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Chapter 1109


Jiangbei Airport.

After getting off the plane, Lawrencelong took a long breath.

This time he came for Levi.

Anyway, the marriage contract has been terminated.

Garrison family doesn’t care.

He has no worries anymore.

Levi was not dead and was seriously injured.

This is his purpose.

There are still a few people on the same flight as Lawrencelong.

They wore leather clothes and hats one after another, and they could vaguely see tattoos on their faces.

When passing by Lawrencelong and his group, these people also gave him a special look.

Today, there are surprisingly many overseas people at Jiangbei Airport.

“Lord, is the airport so weird?”

At this time, Lawrencelong’s personal guard whispered.

“what’s happenin?”

Jiang Yijun and Lawrencelong looked over at the same time.

“I found that the airport is full of Lords! It feels like everyone here is abnormal!”

The guard said, looking around.

“Yes, I have also noticed that there are so many Lords! Many of them don’t seem to be Morendam people yet.”

“Besides, this is only what we can see, and it feels better than us!”

“What’s wrong? Is there something serious?”

Several other guards had the same hunch.

Jiangbei Airport is perilous, and Lords are like clouds.

Those who are stronger than them are in the majority.

Their hunch is correct.

Levi let Suzaku let go of the restrictions, so many Lords swaggered.

There were three groups of people on the same flight with Lawrencelong.

“Huh? What’s going on? Jiangbei Airport suddenly so many Lords do?”

Jiang Yijun was puzzled.

Lawrencelong was also Cross Er’s monk, puzzled.

“I heard that something went wrong overseas, but no one knows exactly what it is.”

“Does it have anything to do with this?”

An escort said.

“Then you can’t have anything to do with Jiangbei, right? In my opinion, Jiangbei has nothing special except for Levi.”

“If there is a major event, it should be in the capital. How can it be possible in other small places?”

Lawrencelong’s words were full of disdain.

The capital they come from has a sense of superiority in other places.

Especially the two are from the royal family.

It is cold and arrogant and noble.

I feel that something big should not be such a small place.

The capital is the real big place.

There is also much more knowledge than a small place like Jiangbei.

So facing Levi, they were all arrogant.

Not to mention the stronger Garrison Clan.

“No matter what, let’s go to Levi directly!”

Lawrencelong’s eyes were cold.

“it is good!”

Jiang Yijun nodded.

She took off her sunglasses and revealed her face.

“Wow, so beautiful!!!”

When Jiang Yijun revealed his true face, the audience was boiling.

Many people gathered around her to watch and take pictures.

After all, Jiang Yijun put on the most exquisite makeup and wore the most fashionable and noble clothes.

She is too beautiful to look at.

There is a special temperament on his body.

It was cultivated in a big family since childhood.

Even the stars can’t compare.

On the previous visit, Jiang Yijun was afraid that she would be too beautiful, so Levi refused to agree to divorce, and deliberately dressed herself as Cinderella.

Originally wanted to withdraw from the marriage contract, but Levi said that he was inferior to his wife.

She kept this matter in mind.

This time, she came in the most beautiful appearance.

She is looking forward to Levi’s reaction when she sees her again.

Did he dare to say that he was not as pretty as his wife?

“Levi is coming to me, are you ready?”

The corners of Jiang Yijun’s mouth raised, showing a smile.

Chapter 1110

On the other side, Levi was accompanying Sarah.

He received a call from Takemori.

Said someone was looking for him.

Levi was taken aback, are these people so direct?

Come on?

But when he heard Jiang Yijun and Lawrencelong, Levi was relieved.

It turned out to be these two idiots.

“Boyd Sen told them that I don’t have time! Let them get out of here!”

Levi is preparing to deal with powerful enemies. Where can I have time to play with them?

At this juncture, they don’t count anything.

Outside Erick Group.

Lawrencelong and others are still waiting anxiously.

Boyd Sen came out and said coldly; “My boss has no time, let you get out of here!”


Lawrencelong was about to explode.

What are their identities?

Levi disappeared?


“He was covered by the Garrison Family before, but now he dares to be so crazy? Didn’t put us in his eyes!”

Lawrencelong said angrily.

Jiang Yijun didn’t expect Levi to be so arrogant that he didn’t even see her.

“Hurry up and tell Levi that if he doesn’t see us, I will personally ask for trouble.”

Lawrencelong threatened.

“Hurry up, my brother Garrison is busy with other things recently, so I don’t have time to pay attention to you little people!”

Takemori waved his hand impatiently.

Although he didn’t know what happened, he could still detect that Levi was busy with something big recently.

“Little guy?”

Lawrencelong and Jiang Yijun pointed to their noses.

The young ladies of their dignified capital royal family, will they be small people?

Are you kidding me?

But compared with the hundreds of overseas countries that Levi faced, they were small people.

“Okay, you Levi, toast and not eat fine wine!”

Jiang Yijun was also cold.

The first time I came, I was disgusted by Levi.

This time he dressed up to attend, but was turned away.

“No, I must let Levi see me!”

There was light in Jiang Yijun’s eyes.

She wanted to stand in front of Sarah, let Levi make a good comparison, and let him say that he was better than Sarah.

At this moment, night fell.

Jiangbei was shrouded in darkness.

It also heralds the arrival of danger.

The strongest people sent by the 18 countries including the military and sea countries gathered together. There are also some other overseas countries, as well as mercenary organizations, killer organizations, the forces of the Western dark world and even the Lords of international consortia. Come together.

Originally, every force wanted to take the lead, and wanted to be the first to catch Sarah or Ollie, and wanted to be famous in the world.

However, according to intelligence, Levi had been with the two of them, and had no chance.

And everyone knows it well.

Levi must know their actions here.

And do a good job of guarding against death.

If it had been before, everyone would definitely have no chance.

But this time, Levi had two weaknesses.

Everyone can try.

So everyone simply gave up the attack alone and brought people together as much as possible.

Strengthen your strength and attack directly.

It’s best to separate Levi and start with Sarah or Ollie.

“The consequences of this are obvious. We will suffer heavy casualties! Morendam God of War is too strong, and we are afraid that we will leave more than half of the people here!”

“However, the order we received is to do whatever it takes!”

Because of the hatred of Levi, everyone has made a determination to die.

“Huh? What’s the situation?”

Soon a group of people appeared in everyone’s sight.

It was Lawrencelong and Jiang Yijun.

“Huh? An accident has occurred, and our winning rate is great!”

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