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Chapter 1119

Jiang Wenhan, Jiang Zhaokong, and Ling Feiyue were just as crazy.

Although they are the royal family of the capital, it is possible to see the “God of War” as an honor to them.

What’s more, now I heard that Jiang Yijun and the others were saved by the God of War.

They all have crazy expressions.

Everyone looked at Jiang Yijun without blinking.

Want to know what this peerless legend looks like?

“True Tianjiao, from now on I can’t tolerate any man in my heart! If I don’t marry him, I am willing to grow old forever!”

Jiang Yijun just answered such a sentence.

In an instant, Jiang Zhaokong and the others understood.

Jiang Yijun saw the real heavenly dragon.

Otherwise she would never make such a decision.

Before that, she was most optimistic about Garrison Chenzhi and his ilk.

But I haven’t made such a decision…

Seeing God of War unexpectedly made such a decision.

“Daughter, you have to think carefully…”

Jiang Zhaokong sighed.

“I have considered it clearly, father, please send the news out!”

Jiang Yijun pleaded.

What everyone didn’t expect was that Lawrencelong also supported Jiang Yijun.

Everyone was shocked.

Lawrencelong has always liked Jiang Yijun, and even plans to let the Ling family propose marriage.

Why did you give up?

The only explanation was that Lawrencelong was hit by the God of War.

Soon, a message came out from the entire capital: Jiang Yijun, the first beauty in Beijing, announced that he loved the God of War, except that he would not marry, even if he was old.

As soon as this news broke, the entire capital was boiling.

Does Jiang Yijun want not to marry forever?

In this way!

But she didn’t have the possibility with God of War, she still had a little hope.

That night, Jiang Yijun countless suitors had insomnia.

They have no choice.

After all, that was the God of War.

Who can compare?

Inside the Garrison Clan Hall in Beijing.

“Okay, God of War really deserves to be my God of War in Morendam Town. This battle is so relieved!”

Lawrence shouted.

“Strong, too strong! It turns out that many people thought that the God of War would only lead soldiers to fight! Unexpectedly, his strength was so strong! One person overwhelmed thousands of the strong!”

Everyone admired.

Garrison West said excitedly: “In fact, the strongest thing is the Conferred God Battle of the year!”

He knew everything about the God of War, including the details of the battle.

“That’s right! God of War War God defeated the 18th god-level powerhouse with a pair of iron fists, that is really strong!”

Others remembered the battle of the gods and were amazed.

“This time, I am even more prosperous! Having a child is like Garrison God of War!”

Lawrence sighed.

His eyes fell on Garrison West.

How good should God of War be Garrison West?

How good is his son?

“The God of War War God’s surname is Garrison, but we still don’t know the line from the Garrison clan! I have looked for it many times before, and I have no clue!”

The senior members of the Garrison family looked sad.

Lawrence announced: “Next, I will use all my connections to check the identity of the God of War. My man named Garrison must recognize his ancestors and return to his ancestry! Even after dozens of generations, he is also a member of the Garrison clan. God of War takes it back!”

The Jingcheng Garrison Clan is the oldest and purest clan of the Morendam Garrison family, and it is the ancestral line in the true sense.

It can be said that Daxiafan’s surname is Garrison, and it has something to do with the ancestral line.

How can it be related.

So Lawrence wanted to take this to bring God of War back to Garrison’s house.

The first family of the Great Xia family had the God of War War God sitting at the center, and that would be an unimaginable situation.

Chapter 1120

Lawrence wanted to make a contribution to the family after he was firmly seated in the family.

He wanted to recruit God of War War God back to Garrison’s family.

No matter how much it costs, this thing must be done.

“Once I have the God of War, the younger generation of my Garrison Clan will be Gemini!”

Lawrence had already imagined the picture.

The other Gemini naturally refers to Garrison West.

“Patriarch, have one thing to say, Garrison West is not qualified to compare with God of War!”

Someone immediately accused.

“I just think about it!”

Lawrence smiled.

Garrison West clenched his fist tightly, he had been trying hard to catch up with God of War.

But he is too strong and too strong.

Make him desperate!

“Patriarch, elders, there is news from the royal family Jiang family-Jiang Yijun is not the god of war of God of War and does not marry, he can be alone forever!”

At this time, a message came from the people below.

“Huh? What’s the matter?”

Lawrence asked several people.

Garrison West, who knows all the details of the God of War, said: “Father, Lawrencelong and Jiang Yijun were originally to deal with Levi, but they accidentally bumped into the overseas Lord who assassinated the God of War. It seemed that they were saved by the God of War. !”

“That’s it! It turns out that this girl was convinced after seeing the true face of the God of War! Let alone her, any woman in Morendam who saw the God of War wanted to marry him, right?”

Lawrence said.

“No! Jiang’s girl’s eyes are higher than the sky. It is said that West’er is barely reluctant. Only the God of War can conquer the first beauty in Beijing!”

Other humane.

“Hahaha, I heard that Levi never forgets Jiang Yijun? Deliberately not tearing up the marriage contract? Is this the matter?”

Lawrence asked with a smile.

Garrison West nodded: “That’s true! It’s normal for Levi’s bloody boy to see Jiang Yijun impulsively! If he doesn’t have a wife, he probably won’t tear up the engagement!”

“Is he worthy? If they don’t marry the God of War, is he worthy of them? It’s ridiculous!”

Lawrence dismissed it.

“By the way, everyone should hurry up and find the identity of the God of War. It really doesn’t work. Our Garrison family senior Jiangbei will see him in person!”

Lawrence already had this plan.

Unexpectedly, he would go to Jiangbei Jianghai area again and again in his life.

The news that Jiang Yijun was not married to the God of War spread throughout the capital.

Somewhere in the capital, a dissatisfied voice came: “Bah, my brother-in-law doesn’t like you, so give up as soon as possible!”

This person is naturally Xiao Qin.

She went so far north and ran to the capital.

But Levi’s news has always been with him, and he can’t avoid it.

I’m not talking about gambling with the Garrison family. In the past two days, he has defeated a Lord of a hundred nations, and has something to do with the first beauty Jiang Yijun.

It really feels like a ghost.

Plus someone has been pursuing her recently.

She is in a bad mood at all.

“Too annoying!”

Xiao Qin said angrily.

However, one person was very excited to hear the news of Levi.

That is Qin Beishan.

As Levi’s “new year acquaintance”, he was very excited to hear that Levi raised the country’s prestige, and immediately sent a congratulatory message to Levi.

“Old Qin, I will come to the capital soon, see you then.”

Levi smiled.

“Hahaha, well, waiting for you!”

Both of them are the most important weapons of Morendam, and they are no different from ordinary people in ordinary life.

But on the battlefield, or in the hospital, they are gods descending from the sky.

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