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Chapter 1113

For almost an instant, Levi, Amelia, and others were surrounded by black figures.

Everyone showed a monstrous murderous aura and unmatched.

Although they are Lord of hundred countries, everyone wears a black mask.

“What’s the situation?”

Jason glanced around, it seemed that there were hundreds of people.

But in fact, there are more than a thousand people, and most of them are still hidden in the dark shadows.

Amelia’s pretty brows furrowed slightly, and a trace of confusion flashed in her beautiful eyes.

What does this mean?

So many people suddenly appeared?

Could it have something to do with Levi’s persuasion just now?

Get out if you want to survive?

“Levi, we meet again!”

One of them sneered.

Levi could hear the voice. This was one of the eighteen kingdom god-level powerhouses.

Jason felt the murderous aura of everyone, and couldn’t help asking; “Are you also here to deal with Levi?”

“Of course! Otherwise, what are we doing here?”

The man sneered.

But Jason sneered: “To tell you the truth, Levi is my prey, you all get out of here!”


Thousands of Lords on the field were all stunned.

Does anyone in this world dare to say that the God of War of Velador is his prey?

Who is this person?

Seeing everyone stunned, Jason couldn’t help but said: “What? I can’t speak well? Or are you deaf at all?”

“Listen well, I’m from the Bosch family of the capital, and I am the heir Jason. Now, Levi is my prey, and I have the final say in fighting or k!lling. You are not qualified to move him, hurry up and get out of here!”

Jason also wanted to perform in front of Amelia.

Can’t let others deal with Levi, right?

He also wants to show off his sk!lls in front of her.

After hearing Jason’s identity, everyone laughed.

Maybe this identity works well in the capital.

But in the eyes of the strongest overseas, it’s not even a F*rt.

Jason could obviously hear these people laughing. He was about to speak, but Levi interrupted him: “Okay, don’t you talk any more, if you talk again, you might die!”

“Who dares to k!ll me? Do you rely on them?”

Jason sneered at these overseas strongest men.

Among other things, the top ten guards around him were enough to sweep these people.


But in the blink of an eye, he suddenly shot bloody arrows.


His top ten guards fell one by one in a pool of blood, long gone.

It happened in a flash.

Jason had been practicing martial arts since he was a child, and he was ranked second on the Young Lord’s list by virtue of his true ability.

But a very strong man.

But he didn’t even see who did it and how his guards died.

This is too scary, right?

That can only explain one problem-these people on the scene are too much stronger than him.

Thinking of this, Jason was startled in a cold sweat, and his legs began to tremble.

Amelia started to feel cold all over, looking at the dark shadows around her, she was terrified.

She subconsciously leaned against Levi.

“Levi turns out that you have no weaknesses! But now your mother, your wife, and child are all your weaknesses!”

“The other part of us has gone to catch them! You don’t have any chance to rescue them!”

“Unless you k!ll us!”

Everyone said coldly.

A bloodthirsty k!lling intent flashed in Levi’s eyes, and he smiled.

“Then I will k!ll you all!”

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