitting, and immediately stood up, his body straightened like a javelin.

Levi’s kick conquered everyone.

“All stand! Introduce myself, I am your instructor!”

“Today’s first lesson, what I want to teach you is respect! No matter how strong or powerful you are. But the rules must not be forgotten! You must respect the instructor! He is your teacher!”

“Furthermore, there is no idiot at the top. Is it possible to choose someone who is nothing to be your instructor?”

“You must always have a humble heart and respect others, this is the minimum!”

Just like Levi.

He is the god of war in a country.

But when facing people like Qin Beishan, he always kept a low profile and gave full respect.


Logan Lang shouted these stingers.

“If you understand this truth, I will teach you other things!”

Levi approached.

“Instructor, can you tell us your origins? We can’t think of your existence in Morendam military circles!”

Garrison Hart asked loudly.

They knew all about the saber list and the powerhouses in the Morendam military world.

After all, with the Garrison family’s background, it was easy for them to get some information.

“Yes, please tell the instructor to tell the identity!”

Others shouted too.

“Your instructor is the God of War!”

Chapter 1098

With a voice, Xiao Juechen appeared on the scene.

“Kun…God of War???”

Garrison Hart subconsciously said silently.

“What? I heard that right? God of War?”

Hearing this familiar and unfamiliar title, Logan Lang felt like he was dreaming.

Yu Xiaoqin and Fisher Jinshan looked at Levi close at hand, they were dumbfounded, like sculptures.

“That’s right, standing in front of you is my Morendam’s god of war-God of War!”

Xiao Juechen said affirmatively.

As soon as the words came out, the audience fell into silence again.

Xiao Juechen replied personally, over there representing that the matter was true.

There will be no fakes!

Standing in front of them is the God of War!


At this moment, everyone felt like a bolt from the blue sky and was blasted to the outside and the inside.

No wonder there has never been such a young existence in the military world of Morendam…

It turns out that he is the God of War!

Now they believe why Levi would ignore the Morendam Sabre List…

He is indeed better than anyone on the Sabre list.

It is even said that the Morendam Sabre List was discharged by the God of War.

“Meet God of War!”

Everyone saluted at this moment and shouted together.

In addition to fright, there are more surprises.

No one thought that the instructor in the Ian Soldier King Training Camp would be the God of War.

Thinking of their various behaviors before, everyone regretted it.

They all lowered their heads, and didn’t dare to look at Levi at all.

The lesson of “respect” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

They will practice better in the future.

“All raised their heads, stand for me!”

Levi shouted.

“After taking the lesson of respect, I will guide you personally!”

Levi approached.

“I heard that a lot of Garrison Clan from Beijing came here this time? Let me see who it is?”

Levi asked.

Garrison Hart and others stood up one after another, with a look of arrogance.

Their family is strong, and even God of War War God has paid special attention to it.

“Well, yes, there are a lot of people! It seems that the Garrison Clan in Beijing has sent a lot of talents!”

Levi nodded in satisfaction.

Putting aside the hatred with Garrison Clan, they are still quite good.

At least it has cultivated talents for Morendam.

It is enough to do this.

Facing people like Garrison Hart, Levi won’t be embarrassed, but will teach each other.

At this moment, in his eyes, these were not Garrison people, but Morendam fighters.

He would not treat it differently for the sake of grudges with the Garrison Family.

“Next, I want to teach you a set of training methods. You will practice this in the next month. When the time is up, I will check it out!”

Levi taught everyone a special training method.

Everyone is surprised and shocked.

It is estimated that there is still this kind of training method.

This is simply beyond their expectations…

No wonder the God of War Iron Brigade is so powerful, it turns out that there is this kind of training method.

“Instructor, don’t you come here every day?”

Logan Lang bit his head and asked, he hopes to see the God of War of God of War every day.

“It will take at least one year for you to thoroughly understand this training method. I don’t need to teach you other things this month. These are enough.”

Levi approached.

“Understood, we will definitely practice hard and promise not to let you down!”

Everyone shouted.

“Well, good. I will personally check the results in January! I will personally select a few people to enter the God of War Railway Brigade!”

Levi nodded.

Garrison Hart hesitated for a long time, but still asked aloud: “Instructor, is your surname Garrison?”

The other Garrison surnames stared at Levi nervously.

Chapter 1099

The family guessed that the God of War was definitely from their Garrison clan.

Even if it is not from the Jingcheng Garrison Clan, it will be from other branches.

However, due to the particularity of the identity, it must be included in confidentiality.

Even the Garrison Clan in Beijing couldn’t find it.

But Lawrence had asserted that God of War was definitely a member of the Garrison Clan.

“Well, that’s right.”

Levi nodded.


Garrison Hart and the others were short of breath, and they already regarded Levi as the Garrison family.

This is their pride!

After Levi left, everyone was high-spirited, and they all devoted themselves to training.

Xiao Juechen believed that they would make a qualitative leap in a month.

The capital is here.

Lawrencelong should immediately return to Jiangbei to find Levi’s revenge.

It’s just that everyone knows after Jiang Yijun’s marriage contract is torn up.

There are so many people who come to the Jiang family for marriage every day.

Lawrencelong had to watch, so he couldn’t get out of it for the time being.

In this way, a month passed quickly.

Erick Group is still standing still.

Natalie and Sarah are still very anxious.

Levi was still calm, just like a okay person.

He deliberately came to the training camp to test the results.

For Garrison Hart and others, this month was like a hell of the devil.

But at the same time everyone has a qualitative improvement.

“Well, not bad, barely satisfied!”

Levi nodded.

This group is still a little weaker.

The Alton Special Training Camp of Beasts was also the same training system at the beginning, and the effect is better than the current one.

Finally, Levi selected five people to enter the God of War Railway Brigade.

Except for Logan Lang, the other four are from the Jingcheng Garrison Clan.

Here in Levi, it’s not about identity, only ability.

The mission of Ian Soldier King’s training camp was successfully concluded.

Garrison Hart and the others were very excited.

Not to mention the top ten of the six of them, a full four of them entered the God of War Iron Brigade.

After they were free, they wanted to report their achievements to the family as soon as possible.

“Wait! I have an idea, this is not far from Jiangbei, shall we go to Levi?”

Garrison Mann suggested.

“Yes, I really want to meet this kid.”

Garrison Kong looked excited.

The same is true for others.

After the improvement in strength, they feel more confident.

“Okay, then after we find Levi, we will report our results to the family.”

Garrison Hart agreed.

During this period of time, Sarah’s lower abdomen bulged a lot.

She has to walk extremely carefully.

Seeing Levi doing nothing every day, she was really worried.

It’s been less than a year, what will you take to challenge the Garrison family?

At this time, Sarah received a call.

Someone asked her to have dinner with Levi, claiming to be from the Garrison family in Beijing.

Sarah immediately found Levi.

She was frightened.

I’m afraid this is a Hongmen Banquet.

After all, it was the Garrison family.

“Go, why don’t people go for dinner?”

Levi agreed.

“You… King’s Landing, you are really fearless if you don’t know…”

Sarah sighed.

Why isn’t Levi afraid of the Garrison Family?

I really don’t understand how strong the Garrison family is!

Even she understood clearly.

Don’t Levi understand?

In the restaurant.

Garrison Hart and the others are waiting.

“Levi is so courageous, he immediately agreed?”

Garrison Kong sneered.

“This kid is not afraid of anything! Even the Garrison Family didn’t take it seriously!”

A flash of cold light flashed in Garrison Hart’s eyes: “I have to give him a good start later!”

“We are really looking forward to it!”

Everyone is gearing up, just waiting for Levi to arrive.

Chapter 1100

Soon after, a voice came from outside the private room.

The first person who came in was a woman.

Garrison Hart was amazed immediately.

If she hadn’t been pregnant, she would definitely be no less than Jiang Yijun.

It is said that beauty comes from the south of the Yangtze River in the misty rain.

Sure enough.

I finally found someone who could match Jiang Yijun.

“Are you Sarah?”

Garrison Hart reacted and couldn’t help asking.

“Well, it’s me.”

Sarah nodded.

“It’s a pity…”

Garrison Hart sighed.

Why does Levi have such a beautiful wife?

“By the way, where is Levi?”

Garrison Kong asked immediately.

“I’m coming!”

There was a voice outside.


Hearing this voice, the six members of the Garrison family felt a little familiar.

“So familiar…”

Everyone looked at each other.

I haven’t seen Levi, why is his voice so familiar?

The next moment, Levi walked in.

As soon as they saw Levi’s face clearly, Garrison Hart’s pupils suddenly shrank, their scalp burst, their blood coagulated, and their faces were so pale that they were completely bloodless.

Their heads are about to explode.

It never occurred to him that Levi was the God of War.

They also met in the morning…

I met twice today, but their identities were different.


It was shocking!

At this moment they understood everything.

Why is the God of War war god surnamed Garrison? It stands to reason that he is a member of the Garrison Clan in Beijing.

Why did Levi dared to resist the Garrison Clan in Beijing and bet against Lawrence?

Why does Levi despise the Garrison family? Despise everything?

This is what they never expected, Morendam’s peerless legend turned out to be the wild species in their mouth.

Sarah can clearly feel the changes in this group of people.

They seem to be afraid of Levi…

How is this going?

At a moment ago, these people were still superior and indispensable.

How could I be frightened like this in the blink of an eye.

Is Levi so scary?

Or maybe there are some hidden secrets that are unknown?

“Teach… Mr. Garrison…”

Garrison Hart spoke subconsciously, and he quickly changed his words with a very quick response.

You can call the instructor in the training camp.

But after leaving the training camp, Levi’s identity was hidden.

Garrison Hart and the few people were really terrified.

Their faces were pale, their foreheads were sweating cold, and their legs trembled. If they hadn’t leaned on the chairs, they would have fallen to the ground.

They even wanted to give the God of War a horse.

And this is the second time.

But this time their idea was stifled in the bud.

Levi didn’t expect that these rascals would be invited to dinner.

It looks like you are going to give yourself offense?

“You are a Hongmen Banquet?”

Levi asked.

“No…No…It’s definitely not a Hongmen Banquet, I just want to invite Mr. Garrison and Miss Logan to dinner! Nothing else!”

Garrison Hart reacted quickly and wiped his cold sweat.

The few people who reacted behind immediately moved forward and opened the chairs for Levi and Sarah, “Hurry up!”

The respectful looks of several people made Sarah very puzzled.

How is this going?

Isn’t the Garrison Family intolerant of Levi?

Why are you so polite?

When she came just now, she could clearly feel that this group of people was just a grand feast.

But after seeing Levi, everything changed.

They were scared like this.

After taking his seat, Sarah hesitated for a long time, but still asked: “You are telling the truth! Why did you see him so scared like this?”

For a time, Garrison Hart and the others all looked at Levi.

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