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Chapter 1117

Soon, someone sent her and Jason away.

By the way, clean up all the battlefields.

When Levi returned to the villa, there were no traces of the scene.

As if no one had been here at all.

But this time all the more than 2,000 Lords in a hundred countries have fallen.

They never figured out where Sarah and Ollie were.

When did they leave?

Why can’t the elites of a hundred countries find it?

They have been staring.

In fact, Sarah and Ollie didn’t leave the villa for half a step.

Because no one can move people away under the eyes of the elites of a hundred nations.

No to be exaggerated, the eyes of the whole world are staring at Sarah and Ollie.

It is impossible for the two to leave!

In fact, Sarah was in the villa.

This stems from Levi’s design of the wedding room.

In the beginning, he deliberately kept an eye, and created a secret space under the villa.

The reason is that one day when this happens, he can’t protect them in time, so that she can hide.

He didn’t expect it to come in handy this time.

Levi wanted to draw everyone out, so as to catch them all in one go.

However, he has stayed in the villa and it is difficult for the other party to start.

It may not have the effect of catching all in one go.

He was worried about finding a chance to leave the villa and divide the battlefield.

As a result, Jason and Amelia came.

Give him a perfect opportunity to leave the villa and let the enemy take action.

Said these two people contributed a lot.

“It’s fun, it’s been a long time!”

Owen shouted.

“This time they are annihilated. They must be hurt!”

Everyone laughed.

Soon news of Case York spread throughout Velador and the entire world.

The 18 overseas countries and other forces were all dumbfounded.


It failed!

It was so miserable that no one came back?

How strong is he?

In this battle, more than 2,000 Lords gathered by tens of thousands of overseas forces were wiped out.

This battle made God of War’s name resounded throughout the world again.

That demon is still strong!

Even if there are weaknesses, he is invincible.

Still, the previous evaluation-this is a god, mortals can’t touch him.

“Velador’s God of War once again shocked the invading overseas thousands of Lords, slaughtered the Quartet, wiped out the entire army, and suppressed hundreds of countries!”

The news spread.

At this moment, the whole world is boiling.

The Great Velador God of War is stronger than before, and even more invincible.

Interpreted that sentence again-with him, Velador is forbidden.

No one would dare to infringe.

Especially Velador was cheering everywhere.

This victory made Velador, which was still silent, boiled again!

The country is strong, and the people are even more proud.

Especially this battle is too exhausting!

Give the intruder a very painful blow!

Isn’t Velador that anyone can covet?

God of War was pushed to a new height again!

Nowadays, the dream of many children is to defend their families and the country, which makes Velador more prosperous.

It turns out that for a long time, children’s three views have been biased.

All of them want to be celebrities.

Amelia and Jason returned by plane.

When they got on the flight, they found that everyone on the plane everyone was happy, and they were not so happy during the New Year.

What’s going on here?

She is very curious.

“The God of War once again shows his great power! This battle in Case York is really a relief!”

Someone shouted excitedly.

“Wait…what? God of War?”

Amelia’s face changed drastically.

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