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Chapter 1111

Lawrencelong and his group came directly to Levi’s villa area and shouted: “If you are a man, Levi, you will come out to meet us!”

“If you are afraid to come out and kowtow to the young Lord, I might forgive you once!”

In Jiang Yijun’s eyes, Levi was probably scared.

It turned out that the Garrison family was covered, he ignored everything and even dared to beat Lawrencelong.

It’s different now.

“Huh? What’s the situation?”

The thousands of Lords who were already lurking around were just about to make a move, but they were stunned by the situation in front of them.

They temporarily stopped and watched what happened before them.

In particular, I heard that Jiang Yijun and the other two also came to Levi.

Lawrencelong and Jiang Yijun continued to stimulate with words.

Lawrencelong had to pour dozens of sounds.

If Levi can’t come out, they will commit suicide and go in.




After the countdown, Lawrencelong was about to get in.

A figure appeared.


When thousands of Lords from hundreds of countries saw Levi’s “devil” face clearly, everyone seemed crazy.

Everyone’s blood coagulated, their body was trembling, and there were horrified gazes in their eyes.

It was the man in front of him who suppressed hundreds of overseas countries, so that everyone did not dare to have any thoughts about Da Xia.

He is regarded as the “Devil King” by thousands of people.

Seeing him again, everyone’s blood pressure rose, and their bodies began to agitate.

What everyone did not expect was this war machine, the god of the battlefield.

In normal life, it is no different from ordinary people?

What kind of existence is this!

After everyone was stunned for a moment, they suddenly reacted.

Levi is out…

Doesn’t this mean that he is separated from Sarah and Ollie?

In front of the most powerful Lords of the Hundred Kingdoms, even if Levi was ten meters away from Sarah, it was considered to be separated.

After all, the Lord decides the outcome in an instant.

Ten meters is still enough for them to shoot.

What’s more, Levi left the villa and came to the door of the villa area, at least a kilometer away…

This is equivalent to completely separating Levi and Sarah.

For them, the opportunity is too great.

Greatly improved the winning rate.

They knew that there would definitely be someone guarding Sarah, and they were also familiar with those people.

The Five Great Wars under the command of the God of War, and the like.

But as long as Levi is not here, they will not be afraid.

The few people headed began to distribute.

Although Levi left Sarah and Ollie.

But everyone should also prevent Levi from going back.

Therefore, half or even more Lords must be sent to stop Levi.

It is impossible to kill Levi.

Everyone knows how strong he is.

Can only stop him from delaying time as much as possible.

The remaining Lords sneaked into the villa and took Sarah and Ollie away at the fastest speed.

So they can use these two people to blackmail Levi.

This is their purpose.

After arranging the plan, the Lords of a hundred countries all acted together.

More than a thousand Lords quietly approached and sneaked into the villa in the dark.

The rest of the others stared at Levi.

Of course, Levi came out because of Lawrencelong and Jiang Yijun.

The two people shouted for a long time at the entrance of the villa area.

“Levi, you finally came out, I thought you didn’t dare?”

Lawrencelong sneered.

Jiang Yijun raised his head proudly, standing in front of Levi in the most beautiful posture like a peacock.

Chapter 1112

At this moment, Jiang Yijun is like the most shining gem, shining in the dark night.

That suffocating face made people salivate.


Incomparably perfect!

Regardless of appearance, figure or temperament, Jiang Yijun is perfect.

Worthy of being the number one beauty in Beijing.

Coupled with her lofty posture, she looks like a fairy who doesn’t eat fireworks in the world.

She believes that no man will remain unmoved under her prosperous beauty.

No one had been shocked to see her face before.

Even Garrison West, who was hailed as the number one arrogant of the Garrison family, couldn’t calm down.

Jiang Yijun stood in front of Levi so cutely, without saying a word, but deliberately showing her most beautiful side.

She and Lawrencelong had already imagined the scene where Levi was stunned.

But the next scene disappointed the two of them.

Levi glanced quickly, his eyes didn’t stop at the two of them.

It seemed that Jiang Yijun’s stunning appearance was commonplace in his eyes.

So ignored by Levi.

Jiang Yijun immediately refused to agree.

She dressed up for six hours, didn’t she just show it to Levi? Isn’t it what made him regret it?

But now, Levi did not respond.

This makes her very unbalanced.

Jiang Yijun even suspected that the light was too dim, and Levi could not see clearly.

“Levi, look at me…”

Jiang Yijun shouted at Levi.

Levi looked at her with calm eyes without a trace of waves.

He was not moved by Jiang Yijun’s beauty, let alone any other thoughts.

From his clear eyes, Jiang Yijun could see that Levi was not acting.

He was really ignoring her beauty.


Is there a man in this world who can resist his beauty?

It’s not that Jiang Yijun is blindly confident.

It is true that her appearance is really top-notch.

Otherwise, the first name in the capital would not be hers.

Never before had a man ignored her so much.

She did enough preparations today and put on makeup.

Still ignored by Levi.

why is that?

Jiang Yijun couldn’t figure it out.

Unless he doesn’t like women!

Jiang Yijun can only think of this reason.

“Levi, don’t you notice that I am different from last time?”

Jiang Yijun couldn’t help asking.

“I can see it, it’s different from last time.”

Levi replied absent-mindedly, and his attention was focused on the Lord in the dark.

“Then you have nothing to say?”

Jiang Yijun asked tentatively.

She would love to hear Levi say that she regrets, saying that his wife is not as good as herself.

Even Lawrencelong looked at Levi expectantly, looking forward to hearing similar words.

But Levi warned: “If you want to survive, get out! The F*rther you go, the better!”

The language is not surprising and endless.

When Levi said this, Jiang Yijun and others were completely stunned.

What is he saying?

Let them go?

If you want to survive?

What does it mean?

Jiang Yijun stomped anxiously.

Shouldn’t Levi say that he regrets it?

“What do you mean? You see the most beautiful me right now, don’t you have anything to say? Am I still inferior to your wife?”

Jiang Yijun stared at Levi.

“You woman is ill? Just persuaded you to go, you don’t go, now it’s too late to go.”

Levi glared at Jiang Yijun.

“What do you mean?”

Lawrencelong and Jiang Yijun were still confused.

Because the Lords lurking in the dark are about to take action.

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