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Chapter 1097

Levi looked at them seriously.

The thornheads in these training camps are strong enough, but to him they are all small rookies.

Defeating them, but can’t prove that he has the strength to be better than the saber list.

As a result, Levi’s words angered these thorns more and more.

Are they too weak?

It’s ridiculous!

“We are weak? Well, well, I will give you a chance to prove your strength! As long as you can defeat us, we will be convinced!”

Hart Garrison stared at Levi.

Lan Logan also agreed: “There is still me! I, Lan Logan, will serve the strong in this life. If you are stronger than me, I will serve you! Nothing else will work!”

The principle of this group of thorns is very simple -if you want them to convince, you have to be better than them!

“Look up!”

Levi suddenly lifted his right foot and stepped on it fiercely.


Suddenly the earth trembles like a big earthquake.

Everyone present was shaken and dizzy. If it weren’t for the balance of the body, they might fall to the ground.

Everyone was scared.

When they saw the ground, they were so scared that their eyes flew out.

Because cracks appeared on the ground, densely dense, spread out like a spider web for hundreds of meters.

There are dense cracks under their feet, and both feet sink in with a slight movement.

The expressions they looked at Levi changed.

This…what strength is this?

What level of force?

Stepping on the ground is like a big earthquake.

The dense cracks spread hundreds of meters, is this still a human?

I don’t know if it is stronger than the Sabre list, but everyone is going crazy.

If this kick hits a person, it will be an unimaginable consequence.

Step on the earthquake with one foot, shocking all directions.

Lan Logan was dumbfounded.

Hart Garrison was dumbfounded.

Cynthia was dumbfounded.

They underst

Everyone was stunned.

Kelber would never find a mediocrity to be their instructor.

“Anyone who is dissatisfied can challenge me!”

Levi asked.


As soon as Levi said these words, everyone stood neatly.

Lan Logan stopped sitting, and immediately stood up, his body straightened like a javelin.

Levi’s kick conquered everyone.

“All stand!, I am your instructor!”

“Today’s first lesson, what I want to teach you is respect! No matter how strong or powerful you are. But the rules must not be forgotten! You must respect the instructor! He is your teacher!”

“Furthermore, there is no idiot at the top. Is it possible to choose someone who is nothing to be your instructor?”

“You must always have a humble heart and respect others, this is the minimum!”

Just like Levi.

He is the god of war in a country.

But when facing people, he always kept a low profile and gave full respect.


Lan Logan shouted these stingers.

“If you understand this truth, I will teach you other things!”

Levi approached.

“Instructor, can you tell us your origins? We can’t think of your existence in Velador military circles!”

Hart Garrison asked loudly.

They knew all about the saber list and the powerhouses in the Velador military world.

After all, with the Garrison family’s background, it was easy for them to get some information.

“Yes, please tell the instructor to tell the identity!”

Others shouted too.

“Your instructor is the God of War!”

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