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Chapter 1147

Sarah said loudly.

Although many moves have been made before.

But she still trusted Levi.

But Levi owed her an explanation.

She believed that Levi would appear at the end.

She is waiting for an explanation.


Many people present were moved by Sarah!

There is such a great woman in the world!

Especially in this kind of social atmosphere, it is too precious.

The more moved by Sarah, the more angry I was at Levi!

How could there be such a man?

Garrison West laughed and said, “Have you heard Levi? Your luck is really good! You can meet such a wife! But you really don’t deserve it!”

“Although my Jingcheng Garrison Clan has strict rules, it is not ruthless. For you to make an exception, you will replace Levi to fulfill the bet with me!”

Lawrence agreed.

“My Garrison Clan, Garrison Stone, is the leader of the Northern Grey Wolf Legion? Can you win?”


“My Garrison Fei is…”


“My Garrison Clan, Garrison Tian, ​​is a gatekeeper. He is a martial artist. Can you win?”


“One twentieth of my Garrison Clan Garrison West’s private property, can you achieve it?”

The last item needs to be calculated by both parties.

Although Sarah and Natalie integrated all the resources, one month was too short.

After all, Erick Group is far less than one-twentieth of Garrison West’s private industry.

The result is known to everyone.

The challenge is impossible to succeed!

The four standards of the Garrison Family are too strong and too strong!

Everyone in the Garrison family laughed.

“Ollie, your son can’t even compare with West’er’s one-twentieth! Want to compare with him?”

“Hahaha, you can’t even compare Garrison West’s one-twentieth! What a shame!”

When the Garrison family set up this standard, it was intentional.

It was Lawrence who wanted to humiliate Ollie and Levi.

Lawrence sneered; “Then I declare – Levi and Garrison Family’s bet challenge failed!”

“Do you accept failure?”

Lawrence asked.

“Well, I accept! To lose is to lose! But I can’t say that my husband will not come to fulfill the bet!”

Plum dyed his face firmly.

A bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in Garrison West’s eyes: “Fulfilling the gambling contract is not just about participating in the gambling contract! It must also fulfill the consequences of failure!”

“Well, that’s right! Levi said that if he failed, he would disappear into this world by himself!”

In the eyes of such a big family, human life is as humble as grass.

Although Sarah’s behavior touched many people, he couldn’t touch the Garrison family.

On the contrary, her behavior was to provoke Garrison Family’s majesty.

Sarah nodded without hesitation: “Okay, yes! I will bear the consequences alone!”

“Girl can’t do it! Let me do it! I will bear the consequences!”

“I am his mother, and I will come if he fails. You are still young, I am a dying person!”

Ollie rushed up immediately.

Looking at Lawrence said, “Will you let me come? Don’t be embarrassed!”

“Well, you can discuss it yourself! It doesn’t matter who it is! But someone must bear the consequences!”

Lawrence looked serious.

This involves Garrison Jia’s majesty issue.

Someone must die!

What more did Sarah want to say, but Ollie held her back: “Take good care of your child, and wait for King’s Landing, I also believe he will show up one day!”

“Mom, I…”

Sarah also cried.

“I will bear the consequences! I believe King’s Landing will appear! Lawrence, wait for it!”

Ollie walked towards Lawrence.

Chapter 1148

“Ollie will still end up like this sooner or later! Why did you struggle in the first place!”

Lawrence sneered.

Ollie was pregnant, kneeling at the gate of the Garrison family.

To know the situation today, it shouldn’t be.


Lawrence didn’t mean any sympathy, two cold glows shot from his eyes.


A blade of light flashed, and a Lord of the Garrison family had already taken action.



But suddenly, the long knife broke, and the Garrison Family Lord also encountered an inexplicable force and was beaten out.

“Who? Who would dare to run wild in front of the Garrison Clan?”

Garrison West said vigilantly immediately.

“it’s me!”

Along with the sound, a figure appeared in the distance.

Wearing a demon mask.

“Who are you…”

Lawrence frowned and asked.

Almost everyone present did not recognize Lai.

After all, this limelight was completely suppressed by Levi, Morendam deliberately concealed his identity, and secretly transferred back to the capital earlier.

So Lawrence didn’t know.

But Garrison West knew too well.

He Lorded all the details of the God of War, as well as his enemies and opponents.

The Shura God of War, who is closest to him, is naturally no exception.

He recognized at a glance Woodrow, the god of war of Shura!

“Dignified Morendam’s first family bullied women and children like this?”

Woodrow said coldly.

Although he is cruel by nature, he is not a heartless person.

Come out this time.

First, it is the duty to protect Sarah.

Second, I can’t understand the behavior of the Garrison family.

“Since it is Levi’s gambling agreement with you, go to Levi! Only if you can find him is your skill! What is the skill to bully women and children?”

“Today, I will cover the two of them!”

Woodrow said coldly.

Just as Lawrence was about to get angry, Garrison West hurriedly revealed the identity of Woodrow.

“Huh? It’s him!”

Lawrence looked surprised.

“Yes, that’s right, this killer god was transferred to the capital for certain things back then, but I didn’t expect to bring him out this time! We shouldn’t have a conflict with him, he is a crazy, desperate person!”

Garrison West shivered.

“Well, my Garrison family will do it once! Women and children don’t accept punishment! But as long as Levi appears, he has to bear the punishment!”

“Sarah, from the perspective of ordinary people, you are indeed great. But Levi is not worthy of you!”

Woodrow intervened, and Lawrence could only let Ollie go.

“It is rumored that Shura God of War is ruthless, cruel, and cruel by nature, so that he will be able to dye plums?”

Garrison West was very puzzled.

“It is estimated that I was moved by Sarah. After all, this woman is really great!”

Long Aoqing admired Sarah very much.

Today, Sarah’s name is well known in Beijing.

Everyone must sing in admiration when they mention it.

It has been passed down into a good story.

Sarah and Ollie hurriedly came to the front of Shura God of War and said, “Thank you for your help! Excuse me…”

Shura God of War interrupted them mercilessly: “You don’t need to know who I am! Don’t thank you!”

Afterwards, the God of War Shura took a deep look at Sarah, and said coldly: “You are worthy of Levi!”

With these inexplicable words, Woodrow left.


But everyone around was puzzled.

Shouldn’t it be that Levi is worthy of plum dyeing?

How is it the other way around?

Did he make a mistake?

Even Sarah and Ollie found it strange.

Fortunately, Sarah and Ollie didn’t care much, they left with their children.

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