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Chapter 1139

Without allowing anyone to think about it, the Blood King Palace came again.

Levi really had no way at all.

The Blood King Palace is too powerful this time!

Everyone’s energy is on the Blood King Palace.

“Everyone listens to my orders! Follow me!”

Levi shouted.


At this moment, a Bass helicopter stopped on the ice sheet.

A few Colin came down.

They quickly ran to Levi and knelt on the ground and shouted: “Meet God of War, God of War, wait a minute! We have something to tell you!”

“Huh? What’s the matter?”

Levi was horrified.

Others are also puzzled.

Did something happen again?

Colin from the capital came to inform in person?

“Is the God of War worrying about the safety of his family?”

Colin asked with a smile.

Levi nodded: “Well, I am very worried about them! As long as I leave them, the former defeated men will definitely do it!”

“God of War War God, don’t worry! What you can think of, Morendam also thought of it! This time the rebirth of the Blood King Palace is the other party’s conspiracy!

It was designed by Yogoku’s military Lord Watanabe Tenner, in order to transfer you away from Morendam, so as to attack your family and use it to threaten you! “

Colin smiled.


Levi was taken aback for a moment, and then he showed ecstasy.

Morendam knows all this.

That means the mother and wife are fine.

Colin smiled and said; “God of War and all the soldiers who fought bloody battles, you only need to guard the country, and don’t worry about everything behind your family! Da Xia will always be behind you!”

The simple sentence “Morendam is always behind you” has touched the hearts of thousands of soldiers!

They protect everyone, and they want to protect their little home.

But often you can only choose one.

This is the helplessness of all soldiers.

But they were born in such a wonderful country!

They are guarding the homeland of mountains and rivers, and Morendam is also guarding the little home for them!

“God of War, your wife and family are going to the Star Country…”


Levi’s heart sank.

Sure enough, Sarah went abroad.

I think I hate him to death.

“Then are they safe?”

Levi asked in a low voice.

“At the Star City Airport, Watanabe Tenner arranged tens of thousands of Lords to wait! As soon as your wife lands, they will do it right away!”

Colin said, “But please don’t worry, God of War, Morendam has already sent someone to protect it! Watanabe Tianyi shouldn’t be afraid!”

“Who was dispatched?”

Levi looked curious.

“It’s Woodrow West!”

After Colin mentioned this name, he took a breath.

“It’s him?”

Levi’s face also changed.

Speaking of Morendam military circles, does he have any competitors?


only one.

That is Woodrow!

When he first fought to become a god, Woodrow almost equaled his record.

It can be said to be second only to him.

He was awarded the title of God of War and became a general of the town.

Woodrow was awarded the title of Shura God of War and was transferred back to the capital.

The main reason is that Woodrow is ruthless and cruel, cruel by nature, just like his name-Shura.

He seems to have come from hell, and his appearance represents destruction.

There has been a lot of controversy in the eradication of prisoners, and his evaluation is generally both praise and criticism.

Later, for some reason, Woodrow was transferred back to the capital.

Woodrow’s murderous temperament is destined to not become a person like Levi.

But in terms of combat power, Woodrow was the closest to Levi.

Chapter 1140

He is more suitable to be a fierce fighter!

Not the commander-in-chief!

“With the Asura God of War, I’m relieved!”

Levi was very moved.

Everyone in Morendam knew that God of War and Shura God of War had always been at odds, and it could even be said that fire and water were incompatible.

If it weren’t for the two of them as the gods of the Great Xia, I’m afraid that the two would have been fighting to death and alive.

In Morendam, who would not accept Levi?

Only Woodrow!

Woodrow was always dissatisfied, and Levi took the position of God of War.

He thinks he is better than Levi, and he is the most qualified to sit in this position.

The disagreement between the two has been till now…

In Levi’s view, Woodrow, the god of war of Shura, would never protect Sarah for him.

But now he actually went.

That shows that Da Xia has made a lot of hard work before moving Woodrow.

It also shows that Woodrow abandoned his personal grievances in the face of Morendam’s interests.

“Woodrow is not bad! I owe you a kindness!”

Levi smiled and said.

Afterwards, even if he gave up the position of God of War.

“At present, Shura God of War is already in Star City, and your wife has absolutely nothing to do.”

“In addition, the three Lords of Shura God of War broke the army, seven kills, and greedy wolves to protect your mother!”

“Also ask the God of War to deal specifically with the Blood King Palace, with us in the back and Da Xia in the back!”

Colin saluted a military salute.

After Levi came back, he led the team into the battle to destroy the Blood King Palace…

Jianghai, near Porter’s Edburgh Manor.

The overseas Lords just started to do it, but they felt a chill in their necks.

The next bloody arrow shot…

Although they were all top Lords, they were faced with the more terrifying and bloodthirsty seven kills, greed of wolves, and destruction of the army.

They inherited the brutal and bloodthirsty side of Lord Shura God of War.

Do it, never show mercy.

Ollie was unharmed.

On the other side, Star City Airport.

Through the big screen, Watanabe Tenner had seen Sarah and his party getting off the plane.

“Listen to my orders…”

He was about to give an order, but he smelled a bloody smell.

Turning his head, everyone around him fell in a pool of blood.

There was someone behind him staring straight at him!

The man was tall and thin, with a demon mask on his face.

“Morendam Xiu… Asura God of War…”

Watanabe Tenner swallowed fiercely.

“Let your people withdraw quickly! Don’t force me to kill all! Sarah, I’ll protect her, no one can touch her!”

Woodrow said coldly.

Watanabe Tenner was incredulous: “Impossible! Aren’t you incompatible with the God of War? How could you protect his woman within thousands of miles? Impossible!”

Everyone overseas knows that God of War and Shura God of War have always been at odds.

“Yes! That’s right! Levi and I are indeed intolerable. I do not have him, and he does not have me. But you have overlooked a premise that we are all Morendam people! If you want to have a plan against Morendam!”

Woodrow is cold and merciless.

This is Watanabe Tenner’s ignorance of the two national feelings.

In front of the enemy, two people can even shake hands and make peace.

It is a private matter not to accept Levi.

In front of Morendam, any private affairs can be put aside.

“I didn’t expect it, well, I retreat!”

Watanabe Tenner immediately asked everyone to evacuate.

God of War can’t afford it.

He also couldn’t afford the Shura God of War.

The latter is more like a reckless lunatic, who will retaliate wildly!

Sarah and his party were picked up safely.

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