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Chapter 1141

Watanabe Tenner and the others are very depressed.

They meticulously planned for most of the year, but they failed.

They didn’t understand the feelings of Morendam’s family and they still couldn’t understand that the God of War Shura would come to protect Sarah…

Levi was removed by them, shouldn’t it be a better situation for Woodrow?

In this way, Morendam is the number one.

The position of God of War will also be his.

It can be said that when Levi fell, Woodrow was the one who got the most benefits.

But he actually came to protect Sarah.

This is something they can’t figure out.

This is also the surprise between Morendam and overseas thinking.

“With Woodrow, a lunatic, we can’t help it!”

“This matter has to be discussed in the long term!”

Even Watanabe Tenner is going to be autistic.

After finally leaving the God of War, another Shura God of War came infinitely close.

They really have nothing to do!

the other side.

Sarah and the others came to the top medical institution in Star City, just waiting for the birth of the child.

“This Levi originally said that foreign countries are not good and unsafe. Where is it?”

Cross Wentao sneered.

“What else did he mention? This is a beast!”

Melina looked angry.

Sarah glanced at everyone and said, “I don’t want to hear this person’s name in the future! Don’t pretend him before me!”


Everyone shut up immediately.

This time, no one could see it.

Sarah is heartbroken.

Otherwise, she would never go abroad, nor would she let the child bear her last name.

In the dark, Woodrow, the god of war of Shura, saw everything in his eyes.

Even the ruthless him sighed.

It’s really not easy…

“It’s strange to say that after we left, we heard that the God of War of God of War also left Jiangbei. It is said that there is something extremely important!”

Cross Wentao said.

Melina looked surprised: “Huh? There is still something to remove the God of War?”

“That must be an extremely urgent and important matter, otherwise the God of War will not leave!”

Several people were talking about God of War.

Sarah looked out the window with a dead heart.

Now the only thing that attracts her is the child in her belly.

She started to flip through the photos on the phone. When she flipped to the photo with Levi, she subconsciously pressed the delete button.

Can hesitate for a long time, but still did not delete.

The next one is still a photo with Levi.

She was still hesitating to delete it.

At this time, several medical staff saw the photo of her mobile phone, their complexion changed drastically.

Several people looked at each other, and were startled in a cold sweat.

They glanced again uncertainly.

It’s really that person!!!

This medical structure is at the top of the star country, and the people they come into contact with are also at the top.

Especially during this period, many upper-class people are discussing this matter.

So they recognized Levi’s photos.

“Huh? What’s the matter?”

Sarah felt a pair of surprised eyes, she raised her head and asked.

Turn off the phone at the same time.

“Miss Logan, the man in the photo is your husband?”

One asked in a low voice.

Plum dyed coldly: “It used to be!”

“Is he also from Morendam?”

Another person asked.

“It’s from Morendam!”

Sarah nodded.


After several people were confirmed, the body trembled again, even showing fear.

The next thing they had to take care of turned out to be the man’s wife.

It’s terrible!

Sarah saw the changes of several people in his eyes, and she asked: “What? It seems that you know him?”

Chapter 1142

“We…we are just curious, why doesn’t he stay with you?”

“Miss Logan, we heard that Morendam men are very good to wives!”

These medical staff are raging in the top circles of the star country.

Knowing what should not be said, they immediately changed the subject.

“Oh, he can’t do anything!”

Sarah didn’t think much about it.

After all, several doctors and nurses responded too quickly and did not reveal too much information.

They naturally knew that Levi was not coming.

Because they know where Levi is…

Time passes by day by day.

What Morendam didn’t expect was that the battle power of the Blood King Palace this time was so powerful that it exceeded expectations.

Fortunately, it was Levi who led the team, who could still suppress it a little bit.

It just takes a little longer.

Two months passed.

On this day, Levi felt flustered, and he was absent-minded in everything.

Calculated in terms of time, these two days are the normal delivery period for Sarah.

He reacted like this.

That means that it is possible that Sarah is giving birth.

“Sarah, I’m sorry for you! I didn’t give you a complete wedding, and now I can’t even take care of you if you are pregnant and have a child!”

Levi muttered to himself.

When such a thing happened, he also understood that it could not be solved by compensation?

Besides, what can be compensated?

Such important moments are not there.

What else to compensate?

“Sarah has worked hard for you!”

Levi clenched his fist tightly.

It was too late to sigh with emotion, and once again confronted the Blood King Palace.

In the hospital of Star Country.

Sarah faces another important moment in his life…

Everyone in Logan Mann’s family was waiting outside.

Ollie was also coming, but was rejected by Sarah.


After waiting tensely, a cry broke the silence.

gave birth!

The child is finally born!


Sarah gave birth to a girl to Levi.

Sarah wept with joy.

Levi on the battlefield suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. He rushed to the front and fought with the top Lords of the Blood King Palace.

“Sarah’s child is born. Give the child a name!”

Everyone looked at Sarah with hope.

“Just call Logan Wangjun!”

Sarah didn’t think much about it, and said it almost subconsciously.

Obviously she had already figured out the name.

“Logan Wangjun? Could it be…”

As soon as Edith was about to say the meaning of her name, she was stopped by Dale.

Everyone present knows the meaning of this name.

They all understand.

During the two months of pregnancy in Star City, Sarah was still sending someone to look for Levi in private.

She actually loves Levi very much.

Although the decision was announced.

But there is still a glimmer of hope in my heart.

But three months have completely wiped out hope.

He never showed up.

Now it seems that he is avoiding the Garrison Family.

The next less than a month was the period of gambling with the Garrison family.

Logan Wangjun!

Sarah wants to completely forget Levi!

For the rest of my life, I have nothing to do with him again!

“Parents, clean up, let’s go back to Morendam soon! I can’t stay here anymore.”

Sarah said.

“But you just gave birth to a child, and your body is still very weak…”

Everyone’s eyes are full of worry.

“No, it’s okay! I can hold it physically!”

Sarah insisted.

That night the group returned to Morendam.

Shura God of War has been escorting, after all, this is his task.

The reason why Sarah is so anxious to return to Morendam is because she has to do a big thing.

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