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Chapter 1121

Almost everyone tells the story of such a big event in Jiangbei.

Even Sarah and Ollie are gossiping.

They never thought that this battle was fought where they lived.

“I don’t know what kind of person the God of War is? Is he a good husband, a good son, and a good father?”

Sarah smiled.

Levi immediately said, “It must be!”

Originally, Sarah knew his identity.

Blame Garrison West’s appearance.

The following days returned to normal.

The major overseas countries and major forces have stopped moving.

This time they paid a tragic price, so many Lords were wiped out…

In particular, none of the 100 Lords of the Martial Arts God’s Martial Arts Ranking came back alive.

“Strong, too strong! Even if he reveals his flaws, we can’t help it!”

Levi is so powerful that it makes people desperate.

“No, we finally have weaknesses, we have to find a way!”

However, overseas are still unwilling to give up.

In a blink of an eye, half a year passed.

Sarah’s belly is already very big, and it will be the delivery date in three months.

Now Sarah can’t do anything, Levi and Ollie are with him.

Levi is also getting more and more worried and anxious.

The Logan and Mann family are also very concerned about Sarah’s condition.

That day Melina and others came to Jiangbei collectively.

“There are only three months left in the delivery period, so I have to hurry up and send Sarah overseas until the child is born!”

Melina said.

Now more and more wealthy people like to go abroad to have children.

According to them, foreign air is good, the environment is good, the humanities are good, and the medical conditions are good.

Many rich celebrities and the like are in foreign countries during pregnancy and childbirth.

“Well, thanks to Wen Tao, we have arranged people abroad to wait for the child’s birth with the best medical conditions and the best doctors!”

Dale and Edith said.

Levi frowned.

Is it so hypocritical?

What’s good in foreign countries?

Go abroad to have a baby?

He has never heard of the disadvantages of having children in Velador?

Accidents must be everywhere.

Are children born abroad smart?

How can it be!

This is an evil spirit!

“I don’t agree with this matter. My Levi’s child must be born in Morendam! Don’t go abroad!”

Levi refused.

Melina looked at him in surprise: “Sorry, we don’t want to ask for your consent at all, okay?”

Although everyone knows that Levi is the boss of Erick Group.

But recently, the Erick Group was frantically targeted by the Garrison family, and it was at stake.

With the addition of Levi’s gambling agreement with the Garrison Family, his identity is in vain.

The attitude of Logan and Mann’s family towards Levi is the same as before.

Dale patted Levi and said, “I have something to tell you. Soon, the child will be born. I have a question to tell you…”

“Say it!”

“The question of the child’s name after birth! After we discussed it, you think that the child’s mother’s surname, surname Logan, do not have any objection?

Dale said.

“Yes, after this child is born, he must be named Logan! Even if his surname is Mann, he cannot be named Garrison!”

Others were extremely resolute and had already booked their children’s surnames.

“You won’t object to your mother’s surname?”

Edith asked.

Levi looked at Sarah: “As long as Sarah agrees, I have nothing to say!”

“I don’t agree! Since I am married to King’s Landing, the child must have the surname Garrison!”

Chapter 1122

Sarah’s resolute attitude gave Levi a joy.

Sure enough, Sarah was on his side.

“Then listen carefully, my child can only be named Garrison!”

“I absolutely don’t allow anyone to change the surname of Levi’s child!”

Levi looked at everyone with cold eyes.

“Is it possible for you to do about Levi? What’s more, your gambling agreement with the Garrison family is getting closer! By then, you will be dead or alive. Are you still in the mood to protect your children?”

“We changed his surname for the sake of the children!”

Several people were determined.

“Sarah clean up, let’s go abroad, your eldest brother-in-law has arranged everything.”

Edith urged.

In order for Sarah to give birth to their children, they are willing to take Sarah abroad.

“No, Sarah is determined not to go abroad! My mother and I can take care of it!”

Levi resolutely refused to agree.

First, he hopes that the child will be born in Morendam.

Second, Sarah was still stared at by many people, and when he went abroad, he was truly in danger.

He must be protected, but it is much more dangerous, and he doesn’t want to see it.

He wants to make sure that Sarah is foolproof.

“This is our daughter, I can’t help you!”

“I am a doctor myself, and medical conditions abroad are indeed better than those in Velador! Don’t tell me about this!”

Dale and Edith were determined.

Sarah did not comment.

For her, the biggest thing right now is to give birth to a child.

What is the best way to come.

So she has no objection to going abroad.

In addition, Edith is a doctor, and she listens to her mother.

“I still said that Sarah is determined not to go abroad! Why? Is our Morendam medical treatment poor? Besides, I still know Qin Beishan Qin, can I ask him to help?”

Levi said.


One sentence suffocated Edith and the others.

Levi does know Qin Beishan, after all, he is the boss of Erick.

“Furthermore, Sarah has such a big belly, it’s not good to toss along the way!”

Levi continued.

“Yes, Mom and Dad, I’ll still be born in Velador! After all, it’s not bad! What’s more, he knows a lot of great people!”

Sarah also stood on Levi’s side.

The chief Levi moved Qin Beishan out and suppressed the audience.

“Then it can only be so! Levi, let me tell you, you must take the best to take care of my daughter! You must be by Sarah’s side 24 hours a day!”

Dale solemnly warned.

“Don’t worry, I won’t leave Sarah for a moment!”

There is no need for him to say this.

Can Levi dye plums badly?

How can it be?

“Come on, Levi, let me ask you, it’s almost time for you to bet against the Garrison Family! What are you using to challenge the Garrison Family?”

“The four standards proposed by others, in which aspect can you meet the standards?”

“I thought you might be able to complete the business! But, the Erick Group was completely suppressed, what would you do with the Garrison family?”

Dale turned around and asked again and again.

Plum dye is also ugly.

As time was getting closer, Levi was not prepared at all.

Are you ready for failure?

“The Garrison family don’t care, they are all trivial things, currently waiting for the child to be born!”

Levi’s indifferent attitude made everyone even more angry.

He really didn’t think about dyeing plum…


Everyone was full of disappointment in him.

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